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  1. OOweyne , This has nothing to do with Afweyne or those kind of sorts. Please do not muddy the water. It has nothing to do with tribal politics. It is about a man who who has promised to bring peace to one single city and build small credible national army. Yet, after almost two years and millions spent on propaganda and Facebook, finally, the realty had got to him and there is no way out of this than to leave office. Somalia can’t afford lose two more years of great opportunities to take advantage of. We can’ afford to lose our friendship with the Turkey and those who helped us during tough times. The plan was to prepare everything before the summer and get him out. Yet things shaping up quicker than I thought.
  2. I think Somalis must prepare to transfer power to the legitimate movements like ONLF who have nationalist agenda. Recently, the leader of the ONLF said that he will never renounce self determination for the Somalis in the region. I think place holders like Mustafe Cagjar must hold fair elections and transfer the power to the people. He must understand that he is appointed not elected.
  3. This man has been in power only for few months , yet he is already preparing to ride the false war on terror that never ends. Last week an American ambassador in Addis visited Jigjiga and was taken to tour Jeel Ogadeen, a huge jail where Cabdi Illey and his Tigray masters used to torture and imprison thousands of innocent people. While touring the jail, he told the American diplomat that those who jailed people here had escaped to Somaliland, Puntland and Jubbaland, and are organizing a campaign of bombing with the coordination of Al-Shabaab. A week after that statement, the Somali regional media showed off of captured bombs and weapons within Jigjiga city. Is that just a coincidence, a real threat from the Illey camp, or a calculated move to extort money from the Americans. The Americans can help his administration in development and other issues without invoking Al-Shabaab or others. Is the so called war on terror the only way to cash from the Americans?, or this guy is trying to militarize the zone again and oppress the poor people of the region?. Only time will tell.
  4. Finally, Mr. OO, you really showed your colors. Times and again , despite my political observation, I become gullible like the average person. I thought lately , you were somehow one of those from Jigjigs. My bad, as our kids say these days. Albania is a vibrant country that rising economically and Kosovo is doing fine. Yet, for the AXumite Tigray , their best hope for the Albanians are found only in Orthodox run Macedonia. The Balkan Muslims had always done well. Sarajevo, Tuzla, Tirana and many cities between them had always thrived and will do well. TIlamook was right .
  5. France is burning almost every week end. French polls show that about 70% of the people support the Yellow vest apprising that is targeted to overthrow Macron using riots. A demonstration that started against rising fuel costs had transformed as leaderless movement that is demanding the resignation of the president and his government. Yet, I do not see CNN or other western media covering the riots or the burning of the cities, especially Paris. When a small protest against the development of Gesi park in stanbul took place circa 2013, CNN was covering live. Soon it was labeled as leaderless uprising that want to overthrow Erdogan and his party who were democratically elected. The diminutive Macron is hiding and shocked about the scale of the protest. Sultan Erdogan commented and condemned the riots and disproportionate use of the police force, He said, "Those who provoke hostility against refugees and Islamophobia have been caught in their own trap," and added, "The walls of security and welfare they cherish so much are being shaken by their own citizens, not by refugees or Muslims," He is correct. Many western leaders including TRump and others have used the threat of non existent Muslim terrorism to further their political agenda. The so called ISIS had come and gone to the dustbin of evil part of world history of that group, yet the peaceful and law abiding MUslim community are intact despite the backlash and the constant Islamophobia threat they are facing. As Erdogan said, there will not be anymore Refugee or Muslim escape goat to blame for these problems.
  6. Albania and Kosovo are two Albanian states in the Balkans today. they also have significant minority in Macedonia.
  7. They went too far with the Sharon thing, but i understand their logic of every thing American. With help of America, the Kosovo Albanians became independent state after that province was carved out from Serbia. 90% of the population was ethnic Albanians, and when they rose up against former war criminal Milosevic, he massacred them by hundreds. They were saved by the Clinton and NATO intervention of 1998. Also, it was Clinton and America who helped stop the Bosnian genocide while Europe watched. With the Russians allied with Serbia, the Albanians need an ally. In those years, Turkey didn't have the geopolitical power to protect them or even help them to fend off the Serbs and their former Yugoslav army. For those reasons , Albania joined NATO and became strong allies of America. They still have good relations with Turkey, but in order to survive in the Balkans they are allying with America. I perfectly understand that.
  8. Regional governments and Somaliland were denied to visit Ethiopia , or Farmsajo was shown a red carpet will not distract us from the real problems he needs to fix in Mogadishu. Bragging how close Farmaajo is to Ethiopia is a useless propaganda to prop a failing presidency. Maxay kuugu taalaa inta aad dibedaha roog cas laguu dhigo marka aad soo noqotana askari Uganda ahi kugu soo dhaweeyo dalkaaga . Neither Ethiopia, nor America or any foreign army will help Farmaajo succeed. Can you imagine someone expecting others to pacify and fight for his own country and then act like he is doing something. The way to measure things are simple: did he pacify the capital, can he travel to Afgooye without the Ugandan army or does he have a national army? All these answers are negative. Slogans and false propaganda are an outdated communist era strategy that will not work in 2019. Fix your house before you start entering agreements with others. He doesn’t not even have a basic foreign policy to follow.
  9. galbeedi

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    OOdweyne, It is true that Somaliland has started from the scratch. A friend told me that in 1992, he couldn't find a restaurant or a coffee shop to but a tea. In that contest, they achieved the impossible especially the combinations of the traditional order and modern constitution. Yet, on the government side, I see a lot of weakness and incompetence in terms of building public service institutions like, hospitals, water wells, public transportation projects and others. Just look at Hargeisa water project with over hundred million spent. These kind of projects could be done with less than $50 million dollars.
  10. galbeedi

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Suldaanka, You are partially correct that at the end Siyaad Barre watched the country disintegrate in a chaos while he had an opportunity to leave peacefully or transfer power before the implosion.On the other hand Mengistu was air lifted and Ethiopia was saved by the west and others. Yet, major Eritrean cities were never invaded or taken over by insurgents. Mengistu killed more than 60 generals and murdered thousands in cold blooded purging . He murdered two presidents, and burred King Haile Selassie in his office after he starved him to death. Siyaad Barre was small time tyrant compared the real dictator Mengistu. Imagine the second largest city of the country taken over by rebels. in that era Every leader would have used any means necessary to dislodge and bring authority. Even Cigaal bombed Burco to fight the 1994 rebels. Since the people of the North eventually rebelled and became a poplar uprising, no force or dictator could have controlled them. In history , the public in general are correct if they rise because of oppression, despite the consequences. On the issue at hand of building things, in Somaliland , it is the people who achieved impossible and built things. Even when they celebrate the national day, 18 May, no one forces them to wear the colors but themselves. This love of the land in Somaliland is definitely much different than the rest of Somalis.
  11. galbeedi

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    The education system was okay until late eighties. What I am referring wasn’t about quality of the education which still produced good students, but the extend of the corruption of the elite to send their kids and others while knowing full well none of their people were up to the standards. Until the end , the quality of the Somali students and people in general were high caliber compared to today or later years. Imagine a BBC or Radio Mogadishu broadcaster reading an English text with Somali language on air before the Somali language was written. Today, most of the Somali journalists couldn’t even read Somali texts on the air properly. Thiose generations were proud and deep down they thought they could compete with anyone around the world. Still even today, the desire to learn and excel exists among Somali youth everywhere, but are hindered by corrupt officials who take bribes and keep out the bright ones from succeeding. Some people were thinking that the only dictatorship in the region was Siyad Barre. Military, communist and authoritarian regimes around the world take their time and disappear when things change either by events or history. Opposition is not allowed and talking the gun against them was impossible. Other than from inside, does anyone ever thought of changing the Soviet Union with an army or insurgency? No it was impossible. Mubaarak of Egypt came 1981 and left 30 years after the Arab spring, Daniel Moi of Kenya came1978 and left 25 years after elections and wind of change touched the country. The whole region was run by one man rule. No one have ever though of replacing Mubaarak , Qadaafi or Arab Moi with armed insurgency in the seventies or early eighties. Only a Somali “ Madax Faluuq” who never thinks about time and space would indulge those kind of thoughts. Replacing Siyad Barre or regime change in Somali in 1985 meant destroying all of Somalia from Zaylac to Kismaayo. Tthere were no other ways. The angry tribes put aside of everything and were hell bent of destroying the country for good and let the chips fall where they may. Reer miyigu warsabaha Marla at rabaan in ay qabtaan waxa ay dibeda ugu xidhaan Waxar yar gebtina ( trap) way ku xidhaan marku waxarta qaado yidhaahdana way ku soo dhacda. Mengistu, sida waxarta ayuu ku yidhi jabhadihii orda I Siyaadw soo qabta, Markay qabteena gurigii baa ku kor dumay. In those days, the system was designed as whole. In order to change the regime you must destroy all of Somalia, and despite the dire consequences, they went ahead. Sodon sano ayaa Kay soo wareegtay welina sidii diinkii dhaanka loo diray ee la sugayey in uu reerka soo waraabiyo, ee yidhi hadda ayaan albaaka ka sii baxaya.
  12. galbeedi

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    Judgment means comparing those who followed. While those who came before him were founding fathers and democrats who paved the way for him, those who came after him were weak in terms of leadership. From Cali Mahdi to Farmaajo, what we got were not presidents but pretenders who are satisfied being supervisors in their own land.
  13. galbeedi

    Dhismihii iyo Mashaariicdii KACAANKA

    The economic decline and inflation had started with IMF in 1982, and decimated the economy and brought huge corruption. I am not fan of those marches in the "Trabuunka" because , as one of those who marched there more than three or four times, it was always forced on the people. The Somalia of 1980 was proud and rising. A French anthropologist said in 1980 that Somalia would join the middle income developed nations in the year 2000, or it will disappear due to internal problems that could explode. Yet, with new technologies and know how, and after almost thirty years, the peaceful Somali administrations of today including Somaliland couldn't build one single major hospital, one major high school with hundreds of students or any significant life changing project. They couldn't build 25% of what the Kacaan did. Leaders are usually judged after time lapses of thirty or forty years. Both their misdeeds and national achievements take shape. The October revolution had touched Somalis socially, culturally and economically like no any other administration. We might never get back the prestige of the nation we destroyed. As a young teenage boy in the middle of eighties , I have never feared or ever thought of foreign military taking over Somalia. We were proud while others feared from us taking them over. I have never thought Somali clans taking the ownership of major centers like the national capital. Weligay kama fakirin Muqdishu cid baa kaa xigta, waxaan ahaa Muwaadin jooga caasimidiisi. The worst legacy of the late years of the Kacaan was the destruction of institutions, meritocracy and standards. I went for government scholarship in late eighties and only three of us among the twenty were able to sit in the class, the rest were unqualified students sent through nepotism, and today, that culture is alive and well throughout the Somali administered regions including Djibouti. More than half of the students sent for scholarship in Turkey had left for " Tahriib" to Europe because they couldn't get in to thre classes even though the Turkish state paid their four year tuitions.
  14. It is one of the prices Trump and Mohamed Bin Salman has to pay for the Khasoggi killing. The Turkish have one more card: the audio tape. Trump and company must play ball. At the moment MBS might survive , but he has to do few things that is valuable for the Turkish alliance. As I said before, the Turkish could be among the major players of the world within five years. Without Turkey, nothing will be done in the middle east, former Soviet republics , the Red Sea region or even east Africa. Rising nations can't be stopped except wars or internal quarrel. The Chinese were a communist backwaters in 1990, yet within 25 years, they became the second largest economy in the world. Since 1990, the Americans were marauding in the middle east one major war after another , losing both blood and treasures, and the smart Chinese abstained and encouraged the misadventure of trhe Americans. According to Steve Bannon either America or China will be the next super hegemony of the world, and they want to stop the Chinese now. Well, it is too late. now. Erdogan visited Venezuela which is facing American sanctions and huge economic problems. Turkey is buying gold produced in Venezuela by hundreds of millions. Trump is wounded, he is contradicted by his own CIA, and couldn't help MBS in Argentina. Canada, Germany and Turkey and others are after MBS. As Trump goes down , so does UAE and even Farmaajo who is playing fools gold.
  15. Somalia was destroyed by Ethiopia by bringing the war inside Somalia. This is a good explanation fromFarmaajo, yet these issues must be addressed in a serious and foreign policy speech. . Asking Ethiopia not deal with the regional governments is a simple demand that Ethiopia could implement in the short term until they fix their internal mess. The real problems will start when when theAmhara and Abiy consolidate power. Abiy had welcomed Mengistu Hailemarium and the former Derg government that had destroyed Somalia. In1991, when he left office, Mengistu said,” I have achieved something no one in Ethiopia ever dreamed, there will not any more Somalis that will threaten Ethiopia. These and many others will be soon the foreign policy leaders of Ethiopia. Ethiopia was a mess for the last three years since 2015, yet nothing had changed in terms of security. At the end it going to be what you have done, not what others has done for you.