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  1. Guys, Whether you like or not Khayre isn't going anywhere. An old friend that I haven't seen for a while told me that Khayre and Farmaajo will finish their term together, period. THere is no if or but. Even gossip from Amir Amir's Majlis clearly state that it was Khayre who masterminded even the election of Farmaajo behind the scene. Ragii aan ka mid ahaa ee sugayey Raiisul Wasaare cusub in la keeno ha ku quustaan. Qudhaanjooy ku quuso. He is getting a lot of money from the USAID and others. Who knows, he might just borrow a page from Putin and elevate himself as the next dear leader. Waxaan Idin Odhan lahaa ninkaa Khayre ha laga cabsado. He has huge confidence when he is talking. He reminds me of Hirsi Hali Ali hassan, the man who was running the Silaanyo government for five years. You know what he said last week, " Caruurta Soomaaliyeed Waxbrasho ayey u baahan yihiin, amaan ayey u baahan yihiin" I have no doubt that he is running the whole thing. You would never see Khayre complaining or saying " Reer Hebel iyo reerkaas ayaa dhib wada iyo waxaas" Have you seen the Mogadishu governor who was supposed to uphold and enforce the law complaining about HAG. " HAG ayey magaaladani ka socon laadahay". He was given a mandate to enforce the law and arrest his own cousins for the sake of peace and law and order, yet he is blaming a clan for his weakness. Have you ever see KHayre blaming " Reer Hebel" ? never, he goes to the point. Finally, if the opposition doesn't get its act together and find a real heavy weight to defeat this duo of Medvdev,/Putin , they will be back to finish what was they left behind.In this case Medvedev is Farmaajo.
  2. With Billions you can buy almost anyone in that region. The Europeans money that gave them power over their former colonies was peanuts compared to the billions the gulf aft boys are giving to the rulers. Europe, especially Britain , France and Italy are either broke or having their owns issues. The Gulf boys don't have to go to the parliament or anyone to give the money. The Amir would open the bank vault and give you as much as he wants. According to the last Turkish election, anti immigrant and anti Muslim sentiment are growing among the opposition in Turkey. Unless Erdogan finds a good leader to replace him in 2023, Turkey might go back to the old order and the Muslim world especially the middle east will be ruled by the gulf money. May Allah save us from their treachery. Poor Sudan will get billions , American sanctions lifted and then probably join the gulf hegemony.
  3. galbeedi

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    I agree. Egypt is the most important Arab country in the middle east. I welcome the Sudanese military to oust the despot and keep the order. They must also understand that another SIsi style leader will not be tolerated in Sudan. The Zionist inspired CabdelFatah Sisi is today the most ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator in the world.He is propped by American Israel and the Gulf . Another advantage the Sudanese people has is their military is connected with the people. They do not involve with business or industry, and there are no Wahabi connections . If fact many of them them are moderate Muslims and students of Hassan Al Turabi who will not shed the blood of the people due to their tradition . They ahve been probably watching the butchering of their Egyptian brothers by Sisi and will not follow that type of mass murder. The gulf boys might offer them money for the short term but will destroy their country if they let them in. I urge the Sudanese military to keep the peace just for two years. Trump is going to leave with less than two years and these despots from the gulf and Egypt might not even survive after Trump. Their meddling of the American system and many other places will catch up to them. Turkey must approach the Sudanese military very quickly. We all pray for Suda.
  4. Here AHN Mohamed Mooge singing after been arrested in Djibouti in the middle of seventies.
  5. galbeedi

    Sudan on the brink. Next Somalia?

    This Cumar Bashir guy must select a successor as soon as possible. Is it the water these Arab guys drink? . When will they realize it is over. He rule 30 years, and have the power to put his own man on the top and hold elections. The world had changed and the nation must be saved or the chaos neocons will destroy before it is too late. The Sudanese nation must be saved from the coming disaster.
  6. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    Everyone knows that the Somali people are larger than one single clan. Og might be majority in some regions, yet 65% of the population live in Shiniile, Diridhaba, Faafan and Liibaan. California has 54 million people while Five six western states might even be 10 million. How about Shabeelaha hoose have more population than the combined population of Sool, Sanaag and Nugaal. My friend we could make the region 15 or more regions. Faafan region alone has ,more than 25% of the Somali region population. Mustafe Cagjar is still working for the clan and his associates, so please do not go overboard. Naming a place after your tribe in order to gain an earned resources and power would not make it yours. As i said the makeup of this executive is absurd. In order for others to gain some Og clans have to give way to others, but more changes will come which might even make your shares even smaller. OOdweyne, I should probably think carefully before I put the corruption label on Ahmed Shide. I should take that back. He reached the highest level of federal bureaucracy on his merritt and hard work even before Abiy Ahmed. Yet, he seems to be weak and incompetent on Somali issues. He got the support of millions of people in the region, yet he could not push real reforms. He is intimidated by useless elders in Jigjiga who have zero power. Last week he supposed to enlarge the executive committee to 13 and make the other voices heard. He picked to Og guys from same sab clan while leaning behind many. He still has chance to make the executive 13, making five OG including Cagjar and seven others. Unless he makes a real reform and introduce real changes, I consider him as weak and incompetent about the Somali region. About being a professor, it is a trick in the south. That why we have seen many of them trying to lead, but here in North america, professors and public servants are filled by those looking study job and avoiding risk and great success. Top earners do not go to government or academia which have great respect among the people but lives like a regular middle class. A business start up , small company owner or senior manager in the private sector will make twice or ten times the small time lecturer or professor. So, good for you. Join the big league in the private sector where everything is possible.
  7. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    I agree. Even if your clan is among those selected for the useless committees , he will not deliver the basic needs. Rather than recycle different names, an institutional change will go a long way to fix the needs of the Somali community. The usual dictation from the top will only serve the Addis colonial guys.
  8. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    The main issue is that the Somali region must be ruled within the region than dictated from Addis. As of today most Ethiopian kilils do select their leader with minimum interference from Addis. THis can only be achieved by a leadership that is fair, just and uniting the potential of the Somali people. If you do not get the support of the people, then they will come for you to the dungeon as they did for the last leader. No one in Ethiopia can interfere the Tigray region, Oromia and amhara today. As for Ahmed Shide, he is very weak and corrupt man that can't thing independently.
  9. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    I am not a professor but our friend OOdweyne is one. I think the Gare community is bot D...r and Hag, and one of the executives probably is Hag. Answering your question, the HAG community is really very large . The Karanle guys stretch from Dollow to all the way in Baabili between Jigjiga and Diredabe. They are in Shabeele and Mustaxiil. They are members of the central committee and they must get their representation. The idea that the HAG is only in southern Somalia is not true. Somali region is still ruled by decree and corruption. The next census definitely will demonstrate how diverse the region. In conclusion the HAG are one of the major clans of the region. The Sheikh community , Loo Bogay are everywhere from Jigjiga to Dhagax buur to Qalaafe.Because of the South Somalia, they mostly ignore those inside the Somali region.
  10. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    One thing I agree with Apophis , major Og regions have been left alone without representative, but doesn't mean other Somalis had filled up the deck . No.
  11. galbeedi

    Abtigiis must go.

    I think both Apophis and Dalmar are wrong in this issue. So far no one knows on what basis the executive committee was based. As Apophis said some major regions, mainly Afdhheer, Dolo and Shabeelle don't have members on the nine member executive council. Some regions like Jarar and Liibaan and Faafan have 2 each. Mustafe has selected five people including himself,: one Og, one from Shiniile , the vice president Mr. aadan Faarax, one from Wajaale who is his brother in law and one from Road Waq guys. On the other hand Ahmed Shide has selected four including himself, 2 Og from Illey sub clan and the speaker from Liibaan who is not HAG as Dalmar claims but a D..r. As it stands now , there is four D...r and Five D block now. Ahmed Shide hasn't done anything that changes the status quo. He selected Illey people to divide the OG community and Mustafe selected family members and associates. So, in this case the OG still has four members and if the executive held a vote Musttafe will win easily. He hasn't done anything to appease or help nother Somalis. He has been filling the public service to his sub clan while dismantling Illey clan. Just the usual divide and rule. At least people knew were Illey was coming from. It is strange that major regions like Shabbelle and Afdheer not having one single member. Also, the Gaashaamo, and Daroor doesn't have one. The Harowo region with major towns like Awbare, Lafaciise and Sheed Dheer have zero. In order to get the blessing of the people and harmony , they must make the executive larger, up to 13 people. This executive doesn't make sense.
  12. By the way, Mr. Good is not a scholar. He mostly analyses Somali songs and literature while combining some history. Waa nin Suugaanta, sida heesaha iyo gabayada naqdiya. People like Ghandi are learned anthropologists.
  13. Guys, Cabdi Good nin Sakhraasan ma ahan. Waa nin reer Burco ah hadalkana sarifa. If you look some of his videos that is exactly how he talks. Let me try to explain some of his reasons. The Djibouti issue was the most paramount issue in the Somali folklore, literature and poems. For most of you , history probably has started in 1991, and even for some it i started during Amisom and Mogadishu era. After the Arusha agreement in late sixties which has transferred NFD to Kenya , the Somali people and government had started a campaign to liberate Djibouti and join the union. I was a child , but when Djibouti was liberated we all thought that they would be joining the union. In nineteen sixties, Abdirasaq Haji Huseen had started a secret contact with Cali Caarif Burhan, the premier of the French controlled Djibouti. He promised him that if he joins the union, he will personally transfer the premiership of Somalia and the new union. A Yemani/Somali Businessman became the liaison contact with the two governments. In 1966, the Yemani Businessman was murdered in Djibouti while walking " Dalagdalgta plaza Rambo" . The only people who new these issue were , Calicaarif, A/risaaq , the businessman and Ahmed Yusuf Ducaale ( The brother of Boobe Yusuf ducaale) the foreign minister of Somalia. There were reports about espionage and leaks given to the French and the Ethiopians by the foreign minister of Somalia. The issue was investigated and Mr. Ducaale was found guilty of espionage. A man who is in his seventies , who was clerk of the court at the time told me that the file was full of nothing but pictures of contacts between the minister and others. When the case was in the courts, C/risaaq was even told to delay the case and wait until the election for fear of losing the " Reer Woqoyi" votes. After the election of 1967, Ibrahim Egal became premier and kept the position of foreign minister to himself. To make the story short Somalis of every walk of life fought , sang and hoped for their liberation of Djibouti for the sake of future Somali territory. No one ever said Djibouti will be it's own country except Ethiopia and the French. Even Siyaad Bare himself took part of separation of Djibouti from Somalia after he made a secret deal with the French. Just before the independence the leading men of the " Jabhada Xoreynta Djibiuti were arrested in MOgadishu and were later released six months after independence including DR. Omar Osman Raabe. The rest of the Leadership of the "Jabhada including it's leader Mohamed Janaale and Aden Rooble Cawaale were shot in Lawyacado before crossing to Djibouti days before independence. Janaale the leader died in Lowyacade, but Aden Rooble survived and later was sidelined and even arrested by the Ghelle family. Some of us had close family members who did sacrifice for the cause. Unlike Africa were most of the independent movement took over the power after the departure of the colonials , in Djibouti, those serving the colonial powers like the Ghelle family became the leaders. Hasan Guuleed , who was the most pro French members of France deputies was designed to lead. Ten years before the independence the name French Somaliland was changed, the pro independence Somalis deported, the border in Lawyacao electrified and became the " Territory of Affar and Ciise" The man running Djibouti today was a constable of the vice police to manage the meetings and health of the women selling their body to soldiers. You might not believe but there was even an office to check and monitor the health of those women and give them clean bill of health before the join the colonial soldiers. I don't have time to narrate the whole story but the usual "Somali Gaas Dhagoole" knows only what is happening among his tribe today. So, before you call this man names, at least consider and look back the history. Djibouti was the main parcel of the " Shanta Soomaaliyeed" and some of us did not forget that. He is wrong on advocating dismember, yet certainly he got a point about " Xeebta Djibouti ee Soomali laga Xaday". He is from Burco and Reer Burco , unlike those from Galbeed and Hargeisa., are not hypocrites. They tell like it is--alawys. Cabdi Good warkiisa ha la Dhuuxo.
  14. galbeedi

    Voluntary Somali extinction movement

    Blaming customers for your bad service never works. A Somali leader campaigns for election and to fix the problems of the nation. He is elected and Somalis around the globe welcome him with open arms in the hopes changing the status quo. He doesn't introduce and meaningful changes that affects the way people live. The same bombing and insecurity of yester years are visible. It is like watching the same movie again and again. It is his responsibility to protect the public and save lives. If one can't handle the job , give the key to someone else.
  15. I think Muuse Biixi made a huge mistake here. He should have said like most responsible government that , " Since the issue is in the courts , as a president I can not comment". simple as that. the government spokesman had openly showed the anger and hubris of Muuse biixi. THey do not even have a counselor for legal matters to write a letter that is addressing a legal matter. THis Muuse Biiixi guy needs help. Our friends here like Suldaanka and others should seek a job there and help the president. He called someone that isn;t convicted in Somaliland courts a thief. " Somaliland meel lacagta la soo dhaco lagula soo gabado ma' ahan" that is the language of the street. Muuse need to hire some legal minds to help address these issues. Besides, where is the so called chief of staff INa Cali Bile?