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  2. Turkish FM Believes Trump Considering Leaving Syria © AP Photo/ Hassan Ammar Middle East 13:33 16.12.2018(updated 16:52 16.12.2018) Get short URL 5115 Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Sunday commented on the Khashoggi case, the US' military presence in Syria, and a possible extradition of Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen. According to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Washington is considering pulling troops out of Syria. The US is yet to comment on the statement. "President [Donald] Trump, I think, is now considering leaving Syria once again," Cavusoglu said at the Doha Forum. Ankara has expressed concerns over US support for the Kurdish militia and repeatedly accused Washington of failing to fulfil its promises regarding the YPG's withdrawal from Manbij. The day before, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara was ready to launch an operation in the northern Syrian city of Manbij against the US-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units, if the United States does not withdraw the Kurdish militia from the area. Earlier this year, Trump was already planning to withdraw US troops from Syria, saying that "it was time for US troops to come home from Syria… to bring our troops back home". However, shortly after talks with his military advisers, Trump changed his position on the issue. Commenting on the change of plans, former US UN envoy Nikki Haley stated that the president "listened to his general completely" on the Syrian issue, "because they don't want ISIS [Daesh*] to come back." While both Turkey and the US have been allies in the US-led coalition's fight against Daesh, the sides have had several disagreements over Washington's support to Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Ankara opposes the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) — the backbone of the SDF — as it considers the group to be an affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which outlawed in Turkey as a terrorist organisation. Commenting on the YPG's fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, Cavusoglu suggested that this assault might be an attempt to take control of territories in the two countries. "When it comes to YPG/PKK, our Western friends are supporting them. Why? They have one pretext that YPG is fighting Daesh. Maybe, in certain areas, yes, but the question is why they have been fighting Daesh? Just because they hate the ideology or to gain more territories in both countries [Iraq, Syria]? I think the answer is the second one," Cavusoglu asked, adding that the rest of the world chose not to face the truth. Syria's New Constitution Speaking further about the Syrian issue, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu criticised other countries' attempts to draft Syria's new constitution on behalf of the country's citizens, including during the Astana-format talks. He insisted that Syrians themselves should be the ones to do it. "Our coalition allies, they have their own small group meeting [in Astana]. From time to time they try to draft a constitution for Syria and in the past, in Astana, some countries also tried that, but we are against drafting a constitution on behalf of the people of Syria by the others. So let them draft their own constitution," the foreign minister said at the Doha Forum. The drafting of the new Syrian constitution, which is set to become part of the political settlement of the armed conflict in the country, is expected to be delegated to the Syrian constitutional committee that is yet to be established. Khashoggi Сase The minister also touched upon the Khashoggi case, saying that voice recordings allegedly pertaining to the Khashoggi case prove the murder was planned in advance. According to Cavusoglu, intelligence services of all interested countries were able to listen to them. READ MORE: US Senators Submit Draft to Hold SA Crown Prince Responsible in Khashoggi Case "Intelligence of the countries who were interested [in it] had the opportunity to listen to that voice records. I also did that, together with my president, [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan. So you can see, you can hear very clearly that they planned in advance to kill him," Cavusoglu said. The top diplomat reiterated Turkey's stance on the matter, saying that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was determined from the beginning to fully investigate Khashoggi's case. "President Erdogan has been so determined from the beginning to go to the end of this case and to reach an outcome of the investigation," Cavusoglu said, when asked to comment on claims that Erdogan was "milking" the situation and might pursue political motives, and also the remark that Ankara had not made murder audio recordings public. Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October. Later, Saudi authorities announced that a preliminary investigation had found Khashoggi to be dead. The aforementioned probe into the killing of Khashoggi was launched amid mounting international pressure. Following over two weeks of denial, Riyadh admitted that he had been killed in a brawl inside the consulate. On October 26, the Saudi prosecutor general acknowledged that the journalist's murder was premeditated. Commenting on the killing, Riyadh has repeatedly stressed that the assassination had nothing to do with the Saudi Royal family, describing it as a rogue operation. Extradition of Islamic Cleric Fethullah Gulen Speaking about Fethullah Gulen, the Turkish foreign minister said that the United States was working on the extradition of the Islamic cleric to Turkey. READ MORE: Gulen Has No Plans to Relocate After Recent Security Threat — Media Adviser "The perpetrator of the attempted coup, the leader of this terrorist organization [FETO], is still in the United States… Last time when we [the Turkish and US sides] met in Buenos Aires, President Trump told Erdogan that they [the United States] have been working on that [the extradition] but we need to see concrete steps," Mevlut Cavusoglu said at the Doha Forum, held in the Argentine capital between November 30 and December 1. Turkey accuses cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has been living in the United States since 1999, of orchestrating a failed military coup on July 15, 2016, which left 251 people dead and 2,200 injured. Gulen, in turn, has repeatedly denied taking part in the coup. Since the coup failed, approximately 80,000 people have been arrested in Turkey over their alleged links to the cleric.
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  4. MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Turkey will consider the possibility of cooperation with Syrian President Bashar Assad in case of his re-election as the country's head as result of a transparent and fair election, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Sunday. During a plenary session interview at the Doha Forum in Qatar, the foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was asked whether Turkey would cooperate with the government of Assad if the latter was re-elected. "If it is democratic elections and if it is a credible one, then everybody should consider that… We should prepare the country for the elections, and it should be conducted under auspices of the United Nations, under the umbrella of the United Nations. It has to be an inclusive one, everyone, eligible ones, should be able to vote in Syria and outside of Syria, including the refugees in my country and neighboring countries," Cavusoglu said. He stressed that the country's future constitution that would pave the way for the election should be drafted by the Syrian people. Turkish FM Believes Trump Considering Leaving Syria Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting against numerous opposition groups and terrorist organizations. In late 2017, the victory over the Daesh* terrorist group was declared in Syria and Iraq. Certain territories in the two countries are still being cleared from militants. The international efforts have recently been focused on political settlement in Syria, the country's reconstruction and the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.
  5. Syrian Turkmen, Arabs back Turkey’s planned operation ‘We will return to our homeland as Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds,’ says vice president of Arab and Turkmen tribes association home > Turkey, todays headlines, middle east 16.12.2018 Ankara By Mustafa Guclu and Rauf Maltas SANLIURFA, Turkey Syrian Arabs and Turkmen on Sunday voiced their support for a planned Turkish military operation east of the Euphrates River against the YPG/PKK terrorist group. Omer Dede, vice president of the Syrian Arab and Turkmen Tribes Association, said they welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Wednesday remarks that an operation to clear the region, located east of the Euphrates, of the YPG/PKK terrorists will start "in a few days". Speaking to the reporters along with 50 other members in Turkey's southeastern Sanliurfa province, Dede said they expected an immediate Turkish intervention in the region to ensure Syrians' return to their homeland. "They have expelled us out of our lands. We will return to our homeland as Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds," Dede said. "PYD has persecuted our Kurdish brothers the most. Those who are there now had come from Qandil and have nothing to do with our lands. Their sole concern is to divide Syria," Dede said. "If the U.S. wants the elephants to play, let them play in their own country," Dede said, referring to a message that U.S. officials sent to the Syrian opposition groups on Saturday. "When elephants dance, you must stay away from the dance floor," the message read, threatening the Syrian oppositions against supporting the planned operation.
  6. Musharaxa Madaxweynaha Puntland Cali Xaaji Warsame oo safaro dhulka ah kusoo kala bixiyey deegaanada Puntlnd ayaa maanta oo axada wuxuu lakulmay Bulshada caasimada Puntland halkaasoo [...] Source
  7. Turkey Says Would Consider Working With Assad If He Won a Democratic Election Kurdish threat made worse by Pentagon backing forcing Ankara to dream of business as usual with Damascus RI Staff 4 hours ago | 230 words 502 Comments It has been apparent for a while now that powers which sough regime-change in Syria from 2011 to about 2016 -- most importantly Turkey, the US, and Saudi Arabia -- have since resigned themselves to the fact Assad won't be dislodged and his government will not fall. Turkey has now gone a step further and has signaled it would be open to restoring relations with Assad, if only he organized a "democratic election" -- meaning an election in which the Turkish-backed Islamists were allowed to run. It is easy to by cynical about such a Turkish statement but actually in view of the fact that Turkey remains the single-most important protector and sponsor of what remains of the Syrian Islamist rebellion in the north of the country that is an extraordinary statement. Despite the intimate ties between the Islamists in Ankara and Idlib the former are willing to go back to business as usual with Assad, if only he will grant them a face-saving election which he is sure to win. The Islamists in Idlib will grind their teeth, but from the point of view of Turkey, between the Kurds and Assad, the latter is the lesser evil. Moreover as the legitimate head of the Syrian state Assad can curtail Kurdish ambition and be useful to Ankara's security concerns in ways the divided and defeated Islamists wholly dependent on Turkish monies and protection can not.
  8. Fact: Roobow was Shabab as long as Shabab was "nationalist" against serving foreign interests. He was neither Ethiopia or Eritrea ally anytime. Eritrea has some debt to score with Roobow for him leaving Shebab which if Roobow had become active could have denied Shabab the South West. If he becomes president/governor of SW then SW may become strongest Region. Fiction and lies: America wants him therefore cannot be governor, will damage our friendship with USA Ethiopians want him there fore will be obstacle to our good relationship He has blood in his hands (unless the blood he spilled is special blood, people who burned farms and food storage to starve and make people surrender are in politics and have been ministers....) All SOLers seem to agree, of course, one fact that Roobow belongs to "wrong tribe". If the current speaker cannot fill two shoes, that is Jawari and Sherifka then Sherifka needs to come back and be the peace maker.
  9. Tolow Madaxweynuhu ma ka ilbaxii Doonaa Taladii Kooxdii Heego , mise weli waa halkii…?. Sida aynu ogsoonahay Golaha wasiirada Somaliland ee ay magacaabisteeda ka soo wareegtay muddo Sanad dhamayatiran ayaa bulshada Somaliland waxay u arkaayeen in Magacaabistooda ay 60% soo xulisteeda iyo talo bixintooda ay lahaayeen kooxda Heego ee dhegaha & Qalinka Madaxweynaha Jsland intiisa badan haysta, arrintan oo muran badan ka dhalisay goobaha lagu falanqeeyo Siyaasada Somaliland iyadoo loo arkaayey madaxweynaha inaanu ahayn nin shaadhkiisa lagu shaqaysan karo, lana garan waayey halka ay iska soo gaadheen Madaxweynaha & dadkan socodka baradka ahi, xaqiiqadu waxay isugu soo biyo shubtay , in kooxdan Heego ay awood badan ku leeyihiin Madaxweynaha taladanina ay toodii tahay, waxaa Muuqanaysay in bogag badan oo kala duwan oo warbaahinta ka mid ah lagaga hadlaayey , Haddaba Maadaama Madaxweynaha Jsland arkay Taladii uu waxgarad badan oo somaliland ah ka diiday ee uu door biday qaadashada Talada Kooxda heego khasaaraheediina uu arkay lana daadegtay Muddadaa Sanadka ah wadankii waxay is waydiintu tahay Maadaama Madaxweynaha laga sugaayo reshufle Cusub iyo isu dheelitir iyo inuu madaxweynuhu Cugto raggii wadanka ka saari lahaa Asma iyo xuurtoonka siyaasadeed ee soo wajahay ma ka kori doonaa talada Kooxdii Heego , oo ma qaadan doonaa Talooyinka Talo qabeenadu soo jeediyeen maadaama uu wadanka soo wada maray soona urursaday wixii war bixin yaalay? ,dadka intiisa badan ayaa waxay kaga jawaabayaan inay caado tahay in nin kasta oo Talada Wanaagsan iska Adkeeyaa uu Qaato Talada Kuwa aan Talada la waydiin, oo aan laga yaabin inay reshufle ka la rajaynayaa ay kasii miciin liidanayso magacaabistii hore oo awel taa hore waxay ahayd 60% ay tani noqonayso 100% taladii hore mid ka liidata, halka ay in yari leedahay odaygu iminka gacanta ayuu fadhiisiyey oo wadada ayuu qabadsiinayaa , tii hore wuu ku baragtiis garaynaayey. haddaba waxaynu eegnaa waa looge iyo laguu golle fadhiyaa , iyo qoraxdu horteena ayey iman doontaa haddii alle idmo. W/Q Farxan Cali Xasan Hargeysa/Somaliland. Qaran News
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf

    Onward and forward - hore ayaa loo soconaayaa

    Macquulba maha nin taangi ugandheesa kudhex jira inusanaag katalinkaro. The koonfurians try the same game all over again and expect different result. Somaliland can never be destabilized from somalia they failed in the 1980s. What makes them think the same strategy willl work now when we have in Somaliland strong army on the ground. Mise guusha Bantu ba uhaya
  11. Kadib khilaaf soo jiitamayey tan iyo 8-deeddii bishan waxaa maanta Muqdisho kulan gaar ah ku yeeshay guddoomiyaha golaha shacabka ee baarlamaanka federaalka ah Maxamed Mursal iyo ku-xigeennadiisa 1aad iyo 2aad. Cabdiwali Ibraahim Sheekh Muudeey iyo Mahad Cabdalla Cawad. Xogta ay heshay Goobjoog News ayaa sheegeysa in inta badan la isku afgartay qodobbadii laga wada hadlay oo ay ugu muhiimsaneyd wadashaqeynta iyo in golaha uu shaqadiisa dib u bilaabo. Qodobbada la isku afgartay waxaa ka mid ahaa in baarlaamka isku duubnidiisa la ilaaliyo , oo looga dambeeyo guddoomiye Mursal wixii maamul iyo mas’uuliyaddiisa ah, waxaa kale oo lagu heshiiyey in ka guddoon ahaan is cafiyaan, iskana iloobaan is maandhaafka, oo weliba ay sida ugu dhaqsaha badan dib u bilaabato shaqadii golaha shacabka. Arrintii guddiga maaliyadda ee jiritaankooda muranka ka taagnaa, waxaa la isla qaatay go’aankii guddoomiye Maxamed Mursal ee ahaa iney guddiga shaqadooda sii-wataan. Ugu dambeyntii, arrinka mooshinka madaxweyne Farmaajo waxaa la sheegayaa in guddoomiyaha uu dib ugu dhigay iney iska arkaan madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabduulahi Farmaajo, xalkana uu noqon-doono wixii wada hadalkaasi ka soo baxo. Goobjoog News Source:
  12. Xaaji, True is that. For the fact is that Mr Sakariye is a "hard-core-Shabaabist". And yet today he sits at the heart of Mr Cheeseman's pseudo-government in Villa Somalia. Consequently, If that is not a sheer hypocrisy on the part of the clique at Villa Somalia, then, I don't know what the definition of that word could amount to, indeed. Moreover, as you know, the Uncle Sam (US) have already gave this Mr Roobow fellow a clear go-ahead. Otherwise, he would have been "Guantanamo-Bay's involuntary guest" indefinitely. Or he would have been "droned-on-to-dearth" already, just like his old comrade, namely, the late Mr Godane. Hence, the arrest of this two-bit-murderer call Mr Roobow by Villa Somalia is more on the "motivated reasons" side of things than something that is based on the idea Mr Maakhir is peddling in here. Which is Mr Roobow has been arrested because he is a malicious Al-Shabaab murderer and a blood-drinking-cultist of the worse sort, which in no doubt he is, of course.
  13. Muqdisho (PP) ─ Wasiirkii Howlaha Guud iyo Dib u dhiska ee Xukuumadda Somalia, C/fataax Ibraahim Geeseey ayaa shir jaraa’id oo uu ku qabtay Muqdisho ku sheegay inuu iska casilay xilka wasiirnimo ee uu hayay. Geeseey, ayaa sheegay inuu isku-casilay xiisadaha iyo rabsadaha ka taagan xarunta maamulka Koonfur-galbeed, isagoo intaas ku daray in Xukuumadda Somalia ay fara-gelin ku hayso maamulada dalka, gaar ahaan kan Koonfur-galbeed. Sidoo kale, Wasiirka ayaa sheegay inay jirto fara-gelin toos ah oo Dowladda Somalia ay ku hayso Maamulka Koonfur-galbeed, gaar ahaan Doorashada la filay oinay dhawaan ka dhacdo Baydhabo, taasoo madaxweyne lagu soo dooran doono. Xildhibaannada iyo siyaasiyiinta dalka qaarkood ayaa Xukuumadda Somalia horay ugu eedeeyay inay fara-geliso maamullada dalka ka jira, waxaana ka jiray Baydhabo xisado ka dhashay xarigga Mukhtaar Roobow oo ka mid ahaa musharraxinta doorashada, taasoo lagu tilmaamay fara-gelin doorashada lagu hayo. Dhanka kale, Wasiirka is-casilay ayaa sheegay in Xukuumadda Somalia ee uu ka tirsanaa ay hareer marayso ku dhaqanka dastuurka, taasina ay tahay sharci-darro, sababi karta muranno intaan ka badan. C/fataax Ibraahim Geeseey, ayaa noqonaya wasiirkii ugu horreeyay oo ka tirsan xukuumadda Somalia oo isku casila xiisad ka taagan maamul ka mid ah kuwa dalka, waxaana tani ay muujinaysaa heerka ay gaarsiisan tahay xiisadda ka taagan deegaannada Koonfur-galbeed. Ugu dambeyn, Gudoomiyaha golaha Shacabka, Maxamed Mursal Shiikh iyo dhamaan siyaasiyiinta kasoo jeeda Koonfur-galbeed ayuu ugu baaqay inay ahmiyada siiyaan sidii ay kaga hor-tegi lahaayeen wxuu ku tilmaamay Af-gembi lagu haayo maamul-goboleedka Koonfur-galbeed Soomaaliya. DHAGEYSO; Sababta uu isku casilay Wasiirkii Hawlaha Guud ee Somalia; PUNTLAND POST The post Wasiir ka Tirsanaa Xukuumadda Somalia oo isku casilay xiisadaha ka taagan Baydhabo appeared first on Puntland Post.
  14. Yes sekeriya is a former jihadist shabaanist and i think at some point he was spying for afewerqi. As for roobow this man belongs to the wrong clan he supported the wrong jihadi group. What I find strange why the Americans didn't ship him to guantoanomobay. Or is he not that important for them.
  15. The Federal Government of Somalia, FGS, has converted a maximum security prison into a training facility as part of reforming its national intelligence apparatus. The news was relayed by Director of Communications at the office of the president, Abdinur Mohamed. He said the conversion of the Godka Jilacow Prison was part of genuine reforms on the part of the government. His Twitter post making the announcement said officials of the National Intelligence and Security Agency, NISA, were to be trained at the facility with human rights being a core aspect of the training. The Godka Jilacow prison, located in the capital, Mogadishu, has before the current move, served as an interrogation center for NISA, which had its offices close to it. It is believed to be where many suspected militants are being held. Terrorists have in the past staged attacks on the facility aiming to break in and free detainees. One such attack was in 2014 even though the authorities managed to stave off the heavy incursion, killing all militants involved according to a report. The Horn of Africa country has over the past few decades suffered varying degrees of deadly attacks by al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab insurgents in different parts of the country. The militants are said to be aiming at establishing a country run by the strict interpretation of Islamic law – Shariah, they are aiming to topple the federal government by their activities. With a largely underfunded military force, the African Union’s Mission, AMISOM, has been a key player in the security operations in parts of the country. The United States has routinely also carried out air strikes against the group. Al-Shabaab holds some territory in the country where they are the established and recognized government by the people. The post Somali government says shut down NISA’s Godka Jilacow prison appeared first on Shabelle. View the full article
  16. Shirarka Wadatashiga Mogadishu Clan. Date 13/12/2018 . Kasoo qaybgalayaasha 1. Odayaasha dhaqanka, 2. dhalinyarada Haweenka, 3. Siyaasiyiinta, 4. Ganacsatada 5. , iyo Saraakiisha ciidanka Waxa laga wada hadlay Xaalada dalku marayo, gaar ahaan khilaafka siyaasadeed, waxa Baydhabo ka socda iyo damaca Farmaajo. Waxaa warbixino laga dhagaystay Siyaasiyiinta iyo Saraakiisha ciidanka iyo sirdoonka. Waxay ka warbixiyeen xaalada siyaasadeed iyo tan amni ee dalka ka jirta iyo damaca Farmaajo. Dood dheer ka dib Waxaa la isku raacay 1) In Farmaajo uusan Dastuur iyo Sharci midna dan ka lahayn, uuna doonayo in uu kali talisnimo iyo talo 3 ruux ku kooban xoog iyo colaad ku meel mariyo. 2) In aan la sugin Farmaajo inta uu Baydhabo ka soo jeesanayo ee abaabulka iyo dagaalka haatan la galo. Waxaa kaloo la isla gartay in Farmaajo uu duulaan ku soo yahay Mogadishu Clan. 3) In la abaabulo kacdoon shacabka oo looga horjeedo Farmaajo iyo labada nin ee dhalanteedka ku wehlisa ee Fahad iyo Kheyre 4) Beesha Mogadishu Clan ayaa isku raacday in ay tilaab cad ka qaadaan wiilasha dilka iyo shirqoolada ka shaqeeya ee Saadiq John, Farxaan Qaroole, Yaasiin Ganeey, Cali Yare, Xerow, Mahad Korow, Fanax iyo C/Rashid. Waxaa loo saaray koox diyaarsan oo ragaas shaqo la yaqaan ka qabsada. Waxaa arrinkaas balan qaaday wiilal naftood hurayaal ah. 5) Waxaa Sidoo kale la isku raacay in qaaqlayaasha beesha tilaab laga qaado, waxaana ragaas ka mid ah, Salaad Cali Jeele, Cali Maxamad Geedi, Calawa Jiis, Xasan Cilmi Yaxye, C/daahir Ugaas iyo Ina Axmad Diiriye. 6) Waxaa kaloo la isku raacay in ciidan iyo hub la isku keeno, banaanbaxyo la abaabulo, la gooyo jidadka madaxtooyada gala, lana cuuryaamiyo isku socodka iyo dhaqdhaqaaqa ciidan. 7) In canshuurta iyo baada la iska diido. 8) In AMISOM iyo Beesha caalamka lala kulmo Actions Si hawshaan loo meel mariyo Waxaa la qabtay gudiyo 1- Gudi Amni 2- Gudi dhaqaale 3- Gudi Abaabul Qaran News
  17. BERBERI MA HIIL BAY U BAAHANTAHAY MISE HAMBALYO.? (Qaybtii 2aad ‘………………. Magaalada Berberi intii ka horeysay 2012kii Waxay ahayd meesha kaliya ee ka badbaaday ama ka bed qabtay Aafada Boobka dhulka, waxay ahayd Magaalada kaliya ee hadaad u doonato dhul aad degtid oo aad shuruudaha buuxisid, aad ka helaysay meel aad guri ka dhisatid oo aad degtid, iyadoo waliba dawlada hoose ku siinaysa dhulkaas, oo aanu qofkaa iibinayn sida Magaalooyinka kale ee Somaliland gaar ahaan Hargeisa iyo Burco ama Boorama. Waxayse iswaydiintu tahay Berberi miyaanay Somaliland uun ahayn maxaa iyada gooni ka dhigay ee ay sida magaalooyinka kale u noqon wayday? Jawaabtu Waxay tahay “Haa” Berberi waa Somaliland Lkn Waxay dheerayd magaalooyinka dhigeeda ah Nasiib wanaag xaga Maamulka ah, Oo waxaa soo maray Maayaro, Lexejeclo ka lahaa oo ay ka go’nayd ilaalinta Iyo gacan ku haynta dhulka ee aanay marna u cuntamayn inay Berbera xaraashaan oo gadaan sida Maamulkan iyo Maayarkan hada jooga. Berberi laga soo bilaabo 2012 kii Waxay wajahday jaahwareer, Qaylo isqabsi iyo isbarbar yaac uu Damac aduun, Damiir Xumo, Damqasho la’aan iyo aqoon Daciifi Hagayso. Berberi laga soo bilaabo 2012 kii waa intuu Maayar Cabdishakuur Cidin haystaye waxay noqotay meel Haad iyo Haraawaba u jabtay, Meel suuqa kala gadashada Taala oo qof waliba helaayo hayntiisa Maaliyadeed, Oo dhul ah, Berberi waa meesha kaliya ee qof qudhi leeyahay 50 Baloog oo dhul ah, taas oo aanu ka dhaxlin adawgii ama aanu ahayn dhulkaasi beer ay lahaayeen oo magaaladu gaadhay sida Magaalooyinka kale ka dhacda, balse uu dhulkaasi yahay Hantidii reer Somaliland oo uu ku gatay ama boobay qiimo jaban oo jeebka maayarka iyo shakhsiyaad ah ku dhacday. Berberi waa meesha kaliya ee Dhulkeedii Mudo Sanad ilaa Sadex sano guduhood ah uu Gadmay, Oo uu galay gacan shicib isagoo ka baxay gacantii dhexda ahayd ee dawlada, sababo dhaqaale raadin ah awgood. Iyadoo aanay jirin Daah furnaan iyo xisaab lagu qanci karo oo lasoo bandhigay iyadoo la leeyahay Sanadkan dhaqaalahaas ayaa dhulkii la iibiyey kasoo xaroodoo waxaas iyo waxaas baanu ku qabanaynaa ama ku qabanay. Berberi waa meesha kaliya ee aanad hada ka helayn NUS BALOODH aad dhisato ilaa aad magaalada ka baxdid 30km oo koonfur ah iyo 25km oo galbeed ah mooyaane, Haddaad Iib ku doontana ma jari kartid oo waa qaali sababtoo ah dadkani waxay dhulka u boobeen inay sife Ganacsi ahaana ahaana uga faaidaan, si ay dhaqaale degdeg ah uga dheefaan. Berbera waxaa isku kaashaday oo isu gaashaan buuraystay Maamul ay ku idil yahiin dhamaan astaamaha lagu yaqaano, Hogaanka Xun, sida Aqoon la’aan, aragti gaabni, Axmaqnimo, Hororsi, Hambayn la’aan iyo Hanti urursi Badheedh ah. Mudo xileedkii uu Maayar Cidin Berbera haystay, Dhibka, Mustaqbal la’aanta, boobka iyo Musuqmaasuqa ku habsaday wuxuu meesha ka saaray dhamaan Rajadii iyo Yididiiladii Soo ifaysay ee layslahaa Berbera waxaa usoo laabanaaya magacii iyo Sharaftii ay lahaan jirtay qarmiyadii lasoo dhaafay, waayo Magaaladii Berberi maanta ma laha meel ay ku fido, Berberi waa Seesas iyo jagooyin loo haysto in lagu ganacsado oo dhaqaale laga helo. Hadii in uun maamul xun oo Macangag ah la sheego, hadii in uun dabaalnimo iyo Damiir la’aan la arkay intuba Magaalada Berbera ayay isu Bahaysteen. Akhriste Wali waxaan ogahay inay kaa dhimaan yahiin Su’aalo aad jawaabahooda sugaysay, Lkn Maanta aan halkaa ku nasanno, Hana Caajisin Maqaalka kan xiga ayaan kuugu hayaa oo kaaga haqab tirayaa inta kale ee. W/Q. EngAhmed Haji M. Mohamed Lasoco qaybaha dambe Qaran News
  18. Some of the Security advisers of Mr Cheeseman are actually former Al-Shabaab operatives and commanders from Gedo region. And in fact there is a guy call Sakariye who happens to be now the fellow at the center at the Somalia's National intelligence Agency (NISA) who also happen to be a close adviser to Mr Cheeseman. And this fellow is an actual former commander of Al-Shabaab's intelligence unit for the whole of Somalia. Hence, pull some other silly excuses than this one from your back-side, mate. Given that this one is "dead-on-arrival" (as it were).
  19. Wasiirka Dastuurka ee Dawlada Federaalka Somaaliyeed Mudane Cabdi Xoosh Jabriil ayaa maanta noqday Shakhsigii ugu horeeyey ee ka tirsan Xukuumada Madaxweyne Farmaajo ee raalin gelin [...] Source
  20. (SLT-Hargaysa) Wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Somaliland Maxamed Kaahin Axmed ayaa shir la qaatay Odayaasha Qoomiyada Oromada Oo Hargaysa ku sugan. Hoos ka DAAWO. Source
  21. Muqdisho ( Sh. M. Network )-Wasiirka Howlaha Guud ee Xukuumadda Soomaaliya Xildhibaan Cabdifitaax Ibraahim Geesey ayaa goor dhow ku dhawaaqay in uu Is Casilay. Xildhibaan Cabdifitaax Ibraahim Geesey oo shir jaraa’id u qabtay Warbaahinta ayaa si rasmi ah u shaaciyay Is Casilaadiisa. Waxaana sheegay in uu isku Casilay sababo uu ku sheegay faragalin ay dowladdu ku heyso arrimaha K/ Galbeed iyo xariggii Sheekh Mukhtaar Roobow Cali. Muddooyinkii dambe ayaa waxaa jiray xiisado xoogan oo ka taagnaa magaalada Baydhabo ee gobolka Baay, kuwaas oo ka dhashay xariggii Musharrax Roobow. The post Wasiir ka tirsanaa XFS Oo goor dhow Oo is Casilay appeared first on Shabelle. View the full article
  22. (SLT-Hargaysa)Madaxweynaha Somaliland Oo Soo Saaray War Qoraala Oo Ku Socda Dawlada Itobiya Iyo Shacbigeeda Xafiiska Af-hayeenka Madaxweynaha JSL Taariikh: 15/12/2018 Dhambaal Tacsi Ah Madaxweynaha Somaliland Oo Dhambaal Tacsi Ah U Diray Dawladda iyo Shacbiga Itoobiya Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, Mudane Muuse Biixi Cabdi isagoo ku hadlaya magaciisa, ka dawladda iyo ka shacbiga Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, waxa uu Dhambaal Tacsi ah u dirayaa dawladda federaalka Itoobiya iyo shacbi weynaha dalkaasi aynu jaarka nahay isagoo ka tacsiyadaynaaya geerida ku timid madaxweynihii hore ee dalka Itoobiya, Girma Walde giyorgis oo xalay ku geeriyooday Cusbitaal ku yaalla Magaaladda Addis Ababa. Madaxweynuhu waxa uu Madaxweynihii hore ee geeriyooday ku tilmaamay siyaasi ka baxay dawladda Federaalka Itoobiya iyo mandaqadda Geeska Afrikaba, isla markaana muddadii uu xilka hayey door laxaad leh ka qaatay iskaashiga iyo xidhiidhka labada dal ee Somaliland iyo Itoobiya. Madaxweynuhu waxa uu shacbiga Itoobiya iyo dawladdaba mar labaad ka tacsiyadaynayaa geerida ku timi madaxweynihii hore ee dalkaas Girma Walde giyorgis. ALLAA MAHAD LEH Maxamuud Warsame Jaamac Af-hayeenka Madaxweynaha JSL. Source
  23. (SLT-Hargaysa) Wasiirkii hore ee arrimaha gudaha Xukuumaddii Axmed Siilaanyo, Maxamed Nuur Caraale (Duur) ayaa ka digay in xaalad ammaan darro ka dhalan karto xanaftii Doorashadu reebtay. Hoos ka DAAWO Source
  24. (SLT-Muqdisho)Ra’iisulwasaaraha xukuumadda Dalkaasic Soomaaliya, Xasan Cali Khayre ayaa Magaalada Dooxa ee dalka Qatar kula kulmay Guddoomiyaha Guddiga Amniga iyoNabadda Midawga Afrika, Ambassador Smail Chergui. Ra’iisul wasaare Khayre iyo Ambassador Smail Chergui ayaa ka wada hadlay dardar-gelinta hawl-galka AMISOM ee Soomaaliya, dagaalka ka dhanka ah kooxaha argagaxisada ah iyo diyaar garowga loogu jiro qorshaha mas’uuliyadda amniga ay kula wareegayso dawladda Soomaaliya. Kulanka ayaa sidoo kalelooga hadlay sii wadidda taageerada dhanka amniga ah ee midawga Afrika aysiiyaan Soomaaliya. Source
  25. Oodweyne

    Musharixiinta doorashada puntland ee sanadkan

    ^^^^Gooni, Waryaa, xaaji, Khalad maan fahminee, runtaad kuu sheegay. Oo waxa aan ku idhi in aad raggan Dh-abayaco aad ku markhaati furtey ayuun baad xaqiijisey. Xagayagana, Somaliland ahaan, nin rag ah oo wax dhacsada oo cad-gooste ah ayaanu amaan, gabay iyo ducaba gudeensiina. Laakiin Fuley-is-urursatey, afkuna-dheer-yahay, irbad-na dun-galin, wax amaana uma heyno mana siino. Waana "farqiga" noo dhaxeeya, maadaama idinku aad kiina "fuleyga-ah", sida Morgan, Afweyne, Farmaajo, aad amaan kula dul dhacdaan.
  26. Waryaa, Ina-Faqash Bukaan-Socod, Miyaanan horey kuugu sheegin inaad adiga iyo "tolkaa-Reer-Ilka-Yar" aad fuleynimadda "hadh-ka-cararka" ah aad iska wada "hiddo-raacdeen". Sababta oo ah, kii indinku weynaa carar isaga oo ku jira ayuu Nigeria ku bakhtiyey, oo waa Afweyne. Midna waa kan lacagta miciinsanaya mar haduu "xiniinyo-rageed" iska waayey uu wax kaga qaado Somaliland. Waana mid "dhufaanan" oo Marwo-dumar "magan" u ah iyo African's calooshiis-u-shaqeyste ah oo loo soo kireeyey ku daba dhuumanaya. Sidaa daraateed, markaan ku idhi "Cad-Quudheed" ayaad ka dhex tihiin Soomaali Maxamed gudaheed, waataas nuxurku cadeynaya doodeydaas. Sababta oo ah, "gobonnimo Shankarooon" ay leedahay oo maryo-dhiigle lagu keenay, oo waliba loogu waqan-qalay wiilal damiir-leh raganimadood, ayaad adiga iyo inaadeerkaa Farmaajo iska iibiseen lacag ayaa Somaliland lagu jabin karaa. Ama "lacag-laaluush-ah" oo uu bixiyo ayaa Jamhuuriyadnimadeeda gaarka ah lagu baabiin karaa. Walee, maxaad Ilma-Gumeed is-urursadey adiga iyo inaadeerkaa Farmaajo tihiin.
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