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    Diamondtrim F., sounds soo silly....but y'all fools betta bow down
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    Film Review

    Happy B-Lated Birthdays guys Check your Pm's and emails..( hope you like it)
  3. Not surprising that most of the members of Q-Unit are on there :rolleyes: qac'qac you make a great point about the Geez thing...not a lot of people pay attention to that...even i forget once in a while....
  4. It was like looking at an issue of National Geographic...these pictures are gorgeous.... I especially adored the Lake assal scenery...
  5. Yeaah...finally finished all of my exams...and got my grades yesterday!! All A's.... :eek: im so shocked....maybe my profs were smoking something :confused: ... anyways..GOOD LUCK to all those still waiting to take their exams...relax, and stay focused!
  6. There were a total of 15 passengers boarding a small plane on their way to Florida. One black mother and her child were on their way to visit relatives while the other passengers consisted of the KKK on their way to a convention. The plane took off and after flying for approximately 12 minutes an announcement came over the intercom from the pilot saying: "We have over loaded this flight. We are going to have to start throwing luggage out the window so the plane won't go down." Two minutes later you could see luggage being thrown out the window. Five minutes after that, the pilot made a second announcement. "We are still experiencing problems. We're sorry but the plane is still overloaded and we're going to have to get rid of some of the weight so the plane won't go down." "We're going to have to ask some passengers to jump out of the window when we call you by name. To make it fair, we'll go alphabetically. We'll start with A. Will all the African Americans please jump now?" The black woman and her child continued to sit. The pilot came over the intercom system. "Next is B. Will all the Black people please jump now"? The Black woman and child continued to sit. The pilot came over the intercom again. "Next is C. Will all the Colored people please jump now?" All the KKK was now staring at the mother and child. The black woman and child continued to sit. The child then looked at her mom and said: "Mom aren't we all of those?" The mother then replied to her daughter, "Baby, we N!GGAS tonight and the K's come before N's."
  7. LOL @ Legend Emmy, I dont get it??
  8. Originally posted by NGONGE: Heh. Shame it took over eighty-two posts to finally get an admission out of you. Ohh.... go choke on a rock!
  9. og-moti and og-gal hav been married for while now the just wanna keep it on the hush hush (see she even carries his last name) There is some sick incest going on around here :eek:
  10. Yes, yes...we know its not right....but all this whining abt it making us look bad has to stop! Any self-respecting muslim knows that this act is in fact unislamic....i think the only discrepencies here is "who's REALLY upset about it"..... We know you are really upset Lakkad, and you have a right to be.....I can't help it, but im not as upset, i know using the beheading in the name of Islam is wrong....but I'm more angry at the innocent muslims getting abused, and dying each day....and struggling islamically..... But what I dont like hearing from you is the whole "it Makes Islam look bad"....I know what my religion preaches...and anyother self-respecting muslim does too!...So i could give a damn what others think.... Come on! That's ignorant!Who the hell judges a religion by a barbaric act.....they want to know what Islam is all the Quran! the Hadith!...if some ignorant a$$ fools want to judge every muslim on 9/11...and beheadings like this...than i feel sorry for those fools.... You remind me of those people after 9/11 who were afraid to look "Islamic"....!! They would sacrifice their religion to please the kufaars...thats what i think happened to many blacks after slavery as well.....afraid to stand up for what they believe.... Lakkad...who the hell are you proving yourself too....? know your religion, right?...then stand by it, and stop acting like some scary a$$ person afraid of what the world will think of your religion....
  11. wow my city made it :eek: :eek: but im not surprised Chicago made it! Wasn't Minneapolis also ranked as one of the cleaniest cities too?
  12. Well I'm planning to actually come to Minneapolis this am I invited too?... p.s. I'll PM you St. Paul to get a little more info if that is alright....
  13. Did anyone do any research abt giving birth and period cramps.... I have it bad...but not as bad as many of my friends do. And my pms is just as worse :eek: ... but about the cramp thing after giving mother told me that she wouldnt be surprised if it shows that it does in fact lessen/decrease.....she said it was like torture when she was younger, but after giving brith to me, she can't remember it ever being the same....
  14. guys...he edited everything he wrote before...thats why the replies to his post dont seem to make sense....
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    Film Review

    ^^LMAO^^^somealien I just saw your avator, David Chappelle playing Prince...hahaha!...whew!that was good!
  16. I understand people’s anger and frustration at the weakness of the Muslim world but that does not mean you’ve got to cheer every extremist who decides to interpret and twist the religion to quench his or her anger. So who do we cheer for?.. our islamic leaders, those nation leaders?... A part of me is telling me that there is something wrong with this....but a bigger part of me is saying that this can't overshadow what has been done already! But there just aren't enough people willing to sacrifice and fight for Islam, and its people....instead you have the Osama's and the Al qaeda's, etc.... drastic situations call for drastic measures....None of you people are in their shoes! None of you understand what they are going through, none of you see what they see. Its easy for you to sit behind your computer and say "this is wrong". Your so quick to say hes not a target cause he wasn't wearing a soldiers uniform, or carrying a weapon....just cause you dont have a uniform on symbolizing your "in risk of losing your life", doesn't stop you from being the enemy.... Anyone suporting this war is an enemy.... anyone supporting this lying, arrogant and greedy administration and its greedy accomplices ( Halliburton) furthering its effort in exploiting Iraq and other muslim and under developed nation is an Enemy..... Nick Berg supported this war and administration, and if the american people can turn their heads and call muslim deaths and abuse "a tragedy and shame"....then i can turn my head in the same direction...."this death was a tragedy and shame"
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    Film Review

    well i guess i have half a brain then :rolleyes: i can't believe there R more ppl that thought Kill Bill sucked :eek: .... something is seriously wrong with you people...
  18. ok, let me see Did the asian cashier give the somali bagger a look? know like "are you going to bag her stuff" then this would prove that this was just a personal decision he made... but if everyone was just acting all normal "like this stuff just happens all the time"....then like Moti said, i think there is a higher power involved here ( the racist jew store owner)
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    14 - Complaints: complaints are only handled by private messages to Admin. You are absolutely not allowed to create complaint topics on the open forums. Moderators will delete it as soon as they see it. Contact Admin if you have questions or concerns. I'm gonna put on my MS. Cleo hat and predict that this topic wont be here tomorrow ( or this weekend just to be safe )
  20. raami?..raami?..why does that name sound so familiar?
  21. ^^^^Exactly^^^...i think Maad( I hope) was joking, but this goes for all those others who need a priority check