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  1. <--- Cant wait to see this.. Ethiopian model, Liya Kebede, will play Waris Dirie in a new movie called Desert Flower, based on the book. You can catch the trailer here I heart Liya. And from what I can see, she does a really decent job acting.
  2. Shisha isn't as harmful, it's more harmful... I stopped years ago...I'd get headaches & chest pains afterwards
  3. So is it just lions? And I would be wary to visit...those gates dont look too sturdy.
  4. Each of them had a point and defended it each their own.
  5. Senora


    Aww, that was beautiful! I shed a little tear after seeing the audience and judge do the same. I've never seen sand animation before, but I would pay to see her again. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Hello all, For those following American politics, you've eventually heard about the secretive Christian organization called The Family.. (or maybe you've heard of their home on C-Street). Well if you are like me, you probably didnt know that they acted as the policy middleman between the US & Siad Barre. A very interesting revelation... You can catch it here *it starts at the 39th minute
  7. lol, it is great. Actually, a co-worker from Panama called me that since I got married. I've grown attached now. I did a youtube search for Nat King Cole once and Harry Belafonte showed up as a related video. I remember the song from Beetlejuice but forgot that he called the leading lady Señora. It just made sense to post it
  8. oh dear, I guess we all do look alike! My mistake, Adam.
  9. Good for Daniel. FYI, Adam. The second picture on the bottom row to your left is Liya Kebede (an Ethio model). Maybe you meant Amira Ahmed? (She's Somali and Filipino- nevertheless, very beautiful!)
  10. Jump in the Line- Harry Belafonte Shake, Shake, Shake Senora!
  11. wingA- I think its more a money issue than Eto'o needing a new challenge. He's always said he wanted to stay with Barca and retire at Mallorca. But I dont think they respect him enough. He should've gotten paid 10mill with Barca...Oh, well. Inter's got a new fan now since I'll be following. Fabregas- I agree, he isnt a celebrity, but he's far from quiet (on the field). Ask anyone that's followed Eto'o, he's a big talent! One of the most underrated...
  12. Gosh, all you people do is discuss the Premier League....well, I need to vent about this... Eto'o to leave for Inter So disapointed Eto’o was one of the top scorers in La Liga (sometimes #1) since he’s been there. He’s never gotten the respect or love he deserves. He's the Rodney Dangerfield of Barca... Hleb & Gudjonson should be axed (along with Henry), not Eto’o! He should go back to Mallorca, they respected his achievements there. He’s not like a Drogba or anything- he doesnt disrespect anyone….They always label him as angry- he's west African for goodness sake! They all talk aggressive and demanding. Couple that with the reality he faced in Barca, it makes sense. He’s just frustrated that for such a top player, he doesnt get the same respect as any other player would- it’s disgusting really!
  13. I enjoy reading fashion blogs. Here are just a few I skim through: Frugal Fashionista Go Fug Yourself Couture in the City Care to share yours?
  14. Aww, those baby heels are disturbing But, lol@ the Burggie! I have the snuggie, and it's been so funny to see all the paradoies.
  15. European Champ Villa to sign with Barcelona There's still talk that Ribery may come to Barca...
  16. What?!?! :eek: Unbelievable!! Im done...what a crazy week?!
  17. I saw them on Oprah that day but forgot to check their website out, thanks for the reminder SC. Their spring collection is very pretty- love the bold colors....All the best to them
  18. Originally posted by Geel_jire: I used to have an IBM thinkpad for work .. that required a biometric scan (fingerprint) when ever you were booting it up. that was much easier than remembering a password. It'll be great when we develop biometrics to replace all the passwords/pin numbers I have to memorize... the trick to having one password for everything is to have the first letter of the site/program be the first/last/middle letter in your password. This doesnt include work emails, b/c we cant recyle our old passwords either- Im left with drafting an email with my temporary work password to refer to if need be...
  19. Ribery has said for some time now that if he moves, he'd like for it to be with Barcelona....The rumour is that we've put down 50m- the highest bid so far....
  20. Madrid hasn't bought Villa fact, I dont think it will happen. Hopefully they cant sell their team off either to make up for the ridiculous amount they put for Kaka and Ronaldo. Barca looks to be getting Villa, but it may be at the expense of Eto'o. Ibrahimovic is also in the picture...It'll be a sad day when Eto'o leaves...
  21. You two, I think the above is evidence of the benefits of social media....
  22. Twitter has been abuzz all weekend with the Iranian election results Friday. It's been the trending topic ever since. It's temporarily substituting for tradional news outlets as reports have leaked that the government is blocking access to sites, jamming phone lines, and harrasing reporters with video camera's. Iran Updates Iranian Blog w/constant updates Well, back to twitter world....this is getting interesting!
  23. This is more for the enjoyment of La Liga fans.... Real Madrid may buy stars, but FC Barcelona creates them!
  24. Same here, General. The husband and I checked it out on Friday and I was sooo surprised at how funny it was!