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  1. Xaaji , if not the Turks who else. The dirty Greeks or the French and their company Total who has done nothing for us. It was the Turks who rescued millions in 2011. Saaxiib Nimaan nahay Cadawgayga lama Simo.
  2. As usual I have to talk from time to time a friend of mine in Halane compound to gage the the future plans of the international community (Beesha Lixaad) especially on issues of security, finance and Somali unity. Furthermore, I asked him about debt forgiving schemes from the world community and the constant travels of these groups to Hargeisa lately. The so called international community is bearing heavy pressure to Biixi and company as of lately. Is this a real push to resolve the issue or the usual maneuvers to bring everyone on board for the money? Here are shortened excerpts of our conversation. Galbeedi: What is going on in Hargeisa? It seems the so called international community keep traveling to Somaliland to resolve the artificial quagmire created by Muuse Biixi to keep delaying election. Halane Man: Muuse Biixi want to change the well established rules the international community had set up in terms of development and other democracy enhancing programs by trying to have the last word of how things should be managed. These elections and methods of financing were always agreed upon by both the stakeholders including the opposition and the government, yet Muuse keep breaking his promises. Galbeedi: Isn't that a good thing. I mean, rather than allowing the international community to dictate things, Muuse is saying, " I am the leader and I alone will have the final say". Halane Man: The international community spend millions of dollars of development money from education, health care, water, agriculture, workforce training and micro financing that is the backbone of the government activity in Somaliland. Besides, in Somaliland , No election will take place without their contributions. of donors. Muuse knows this , but he tries to circle the wagon and frustrate the opposition while he keep breaking the promises he made to the international community. Galbeedi: I heard the last major meeting between Muuse Biixi and the international community had touched some tough issues like the disbanding of the national election commision and Somali unity. Halane Man: The disbanding was the suggestion of Somaliland civil society and both the parliament and Muuse were asked to disband. They suggested to either recall the old commision in order to save time or create a new a credible NEC agreed upon by everyone. On the Somali unity issue Muuse was told that the time has come to move the negotiations to higher level and prepare the people for unity. Galbeedi: Is there any new developments or the same old tired games of pushing them to talk? Why is this rush for unity now? Halane Man; That delegation was comprised from the EU, USA, UK, World Bank and other donors. THe main points were that Somalia must and should pass the relief and recovery stage of the last twenty years to the investment and resource extraction stage to prosper and move ahead. In order to pass that stage of direct foreign investment and resource extraction, the world will only deal with one national government and in order to achieve that both Puntland and Somaliland must keep what they have achieved throughout the years , but should move to that goal of single authority of national government to secure and save guard foreign investment. Galbeedi: So, in other words , these guys want to get the resources and they want a unified government Somali state to enter these contracts? Halane Man: Resource extraction is already taking place within the country especially in Somaliland. The UAE owned DP World had secured 70 mile square of the Berbera port and airport area. No one could trass pass these zones and huge containers with thousand of tons of rocks are loaded for shipments with no one's knowledge. THere are Chinese contractors working with government and well connected oligarchs to extract minerals in Awdal and other places. I know you are skeptic about the international community, but the world had spend billions to help recover Somalia. Now with the debt relief process concluding Somalia is eligible to get direct grants, loans and investment from the world. Furthermore, the world want to extract these resources to alleviate poverty and help the government to finance its security needs. With all these competing regional authorities , autonomous regions like Puntland and separatist leadership in Somaliland, it will be difficult to attract investment and credible resource extraction contracts. Galbeedi: I know what you mean , but is it possible to negotiate now? Also, while Biixi is welcoming these talks, his cabinet issues directives banning anyone from his government involving any donor programs that doesn't come in the name of Somaliland. Is he sending different signals? Halane Man: I heard that every time he meets these delegations he shows positive attitude for negotiations on the unity file. Some even suggested that he could be ready in his time of choosing. You have to know one thing. All these Somali entities from Jubba to Hargeisa could not exist one single day if donors and NGO's cut their programs. After debt issue is settled in this spring, Somalia will print banknotes to the tune of $1.2 billion worth of Somali Shillings, the federal government is eligible up $750 million loans and grants. Rather than beg, the state treasury will be able to pay the salaries of soldiers and public employees. Furthermore , It wasn't the Somali leaders or the people who demanded Somalia to leave the transitional period to full federal government in 2012. It was the multinational western companies whose resource related contracts would be expiring in 2012. Galbeedi: How is this contract is structured? In fact, the head of Mogadishu university Dr. Mohamed Jimcaale , who is from this side of Alberta made that same statement. Halane Man: In late nineteen eighties major western companies had entered contract with the Somali state while the rebels were fighting to overthrow the government. In most major contracts in these unstable countries , companies add a clause in the agreement which they call " Force majeure" or unforeseen events that might engulf the state. That designation could only last twenty years and after that period the contract will be null and void. So, in order to avoid losing everything they have speeded up the process. Furthermore, the American ambassador , Mr. Yamamoto , had publicly told us in a meeting of American aid related employees that he came out of retirement and want to leave a legacy of transforming the whole horn of Africa before he retires again. Galbeedi: well, if these is this push and pressure from those paying us to to be a government , how folks like Biixi would deal this?. Halane Man: I know Biixi and Kulmiye kept talking about Wadani party having connections with Somali government, but unlike others Biixi will be arm wrestled to make a credible move. Privately , he , Biixi and Adna Aadan tell the international community that they are willing to move ahead with the union but on one condition: the Somali leaders in Mogadishu should be elected by the people directly first. Galbeedi: is this the idea of Farmaajo pushing one man, one vote related to the union idea? Halane Man: I have no idea about that , but all I can tell you is that what Somali leaders say privately to the world and what they tell the public is totally different. The world want after these elections the process to start quickly. Galbeedi: I don't see Muuse Biixi having experienced people around him. Besides how is he going to frame the issue after all these years? Halane Man: Rayaale refused to deal with Somalia before Ahmed Siilaanyo came. When Siilaanyo was elected he called elders, Ulema and the business community and told them that they were isolated and put themselves in a box (Qol Baan isku Soo xiddhnay) and the media started the propaganda and everyone was told to jump the bandwagon. Siilaanyo brought hundreds of millions although most of the money were looted. Certainly, he could find a way to change the course, besides, the people are unemployed and broke, some might even looking a way out of the unending " Ictiraaf" quagmire. THe international community knows what is going in the region, and these outstanding issues should be resolved before major and local tribal disintegration starts not only in Somaliland but also in Puntland. Galbeedi: I understand, but Biixi needs new surrogates to sell the idea or he will be railroaded by Faysal Waraabe and others. Anyway, which countries are pushing for unity and who is for Somaliland to seperate? is there any divide among the Sixth Community (Beesha Lixaad)? Halane Man: Neighboring countries like Kenya might work behind the scene to disintegrate Somalia, but in these forums everyone is on board for unity. Yet, there are two nations that are either skeptical or even pushing for seperation. Sweden is pushing for Somaliland to separate or keep the status quo while UK is playing games. The rest of the nations , EU, US and Africans want a united Somalia as quickly as possible. Also, most of them want to keep the gains both Puntland and Somaliland made . Galbeedi: How about the so called North East State that was in the media lately? Halane Man: That state was rejected because it is impossible to realizes. Most of those who were pushing were the Harti community in Sool and Sanaag. No one in Somalia will accept another Harti state within the federal system including Farmaajo. Galbeedi: How about if you add some of the Habro community in Sanaag and Togdheer and create a multi clan state? besides, that state would be a loyal state to the Somali project. Halane Man: I do not know about the future but at the moment , while the world is pushing for unity , Farmaajo can not afford to intervene anything that is undermining the peace in the region. Even Caare was told to stop his campaign and Muuse Biixi was urged to reach a settlement. Galbeedi: So, is this the end of an era in Somaliland? Halane Man: it might not be this year , but expect huge shift for the next few years. The UN and the EU can not keep throwing money to Somalia while hundreds of billions of resources are buried within Somalia . As I said, in order for investment and resource extraction to start, investors want want to deal with the a national government . If Somalia want to borrow billions again and get direct investment, no one will be able to sign these agreements in Somaliland or other places without stable national government. There is huge mineral resource in Somaliland , and that can only be extracted with a national recognized government. Remember, just like Jubbaland and others , Somaliland had signed the debt relief documents. And the offshore oil will be the first place to start resource extraction. In the middle of the Indian Ocean far away from Al-shabaab . Galbeedi: So, those of us from Somaliland will be responsible for the billions Mogadishu is borrowing, right? Halane Man: Of course. Both the old debt and the new will be under one roof and Somaliland is part of that nation unless otherwise. Folks, I do not know how these guys, Beesha Lixaad, could hasten the unity. I do believe though a lot has to happen before unity is achieved.
  3. He is not the typical guys coming from Somaliland for different reasons. He always believed in Somali Weyn. He is more unionist like Maareeye and others who come and go. This Osman guy is the real deal. I know him. During Hiil Qaran days we were allies. I do not like those who just come from Hargeisa or other places and get the job while the long suffering unions are outsiders. It has been always like that.
  4. I think Sanbalooshe has spoken well this time. The man really knows about government operations and responsibilities of leadership. It is the duty of the president to deliberate these kind of cases as much as possible before making decisions. As they say, " The buck stops at the president" While chairman Cabdi Xaaji is a Somali patriot, he should not have spoken in public about this issues. Farmaajo and Khayre should take the full blame. Saboloolshe is an insider who knows more than he says. If he cleans his tribal language , he could be rehabilitated because he has energy and experience. This case is more complicated than we thought. Even Qalbi-Dhagax himself is embellishing his accounts. Sanbaloolshe wasn't a jail guard to accompany to the vehicle.
  5. We should have done this long ago. Better late than never. Let the Turks drill. We trust them them. While everyone is hiding in Mogadishu airport built by the Turks, our Turkish brothers are dying with us in building roads, hospitals and essential services.
  6. OOdweyne, The man has all the cards if he wanted to play the game in a very smart and screwed way. N&N without Dr. Bayle is is just a paper tiger. THe most positive and successful program of the government by far is the financial management, budgeting and anti corruption reports which is widely welcomed by the international community and major institutions like IMF and World Bank. It is the only shining ministry within the government. Have you seen the so called defence minister or you even know his name? or the interior minister who is working full time to resolve one single file--Galmudug- for the last two years? Today Dr. Bayle is the most trusted man within the government. If I were him I would have threaten to resign unless this " Buuryo Qab" kid Khayre acts like mature adult and stop interfering with the financial management of the ministry. I can assure you that if he resigns today N&N will be toasted. Khayre is punishing Dr. Bayle because he is close to Farmaajo. This project was in the pipeline for over a year. In Somaliland it is implemented by a program called JPLG (Joint Program for Local Government). How can you start this program in Galmudug while there was a turmoil in the leadership since Xaaf was targeted by the federal government and there is no replacement. Hir-Shabeeke doesn't have a financial management or even stable leadership. He could have told the winning hyenas in Mogadishu about the millions spent in Mogadishu since 2011. As I said before , it is all about confidence and being proud Somali. If I ever go to that place , I will not be anyone's guests. I will kick butts. One more thing , Sr OOdweyne, those of us who want to join the national government want something much bigger than our local Somaliland government. We want to rule the horn of Africa and leave big marks in history. No one can stop if Dr. Bayle want to run for higher office. Who knows , some day that zeal might diminish, or the hope may fade in old age, but at the moment we are still craving of getting back the paradise we lost. Last week for almost seven days we had a day time temperature between --27C to --35C. Now, those beeches back home would be only accessible with law, order and responsible government.
  7. It is wrong to stop the money after the fact. Too bad minister Bayle was overuled by the clan. When 200 million from Qatar was allocated to Banadir and two Shabbelle roads , no one complained, yet if money from donors are given to others regions why cry?. Besides, Hir-Shabbelle and Galmudug do not even have a functioning administration to manage these dollars. These two regions should have joined the project after a year or so when they establish a system. Every time a dollar is given to others our freinds in Mogadishu complain.
  8. More than half of that money will be pocketed by the donors themselves in Nairobi. You can not imagine how many hundreds of millions were looted from 2012 to 2017. A friend who works with USAID told me that when the London conference was held a half billion was raised, plus the millennium fund and other drought related funds. Since Mogadishu was unstable, NGO directors and donors were unable to travel there and most of the capacity building money were spent in Somaliland and Puntland. He told me that most of the money were divided between the NGO directors and Somaliland ministers. Hargeisa water development alone was spent around $160 million with zero water to the public. There are ministers with $20 million dollars in their banks in Dubai. Because of the millions of dollars leaving Somaliland inflation went to the roof. Today, this Mogadishu town is where billions are looted . This artificial money creates inflation and higher prices for commodities for most of the population. Every president is trapped by these billions thinking the country is being rescued and capacity being enhanced by donors. It all creates false image of the reality. From the ministers to the members of parliament , everyone knows their groceries are paid by others not the nation they serve. How can you say no to the person writing your check. As they say, there is no free lunch in the real world.
  9. I just want to see what this $28 million dollars for these towns after few years. That kind of money could transform a whole city in terms of roads, bridges, parks, street lights and even thousands of public housing. Yet, it will all end up in Dubai banks , Nairobi and Booli Qaran. Never in history of Somalia that much money is given to a province let alone a city.. That is why leaders do not want to disrupt the money follow and rule as overseers instead of elected leaders who must rely on their people and nation. Somalia waa mashruuc ayaa la yidhi.
  10. For sure a drifter from Canada, Matt Bryden, became a millionaire from the Somali problems. THe way I see it, It seems the gravy train of looting money through NGO's is about drying up. Every penny has to go through scrutiny from Somali government. He even suggested that the Kenyan/American base attacked by Al-shabaab was related by the killing of general Suleimani. Since when Shia Iran had any connections with the Wahabi outfit called Al-shabaab. Now, his junior trainees C/Rashid Khalif and others from the so called Heritage institute are milking the false conferences about negotiations between Somaliland and Somalia. They are hired by an NGO headed by former Somaliland minister Mohamed C. Omar based in Nairobi who is masquerading as the contractor to make money on these conferences. He invites and hires few hungry Southern Somalis from Nairobi to Djibouti and listen to old farts like Bulhan bragg about yesteryears. It seems Harun Maruf had also joined that gang. They don't fool us anymore.
  11. There is no secret in Hargeisa. few weeks ago we heard about this. Faysal Waraabe didn't tell the whole story. In Hargeisa people were talking about blows and punches thrown by both men. Nimanku feedh bay is la dhaceen. Guys this are our leaders in Somaliland, and no one is trying to censure or discipline these gangsters. In these parts of the world the later is always worse than his predecessor. Even some elders in Hargeisa are talking about recalling Dahir Rayaale before things go down the drain.
  12. Having a great power of good like Turkey should be enough for Somalia to fend off others and survive. If Farmaajo tries to damage the Turkish relationship he ill be history. Somalis will throw him out in a minute. In Mogadishu it is all about supervising the NGO money that is pouring in Somalia. $44 millions for police, $112cmilions for cities and so on. When was the last time you have seen about 50 million allocated by donors to Somali police?Waar meesha maxaa lacag socota. There is a fear that if you spoke up the river money might dry up. Every politician from Mogadishu will tell you that " Dawlad heblaayo ayaa inoo dhisaysa halkaas iyo halkaas. Last weekend we asked the Somali ambassador to the UN when the foreign soldiers will be living Somalia? and he said, " next year 1000 soldiers will be leaving and the salary of those soldiers will be directed to Somali soldiers". Can you imagine, just a mere thousand . Even the weak Burundi rejected leaving Somalia By demanding that others should also reduce their numbers.
  13. OO, No one had tried to overthrow the fat dictator of Djibouti yet. He is already tired and weak, and i don't see any heir apparent to replace him. It is a one city state dominated by 200 well fed families while the rest of the population is in poverty. I see a delusional boy in Hargeisa, Ina Biixi trying to follow his footsteps. Anyway, Trump himself is in need of saving from the hyenas in America.
  14. Khadafi, That is correct. A well known Somali scholar called Sheikh Ahmed Qudub talked about this as early as 1989. While addressing Somali university students in late eighties , he was shocked the kind of questions they were asking which were concerned about Mowliidtu Nabi and other wedge issues. He said " Students around the world lead revolutions to change governments, yet you keep debating about small issues", he warned about the danger of the Wahabi movement who might not only raise their hands against Muslims but also legitimize the blood of their fellow Muslims. I read the translation of " Al Muwatta" the foundations of the IMam Malik's legal work which was the first and earliest Madhab that combined Fiqh and Hadith. It was translated in the early years on the twentieth century circa 1905. There was a chapter by the writer explaining the treacherous alliance between the Wahabis and their colonial powers. The whole movement was organized to saw discord among the faithful and protect the monarchy. The Wahabi movement is cruel ,rigid and merciless. In Somalia , the proponents of Wahabism were mostly initiated by people from the tough , nomadic and rigid traditional parts of the country. Most the of the leaders and the evangelists of the movement came from Togdheer, Mudug, Galgaduud and Gedo and Jubba region. Sheikh Hassan D. Aweys, Sheikh Cali of Burco and Hassan Turki of Jubba come to mind. Imagine the Bedwoin of Somalia in charge of faith and asking people to join their way or the highway. They were created to annihilated history, culture and civilizations that restrict their destructive nature. Even if you visit Makkah and Madinah, you could see the difference of the two cities, one Medinah ruled by Ottomans and Makkah were the Wahabis had started their doctrine. In Makkah, THey have destroyed every sign of the old Islam and history. After the collapse of the state, with the help of Saudi money they took over business and social life. Al-shabaab could not flourish without quite blessing today. Then the foreign intelligence showed up and directed the wild dogs of Wahabism to nearest meat. As We speak another suicide bomb targeted the Turkish engineers building roads again.Why would the Al-Shabaab Amir hates building roads to poor Somali travelers?
  15. He did save them (Ethiopia) just like George Bush Sr. did in 1991. Unlike we the nomads , they listen and take the advice.