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  1. galbeedi

    Ilham Omar

    With stand with Ilhan Omar 100%. By the way, it is the media vultures who put target on her back as soon as she landed in Washington. In fact, she didn't seek or volunteer for the Israeli comment , it was the media who kept raising the issues and some tweet she made in 2012 about Gaza bombing which killed over a thousand Palestinians. She said " Israel hypnotized the world " condemning like many around the world.On the latest controversy , he hypocrite and neocon Republican majority leader Kevin Mccarthy wanted to take some action against Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib for supporting the BDS movement. Now he knows that this Lady will not be intimidated by corrupt republicans who might sell their mother to further their agenda. She must fight back or they will keep pushing her. Now, the whole Washington establishment and the world knows about this tough Somali lady. If they kept targeting and pushing some discredited stories about her, they must expect a push back. What is the use of warming up the seats and voting for useless issues for two years?. Look at the so called congressional black caucus , they think the whole world is revolved about race or their stupid and never ending grievances. They have no stake at the world events, Africa or immigration issues from Latin America that will disproportionately affects black working classes. Do not expect much from the democratic party party which is led by eastern liberals and an old lady who should have been put at the museums long time ago. The republicans had thrown many speakers that doesn't follow their policy. If change comes to America, it will come from the right which have some solid principles, especially the anti war right. Have you guys seen the anti Islamic Dutch party, the so called PPV or something?, two of their leaders embraced Islam. Nothing good will come out from a rotten socialist who believes justice for polar bears, dolphins and trees while ignoring actual human suffering. These progressives talk about being anti war , but when Obama allows the murder of 400,000 Syrians they don't say much. That is they were shocked about ILhan talking justice for the Palestinians and others. Ilhan might eventually become independent member. She should rather be a lion in a day than a sheep or fifty years. She should know that the Somalis are with her and that should be enough. She doesn't represent the likes of Talaabo or Apopis, she represent us the free nomads of the world. She got more balls than the gulf Arabs.
  2. The presentation of the spectrum is not the main event, the licensing is.
  3. This is the announcement in November which set the Feb 7 date of licensing. Unlike what is being said, they also presented the legal framework of the licenses including royalties and other conditions. If you are showing just an info why add the legal framework of the royalty and other issues. In my book this is an auction to license for oil blocks. They even said which blocks. case closed.
  4. This is the report at the website of the company spectrum geographics or Spectrum Seismic imaging. They clearly said the road shows are for licensing pf the oil blocks. It will go on until 2109. After the showing licensing behind closed doors will follow. If the issue is solely about the road show , why talk about licensing? You be the judge.
  5. ews & Events > Latest News > Somalia Announce Dates for First License Round Somalia Announce Dates for First License Round POSTED ONNOVEMBER 8, 2018 Following further progress on the framework planning and legislation for oil and gas exploration offshore Somalia, His Excellency Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, The Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources today announced further details for the inaugural offshore hydrocarbon licensing round. A date of 7 February 2019 has been set for an auspicious launch event in Central London when the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources will unveil the final block delineation, expected to consist of up to 50 blocks covering a total area of over 173,000 km2. During this launch they also plan to reveal the legal & regulatory framework, petroleum laws, local capacity, fiscal terms, round timings and other conditions. This event is also expected to include geological presentations gained through insight provided by Spectrum’s 2D seismic data across the open blocks. The round is set to close on 11 July 2019. Subsequent roadshows are currently scheduled for Houston and Dubai with further details to follow. These roadshows will be supported by Spectrum. In preparation for the offshore licensing round, Spectrum has completed acquisition and processing of 20,185 km of 2D long-offset seismic data, following a co-operation agreement with the Federal Government of Somalia. This program complements 20,500 km of existing seismic data that was acquired in 2014. The survey design, which covers water depths of 30 m to 4,000 m, has allowed for seismic coverage over the shelf, slope and basin floor with dip, strike and recording time intervals suitable for defining a range of leads and prospects. Streamer lengths of 10,050 m have been used to adequately record information at all offsets, further assisting imaging of the underlying syn–rift geometries. Modern processing algorithms were applied to the raw data to achieve optimal imaging of steeply-dipping extensional and compressional features and illumination of subtle amplitude anomalies. Final PSDM and PSTM products are available now. Discover more about the license round, the geology of this area and Spectrum’s associated seismic coverage on our unique interactive LICENSE ROUND STORY MAP Company Overview
  6. galbeedi

    Ali Gedi on the London meeting

    Any Mr. Che, It is good news that the whole matter is about oil info in Somalia. Last week and the week before they kept talking about auctioning oil blocks. Thank God they changed their mind. Gaadh ayaa laga hayaa dalka. Dadkan qurbaha ka yimid ee " Quick Cash" raadinaya Allah ha inaga qabto
  7. galbeedi

    Ali Gedi on the London meeting

    Tuugo la qabat iga dheh. Maxay u odhan waayeen markii hore waxa dunida loo soo bandhigayaa macluumaadka cadadka shidaalka Somali ku jira iyo wax la mid ah. There is a difference between providing information and auctioning Somali oil. By the way, is this guy getting ready to replace Khayre in the future or he is one of those bought as usual. As I was typing someone called me and told me that Geedi is like telephone card where you fill up and would speak for you. during his reign as a prime minister he allegedly spent $600,000 for the wedding of his son. I heard then president C/laahi Yusuf was upset about that event which led to his firing.
  8. galbeedi

    Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower

    It is the Chinese who are producing this oil . THe OLNF had targeted the Chinese and the Malaysian company while coordinating with unknown foreign intelligence many years ago, which in return immunity and not to be included terrorist groups publicity. After that incident they were allowed to open offices in foreign capitals. Yet this shows how nations enter agreements to foreign nations and develop their resources. Although the share of the Somali region and its royalties have not agreed yet by Ethiopia yet. Folks, we are not in 1970/80 or even nineties. We Somalis had passed the stages where small obscure and corrupt brokers somewhere in LOndon or Dubai used to tell us how to do things. Some of us work in the most difficult resource extraction climate and region of the world like oil sands of Alberta where it takes four or five years of work and bring 250,000 barrel a day after the project is finished. We know how to build things and who to give the contract to build. We do not need shell companies auctioning or advertising our resources. The main reason for these moves are probably two: the first one is Somali ministers and brokers want to get some badly needed cash and disappear as quick as possible before they reshuffled in the next cabinet. The second reason is to block genuine and serious players who could get the oil from offshore dealing directly with Somali state . THese players mainly are Chinese , Turkish, American and Malaysian companies who could dig quickly as they did in Sudan, Angola and Libya. Do not fool us. A genuine nation can be contracted to explore and extract the resource. You do not need shell companies created to explore and sell the data with the blessing of the Somali state. When I saw warlord Dahir Calasow on the front raw paid to attend with his hotel and travel expenses, I knew that these guys were selling snake oil.
  9. galbeedi

    Look at Main Targets of the New Admin in Kililka

    OO, I do not know if water projects were enhanced in the Kilil. On thing I saw in Jigjiga was that even big hotels were out of water. I was staying in one of these big hotels and one morning there was no water at all to wash myself. The lady said that they were waiting for the tank to be filled which took until high noon. So, if Jigjiga was without water what do you expect the rural and village level. Some of these guys were the ones who called for war and incited for communal killings , especially the acting president Ilka case. Most of them were the top leadership of the Illey government. Yet, one thing I agree with you is that so far Illey was not charged on any of the killings against the Somalis and other human right violations within the Somali state. If the charges involve only about the crimes that took place when the presidency was out of his hands, and disorder started, he might even walk free. While most of these people are guilty of incitement and corruption, another issue that can't be ignored is also the ugly face of the Somali tribe on the move. Most of those targeted are also from the Cabdi Illey sub clan. 90% of the ONLF and Mustafe Cagjar are the same sub clan that is targeting the Illey group. No doubt Cabdi Illey Somalized the region compared to others.
  10. galbeedi

    Eritrea Somalia U-20 Football what it means

    OO, I was in a garage fixing my headlights and met this Eritrean guy who talks and talks everything Asaiyas Afwork. He said Eritrea had gone with Ethiopia. It didn't join physically but it almost merged with Ethiopia. He said When Clinton came to Africa in 1996, he praised the new generation of African leaders mainly Meles Zenawi, Musaveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Afwork of Eritrea. Since Meles had the bigger economy and nation he automatically became the top leader among the four. Before that Asiayas always considered himself the top dog of the coalition of TPLF/EPLF group. Because of that hubris , he couldn't accept to be second fiddle to Meles and the quarrel started which led to the war of 1998. He said all those Ethiopian opposition satellite TVs in North America and Europe and the Amhara opposition was financed by him including OLf and others to stick it to Meles. He said now he want to get back his old status by being in charge of both Abiy, Farmaajo and even Sudan.I laughed of the thought that small Eritrea want to be the big dog in the horn. I guess this Eritrean team visit might be something bigger to come. OO, do you believe that Afwork will overrule Abiy?. Farmaajo is hostage and have no say on anything since he is secluded in the green zone. One thing is for sure, the African Union or Amisom cash cow is going to end.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Australian Range Oil or something ) company that took over the right in Puntland sold them later to others. I can assure that none of these companies will extract oil in the near future, but they want to buy these blocks cheap at this stage , hold on for few years and sell later to multinational giants. You can hire your own companies and pay for explorations. If there is oil then you enter the agreements like any other nation.Do not create a multi layer companies that own the rights while your shares dwindle. Secure your nation and hire companies to explore for the future. Do not sell blocks.
  12. I can't imagine how stupid we are to give away our resources at this crucial time. look at what is happening in Venezuela. A man elected by the people is being overthrown because of the oil and gold of that nation. Some are even preparing the coming civil war of Venezuela. Why these two men are putting an albatross in the Somali neck when we can not even defend the borders of the country let alone the high seas. Only a sovereign and free nation that controls its borders and territorial waters could enter in to this kind of agreements.Why would a man who can't even control the nation's capital want to enter these agreements. These guys probably had given up on the nation and want to cash and retire in foreign capitals.
  13. All we saying is secure the country first and then enter as much agreements as you can. It doesn't take twenty years to extract oil from deep water. Shullenberger, the auction managing company is huge company that operates around the globe. Floating platforms are even cheaper than the fixed once. Just like the gulf of Mexico , the Indian Ocean is a warmer climate than the north Sea. It also shows the deep influence of prime minister Khayre. His former company Som oil is the one that did the seismic exploration, and now they want to transfer their data to the bigger companies. He is probably brought to this post to secure the rights of these blocks to his bosses. Farmaajo is a weak bystander who doesn't even know the game that much. Somalia is mixing it self with crony capitalism and oil oligarchs without proper due diligence. We can't accept foreign oil insiders control our government. This Khayre guy won't be going anywhere until he finishes this deal. He might even replace Farmaajo and takeover the whole thing. American owned Conoco oil got the rights in Awdal region and Djibouti border almost thirty years ago. Stop looking quick cash and concentrate the security issues especially Mogadishu.
  14. They were trying to sell Somali oil blocks without the consent of the Somali people and the parliament. When they got caught , they tried to change the subject. Mudaharaad markii ay maqleen ayey saxaafada soo wada fadhiisteen ilaa madaxweynihii.
  15. Biciidkaan dili dono Subagiisa ma dhami. If this was just a pitch to show the oil and gas potential in Somalia why call oil it an auction in London. If Somalia has a raw data that is proven, companies will show up without publicity. They are confusing us. Last week they said they were auctioning oil blocks and today they are saying it is a marketing pitch. But first make the rules for resource development and the constitution. Why they are rushing. Make the country save for resource extraction first.