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  1. Bajuni Island? why not Horumar Iand.. Bajuni ma garan anigu koleyba
  2. Guys it was great to meet you guys .. it has been long time.. I am closer now and out of the land of Yajuj and Majuj iyo waxaan lagaraneyn ba.. SOL guys waa fadhi kudirir, when you meet them in real life waa Gentlemen iyo walahi top Akhiyaar. I hope I meet more of SOL people. Glad to be back and thanks for the posters I don't remember this one.. glad to be back..The only problem is meeting people makes you not fight anymore specially when I see how akhiyaar these people are..
  3. lool man these guys are still here, balo.. and it seems you guys have an elephant memory.. I left because of Asian life dragged me a bit away, from Cambodia, Iraq, and then East Timor, Myanmar, Thailand, Laoes Vietnam, Australia not Nairobi.. Glad to be back, since you guys have Elephant memory anyone has the Somali movies posters I posted like 19seventynuux? good to see old friends..
  4. Guys after years of disappearance, I have found an old school in person which encouraged me to come back, anyone remembers this old timer? Second anyone by chance has the old Somali movies posters I posted in 2005, damn has it been that long? hola on me
  5. Somaliaonline Daily News Governer Blair expresses happiness in his new policy London, West California State province A clearly ecstatic Blair governor of London cackle with unalloyed delight as, at a stroke, plans to introduce ID cards, detention without trail, and the annexation of Poland garner support on a staunch, stiff upper-lip swell of nationalist bigotry. Blair rounded on critics of his latest policy, to welcome legal immigrants with five shots to the head at close range when already immobilized, by claiming that this was traditional in many bastions of democracy, such as Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and that the policy was in no way discriminatory, as all peoples, from Brazilians to Muslims, would be subject to it, as long as they looked different. In other news, final and incontrovertible evidence of foreign combatants and insurgence operating in Iraq come to light. “We believe that these Americans and Brits insurgent are coming across the border from Kuwait,†said one Iraqi freedom fighter. Continued next edition ... Peace
  6. Waaw, the girl looks good, but Hadaad somehow is right, but it is not the brother who has the right to decide how she dresses, he can be concervative as much as he wants, my concern is the girl, did you have her permision to post her picture? if yes maaaaaaaaaaaaan she is hot and i am willing to communicate if you give me the means to... send me the contact number, e-mail addresss, Date of birth, and her website if any.. Peace
  7. Guys download it and get the blessing of the Quran.. many sheikhs reading the quran. Allah bless u all and Ramadan is coming prepare and inshaAllah leylatul alkhadri will be ours doing good deeds Salaam
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    My Beloved

    Wa jazaki Sis wa muslimiina jamiican.. Allahuma aamiin PEace
  9. Beautiful words from a beautiful person, MashaAllah, sister well said .. jazakal lah kheyr PEace
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    My Beloved

    My Beloved * There was a time in my youth, When Islam was only a custom. They said, “Say la ilaha illa-llah And pray you’ll go to Heaven.†Ah, how simple, no struggle in this. Just a word, and simple act. Thereafter, I’m absorbed in this world again With my “assured†place in Paradise intact. But this was not to be my fate For Allah chose to guide my heart. I learnt of a man who struggled so hard When his mission was from the start. The story of someone who had morals, Spoke gently; kindness he knew. Never fearing to say what’s right, His conviction in Islam was true. The touch of his hand was as soft as silk To comfort a crying child To mend his clothes or do the chores, Never complaining, he always smiled. His smell was always of musk, And cleanliness he kept at his best. Stark contrast with the heroes of today, Who stink of beer and sweat. He held the hands of his Companions, Unashamed to play with many children. So modest, so humble, a perfect example That strangers could not recognize him. His eyes slept little for nights were precious, His prayers he treasured much greater. To pray Tahajjud in the depths of night, Seeking forgiveness, and nearness to his Creator. He broke his tooth for me at Uhud And bled for me at Ta’if. He cried for me, tears of concern, Just so I could have this belief. His enemies admired his teachings, Uniting every religion, every clan. Till Islam came to every corner of the world, O, but indeed he was only a man. To own a house or build his wealth, Was not his main priority. To establish Islam was more essential, To bring us under a higher authority. Don’t you want him to plead for your case When before Allah the Judge you stand? Don’t you wish to be around his fountain, A burning desire to drink from his hand? So I love him more than all creation, My leader, my humble Prophet. Muhammad (PBUH) was a mercy to all mankind And to me he is my beloved.
  11. The following site is encyclopedia and i came across great articles about Islam but ONE MAJOR Problem, anyone can edit the articles and write or alter its content and save it to the site.. InshaAllah no one without knowledge would ever change anything, i changed something about the Arkaanil Al islam because they added after fate, the resurrection and it is not part of the six arkaan, I also changed the books of Allah, someone put only Torah and Bible and left Quran out.. Alhamdulilah Allah protects its Quran and religion..Alahuma nas Aluka cilman naaficaa wa nas aluka an tucalimunaa diinanaa alkariim "Al Islam" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam PEace
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    hibo You know what they say NO SCHOOL, NO JOB, NO PROBLEM as for me my mouth runs everytime i see a somali female.. and hibo ur name makes my mouth run.. but again i am in Asia i can express.. i hope i am not being politically incorrect..hmmm PEACE
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    Sxb with all my respect, the examples you have given me has nothing to do with the subject.. Brother when a person calls me names, breaking his legs wont do me or him good, and when a man breaks my leg, I break his leg.. but Islam says if you forgive it is better.. but the case is not person or not about me or the individuals, the case is when someone touches your religion or identity it stays for generation and it misleads the ignorance. then I am obliged to react and react hard.. Sxb don’t tell me if someone insults my religion or my Prophet or prophet in that matter I should walk away or write articles and rally in the streets protesting and demanding fairness from governments who things freedom of speech is open your mouth and say whatever you please.. and as Muslims we are forbidden to call names people, but we calling them names that Allah called them such as idol-worshippers, damned one’s and I hope you wont argue about this.. When a dictionary says infidel means Muhammadia it is unacceptable, when Arab “our prophet P.B.U.H origin is translated as such “I can’t even mention†then it is unacceptable. and measurements must be taken, no matter how violant..but must be selective not toward innocents... PEace
  14. As for your question, why do you need to please anyone? Do you feel you have to? Being polite, non-confrontational and peaceful have nothing to do with ‘compromising’ one’s faith. Yes, there is pressure being put on Muslims to dilute their faith. But to be honest, most Muslims probably do need to loosen up and drop much of the rhetoric anyway. Most of what UK Muslims ‘believe’ are reactionary ideas based on correct grievances (does not make the ideas right, see). Brother Fear Allah, I really thing you are drugging yourself to the danger zone... You can compromise something that is man made, and policies and rules written by men, Not the instructions of Allah, Allah damned Jews in his Quran, he send them prophets they deny them.. they are damned by Allah and by damning people.. so please dont tell me loosen up.. and yes Hindus are idol-worshippers, they are as a fact, so where is the mistake there.. Christians eat pigs and you are what you eat, Jewish are damned nothing worse than that.. so infidel is doomed unless Allah mercy touches them... so everything about Islam is clear like the noon sun.. no need to compromise or too loosen up about... I would say the words of the Suddies the Saudi sheikh in any stage and on any TV show.. Allah is who he deserve to be feared and no one else... PEace
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    ^^ I don't get it brother.. are u defending the west against ur own people.. as the sister said if anything against how small it is about Jew the story would be different, besides yes wake up, if you want to die as a muslim which is something i ask Allah everyday... they trying to remove suurah(s) that concern Jew from the Quran, are you going to tell me it is ok too.. man i like u as a person dont be little man and make the thing small and gossip... if you joking .. joke time is over since Bush said either you are with us (the infidels) or against us (refering to muslims).. and your religion tells you "Faman yuwaaliihim fa huwa min hum" those who with them are amoung them - i am sure you don't want to be seen as infedil by Allah... Acuudu bilaah from that... Peace