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  1. That is good academic analysis. Nin Geelsoo dhici jiray iyo nin beera falanaya isku aragti ma ahan.
  2. As long as war monger Netanyahu is in charge, there will not be peace in that region. The guy is obsessed with power. This was the fourth Israeli election in two years, yet he doesn't want to quit.
  3. Duufaan. This Biden guy is doing belter we expected. For the first time billions of dollars are being given to help black farmers, entrepreneurs and schools. For years hundreds of billions were thrown to white farmers and other especial interest groups for many different reasons. For the last two years of Obama and four years of Trump ,America didn't build anything. They have been arguing for the last six years , and Biden is trying to catch up in terms of infrastructure and new technology. If these generals think the election was stolen, as the above article mentioned, it might definitely lead to fragmentation of America. As long as he doesn't mess with Turkey ,I am Ok with Biden. France is totally a different animal. They are nostalgic of past glory and empires of years gone. If you put aside their FrancAfrica colonial thing, soon they could be just like Italy or even Greece. Everyone in France want to be paid handsomely without working hard. They work 35 hours a week and one moth vocation a year, with that kind of attitude, you can't compete with America or China. Rather than look in the mirror, they blame Muslim immigrants for their decline.
  4. This lady had traveled hundreds of miles, and so far she couldn't find one single mass grave. Just one wounded lady. They should travel to Gaza
  5. Che, The debate about the relocation of the capital from Mogadishu has started among Somalis. yesterday I was talking to some people about the relocating the capital and many people said Baraawe or Baydhabo. The northern guys said, " we are already 2000 km away from Mogadishu, and we need a central location". I suggested Garacad since it is brand new town, with Indian ocean type with mild climate. I guess those of us from the north and those from Mogadishu should meet in the middle, and this new town could fit the bill.
  6. The Amhara and Tigray showed up in Ethiopia as early as 1887. They are northern tribes who populated northern highlands. They used to occupy 20% or less of the current Ethiopian map.
  7. Qatar by way of USA. If Qat is already been sold within the country legally, you can not deny only the Kenyan khat. Ama qaadka oo dhan dalka ka mamnuuc , ama wada fasax.
  8. Talaabo, What is stopping the Reer Woqoyi or the D....r group for being effective and seek the highest office in Somalia?. Every group has 61 votes. At least the South West community is well grounded by flowing a logic. They don't gamble like most Somalis and are waiting to take their real power when one man one vote is implemented. They already hold the parliament speaker position without contest and soon they will be moving to the other places. Yet, there are couple of major political, economic and cultural factor that might impede their ascension to the highest office or to run for president. First the cultural aspect: They are not greedy or pretenders like most people who who throws themselves to the arena if they are not sure of winning. Look at the 15 member HAG pretenders who are all running for president. Half of them might not even get 5 votes, yet they are polluting the airwaves. Why waste your resources if your chances are law. Second, to run for president in Somalia, you must have foreign backed money or reasonably working regional administration like Puntland. Late President C/laahi Yusuf used Puntland resources to seek the top job. The South West region is still a new born. Probably the late Shaati Gaduud who was different than the current crop could have done it. Also, as decent Somalis, they didn't master the idea of allying themselves with the colonial powers. A friend of mine from Burco once told me, " waar qolyihiinan reer Galbeedka iyo HAG ta lafteedu ma geli karaan hawlaha anaga iyo D block and ku dhaqaaqno, haday dantu kalifto Axmaar baad sheegaysaaye cid kast ayaanu keeni" HAG waa reera fawdo,laakiin D block iyo Habrahu waa khatar joogta ah, wax walba ka filo. Furthermore, the Mogadishu factor has to be eliminated for the future elections and plain field Somali leadership. Look at the UNaka boys, in 2012 four out the top six were from them. How could you campaign while fearing from the local bombers, both Alshabaab and the freelance criminals? I am waiting the day real democracy is implemented in Somalia. Those who fear the real Somali vote is those who are pretending to be big tribes. One man one vote will be a new down in Somalia. Even in Somaliland ballot stuffing and fraud mostly happens in Burco and Hargeisa. Why? because of fear of losing. If voting takes place in Puntland today ,20% of the elected members could be from those who hail from South West and other places .Not one single mayor was elected directly in Somalia so far including Puntland and Somaliland who are peaceful. Xaaji ,I am telling you, be very afraid of democracy.
  9. Also, do not discount that some of them might have deserted and left with other Eritrean youth who cross the high seas to reach Europe. Those who are still in training contact their families. It is probably those who left the camps and those who died. . As you could see those who are protesting are iabout a dozen people. The military must give these mothers real answers even if it is hard to swallow about the death of beloved sun.
  10. Xaaji, One man one vote has taken place in war torn countries. where insurgents even control a large swat of land. Afghanistan, Central Africa, Columbia and others held elections. Puntlnand is safe, Galmudug is relatively safe. 80% Hir-shabbele, 80% of South west and 50% Jubbaland. Banaadir is save to hold elections. The remaining unsafe places could be selected through elder caucuses.
  11. Guys, this issue of the youth does exist ,but it has been exaggerated . Of course the mothers deserve answers. The Mute man in Villa Somalia who doesn't talk even if his life depends on, could easily clarify. few weeks a ago I did talk to a guy whose younger brother was among those trained in Eritrea. He said they will be coming back home soon. He also said there were some young soldiers who died during training. He said the training wasn't only tough ,but the landscape was tough mountain train where some young men had fallen and suffered injuries. He said less than a dozen also died during the training. Soldiers dying during training is a natural thing. Waxa uu yidhi ilaa shan ama ix ayaa dhimatay, tobaneeyona way dhaawacmeen. That is why the 100,00 invading Ethiopian forces in 1998 could not defeat the Eritrean mountaineers who are tough to fight in these mountains. It could be the same reason the TPLF might keep fighting against Abiy for many years to come. Unlike Turkey who feeds and builds the Somali kids in Mogadishu , malnourished youth has snuffed in Eritrea. My friend even said some have died with heat exhaustion.
  12. Talaabo, Many have said I have imaginary sources, but I try to share with you guys some of the confidential news I receive. Here is how it happens: Galbeedi: Waar Cali ii waran maxaa cusub maanta. Cali : Warar badan baa jira laakiin bal aynu Xaqiijino. Mar dhaweyd ayaan is weynay laakiin hadda ayaan ku celinayaa . Wasiirka Hebel ayaan la hadlaynaaye laynka ku jir. He will talk to the minister while I am waiting on the line or sometimes ,I may even listen the briefing. The only downside is we are getting the N&N version of things although from time to time I might even talk to the opposition. Warkaas ayaan idinla wadaagaa sometimes.
  13. I am of the school that the Arab countries will only bring disaster to Somalia. They were in the middle of every Somali conflict since 1977. The Arab league is nothing but a tribal council that never resolved any issues. They do not prevent conflicts, but they help them create. Imagine the head of state sitting beside you is plotting to destroy your country. The last major wars of the last 40 years happened in their region. If I were a leader my first move would be to leave the tribal council called Arab league.
  14. They are talking all right, but each one of them have their own regional and local interest. It is a Biden effect, but in a different way. The Sunni Muslim countries of the region are well aware of what the democratic / American establishment have done in the region or preparing to do for the future. The American intervention in the middle east had destroyed millions of people mostly Sunni Arabs while paving the way for a Shia power in all these countries.. Not only Iraq where Shia is a majority, but Syria with 70% Sunni was devastated with the help of Iran while a small minority Alawi in running the country. Today Beirut, Baghdad, Sana and Damascus are controlled by Shia.I ran is only interested to depose Sunni dictators not the Shia ones. Why would tens of thousands of Shia mercenaries from Afghanistan,, Pakistan and Hezbollah flood to Syria and die to keep the tyrant Assad in power? America has been talking about the Iran threat for the last 30 years, yet the only people paying the price are Sunni Arabs in the region. Since the Shia ideology doesn't have strong feet to stand and doesn't have evangelical (spreading the word) message to the wider world. By rehabilitating Iran, America will be even unleashing more danger to the Sunni Arabs of the region. Also Turkey is talking to Egypt to dismantle the alliance Greece has been trying to create in the Mediterranean sea to isolate Turkey while using Arab countries like Egypt, UAe and Saudi Arabia who do not even live in the Mediterranean region. Erdogan has to swallow his ideological hate of the Egyptian tyrant Sisi for the interest of the his nation. Everyone is talking about the Saudi quagmire in Yemen, yet no one is raising the issue of small northern Houthies who are trying to impose their will through Iran. A Shia despot Ali Abdalla Salah was deposed by popular uprising, yet Iran is trying to replace with another Shia group. America was chasing Al Qaeda in Yemen while the Houthies were allowed to depose the transitional government. America can not fool the people of the region anymore. Talking to Israel directly isn't even a bad idea compared to what Shia tyrants are doing to millions of people. In Syria we got ten million displaced internally and another six million refugees thanks to Iran and her mercenaries, and the Iranian Shia are telling us how bad Israel is against the Palestinians. I am convinced that these Iranians do not care about Palestine, but they are trying to get some sympathy from the Muslim nations as someone who is helping the helpless. When I said they saved Farmaajo, I am not talking about the next election which is difficult to gage at the moment. I agree that if they have to dump Farmaajo for their own interest, they will do it in a New York minute. Do you think that all those warlord and these new generals who just showed up this would just disappear because they found premier Rooble to be decent? I do not think so. They got paid and Farmaajo got a break. Some analysts are saying there will be a third party candidate. No one knows at the moment.