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  1. Nugul;684390 wrote: If I am not mistaken, Sheherazade, is the moderator of this section. I find amusing that she responded to this thread, but entirely ignored my reqeust to delete the suaal'' thread. The reason remains misery! but I have nothing to say. what request are you talking about??
  2. NGONGE;684045 wrote: Apropos of nothing, I once went (along with the customary old men) to ask for a girl's hand for a friend of ours. As we sat there having the usual chit chat, one of our group commented about the spacious size of the living room we were are in. The groom, in a classic A&T faux pas and in a very clear voice replied "Haa waa goodh saayis, waliba xaga sare ka weyn". Brilliant. Small talk gets you into deep sh*t.
  3. Abtigiis;684213 wrote: War gabadhan Nugul has all the hallmarks of a budding female Abtigiis. Cabasho iyo calaacal badana. LoL.:cool:
  4. Inaadeerow, the topic is still there as far as I can see. Unlees Nuune kuu soo direy cidankiisi.:confused:
  5. Abtigiis;681894 wrote: Waryaa LST Mahadsanid duqa for explaining. Laakin dee unknown quantity'gaan ka xanaaqay. Still, I don't want to whine but I don't like this 'fascinating Nomad' tag. I would have really preferred 'A&T is a laandheere nomad'. :D Fascinating can go any way; blame odaygii qoray 'the Tyranny of words". Malika thanks for taking my sides, I know I can always count on you as the fairest of all SOL ladies. Sheh Mahadsanid for the information. waryaahee, ma qanacdey so easily?! Still doesn't explain why you were the only one with a negative reputation when the feature wasn't even available to us, ie no one could have voted negatively against you.
  6. dib danbe....ufff... men iyo is xagxagashadooda(they use their toe nails). :mad:
  7. OMG, war waxba ma ogi, I was trying to help you out. We are all marked as 'unknown quantities' only difference being the colour and what that's supposed to mean. The use of the word reputation is all we have to go on. There may be a reputation voting capability to this new system. As moderator I don't know anything more than you do; other than fiddle with posts, move and delete threads. If I had as much trouble as you have had here, I would have left. Don't let paranoia make you confuse those who point or hint helpfully with the rest. Iga dhex saar cidaad is heysataan. :confused:
  8. Alpha Blondy;681737 wrote: i use like maximus powers He used to like you too. Maybe he saw a bit of himself in you.
  9. did they hate it? I'm no teacher. I'd write on the board: My name is Miss Sheh, I am only here to escape the snow in the UK. If you tell on me, I'll set the Abominable Snowman on you.
  10. ^I'm here, the baraf froze one side of my neck and shoulders, but I'm here! Hate it. Do you have to be qualified to be a teacher in Abu Dhabi, lool. Too cold to cope here.
  11. A&T, I think it's to do with forum reputation. Don't ask me who decides that or what it is. Just hold your mouse over the red dot, right click and view the properties of the image. See the file name? Then click on a grey one and see that file's name. Then hold your mouse over a white dot(eg Admin's) and see what that says. You are not mad; there is a difference laakin paranoia intaanaad meesha ka qaadin, iskaga carar.
  12. ^LoooL @ your reason. I'm loving this new feature. My PM works fine. All me old ones disappeared though.
  13. shall we send him some PMs too, Malika. See if they become his Xmas ghosts, haunting him over and over? LoL.
  14. Kool_Kat and Cara tickle me.