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  1. Without Question definitely big YES...Not because i don't trust them but there can always be the sitution where they contracted something and didn't know themselves...But more in my case is i wanted not only test for Aids i want to do a completely genetic history, since as somali individuals there are no records of our medical history, there are a lot of things to consider such as birth defect or anything else...Blood test is a must in your days and times now...Without taking it seriously one is a setting duck for anything.. Exactly... I know of a mother who had Hepatitis B, but didnt realize it until she was pregnant.Alhamdulillah, the baby boy was negative, but these are one of those instances where you werent even suspicious abt carrying a disease. You got those saying "well if he was around the block"...come on now :rolleyes: ...we all know that those arent the only ways to contract diseases. And word of mouth doesn't hold as much water as does testing....
  2. ^^I was kind of thinking the same thing... God only knows how much I wish to dream such a thing....but how do you know?? And not to sound sarcastic, but is there a picture of the prophet(SAWS), or precise description. Or is it one of those gut feelings. Like you know in your heart or something...
  3. ^^I even thought of a better idea... -"There is even a saying by the Prophet Muhammad that implies that in God's eyes muezzins will garner special honor and respect on judgment day." To solve this problem they should just have them take turns. Maybe every two weeks. It will still be "one call to prayer", and the none of their "rights" will be infriged upon...
  4. ^^Yup!^^ Yeah, we've established that the story could be false, but there could be a greater chance that its true... There is an ayaat, that i can't remember at the moment that talks about this. It discusses how you could sleep a muslim but wake up a kufaar, or is it "you can live a muslim but die a kufaar"...anyways, I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. It was inevitable...her dad, brother, mother could do nothing to stop it...
  5. Same here Tamina, I will be attending my first Tarawiih this year too. I dont really have just one goal....I plan to do everything that is/was posted here....but i guess it could all be summed up to "being the best muslim I can be".
  6. ^^Hehehe^^ I hate those things......
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    Ramadan Topics

    I would love to read about numbers 9, 10 and 11.
  8. Originally posted by NGONGE: What seems to be the problem here then? He didn’t stop people from praying, didn’t stop the call for prayer from going out on time and does not seem to have banned it by the sound of things. All he did was trying to standardise it. Which can be open to argument or dispute but it does not impinge on people’s rights nor change Egypt’s statues as a Muslim country. Am I missing something here? I agree, it does bring a sense of order.... i think the disputes pointed out are even more interesting, -"There is even a saying by the Prophet Muhammad that implies that in God's eyes muezzins will garner special honor and respect on judgment day." -to single out just one noise to prosecute as the most offensive. But there are always going to be those that are more affected than others. However a goal of the government to restore order when necessary.
  9. Like 7 of 9, i feel more comfortable praying at home then anywhere else ( except for jummah). However the point is taken at there being a sin in delaying the prayer. Personally Bambina, I dont like wearing items worn by many either. And this is just how I am, but i prefer to wear MY clean clothes when i pray. Not to say that those items weren't clean, but the thought of their being extra cabayaas for the use of ANYONE who needs it, doesn't sound really hygenic...
  10. Ramadan Kareem to everyone!
  11. A score of both 89 and 129 produced the same intellectual type :confused: ....... hmmm......yeah right :rolleyes:
  12. I think I was 5 or 6. I was in kindergarten. I still remember what he looked like!
  13. I havent associated with many somali girls..but for some reason, I clash with every Deeqa/Samia that I meet! :confused: I Love Ahmeds! My favorite uncles are Ahmeds! My knucklehead brother is a Ahmed. And my leading Man is Ahmed!
  14. There is no medical or biological scientific research today that will support the concept of different races among human being. I agree with you there Elysian What exactly would the characteristics be that outline racial groups? With Politically inclined's definition...Race can be defined as: -A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history ( heredity), nationality, or geographic distribution: we really got nowhere..... Now we have to keep in mind that ethnicity is also defined as this...(Which i must add is better suited than the word "race) -An interbreeding, usually geographically isolated population of organisms differing from other populations of the same species in the frequency of hereditary traits. A race that has been given formal taxonomic recognition is known as a subspecies The fact of the matter is Today The biological understanding of race has led to hopeless disagreements among many biologist, geneticists, sociologists, and physiologists alike. And as Ely stated, there just isnt significant research today that support the concept of race. Now many in support of the notion race, try and define it as categories on the basis of hereditary characteristics that differentiate them from other groups. So in a sense the categorization of physical types. Now my objection to the term race is brought about when we unfold the many flaws with this sorting. Now the idea that race as a biological idea holds no water...As Ely and many others pointed out...humans interbreed...therefore our genes are interchangeable. So that leave us with a wide variety of "physical" types around the world. Lets look at Somali's. Are we a race? What classifications are used to describe the "typical" Somali? Lets see.. fine hair brown/yellow skin Muslim Speaks Somali Shares the Somali culture What happens to a Muslim Somali girl who is very light skinned, has kinky hair, and her and her parents were born in UAE? The only distinct Somali characteristic we can assume is that she is muslim? But what happens then? Is it only good enough that your father has some Somali in him? Even if a few of his great grandmothers were Arab, English, Italian, and Chinese? Are you to neglect the other "races", or "ethnicities"? I feel like I've lost my train of thought there.... Another problem is the racial categorization. Are we categorizing based on religion ( Jewish race)? nationality ( Somali race) or skin color (Black race)? I wanted to also comment on Moti's statements?...This idea that races are defined on their different biological components?... I'll use your examples to argue what I think? the white race is more tolerant to alcohol than asians ( yellow) Ive read something before that mentioned many reasons for this. For showed that people with a family history of alcoholism tend to tolerate alcohol better than others. This is because they inherit something that makes it harder for them to recieve warning signals that generally make people stop drinking. ( dizziness, headaches and so forth). *Asians are said to become flush when drinking* In many European cultures, drinking alcohol is part of the culture (i.e: Irish). But, its not typically the same with Aians. HOWEVER , for a "white" person whose family doesnt drink...we can expect the same reaction from an Asian whose family doesnt srink as well. Same goes with an Asian that has drinking running in their family: they'll be able to tolerate it!... I feel like I've written a lot, so I wont argue about the black person running faster....( but if you want me to I will!) In conclusion, this "biological component" stuff is just like the term “raceâ€...a sweeping generalization that can’t be taken seriously due to its enormous variation in thought.
  15. AWWW you two are soo cute!!!!
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    Sad News

    May god bless their souls, and a speedy recovery for those still injured. I've heard many stories about the kenyan bus sytem....and things really need to get fixed up. I hear now that they are making some changes....but hopefully a tragedy like this will improve it even more *if that speeding accusation turns out to be true*
  17. ^^^LOL.....I was like.." Hows that work experience".... Well better to get it out b4 others try to bring him down with it I guess.... Is the election really on the 10th?.....or is that like a primary...?
  18. I want a man that can read my mind and Does everything that i want him to do, and does it right ( the way i like it!) Call it what you want, but thats just how I like it! I also like them young ( though my groom-to-be doesn't fall under these description) :rolleyes: ...which is getting a bit annoying.... the art of mastery ......Sighs
  19. Well a few years back, this guy I chatted with from Somalinet was going on and on about this girls picture he saw in the Community section :rolleyes: .....back then they also had the guestbook section......which was suppose to be a piece like the Blackplanet section, but instead became like this face-off between the haters and the a$$-kissers....
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    Somali forum

    Its not a bad idea, and the way it was b4 wasn't bad either.... ....but those who complained about it are being a bit silly?! And you guys are the same people who get defensive when you have those ridiculing you for not knowing Somali!... Neither of you should dictate who should speak what! Come on now! How simple-minded can you people be!... the only problems i've noticed are the ones DA has mentioned...and thats a reoccuring problem in here :rolleyes: .... Lets grow up...... - If someone prefers to speak in english, then maxaa ka galey?...walaahi, waa caajib! As my Silent_Sista said, Knowing the Somali culture doesnt make it any better for you in the eyes of Allah...isn't that what matters! - The same goes to those that are complaining about the usage of the Somali language....Grow up and open your minds! Not everyone prefers to write in English! - And to those rude buffoons who respond to ppl in languages they know they dont fully understand( and you know who!)....shame on you :rolleyes: wouldnt want to be in a situation like if you can help it, how about taking the high road....but if maturity isnt your preference in these discussions, then many of the viewers need not waste their time on you!
  21. ^^Thanks^^.... doesn't it just seem like a lost cause sometimes??....everytime! never fails....same old thing....can someone fix these broken records!?
  22. Me and my fiance have actually talked about this, and we both think that it will be a great idea. We haven't planned anything soon, but i have been really paying attention to these floor plans and pictures of houses that they have built and plan on building in and around Hargeisa and Burco. They are absolutely gorgeous! Anyways, I've lost the desire for living in this country...
  23. Sorry i didnt get to your responses earlier Alle-.... Well, seems you didnt comprehend, so here's another shot at it.... I was addressing the "mere-values" comment you made. What i got from that was, you didnt find the prescence of the father( in the labor room) valuable. Maybe in your perspective, but thats not how I ( or many of the other women in here) see it. Shoobaro, Just some advice, not every person that addresses situations dealing with "male absentees" has dealt with the lacking of a father figure. And no, my father was there for my birth.
  24. What a bunch of wimps. Alle-ubaahne Not every tradition in the Somali culture is suitable for every individual. .(and BTW, that comparison holds no water) As far as the mere-values comment goes, childbirth is a blessing that should be celebrated by both parents, not just tolerated. I don’t think many of you men understand the impact of your presence, or the impact of your absence. As far as I’m concerned, that “no-show†practice becomes the base of a “no show†husband/father in other situations. And many of you guys are misinterpreting the “being there†part. You don’t have to watch the actual birth (well at least in my case). I can understand, its only natural that it may gross you out. But standing there beside me is a whole other case of its own. You may not think your doing much, but it’s the little things that can make difference…...keep that in mind.