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  1. The TPLF had rejected the Turkish deal to negotiate ans accept next five years of Abiy Ahmed rule. In this scenario history will not repeat again. The Wayane had defeated Mengistu in 1991 after ridding the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front caravan which was the most formidable independent rebel movement in Africa. With all their weapons, they could not hold the Affar territory, and soon they will vacate the Amhara land due to overwhelming federal force. Of all people, the TPLF should know better than a 100 million poor Ethiopia could easily recruit millions by just paying small living salary and food. Even if the ration of the casualty is 10 to one, Tigray loses. When you see the twitter explode the Famine hashtag I knew the TPLF is in trouble. Sanctions from the US will not save them. Having said that, Abiy will eventually negotiate , but first he want to decimate the TPLF fighting forces and even bomb Makele. Yet Somalis from Hargeisa to Jigjiga have hopes of their overlords coming back. Folks, that ain't gonna happen/ Dhag Dheer dhimatoo dhulkii waa nabad.
  2. Makhiri, The way these guys are talking to him says a lot about his past. THey might have paid him some money while at his current job. Somaliland do not usually expel UN staff like ILO or others. THe false expulsion could have been a scheme for his resume to deceive " Mooge" the man in Villa-Somalia. WE need to find out the date of the so called expulsion, because the more corrupt you are the more you get along with hungry ministers in Hargeisa. THis man probably might have broken a promise. If you look the statement Rooblaawe made toward the Laascaanod tragedy, it was mild and weak, yet they came guns blazing which means he failed to hold the line as he promised.
  3. Fiqi should have been fired long ago. Qoor Qoor was a wise man to hold together the natural dysfunction of HG. Farmaajo is a weak leader who always reacts to events. Firing Khayre was the biggest mistake Farmaajo did. When the Nabad Iyo Nolol revolution ate its own children or I should say premier Khayre, --the man who created N&N---is was destined to fall. I admit that most of us had fallen victims of N&N propaganda. Having said that premier Rooble is another category. This is the man who compared the legitimate Galmudug government to the gun welding Sufi anarchist who want to use Islam to further their criminal power grab. " Waxa nasiib daro ah markii reer Galmudug ay dareemeen Hididiilo iyo hor u socod , in maanta kooxo hubaysani qabsadaan degaan nabad ah oo barakac iyo colaad geliyaan bulshada reer Galmudug" Waxa sidaa yidhi Mudane Khayre. This is leadership. Fiqi is corrupt and mischievous. Rather than stop the Sufis in their tracks , he want them to be a legitimate organization that must be bargained with. There were no Sufi army just a month ago, it is manufactured crises.
  4. We don't know, but it could be money issues. Like a good old mobster he probably wanted his cut.
  5. Even the way he is reading the paper looks like a man under pressure. Certainly Abiy Ahmed had made Farmaajo small. He accompanied to the airport all the African leaders before their departure, except Farmaajo who was accompanied by a junior minister.
  6. Walee Koore waa runtii . Dilaalintii NGO'da ayy Soomaliya u gacan gashay. Whether they are in Garoowe, Hargeisa or Muqdishu, these NGO boys work together to make to cash. It is the Nairobi based mafia . Khayr ha ka sugin.
  7. Did the good proff. said anything about Laascaanod? I can small his BS from ten thousand kilometre. By the way who they are kidding? when the bell rings every man will be on his own. If they are serious, they should demand the premiership and combine their 50 members to vote for the winner.
  8. Ah, we miss former prime minister Khayre and his eloquent way of speaking. Aaryaa noo soo celiya Khayre. Ninkaas waanu ku gafnay hadaanu nahay dadkii taagersanaa Farmaajo. Since the day Khayre left , the country was in a mess. That is so true. DEspite our early pronouncements putting blames or exonerating the people of laascaanood, the fact can't be burred or overlooked. This move from Hargeisa couldn't have taken place without the support of certain segments of the city. As the population grows, the power of the local clan diminishes. THere are also other social issues that affects clans and their lazy men who never worked a day. These Somalis from the south west are also marrying local girls with the blessing of the fathers. Since these young men do not chew Qat and work hard, everyone would like to welcome them. I would have given my Daugherty to them than the lazy fake graduate sipping tea all day and doing nothing. In Hargeisa some barber shop owners complained about the Oromo taking their jobs and dominating the business, but these days they can not deport the Oromo since they are the ruling class in Ethiopia. The Geeljire will always step on those who are weak. In Puntland government condemned and shot a dozen or more Al-shabaab killers who murdered people in Gaalhacayo for almost ten years. Among those condemned, there were no one from south west. Another group were found guilty this week in Puntland, and most of them were from Dayniile, Mogadishu, Galdogob and Puntland. Again , no one from south west. These people do not endanger their communities by killing locals. This is not Mogadishu. Someone told me about a man who rode a Landcruiser from Hargeisa. He was from the Graad community heading to Garoowe. The merecenary members of Laascaanood were looking to get him and one of their spies in Hargeisa sent a ward that he was ridding in the front passenger side of the car. Somehow, along the way he exchanged the seat with someone else and sat at the back. As soon as the car reached one of the check points in Laascaanood, the man sitting at the front was asked to get out of the car and sprayed with bullets without any question. THe man they killed happened to be from Puntland. Folks, this is the Laascaanood militia in a nutshell
  9. He must show leadership and crush the evil anarchists from Galgaduud. This man should have been the prime minister to replace Khayre. Ha has already proven himself in Galmudug, and could have been a shoe in. No vetting was needed, yet the slow man in Villa-Somalia was told to look only someone from Gaalkacayo, magaaladii inkaarta qabtay. By the way, a nuclear bomb has been detonated in Laascaanood by Muuse Biixi and corrupt local leaders of the city, yet Farmaajo had said nothing so far. Haddii dalku dhinac ka gubanayana ma sidaa ayuun buu u aamusnaan. Waar kan mid khayr leh oo dhaama Allah ha inoo keeno.
  10. Most head of states of the horn of Africa were present , as well as leaders from Nigeria, Senegal and Congo. The surprise was Asias of Eritrea wasn't there.
  11. Warku waa cad yahay. This has nothing to do with locals people of Laascaanood. This campaign is from Muuse Biixi and his security people. If they are serious about the security why they don't launch an investigation and make a conclusions after?.
  12. During the Panama Papers, the only Somali who put his money on off shore banks was C/rahman Booreh of Djibouti. He had a long legal litigation against Omar Geelle and he had almost $90 million dollar just in case if doesn't win the case. I bet there could be Somalis who have off shore banks. Mostly Al Barakaat and Dahabshiil. They are not that sophisticated to go all the way to Caribbean islands, but some where in Dubai. My God these guys owe millions of tax dollars for 25 years. Who dare to ask to open their books? no one.
  13. This time the evil separatist and their minions in Laascaanood had broken the record of inhumanity, cruelty and ugliness. Some of us know how far the Evil entity would go to keep the power and continue the fake sessions. It is shocking how the people of Laascaanood allowed their neighbors to be robbed in day light and deported without any reason.Killing people and murder among the clans isn't something new in Sool. Every year 40 or more are killed through tribal revenges. There is also constant clashes between those who are hired to serve the Hargeisa regime and those who oppose them. Furthermore, despite the presense of Somaliland paid mercenaries, the people of the city oppose the regime openly and that move had probably antagonized the local clan that had been contracted to serve the regime. If this thing is allowed to take place, soon this deputized clan in Laascaanood might start deporting people who hail from Buuhoodle or Taleex by being anti Somaliland. Another bigger issue is that most of the north east and north west clans and those from central Somalia had held hostage the Somali nation for too long. THese hungry nomads had always been tribal since the independence and had used the Somali state as a vehicle to enrich themselves. The Northern Habro never hided their clannish nepotism within the Somali bureaucracy in the seventies and eighties. It was Omar Carte who gave his sub clan 50% of visa offered to Somalis after Somalia joined the Arab league. The same group of Somalis who reside Sool/togdheer were the beneficiaries of the largest air lift of people and livestock during the famine of 1974. When Siyaad Bare visited the land during the drought, he went back to Mogadishu and the SRC cabinet decided that the only way to save this people were relocation to the fertile lands of South West Somalia. Many promement Somalis including those who held miniterial positions and inside the parliament had hailed from Sablaale and Kuntuwaarley. No Somali from South West had ever traveled to the northeast or northwest for security, life or livelihood. Why would anyone want to come to the land of the ugly tribal nomads were life is already tough? We know that those from central Somalia had occupied the national capital taking the property of millions of Somalis while occupying fertile farms in lower Shabeelle. This issue must remind those of us who are law abiding Somalis who are seeking nothing but a just nation must overcome the ugly tribes and never allow then to have power over others. Whether it is Jigjiga, HArgeisa, Garoowe or Mogadishu, they are incapable of establishing a system or a working institution. I did talk to guy the other day who traveled from Jigjiga , Hargeisa to Garoowe. He said, almost everything was similar in all cities. Low paid government officials robbing people in their offices through fake red tape which allows everyone to empty your pockets; bad roads filled with cars; government offices open from 8:00AM to 11 Am then go to hotels and Qat sessions.The security people would demand money openly whether you are in airport or in the middle of the street. This fools will claim that they had overthrown a military regime, but the fact is different. Regime change through violence happens around the world, but what took place in Somalia is evil tribes refusing rule based governments and setting up their own check points for extortion..That is why a said, the only way to revive the nation is through a revolution. That is why they afraid of open election and rule of law. Muuse Biixi is worst than Ahmed Siilaanyo, just like Siilaanyo was worst than Rayaale. In this part of the world , every leader would be worse than the last one. The Somali people have been taken over by criminals and warlords. THe Puntland governor closes all roads for hours before his entourage passes through, and if you accidentally make a wrong turn his henchmen will spray you with bullets. They will throw your bullet riddled body to hospital and tell you to take few Shillings or else. Folks, our people need to be liberated from the evil Geeljire who doesn't now any rules. Some places might be better than the next one, but the foundation is almost identical. The Quran says, ' Oppression and injustice doesn't last". so does the clan entities. Their end time is near. If the fake Somaliland had any semblance of even basic human rules, it would have registered the so called citizens to differentiate those who are residents or those who just arrived. There are zero registration. Just like in 1940s , your residence is proven by a clan. Aduunka xagee laga isticmaalaa.
  14. He was one of those playing with fire mobilizing tribal militia for political gain. THere ere more troubles to come. Ahmed Faqi want to take over Galmudug, but he is playing with fire. Soon Galmudug will be divided between Cadaado, Dhuusamareeb and Mudug with Ahlu Fawdo , killers and mercenaries invoking Islam, taking Dhuusamareeb, Guriceel and beyond. THey will hold that part even before and after the election. The next president have to negotiate and pay millions to Sh. Shaakir and company and spend millions more to re-establish a new Galmudug administration. The unending cycle will continue. Furthermore, each one of them would claim to be fighting Al-shbaab, America will continue to bomb, and Puntland would claim to be innocent of Galmudug quagmire. By far the worst politicians of Somalia are from Galmudug. Maalinba koox ayaa cimaamad soo xidhanaysa. Diinttii Islaamka waxay ka dhigeen sidii qabiilka in maalinba koox cusubi u soo adeegsato sidii ay wax ku boobi lahayd. THe Wahabi movement was brought to Somalia by the ugly nomads from Burco to Galgaduud. These are the most rigid people who have less mercy than most of us. Ahlu Sunnah has destroyed the Sufi brand whose mission was only the love of the Prophet SCW. Here are the original Qadiriya Sufis of our time.
  15. Xaaji, It is the age of information. Somalis are connected throughout the world. You might not believe, but I did talk to a guy from Mudug, Puntland whose family had business in Laascaanood. He said the shops were left without attendance. They were trying to send northern guys from Boosaaso to save their business. You are probably just bragging , but this thing is done locally. THat is my believe. And if you want to deport everyone who is not from Somaliland, then do it without discrimination. Why you keep talking about Reer Bay, or you probably afraid , the Punties might expel from Garoowe all those from Somaliland residing there, even though Puntland wouldn't do such a thing. There were some murders in Sool lately, including police chiefs. I suspect that this could be a targeted killing from the Garaad community to to discourage the mercenaries, and it is the typical and ugly Somali ways to blame things for the wrong people. I don't believe that Al-shabaab is active in Sool, and Laascaanood isn't a big city enough to hide killers. These crimes are probably committed by members of the community. Deporting Somalia is the biggest crime of all another Somali could commit.