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  1. Khayre, a man from no where honored to be the premier of the wounded republic, yet before leaves became dry , he want to help depose that man. Farmaajo did stick with Khayre until the later became opposition. I have no doubt that they will both lose if they run against each other.
  2. They have humiliated Abiy and the federal government. Yet, the TPLF probably wanted to take all the seats from Tigray and avoid the spilliting of their votes. At the end they may make peace with Abiy and convince him to seat their elected representatives in Addis demying Abiy and his PP any influence in Tigray.
  3. NEWS: TPLF WINS REGIONAL ELECTION BY LANDSLIDE addisstandard / September 11, 2020 BY MEDIHANE EKUBAMICHAEL Addis Abeba, September 11/2020 – Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the ruling party of Tigray regional state, has won 98.2% of the vote for the regional parliament, taking 152 of the total 190 seats. Muluwork Kidanemariam, Commissioner of the Office of Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray, told BBC Amharic that the remaining 38 seats in the council will be distributed among the four opposition parties that participated in the election. Five parties including TPLF have participated in the regional election on September 09. According to the preliminary results announced by the Electoral Commission of the National Regional State of Tigray the number of votes secured by the five parties is stated as following: TPLF: 2, 590, 620; Baytona: 20, 839; Tigray Independence Party: 18, 479; Salsay Weyane Tigray: 3, 136; and and Asimba Democratic Party :774. Some 2.7 million people were registered to vote in the election on Wednesday. Muluwork told local media that 98% of the registered voters have cast their voted in any of the 2,672 polling stations. On August 06, Tigray National Regional Council has amended Art. 48/2 of the regional state’s Constitution changing the First Past the Post clause in the constitution by Mixed Electoral System. Accordingly, a decision was made to make 20% the seats in the regional council available for opposition political parties that participated in the election, Muluwork told BBC Amharic. Prior to the election, Ethiopia’s upper house, the House of Federation (HoF), ruled the election as “unconstitutional” and in violation of Article 9(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) and the outcome would be “void, non-binding and non-applicable.” Tigray regional state refused to comply with the ruling and instead blamed the the federal government for abandoning its constitutional duty to hold the general election under the pretext of the COVID -19 pandemic. “The people’s right to be administered by leaders of their choice and the unconditional right to self-determination granted by the constitution cannot be stopped even by state of emergency proclamation,” Amanuel Asefa, Head of Tigray Regional State Justice Bureau, told Addis Standard. AS
  4. Saala, Saaxiib it happened before. Two fools (prime ministers C/weli Gaas and Cumar Sharmaarke) run against the presidents they were serving, and thanks to their action they, Shariif and Hassan Sheikh went down. This Khayre had probably over estimated himself . He is either knows something we don't or will flow the same route of his predecessors. If it is all about revenge , he will go down. Mise waxa uu is yidhi Farmaajo waxba meesha kuma hayne adaa wax kala waday. Since the day he was fired, Farmaajo seems to be confused. He can not made his mind in any issue.
  5. Waar maga fadhiista oo shaqooyinka idiin yaala qabsada.
  6. Since when is going from Mogadishu to Baydhabo became head of state like affairs?
  7. You know my point unless you are wearing blinders. Why would these men with no functioning state and almost zero income treat each other like a visiting head of state? It is about a big fish or even a whale jumping up in a pound. Who knows how much money is spend to welcome these false leaders. We heard many stories about women and others being given few dollars and collected to airports wearing flag draped costumes and told to act like enthusiastic crowd eager to welcome. Tilamook, this is the same BS we see about a Puntland leaders coming back from Boosaaso and welcomed by 400 people and a red carpet. It has to stop.
  8. Ah, the false states of Somalia. 50 Landcruisers each worth $50,000 dollars are welcoming false governors who can not muster even $50,000 a month worth of budget. How long will these charade will go on? If you go to the station police there might not be even a paper or computer to register cases; no courts to adjudicate among people or a functioning city hall .When will these games end? This Waare guy who lives in Mogadishu full time could not even build a mare levy to protect Beledweyne from consecutive floods while millions donated were missing. mida kale goormo lugta ka dhaawacmay pp Laangadhe noqday? Waxay na badeen waxa ka daran waxay na bareen. Certainly these NGO's have destroyed Somalia. Remember all those shiny toys are provided by " Beesha Caalamka". Last week watched Madoobe and Deni landing in Mogadishu with hundreds of men in suits waiting. We all know there is no work going on in Mogadishu. The reclusive president could not even address the basic issues. It was the speaker of the parliament who more than a month ago proclaimed that the president will nominate a new prime minister. No word as of yet it he decided to keep Guuleed , who is capable as a prime minister or appoint a new one.
  9. Warku waa cad yahay. Nabad iyo Nolol oo laba garab ag iyo Unakaa iska leh ayaa hadda banaanka yimid. We are looking the third option. THe N&N boys will go down just like Shatriif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh spilled their vote last time. Guys, I am in in this raise''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' definitely the third horse will win this raise.
  10. UAE is nothing but a business vulture and money laundering outfit that makes money on conflict and instability. If there was anybody who made money on human suffering and war on terror is it Abu Dhabi. The billions of dollars Americans spend in Afghanistan ended up in Dubai banks. Both the American private contractors and Afghan warlords deposit the looted money on UAE. When a huge nation collapses its upper class, the wealthy and the well connected take their nations resources and deposit in Dubai, no questions asked. It will be hard to take cash or wire transfer to New York, London or Toronto. Dubai had swallowed the wealth of Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen. THen they embarked a campaign to buy ports in strategic trade routes in the Red Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Which ever port they couldn't control they have destroyed through civil war. Aden, the most famous port in the middle east was destroyed by UAE. WE Somalis, especially those of us who hail from the north grew up hearing songs about Aden. Kursiga Cadan yaal Cabaadhka dul yaal ayaan caashaqay. And Ma anigaa waalan mise cadan baa laga heesaya. Yemen and Aden were the cradle of Arab civilization. Today Aden is a war torn back water where different militia backed by UAE and others clash for power. Tripoli just survived A UAE paid mercenaries who shelled both civilians and airports. THeir plan was to make Libya a frozen conflict just like Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Last year, they couldn't get the Beirut port after a Chinese company made a deal to expand the Beirut port which is the main engine of Lebanon. Now they are telling us an Ammonium nitrate left in one of the hungers was exploded after a fire cracker exploded and then detonated the ammonium Nitrate that was left six years ago after it was inbounded by the port authority. I do not buy that explanation. Cargo left unattended in any port would be auctioned after one year. It is the rule. Even if there was corruption, who in their right mind will leave behind a freight worth millions, never look back and still sitting the same place. Even Trump said in his first statement that it was an attack. I can understand the motivations of the Lebanese leadership to say it was an accident in order to keep the moral of the nation intact. If this was an attack and Lebanon could not do anything to respond , that would devastate the moral of the nation. So goes the narrative of being an accident. UAE and Saudis have been destabilizing Lebanon since the collapse of the government of their sponsor the Hariri family. They have withdrawn millions of deposits to weaken the Lebanese Pound. Gulf countries stopped their deposits and flow of foreign currency to the banks which prompted the Lebanese banks to go under. Citizens hit the banks to withdraw their foreign currency after local currency lost 60% of their value. Just as these chaos hit the streets of Lebanon, their main economic engine is attacked. By the way, Lebanon is the best case study of 4.5 Somali system with steroid. Members of parliament are inherited from father to son just like the top leadership. The presidency belongs to the Christians, the premier to Sunnis and the speaker to Shia Muslims. The same clan families propped by France and Saudi Arabia have been ruling the country for the last 30 years. It is a connected oligarchy from politics to business. If things don't change in Somalia, we could end up the same corrupt clans alternating the power while nurturing business monopoly. We could end up Unaka boys, with weak and corrupt Puntland lieutenants while the speaker-ship is wholly owned by Reer Baydhabo. UAE had gotten the most strategic port in the country, the Berbera port, for $5 million dollars a year. The Siilaanyo family exchanged for pennies and according to Sacad Cali Shire, the finance minister of Somaliland, they even took advance the next five million installment of 2018. Hore ayey u sii qaateen kiradii sanadka soo socday. These evil Bin Zayed Family had devastated many Arab and Muslim nations. Yet, I can assure you their time is probably up. Turkish defense minister general Halusi Akar said that, the UAE will pay their crimes the right time and place. I even heard that the other Emirates in the union are not happy the way the Bin Zayed clan is managing things. The time will come to depose the Bin Zayed clan in Abu Dhabi. When Turkish and others talk about UAE, the specifically talk about Abu Dhabi controlled by Bin Zayed, not the other entities. Furthermore, the butcher of Riyaad Mohamed Bin Salmaan is in great pressure to depose his father before Joe Biden takes over the American leadership. THe democratic party and others are not happy the way these boys had abused and undermined the American government system. Biden will force the king to get rid of this crazy and greedy kid. It is given. I am sure that when Kulmiye is defeated in the next election, they will be evicted from Berbera, and just like Omar Gheelle did , these treacherous gulf boys can not do anything about it. I hope Mr. C/laahi Deni to come to his senses and evict the gulf boys from Boosaaso.
  11. Before that the head of intelligence in Mudug and chief traffic enforcement officer. They are targeting the top leadership. If you can not protect the generals how could you the save the masses.
  12. It looks like Abiy is backing down from his earlier posturing toward Egypt
  13. The relationship is downgraded. A former spy for the TPLF teaching in Hargeisa university has been hired as the interlocutor between Somaliland and Ethiopia. Waa adiga oo lagu yidhi Jaariyadii gurigaaga ka shaqaeynaysay ayaa inoo dhaxeysa. The last representative was a former ambassador and diplomat.
  14. THey have every right to extend their term. In Somaliland, the parliament and Guurti not only extended their term consecutive times, but gave the Siilaanyo government two and half years. let us see who is willing to fight the parliament.