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  1. Even more troubling, it is as if shingles on a roof, not even the mid-range Timberline HD shingles, let alone a bridge; now, if the current quality of bridges is so thinly layered, how thick are the roads? Where are the layers of: grading, tucking, aggregating, and gravel before you even get to those thin layers of asphalt?
  2. I did not realise at first, but this is the Dacarbudhuq bridge, which has always been a thorn, yet serves as the nexus connecting the West to Berbera. Wrong priorities.
  3. Here is the latest from a HJeclo speaking as to the death and destruction visited upon the flying rangers of the beloved Republic, and what awaits them now. 104 dead 124 dead 62 wounded 7 senior officers dead 2 senior officers being held in Las Anod This does not include the death left behind, and had to be buried by SSC forces.
  4. Attention needed here: a new bridge recently built on the road connecting Berbera to Hargeysa.
  5. Actually there is no longer beef between Deni & Madoobe. Deni is being advised, by the community he appointed a short while ago, to take a step back, as federalism at its core is being threatened by Hassan, who wishes to centralise it, and Deni sees himself as the guardian, rightly or not. I agree Deni lacks the right temperament for these sensitive matters and times.
  6. Blimey dropping like flies. That is what happens when a sous chef is placed in charge of the flying special forces of the beloved Republic.
  7. Another Gen. Axmed Cali Maxamed (Tansani) confirmed dead from injuries sustained. Add to the previous list:
  8. Ha la yaabin qarawgooda, ceebtood ma ahee waa caadadood. XXanjuf waa mid yar oo agnaan ah (autistic), Oodweyne (aka Baala Xoofto) fooqa fayan-biiro ayuu saaran yahay e ha u bixin. Keliya waxaa la arkaa marka uu caraqa soo dhitaysto.
  9. Today was a quiet day, as it was pouring heavily. Yesterday's encounter came about as a result of the beloved SL crawling & flying marines and special units were desperately trying to relocate from the Maraaga valley to Gooja-cadde with their weapons. SSC local forces got a wind of their movement, and were intent on taking the weapons.
  10. Damn, I did promise to stop, but could not resist. You should listen to your cousin, as he is better informed, and on point.
  11. It was a bad day for the secessionists. Heavy losses, POWs, Maraaga base overrun, stockpiles of weapons taken, and the credit goes to Abdi Madoobe, Fool-haw1ye & Jimcaale (remember - Jimcaale was the gentleman Oodweyne killed back in Feb). The state of this prisoner paints a bleak picture.
  12. Hang on, this is confusing. If this was an event to garner support for Hashimites, under the banner of 'Irir Samaale', what is with the 'mashxarad' when he said 'wiilka ay gabadheenna dhashay'?
  13. Let us, for a moment, forget about colonial history, be it Somali lands or any other. In the 16th century, and even as near as the turn of the 19th century with Adal, what were the boundaries, and where were the borders of lands inhabited by the Somalis?
  14. For belly-tickles, what was the name of your country before 1884?