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  1. While it is the usual " Nabad baan Rabnaa", i do not trust this Reer Bari on these matters. last month he declared taxing goods at Tukaraq which means making the border official. Yet, these moves are a prelude of things to come. He is a Hassan Sheikh ally preparing himself to be the next prime minister and he is willing to throw the people of Sool under the bus just like Faroole . He and the former president want the votes of the Habro in Mogadishu and are expecting some cash from Biixi. The Reer Bari do not favour the Sool and Sanaag guys within the power structure of Puntland. Also, his moves to hold municipal elections might sideline the Sool community leaders whose land is incorporated with Somaliland. They will be forced to contest elections in no man's land. I guess the time has come for the Sool community to abandon both somaliland/Puntland and manage their affairs independently. THey have been lied to for decades.
  2. As they say in the media, there is hot news in the wire regarding the Jubbaland elections. I haven't been following the news in the Jubba region lately, and the gerrymandering of the elders and delegates by Ahmed Madoobe seems to be guaranteeing his re-election. All indications point to that direction unless unforeseen events derail his plan. Yet, the formation of the second parliament could not only drail Madoobe plans but create a two competing administrations. The latest news from Villa-Somalia indicate that the Farmaajo government had put the eyes of the international community and the spotlight on Ahmed Madoobe and his moves to sideline the competition and other candidates. As we speak both the UN envoy James Swan, IGAd and Amisom see Madoobe as an obstacle to fair election. They didn't confront him openly yet, but his actions to obstruct other candidates were bared in the open for all to see. He keeps denying many requests from the international community. Reports indicate that the government with help of Ethiopia will set up shop in Baardgere while the new tough Somali force "Danab" is geared to take over Bu'ale and make government operation save inside the official capital of Jubbaland. It seems Farmaajo is dead set to dethrone Madoobe no matter what. Also, since there is maritime dispute with Kenya, Somalia believes that Kenya has no business to occupy and stay within the Somali territory while waging both diplomatic and business wars in Somalia. The Farmaajo government had already written a letter to both the regional government and the UN for its desire for Kenya to leave Somalia. In my opinion, the next move could be a motion from the Somali parliament that demands the removal of the Kenyan soldiers from Somalia. If that is achieved, Kenya has no choice but to vacate the land or it will be designated as hostile power occupying Somalilands. And that kind of designations will allow Somalis to take up arms and fight the invading Kenyans. As reports indicate, the Jubbaland issue is just starting . I have even heard a news from one prominent Ugaas saying that Farmaajo had swore to gamble his seat and make sure for the removal of Madoobe. If the federal government takes over Central JUbba and the capital Bu'ale and Gedo, which is 2/3 of region, they will be able to isolate Madoobe in Kismaayo while Al-shabaab is squeezed to Lower Jubba. The plan is to isolate Madoobe from the larger Jubbaland community and from the international community. Then another pressure will be applied to the Kenyan government.. In other words, Madoobe might be elected by those he hand picked , and win the short term battle, but might eventually lose the bigger war of controlling Jubbaland.
  3. That is bad strategy and weakness from the Farmaajo government. If you can not change the leadership of Ahmed Madoobe through made in Somalia mechanism, don't introduce other to help you, especially dogs that can not bite. We all thought that Ethiopia had some influence in Ahmed Madoobe since he was their prefered leader, yet things had changed since. On the other hand , weak and incapable Ethiopia is always good news for Somalia. Folks, Ahmed Madoobe will be back, and it is time for Farmaajo to accept the result and workout something for the benefit of all involved.
  4. Since there is nowhere to hide, the Hajj is now a place to conduct political and business affairs. The Fat Saudis have been conducting business in Makkah during Hajj for ages. The corrupt Somalis are following their footsteps. anyway, there are conditions in order for the Hajj to be accepted just like prayers. Neither one of these are using their own money.
  5. it is not only illegal , but also illogic. Everywhere Somali clans are curving out the country flowing their whims. Even REER Sool, SAnaag and Galdogob have seats while many other communities are denied. They assumed this to be a D block confederacy. If real election takes place more than half of these clans might not muster the number--probably 10,000 or so --needed to win a seat. That is why Somali clans refuse to hold free elections even in peaceful regions. Finally, I hate to say it , but the current pattern and the gerrymandering taking place in Jubbaland will favour Ahmed Madoobe. It seems Madoobe will be elected this time.
  6. Saaxiib, A functioning Somali state is more important than Botama, Garoowe or any of these other places like KIsmaayo. If you want to come with me and bring Hargeisa and Borama with chaines for the benefit of Somali state, I will not hesitate for a second. Miyaadan ogayn waxay nabdeen waxay na bareen baa ka daran. Certainly Somalis from every region is waking up about the failure of their actions for the last 28 years. If you are arrested in India, Libya or seychelles, no tribal region will be able to release you the except the Somali state. It is our collective benefit to have place among free nations of the world. By the way, Xamaraawi ( or Mr. Afmadow), I really have no hate or deep grudge against my OG brothers. Why should I ? Sometimes I want them to be just like anyone else , and would appreciate if they ditch the stupid Kikuyu. Other than that they are my brothers.
  7. It has been a long time. I know it will be tough to acclimatize the culture of lies, deception iyo Wax is dabamariska. Yet, if you send money back home , you will get the idea. Major Hawala offices are centralized and operate in well known offices and shops. Also, the major ones like Amal and Dahabshiil might have code enforcement officers to follow government edicts. Furthermore, if you go to Ethiopia , every bank , western union and even Dahabshill services have three or four soldiers manning outside and inside the building. In Jigjiga, Dahabshiil had four security guys at the front and inside. I do not believe that Mogadishu has thousands but 20 or maximum 30 places. Last time when i sent money to Mogadishu, they asked whether it is Xamarweyne branch or Bakaara. We could have an intelligence officer monitor every activity within these offices. Since money and murder are intertwined, I would follow the money. Absolutely. You can't allow a criminal mob to bomb and kill people for money with zero consequences. We know Farmaajo will never confront the Mogadishu oligarchs for many reasons.He thinks that they are probably bigger than the state itself. Bigger olatchies with billions were decimated by many government due to their criminal activities. This is the fatalistic nature of our culture. While we believe the " Qadr and preordained matters, to be fatalistic is giving up life and free will. In India, MUslims used to be one of the well educated and richest community for centuries. Even as early as middle of the 20th century. THen a fatalistic " Tabliiq" group showed up and told everyone not work anymore since your worldly provisions are preordained already. THey will visit your city and will tell you let us go now and leave for 40 days of Tabliiq. If you explain that you have responsibilities to feed your family and obligations, they will insist that just like the birds , they will get feed by the Almighty. Today in India, they became poor and destitute by giving up work. Somalis are following these footsteps by accepting all these terrorist calamities as judgement against them. Forgetting that the " Muslimul Qawi" or the strong MUslim is the one who worships and works for his responsibilities.
  8. Farmaajo selling Qalbi-Dhagax is a stain in his history that no one could delete. It was a shame, and some even believe that since that move he wasn't the same. By the way " Laandheere" you tricked us by carrying the " Xamaraawi" name which is usually among the most civilized Somalis. Amin Amir, Faynuus Sheikh, Ahmed Naji and other come to mind. Fadlan magaca noo dhig oo ha naga wasakhayn. ka jufadaada la soo bax. You know what the " Xamaraawi" people said, " Yaakhay Laankaaga Hadduu dheer Yahay adilee ku dhib qaba noo" if you know what I mean. Anyway, I have no business arguing with these keyboard warrior kids. case closed.
  9. He can sell flags and others, but to put tribal jersey is foolish. Despite our tribal affiliations, no sane Somali would be wearing this jerseys in public. He might be sarcastic, but to openly sell these is foolish. I hope this greedy fool should lose business and go down. Bal waxa uu la soo shaqa tagay eeg.
  10. Is this canola oil. If you travel any Canadian highway here in the west, you would encounter large farms with yellow flowers on the top. They are killing the most productive members of every community. Money coming from the diaspora should be excluded. It is only from the diaspora where people throw thousands of dollars to families. Here I am talking about local transfers. The average Somali makes less than $200 dollars a month. Even a government ministers may make less than $3000. So, there is no available money to spare or throw around in large numbers among the residents of the country. If someone is sending a $1000 from Boosaaso or Hargeisa to unemployed drifter in Qoryooley or Dayniile, I want to know who that person is and who the sender is. THe same goes with money coming from Wajaale, Addis and ceelasha Biyaha to operatives in Mogadishu or Janaale. As telephone transfer money dries up , operatives must collect the money in person. The intelligence officers will have people 24 hours around Hawala offices and follow the drifters and others who should never receive that money. And that is just the beginning. I might even make life very difficult to all fat cats from the diaspora sipping mango in Mogadishu hotels. Available money and resources will be directed to security. Will tax 10% to every dollar sent from the diaspora. We have been feeding people for twenty years and no one is paying any taxes from these incomes coming from us. Our families should contribute the money we sent. After all it is our money. We are paying tens of thousands of dollars of taxes here in Canada every year, and paying few dollars to the rebuilding of our country is peanuts to our income. Remember, the next generation of Somalis won't be sending any money back home, so take advantage while it lasts. To live in a city peacefully, have a hospital available to you and your family , and children walking to school peacefully costs money. You can't live in a city without paying your security. I want to know how many hundred of millions reached Somalia from the diaspora, and will take the 10% income directly. The Hawala will transfer to the state treasury directly. It is nnot their money but tax paid by those who sent money. That tax alone could be tens of millions. We never had real government or state that was serious of registering things. Government is all about registery and regulation. Dhalashada, dhimashada, guurka, tira dadka iyo qof walba dakhligiisa iyo da'diisu waa furaha dawladnimada. The Chinese knew who had more than one baby in a population of one billion.. Every village is known. Money should be tight in Mogadishu and other places. The so called Somali banks must open their books. These are just few things . As soon as they change their tactics will adapt.
  11. Che, That is really bad and unacceptable. The Somali leadership must build good relationship with the Oromo leaders but must take a tough stand on the issue of the Oromo mob targeting Somalis.The region must build a Somali force that reflects the people and should protect the Somalis if things get out of hand. I agree that Mr. Cagjar should not be only about making an apology tour while others are not guaranteeing the safety of Somalis. But, why the Oromo are manifesting this kind of hare. It is a dilemma.
  12. How many times I repeated that Madoobe and his group are a fifth column serving a foreign entity. They are traitors who are more deadlier than even the separatists at the moment. If this man comes back we must declare war to liberate the land and kick out the Kenyans.
  13. The government should target them lawfully. They must open their books and all the transactions that went through. We have no other choice but to shut down. I would even shut down the overcrowded Bakaraha market until they stop paying Al-shabaab. It should be a war of life and death. Telephone money transfer is more deadlier than gun itself. The mastermind doesn't have to meet his operatives in person .Make sure every phone buyer must have picture ID or one must be made at the shop. Any one under 25 years old should leave his fingerprints behind. Every money transfer that is more than $500 dollars should only be received with the presense police officer and must be verified. Anyway, I am just throwing these things out, but since Al-shabaab is morphed in to criminal mafia with extortion means, the state must put more effort to the money side of the war..
  14. The Wahabi sect had mostly facilitated the extra judicial killing of people which is forbidden under Islamic rule. No religion will allow bombing of markets or killing of the innocent civilians. There is doubt that today, Al-Shabaab is mostly criminal mafia used to kill, extort and take ransom for the innocent. unemployed criminals used as mules to kill. The best we could do is cut the financial intensive and the means they earn the money. Why would the telecom business is operating Al-Shabaab ruled area. Like any nation who is battling terrorists, you must cut off the phone and access through local Xawaala and other means. Ceelasha Biyaha, the main Al-Shabaab business center could be cordoned and every Bakhaar searched if there ever was any trace of receipt or Shabaab connection. While searches are underway cut the telephone and the internet from the whole region. With quick messages no one can catch anyone with red handed. We have seen many stories where people were sent to Ceelasha Biyaha to pay the ransom. The issues is what are we doing differently since 2012? start random searches of suspected homes in the middle of the night , of course telephone must be down, and build huge makeshift jail to sort out the bad guys, and take your time. As usual , certain segment will raise hell and demand the release of these guys, but consider that music to the ear. There are some successful Somali intelligence groups in some of the regions. The Puntland PIS is highly successful force against the insurgents. Their main encouragement is huge salary intensive from the Americans. Pay your frontline men more than what the useless member of parliament takes. If there is a will there is a way. Oh, one more thing. Control the movements of foreign intelligence and any force within the country. They should not venture to the city or anywhere without Somali military and intelligence escort.
  15. Duufaan, They will lose ground when only when the money dries. I heard that when Somali soldiers kill one of the Al-shabaab guys, everyone raises to the dead or wounded body to get the dollars in his pocket. For me, the telecom guys or the Xawaala guys are just small collateral damage to save the country. I would shut them down for weeks and even months to deny the killers any advantage , and will use satellite telephone ond walkie talkie for my soldiers. How can any sane leader will allow money to be transferred through telephone. It is just crazy and an acceptable. If there is a will , there is a way.