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  1. [DISCLAIMER: For whetever I write herein I can not be held accountable. I do not intend to sour the positive sentiments, hopes and dreams of anyone, nor is it my intention to appear apocalytic in my personal analyses of issues. The views represented herein are mine and mine alone. No offence intented.] Ahlan wa sahlan akhyaarta, Lol, Northerner. nuune waa khabaar daar when it comes to what I'm up to. On political prospects, Sxb wax lagu degdega ma aha bahashu, weli siyaasadda Somalida ma daggana. There's alot to it that doesn't meet the eyes in the first glance. That is given the eyes concerned are that of Paragon and none else's. Waxaabad mooddaa siyaasaddii Somalia iyo tii Kenya in ay si ba'an oo khatarteedu badan tahay isugu labanyihiin. Mararka qaar waxaan dib u u xusuustaa ereyaddii AUN Qalinle ee ahaa 'taloow yaa na kala guri'. It's gotten that bad since the day Kenya went into Somalia and even beyond that. And the traggic think is that lay folks haven't got a clue just hit them in Eastleigh, Garissa, Kismaayo and Mogadisho. Intaa aan kaga haro before aan afkayga eedin. Si gaar ahaaneed ayaan kuugu warami doonnaa hadduu Eebe nafta nagu daayo. 'Mass exodus from Eastleigh to Xamar' Honestly, all depends on one's definition of the words 'exodus' and 'mass'. Frankly in personal view, the word 'exodus' conjures up mass movements of rather biblical proportions. Now conjoin the word 'mass' unto it and what we truly have an image or sight that defies the human intellect to meaninfully comprehend. Well, that is according to me and me alone. Very well. There is a visible flight of people whose destination is either Xamar or Xeryaha qaxoontiga. The number of these people is quite sizeable - sizeable because flights are often over booked. I know this because it happened to me in person. I took my older brother to the airport with an African airlines flight to Xamar only to be told the plane has already taken off, and actually there were 80 overbookings including his. I was vexed and made some noise. An agent calmly told me 'idinku waabad fiican tihiin sxb waayo flight-dada qaar there were over 150 overbookings'. Mind you, that was 3 weeks ago. Then I had neighbours in the block.Now the family to the left has gone and the one to the right is going, the floor beneath me seems to be emptying and the landlord seems to have started begging tenants to stay. Lol. The rent was 30k and now we are huggling over whether it would 15 or 16 - he, the landlord, is ofcourse all kinds of uncustomary noises. Well, suits him. The point I am trying to make here is that Eastleigh is emptying and there is noticeable migration out of it and not into it. Every day you'll loaded lorries, cars, carts and family members carrying household belongings on their shoulder. What is quite popular in Eastleigh are auctions, auctions and more auctions. Majority of the people leaving are, however, those who had an peculiar documentation called 'Alien' primarilly issued by the UNHCR. There are also Somalis with legal Kenya documents that are leaving but their numbers isn't large as the 'alien' group. Having said so, the make up of the people leaving Eastleigh for Somalia seems to be uncunningly specific in clan identity. There are others are rumoured to be leaving for Kampala with the plan of coming back when the dust settles in Nairobi. In Garissa, there were rumours that non-indegenous Somalis were not so welcomed as before. Above all that the political rhetorics in somalia over Juba state creations vs Villa Somalia vs Kenya vs Kampala vs God knows who else seems indicative of driving the dynamics of on-goings of all these. I will refrain from theorising who is doing what and to who or even share my views of what is trully causing all this fuss but you're welcome to have a go at it. Do please do. I just hope to Allaah that my worst fears are proven to be unjustified 'cos Somalis here and Somalia cannot afford to through a bitter cold-war like one I suspect some evil hearted folks are planning for the poor folk. Solers unless the signs change, I think we'll need to brace ourselves for major political sh!t to hit the fan. Strength is needed to weather through it.
  2. Lol, Oba. Mahadsanid sxb. Waan dhowahay. Maya ninyow, reer Xamarku waxay yiraahdaan baa la yiri: 'dooradaada dooradeeyda iiga celi ayaa dagaal ka hooreeysa'. marka sxb bal Solers ahaan inaan arrinka siduu yahay iska waraysano iyo sidee wax la yeeli karaa ayaa wax walba ka horreeysa. After discussion, even an anonymous effort as little as making a big noise through Kenya and global media to publicise our grievances ayaaba wax wayn ah. The welfare of our people is a duty upon all of us. Iska aamusa and iska samra laga tala roon baal is leeyahay.
  3. ACWRWB Considering Eastleighs current situation and the difficult circumstances our people face, I think we need to put our heads to together to see if there's anything that can we do to help, directly or indirectly. So If you a soler who is currently in Nairobi - either living or visiting - please let me know. PS: I only heard recently that Miskiin Macruuf is in Nairobi but I am not sure if he is still around- if only I knew earlier or visited SOL more often. Till later, Nooli kulante
  4. Abwaan and other brothers, shukran for your prayers. The thing is we have to defend ourselves no matter what the situation. We are all humans afterall and everyone bleeds. It is in this spirit that I and others in the neighbourhood have vowed to stand our ground. We have every right to be here and no one should ever dream of intimidating us into goonimo. Hadaan dhimano geeridu kol bay nolosha dhaantaaye, dhaqashiyo kol beey kaa yihiin dheregtu xaaraane, nin dharbaaxa ceebeed dugsaday dhaqayadeed maalye dhashaadeey sugtaa xaajadaad dhawrataa abid e' Waa sidaa arrinku. And thank Allaah because Somalis have decided to stand tall to this regular oppression. Right now as I write this the running battles are going on and we're alert and ready for any eventuality. Bini aadanka haddaan indha run ah la tusin ma waantoobaan. All the best folks.
  5. Well, it happened too close to home,just around the corner. Before you knew it there were running battles on the street infront. When I got downstairs to the shops for my mother, the gun shots were off and the crowds were amassing on either side of the road. The non-Somali Kenyans were up in arms in their machetes and were not the ones we use to exchange jokes anymore. One of them tells me a Somali mother and a teenager were burnt to death and there are many other Somali victims. Soon as I got back to the house I had to bring my machete closeby. What were are dealing with here are thuggish opportunist who lay about to take advantage of situations like this. I hear this is a common practice of theirs. Well, we will see about that.The only thing they should have advantage of will be my machete. My only concern is with the vulnerable women and children whom they target. Allaha badbaadiyo.
  6. Paragon


    Lol. Let rip. Adapt and overcome.
  7. Lol. Thanks guys. My sweet Hooyo is in Nairobi and having not been with her for such a long time, I'm after her blessings Inshallaah. They say home is where your mother is yet for Paragon home could never be any other place. If things work the way I want, my mother is warming up to the idea of going back home, specially Kismaayo which she loves to bits. I have never met anyone who loves the motherland more than my mother - to the extent that whenever she is ill, she has this STRONG belief that the only medicine is hawada caafimaadka leh ee carrasanta Soomaaliya. Her words. Some of the things that makes me laugh is how my mother is always glued to SNTV and the hilarious thing is my mother is very conservative and doesn't like music yet all music on SNTV is good because apparently that is good waddani music. Lol. I take a dig at her extreme waddaninimo and she takes a dig at my lack of waddaninimo. Would you believe it? Me? Not enough Waddani for my mother! Anyway enough with all that. The most import thing is that I'm talking to folks who want to rush me into either Somali or Kenya politics since Kenyan elections are upcoming. However, I'm still catching up with my mother and leaving her behind to relocate to the mother land is giving such a nasty dilemma.
  8. Paragon


    Life is in Africa. If you're in Qurbo, life is a bubble. So protect your bubble.
  9. Lol. The SOL game never changes, eh? But anyway one can only go with Gabbal's cautious optimism. The war days were nothing compared to the challenges of peace-times. If one thinks it'll be an easy ride then they ought get ready for a disappointment. Expect no miracles.
  10. Thanks guys. I'm close, very close. I'm with my dear Hooyo and being a good son. If there's such a thing as going to the mother country then I am with the mother but not with the country yet. I suppose it is the mother that makes the country your home.
  11. Maaddeey, sxb waan bad qabaa. Muda ayaan khadka ka maqnaa oo aan tabaabusho ku jiray hadda se waa Alxamdullilaah halkaan rabay ayaan gaaray. Adigu bal warran ninyahow maxaa iga dambeeyey waan is weynaye.
  12. God bless Africa. It's another beautiful day and being back to native lands could not feel better than this. Good morning folks and good luck.
  13. Allaha u naxariisto. Allaha u dambi dhaafo oo Jannada Allaha ka waraabsho. Eheladiisuna samir iyo iimaan Allaha ka siiyo. Aamiin.
  14. BOB, thanks mjomba. Uki vipi siku hizi? Uko poa?
  15. Paragon


    Lol@Che. A habit is the salt of life my friend.