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  1. Allah ha u naxariisto Ehelkiina Samir Iyo Iimaan. We remember our fallen heroes.
  2. That is an ugly and misleading headline. She never said " Zinada In la fasaxo ayaan rabba". Of course " Xeerka Jinsiga" is bad and shouldn't be allowed in Somalia. This is a campaign pushed by certain NGO's. In Mogadishu, few members of parliament are pushing this, but in Somaliland the government pushed and tried to pass in the parliament. Sacdiya was talking about the rape of young girls and some issues about womens right, but she doesn't understand the behind the scene campaign of this issue. Can't Baalo Xoofto and company bring things in a reasonable way for others to understand instead of misleading people just to score points.
  3. On another angle, billions of Covid 19 aid has been stolen by thousands of comapnies, corporations and others. In Ontario, Canada golf courses in rich country clubs took advatage of the government wage sussidies to the tune of almost a million dollar. $280 billion have been dsistributed and most of it was taken by companies while cooking books. The Somali nomands had probably stolen pennies compared to others, but being greedy and illeterate, they couldn;t work the system . They are not sophisticated like many Americans . Also, Somalis are getting access of the system many American corporations have sucked for years whether it is the weapons insustry, farmers of poor southern states. Some big boys might not like Somalis entering both the politics and government pork barrel. One other note, while I was fuming and bad mouthing these corrupt Somalis, my sons was mad about the exclusive targeting of Somalis. He was saying " if 40 members of the FBI decend on any community whether they are Italian, Indian or Irish, they would certainly find dirty laundry " . Why they keep taegeting us in their security traps or other none news worthy issues, he said. It is a question being asked. Why target only Somalis while tens of billions were stolen in America.
  4. Congratulations for the people of Hiiraan. This effort must be sustained. Sucessful war is about logistics and keeping the momentum.
  5. Time will tell. Al Shabaab rules by intimidiation. A couple of guys with AK 47 could come a village or a settlement and abuse thhem because they have guns, If locals are armed Al-shabaab can't move feely among the rural people. I think this strategy is a good one. If the Hiiraan and Galgaduud area clans rise up with the help of the national army, a good result could be achived. Insurgency can't survive within a hostile population. Criminal Cali Dheere is desperate. They are even bombing water wells. Kacdoon shacab oo Al-shbaab ka dhan ah ayaa loo baahan yahay.
  6. This is a good move. Al-shbaab or any insurgency can't survive without the support or intinidation of the locals. Cabsigelin iyo Taageero Beeleed qarsoon waa labada sobobood ee Al-shbaab uga jirto koonfurta. If locals are empowered to resist with help of SNA a good result could be achieved. In Iraq, the Americans had created what they called the " Sons Of Iraq" to defeat Al Qeada by arming local clans from Anbar and other Sunni dominated provances which was very successful. The only issue that HSM government should be very careful is register or make flow up to the small arms given to clans who might use to settle scores or use in nafarious ways for the future.
  7. The secret to loot was passed among clans. Lacagta tuugada waa in beeshu isku sheegtaa. THere are a lot of sjy scarapprs going up in Jigjiga lately thanks to the fraud among a group of people led by probably Mr. Khadar Jigre. None of the so called meals reached those who need. Imagine a nation of thieves. Musuq Maasuq Soomali waa meheradeedi. WE want them presecuted according to law. I can assure 99% of them are greedy D block and HAG anarchists. The two evil clans that destroyed Somalia.
  8. The NGO that financed was there too, it seems. I want to know how much is wasted. Do you where is that?
  9. Ah, fursaduhu badanaa. The old empire of rags, Ethiopia, must die. If I were Mustafe Cagjar, I would recruit 25,000 Liyu force and control the Somali borders and prepare for the new maps of Ethiopia. Just declare that the current system of the guy sitting in Menelik palace is unsustainable, and demand a new arrangement. If the Mogadishu quagmire ends, we could even annex Somali Galbeed. Koox baa lahayd waan go'aynaa, anaguna waxaan rabnaa Soomali Galbeed in aan la soo noqono. Aduun waa kala maan. THe Amhara are unable to fight the landlocked TPLF, and today somewhere I read that their, " only hope is for Eritrea to save them' from the so called Wayaane. These Amhara want others to die for them. No way.
  10. Che, people are divided by clan lines. The so called parties are just a name only. They don't vote or join their parties , but their clans . Even those starving wouldn't dare to go against their clan party to protest and demand changes.. Furthermore, the ruling class go beyond logic to make the contest as much tribal as possible. When they arrest people, they make sure those arrested belong to the the wrong tribe including the women. Only Abdi Iley and Muuse Biixi are the only people who arrest Somali women and keep them in jail for weeks and moths just because they disagreed with him. Regardless of the election the clan thing is irreversible. No one from Goljano or Jigjiga yar would dare to go to the other side of the river. The soldiers seem to be agitating for blood especially when they confront the opposition, and they don't mind running over women with their jeeps. couple of hundred people protest and 100 are wounded and six are dead, what that tells you. These are exactly like the Liyu police of Abdi Iley.
  11. Abiy Ahmed administration has barred their chest. The information minister of Ethiopia called the citizens to take arms to defend Ethiopia. He said, " Our historical enemies" had joined the war. by that he means Somalia. He didn't say HSM regime, he didn't accuse the current leadership. He openly said our historical enemies. I was one of those who believed the Oromo brotherhood and historical connections, but wise and knowledgeable people said the Amhara highlander was always hiding behind the Oromo. A well known former Somali general said" Humburo Libaax bay soo sida" which means the shark is behind the Dolphins. In this war it seems the TPLF is trying to recover the land within their borders like Rayo and Walaqat, and no Somali should die defending the filthy genocidal Amhara.
  12. For the last 100 days, we all have been watching president Hassan Sheikh in action or missing in action for certain serious matters. For those who oppose him, almost everything he had touched resulted in disaster, while others see a mixed bag of good and bad moves. During his term as the leading opposition to Farmaajo regime, HSM was not only unhinged, but immersed himself to respond on every move Farmaajo and company did. Presidents or those who were in power before should always measure their statements for they could find themselves in the same situation. The YouTube archives are full of his current and former statements contradicting each other on every major issue. Many supporters of the former regime seem to be delighted about the political stumbles and the contradictions of HSM. Within 100 days, a major war had exploded between Al-shabaab and Ethiopia, a well known Mogadishu hotel was bombed and stormed by the terrorists while no one has confirmed even the death of the men who entered the hotel. Emergency efforts to engage the terrorists and save the civilians took almost over two hours. Ethiopian military leaders had landed in Garoowe, Baidoa and Hiiraan without consulting the national government. Targeted killings and assassinations are back not only in Mogadish, but other southern towns like Marka and Baidoa. Although targeted killings and hotel bombings were reduced in major ways during Farmaajo government, in scheme of things in Mogadishu, these insecurities are expected to happen regardless of which government is in power, because, the principle causes of these insecurities still exist . Fahad Yassin had deployed many under cover officer in the streets to reduce hit and run targeted killings, but their base, safe houses and operations including tax collections and capacity is intact, as always during Farmaajo years and now. In this article my focus is not about Mogadishu or the stumbles of Hassan Sheikh, but how we the outsiders who comment and analyze the moves of the president and the prime minister. We are all jumping up and down about what we perceive to be the wrong political moves or other pronouncements of the regime, especially in regard to the neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Kenya.. Other than motion pictures and few statements from the government and others, we don't have any real grasp of what are the foreign policies of the HSM''s regime or what was discussed with foreign leaders. In this country, and even around the world today, major things are done behind the scene. Furthermore, elected leaders like the president has the privilege of conducting their own foreign policy without the interference of the public or others. Many of us, including me, are blindsided by our regional biases, our loyalties to the last regime or our antipathy of the current president and those he surrounded himself with. Many had already concluded HSM as nothing but a corrupt oligarch using his office to enrich himself and his backers, while others consider Farmaajo as saint who is infallible just like the Ayatullahs of Iran. Yet, the logic and the truth are in the grey area which is difficult to measure if you have'nt already made your mind. Personally, sometimes I try to measure things and evaluate my positions. In fact, the biggest beef I and many others have with president HSM is his foreigner policy. We thought His trip to Egypt and involvement of the Nile river quarrel was unnecessary and reckless. A neutral foreign policy or zero problems with neighbors would be the right approach , so we thought, But, despite what we see or think, leaders have more in depth information and political goals that is sometimes difficult to understand with the naked eye. in other words, HSM is aware like most of us about these Nile river conflicts or the geopolitical issues of the region. His trip to Egypt and other places are calculated political strategy that differ from the Farmaajo administration. While the Farmaajo and Abiy Ahmed relationship eliminated the Addis Ababa Hajj for many regional leaders, it didn't help much to defeat Al-shbaab or enhance national security. HSM might have seen a different Ethiopia than the one Farmaajo courted four or five years ago. The Ethiopia of 2022/2023 is totally different than the Ethiopia of 2018. The country has been weakened by real civil. The real civil war we had in Somalia was from 1988-1994. After that period, what we had was nothing but tribal greed, petrol dollar fueled Islamic movements, foreign meddling and disfunction. In Ethiopia, hundreds of civilians are killed by ethnic militia almost daily. Unarmed civilians are killed within towns, roadways and villages, some even burned alive. The federal government doesn't have any power to intervene or bring peace to the locals. Abiy Ahmed had failed in almost everything he touches. He could not win wars to the end, and couldn't bring peace to end the war. At the moment he is toothless tiger. And don't even try to read their blogs where genocide and exterminations are pronounced openly. If the president of the republic decides to change the policy of the former government, he has every right to do so. We should know that elections have consequences . Being a leader means making tough decisions and owning the responsibilities. HSM had decided to have strong relationships with many nations that Ethiopia might dislike for their own reasons. That doesn't mean he hates Abiy or doesn't desire good relationship with Ethiopia. While we might disagree with him , we shouldn't condone or welcome the disastrous moves of regional leaders to make the Hajj to Addis. Laftagareen have every right to fear and prevent the land grabbing policies of HAG politicians in Lower Shabbelle, but he shouldn't undermine the foreign policy of the national government. He should be condemned as such. When Al-shbaab attacked Ethiopia few weeks , we were all shocked. No one could exactly pin point the main reasons of this attack. I thought it was a campaign to undermine Abiy or move the extremists from JUbbaland to Ethiopia proper. Others had pointed to different directions. Yet, one of the most intriguing issue about that border was the way Al-shbaab commanders forsaken those young Somali kids to the slaughter house. Don't get me wrong those foot soldiers have only themselves to blame for their adventures of joining a murderous movement, but the majority of these are poor country side kids looking a meal and a shelter. As soon as they reached the Ethiopian side of the base , the commanders have burned all the trucks that brought the foot soldiers including the motorbikes during the night. When the war concluded, the foot soldiers were unable to even evacuate their wounded comrades. They were either dead or captured. The intension was to push them inside without even viable logistics. If you ask the criminal leaders of Al-shbaab, they would quote Tariq Bin Zayd who burned his boats while conquering Andalusia. There is nothing to compare here with Tariq Zayd, other than make a headline for their Ethiopian incursion. Prime minister Hamza Barre called those young men who stormed AlHayat hotel as the childeren of "{ Jahanaba) hell, but I would rather focus on the crime bosses who lead these kids. Some are even promoted as ministers while those they used as foot soldiers used as firewood. What I am getting is that we have no real intelligence to evaluate or have access for internal government deliberations, as such , those who have the responsibility to govern must make their call for better or worse. Thus HSM must be given the opportunity to flow his designs. If he thinks joining the western led group of Kenya, Egypt and others, so be it. If he thinks Abiy Ahmed led Ethiopia is a corrupt and outdated fake dictatorship that should be avoided , he has every right. Besides, the ugly Amhara will not stop until they are crushed for good, and if HSM thinks to avoid that ugly quarrel , we should support him. Finally, I have come to the conclusion that we can't pick and choose the foreign policies of the national government, and we can't condone the ugly moves of the regional leaders to cozy up with the military leaders of the dying empire that can't even defeat a landlocked TPLF. Ethiopia doesn't have any capacity to threaten Somalia today. During the border war, most of the fighting was between Somalis ( Al-shbaab and Liyu police ). And one more thing. Mustafe Cagjar should stop worrying about the highlander wars in Ethiopia and must seal his region from the Oromo and Afar. He should stop sending soldiers to north and defend his own region. As our friend Khadaafi used to say, let the empire destroy itself and free our people.
  13. I am not 100% sure , but this fellow Harun Maruf is probably looking a job to report for those NGO's who are trying to safe the earth or humanity. It could be a fake news. Here is why. First, Since this being Somalia and this kind of trade is usually involved outlaws and others it can't be organized well. What I mean is , what are the chances of seeing a well organed convoy of d double hauling trucks in any Somali highway? the trucks are well loaded and balanced. They just looked like the logging trucks in Kenya or other African country. Second, if you look the electric wires beside the highway, they are all elevated in legal proper manner. I am assuming that there are no electric wires running beside the highway in Afgooye road. Folks I need prove.