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  1. As they say " We hate the game , but respect the players". It is an ugly " Bulaacad" system. We all hope this will be the last one. We all talk about Qatar, UAE and foreign money, but how about local telecom and other oligarchs money ? they are players too. That is why neither candidates nor the incumbent president is unwilling to confront the big boys. Even Al-shabaab do not touch the businesses of the big boys.
  2. Actually, Abiy Ahmed was the first foreign leader to congratulate HSM. Some fools thought Ethiopia is close to Farmaajo only. It will be the same, Abiy and Ethiopia need Somalia more than ever.
  3. Does that mean Farmaajo was a Republican ? He could have reversed after the departure of Trump.
  4. If I were him, my first order will be to amend the provisional constitution and make the premier to serve on the pleasure of the president. The president should be able to fire the premier without the consulting the parliament. This corrupt Italian system had created gridlock and confusion. Until legitimate political parties elected and pick the premier through majority , the president should lead the government without any major interference from anyone
  5. HSM doesn’t need Mahad Salaad or Sanbloodhe. He has all the cards, he could get an able premier and professional technocrats in major portfolios like foreign, finance and defence. he could throw away Sanbloolshe to some foreign ambassador to get him out of his way. have a patience, let us see his cabinet and premier then will judge.
  6. Well said Khadaafi. We need our Culema to openly debate the Khawaarij and speak against them. a decade or so ago, it was even impossible for Somali Culema to say anything bad about Al-shabaab. Hassan Sheikh had good relationship with Turkey when he was in charge last time and I don't see any changes on that front. Despite the allegations of corruption Hassan is known to be an able man who could accomplish things. I disagree with you on issue of Amisom and the collapse of the Somali security if they depart. While the current army hasn't achieved a lot, they have taken the battle to the extremists and prevailed when confronted. The Hassan Sheikh led army which were mostly clan militia with support of the heavy weapons of Amisom had liberated from Afgooye all the to Baraawe. If the Amisom is put to action instead of sitting in barracks we might be able to dislodge them from some regions in Jubbaland and Southwest. Looking back, the mistake Farmaajo made was using state resources to try to oust regional leaders. Jubbaland could have been his home base of support while he tried to accommodate a Galmudug that was destined to be hostile. At the end, the biggest mistake of all was replacing Khayre. It exposed all the weaknesses of Farmaajo. Yet, no one can deny the high hopes Farmaajo instilled on the hearts and minds of the Somali people. Many people appreciated his quite and reserved manner without never offending anyone publicly. At the end the populism of Farmaajo had inspired many, but failed to affect or move those who mattered most: the regional leaders and other stake holders. Another observation of mine is how we never think outside the box. No improvement has been made about the ballot casting system or voting. The so called NGO's who pay billions will never tell you where to improve to reduce tension or transparency. Instead of 320 people voting for ten hours and intermingling like market where 40 candidates had 40 observers, electronic machines could have been installed within the parliament to make it easy. Or the parliamentary clerk could call the name of the person and raise their hands openly saying yes or no. Believe me it could have eliminated the secret ballot which is part of the corruption. No one should hide his/her vote to elect the president of the republic. This are the little things where you can effect some changes and reduce corruption. If we all agree as you mentioned that the biggest threat is Al-shbaab, then everything else should take a back seat and concentrate on this evil group. Address the Bakaraha businessmen paying millions of taxes to keep the terrorist group to kill people. Check and monitor money transfers among the people and so on. But if we keep Hormuud, Dahabshiil, Amal and others to do business as usual and protect the financial industrial complex that has thrived through the instability, then we will not move the caravan. President Hassan Sheikh have a great opportunity to change. He must confront studiously the armed militia in Mogadishu and eventually disarm them. These people and their stock piles of weapons feed the insurgents. Anyway, his premier and cabinet will say a lot how Hasan Sheikh is moving for the future. We say good luck to him.
  7. Maadaama kursigu samada yaalo, waxa laga yaabaa Sidan in uu khayr ku jiro. Some in Mogadishu, Jubbaland, Puntland and even Galmudug would have continued their open opposition if Farmaajo was re-elected. Hassan could start his mandate without almost zero opposition. That love and hate people had with N&N might subside for now and Hassan could enjoy his honey for the next six months. President Hassan has a great opportunity.
  8. Anyway it isn’t over until it is over. Khayre had passed the 60 vote. He could be the deal maker if he joins Farmaajo
  9. Certainly it looks that way. When I saw him reach 50 I knew it was over
  10. Dani is going down. He probably had made the deal to back Hassan Sheikh
  11. So far no deal between Farmaajo and Lhayre. Sharif went to Hassan . Most likely the final contest could be between Hassan Sheikh and Dani
  12. I hope for Khayre. Farmaajo and Shariif should join hand and support Khayre
  13. unless Shariifow and Farmaajo backs Khayre, the contest is almost over.
  14. Exactly. He couldn't even hit 80. so, Dani will back Hassan Sheikh. Folks, we got a Damujadiid government. Hassan Sheikh as president and Dani as a prime minister. If Shariif had passed , he could have gotten the vote of Farmaajo and Khayre