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  1. Why not give the millions of dollars allocated for the ministry of water resources to Amoud foundation. Certainly the people of Somaliland will have water across the land. $152 million spent in Hargeisa water project alone.
  2. Here 2 million meals in Kismaayo during Ramadan. Bottom, water wells in Sanaag.
  3. Above, one of the 20 wells they dug throughout Somaliland. Here congresswoman Ilhan Omar for Amoud foundation.
  4. of course. Farmaajo should be shocked. Abiy is his ally these days.
  5. I agree . 1/3 (Hararghe) of the Oromo will always be our allies despite some land disputes. AS you said, the Amhara are really ruthless and intolerant. OO, is there any tendency among the Amhara to separate if they can't get the old unitarian Ethiopia?.
  6. Why he doesn't leave the stage like the others to manage the Puntalnd affaires.
  7. Apophis, I am learning from you man. Laakiin Madaxweynaheeni miyaa mise waa Kaygii?
  8. Herman J. Cohen‏ @CohenOnAfrica "Failed coup in #Ethiopia's Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead." I heard the same thing. A friend of mine told me that an Amhara wo-worker told him that about 1500 Amhara notables had been detained since the failed coup. It is now or never. Abiy must crush the Amhara for good. It is the only way . Also , Abiy must investigate whether the Saudi and UAE despots are behind some of the Amhara political activities. They and Amhara are both against freedom and open society. Abiy needs to reform and change the current configuration of EPRDF immediately. Somalis and Afars must be added in equal numbers like the rest of the four groups. If voting comes, Somali, Afar, Oromo will vote for him and gain majority easily. Furthermore, Mustafe Cagjar must be very careful. No one appreciates his unitarian Amhara talks in the media. We might even need a tough Somali in our Kilil who confronts the Amhara head on.
  9. At peak production, Hibernia, in Newfoundland , Canada can produce 220,000 barrels of oil a day. The platform sits atop an enormous gravity base structure (GBS) that sits on the ocean floor. The GBS is specially designed to withstand the impact of sea ice and icebergs, and can hold 1.3 million barrels of crude oil in its 85-metre high caisson. The Indian Ocean doesn't have any sea ice or icebergs.
  10. Well, you do not need to secure KIsmaayo , Baraawe or Hobyo. The Indian Ocean is safe. Small frigate can patrol the whole area to fend off pirates. Turkey just sent a drilling ship off of the Cypress coast for drilling. It doesn't take much.
  11. It could be the end of an era in a few years. Erdogan must prepare for the next generation of AKP to win the next election. This is a prelude of the what is coming next. Yildirim was an old guard against the young Imamoglu.
  12. Well, we don't know how to play these sophisticated games. Our hope is if these thing drags on few years, and Somalia proper rises up again, then we may have a hope of deciding our destiny. Amhara are everywhere including probably 80% of the diaspora , and will be difficult to sideline them. I see Abiy bringing back the TPLF to crush the Amhara. In Ethiopia the TPLF is the a tough nomad like us , but better organized than anyone else.