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  1. I actually thought about this a few days ago, and remembered it when i read over the thoughts written by Zu " what if I wasn't Somali"... Like Sheherzade(did I spell that right?) this has been one of the best Ramadaan's for me. But what if I wasn't born a muslim? Would I have the same image of Muslims and Islam as the CNN or FOX news network? If I had tried to read the Quran, would I believe it to be the true religion?......
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    The Apple Tree

    his has really touched me and hope it will touch you too It did.....thanks for sharing
  3. Rudy, this is the first time, I've not only grasped what you've said, but i got the point of it as well....( no offense, but you know how silly you can get..) Anyways, i agree wholeheartedly... and might I add that, you didnt need to state to anyone what you've done for Somali's lately, thats none of anyone's business, and you need not anyone's approval from it....( sad how you assume someone isn't as generous as you when it comes to helping your fellow Somalis')
  4. ^^LOL @ suffacate... Mombasa Queen, that was hilarius.....thanks! and dont mind these rude jerks :rolleyes: ....
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    W O M E N?

    Moti, I have read the research you mentioned and I am surprised the nomads here misunderstood your intentions. I am afraid Moti is right, we need to train our women for their benefit and ours, since they r the cause of divorce as proved by this independent scientific research. 6 Pages, and STILL not ONE piece of evidence shown to support this infamous "UN Study" You Men :rolleyes: , what a cheap way to get the women to notice you....
  6. Another thing I just remembered, these worker who will pay for their bills durring their strike? how they will support their families? Exactly, which is why i felt the need to point out that support doesn't just have to be " your body up there posting up some banners", which some of you seem to think :rolleyes: You could voice your support by raising money for those that have families to support. Sometimes you have to just stand up for your rights, even when your aware of the risks. But unfortunately, there just isn't enough information. So, if all you MNPLS folks could kindly help us out here....
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    W O M E N?

    X_Q is a gal hon "is because the man was good and his wife respected him. Our prophet scw said be good to your wives if you want them to be good to you. " Simple ( and a bit vague) but correct
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    Was it the battle of Kadisiya?...i read about this, i think the fatalities reached 7,000.
  9. Their words appeared to imply that the pain of these mutilated boys was minimal and negligible when compared to the pain of FGM The post(s) implying such were largely erroneous, and the poster(s), and yourself haven’t underlined the bottom line: millions of young girls are subjected to these sorts of mutilations every year, and while the acts are of course “horrifying†for these young boys, this is something millions of girls go through every year. So yes, Jacaylbaro, we “can believe itâ€, our mothers “can believe itâ€, our grandmothers, sisters, aunts and cousins “can believe itâ€. p.s. some of you men just don’t get it, you act as if reading it on a few threads, and hearing it every so often, means that sometimes, it should just be put to rest.
  10. LOL @ thank you for your time.... So whats the whole story?
  11. How sweet of him, mansha'allah.... Nice Il Capo, now i had to go off and edit mines :rolleyes:
  12. One should speak out and forbid the evils of all the candidates and remain firm and steadfast, rather than give into the easier option of choosing the “lesser of the various evilsâ€. Da concept of choosing the “lesser of two evils†can only be allowed in situations where the person is compelled to choose at least one candidate. However, in countries e.g. UK, this force does not exist, therefore in such free circumstances, it is forbidden to vote for candidate in kufr elections. I didn't even think that it would have been "haraam" to vote, but I guess I was wrong. You have to question a lot of things these days. This would have been the first time i voted. But I appreciate knowing before hand. I'm definitely going to have do some more research, I just read briefly what I wanted to know ( is it haraam or not?) Anyways, thanks for bringing up the question. I'll just hope that Kerry wins. P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if others knowledgable about this would give me a better understanding.
  13. Wiilo... We can't always hide behind the Devil. Your Imaan definitely has something to do with it as well. This isn't as unusual as it seems. Erly this week, A Somali man came in the dry cleaners I was working at, he asked if I was Somali, and when i responded with a yes, he asked "you should be wearing the hijaab". i felt like that Citi bank commercial where the people are always saying " thank you". Normally, i would have just sighed and said " i know". And then i would thought to myself, "dang, can he get off my back, I'll do it when im comfortable". But for some odd reason i felt like he just cared for me. Sounds cheesy, but i felt really good about it. Thanks for that Khayr....
  14. This reminds of an article I read, the author stated that if men were the ones delivering babies, governments, scientists, doctors etc would do all they could to find some sort of drug to take the pain part of child birth; great deals of money would be spent to accomplish this. And had men been the ones experiencing monthly cramps more research would have been done on ways of eliminating such cramps so they could go through those times without pain. This of course was her opinion. My professor in my Soci class gave us that article too. Very interesting, and i definitely believe it!
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    W O M E N?

    Where did you get that study.....i'd like to read that for myself...
  16. This is off topic....... ^^^I dont know if it was just me, but you remind me of Ck?
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    Stoic, What happened to Iftar? didnt even attempt to come pick me up! You owe me now. p.s. you know I saw "larry King" the other day, we had a mouthful to say abt you! Anyways, what happened to the question folks? Alright, how about when was the wheel invented?
  18. I'm gonna use some of these names for myself.... I didnt see Jabril though, i was think for a boy and girl, Jabril & Jameelah and two girls: Aaliyah & Aisha
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    ^^So is this where you've been all this time.... Egoism, Love & 13th amendment
  20. I had a very bad experience when I got sick. The way the doctor was inserting the injection in my veins irritated me a lot The same incident happened to me. I was about 8 years old, and I had gotten really sick. I remember the shots hey gave us, they were like the sizes of an elephants tusk! :eek: And you would think with something that big you wouldnt miss the darn Vein :confused: Ngonge, That was exactly my reaction when I was younger. I was born in the U.S., but by the age of 9 I had gone to Somalia 4 times! I hated it! the days felt sooo long, there was one television that only played Soccer :rolleyes: , once playing outside, i had gotten a piece of glass stuck in my left foot! The trip(s) sucked. But two years ago, when i visited again, I got to really take in what i hadn't before. It was like a field trip. Learning about the culture, of my fondest memories was when i was out in downtown with my sister, there was a parade going on (very informal) and many of the candidates running in election were in trucks waving, passing out t-shirts and banners! I though, "how cute, look at them go" I've decided to move there with my Hubbie insha'alla in some years! Can't wait!
  21. For those who say they will do, pls come back when you get married and let us know if you asked your husband/wife to be to go get tested and the outcome He got it and so did I!
  22. Kool_Kat exactly my sentiments....i was going to put up a speech about how childish this was, but obviously this is a post of a very young woman. I can't even front like i didnt do things like this years ago ( lol, i mean YEARS ago )! But if that were to happen now...I'm with Qac Qaac on this one... "that would be the last time you see me".