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  1. I totally agree. He doesn't even talk and as you said keeps his cards hidden.. Could be the next leader.
  2. He should have used better language since he is at least a real journalists unlike many others. Despite his vulgar language his report from Al-shbaab was accurate. Amiin Aamir never changed his reporting or cartoons since day one. In fact, he supported Farmaajo even before he became president. He new Farmaajo when they were young in Mogadishu 40 years ago, and unlike many Amin Amir always supports those who are weak, oppressed or wronged. Besides, Amin is one of the good guys, I know him personally.
  3. Actually, there is an audio from the Al-shbaab Amiir claiming that they can no longer hold western Hiiraan or central Somalia. He talks about the huge loss of the youth and he says , " surrender, regroup and procreate for the future children. He also mentioned that they sent peace envoys to negotiate with president HSM who rejected. According to this Amir, HSM said, " Al-shabaab Waa Qoloma, Diintan cusub xagey ka keeneen, waa maxay sobobta ay ugu kooban Yihiin from Galmudug to Qooqaani in Jubba. The Amir also mentioned that this is his decision and its up to the Shuura council to change. HSM is sending messages that the deployment of Al-shbaab to only south central Somalia is a political strategy used by both foreign powers and certain Somali regions including Puntland and Somaliland. So, it is time for a hardline Amir to wreck the fertile south. If Sheikh Aadan Sunnah becomes the leader of Al=shabaab, that is the second time a man from Hargeisa takes the helm. Furthermore, just like Ahmed Godane before him, he was released from the prison and sent to South Somali to create havoc. Sheikh Sunnah has called the Biixi regime to be apostate in his sermons, yet he goes to Jilib for his war. Also since everything revolves around tribe in Hargeisa ,the Sheikh sent his elders to asked Biixi to release him. After a lot of pressure from the clan Muuse obliged. Muuse : Waar ninkan hadaan siidaayo ma ammusayee, maxaynu Yeelaa? Ahmed Dhagax community: Adeer ninkan Ahmed Godane Ina adeerkii weeyee, xagaa iyo koonfur ayuu u socdaaye is dhaafi.. Muuse: Hello waar ma boqor Buurmadaw baa? Boqor Buurmadow: WAar Muuse waa anigee iska waran? Muuse: Waar aniga iyo adiga hadal inagama dheexeeyee, sobobta aan telephonka kaaga qabtay waxa weeye in aan talo kaa weydiiyo Sheikh Addan Sunah oo qoladii Arabku igu wareerisay. Buurmadow: Waar Ilaahay baan kugu dhaarshee intuu Jeelkaa ku jiri lahaa maalin walbana oday kuu imanayo, ninkan Aadan Sunnah miyaad madaxweyne aan weligii lala rartamin ka dhigtid. Musse: Adeer warka ii jilici. Buurmadow.: Ina adeerkii Ahmed Godane toban sano ku dhawaad ayuu Amiir ahaa, koonfur iyo Waqooyiba duraiyadaa ka talinaysay, kanina wadadii buu marayaa oo waa Amiirka Al-shbaab ee soo socda dhawr billod ka dib. Muuse: oo miyaanay Amiir lahayn xarakadu? Buurmadow: waa waa nin D...r ta koonfur ah oo aan iska dhicin karin HAG iyo D, hase ahaatee ninkani waa nin mayal adag, waxii ka horyimaadana ka takhalusaya sidii Ahmed Godane. Muuse: waar armuu hawdka Hargeisa inta uu tago xer beesha ah soo urursadaa? Buurmadow: waar aniga ku xilo furayee isaga iyo xaaska iyo caruurtaba koonfur u masaafuri. Muuse: Talada waan qaatay.
  4. It seems to be truce between the TPLF and the Abiy Ahmed regime, foe now. Yet, it seems Ethiopia is far from being stable or peaceful. In fact, it seems that this Abiy guy could only survive through war and chaos. As we speak , Abiy and certain Oromo politicians had decided to move the war from the north and to the Somali region. This is a typical Amhara and Shawa Oromo strategy to weaken the Somali region through war. They attacked from multiple fronts. From Mooyaale in Liibaan region, Diredhabe, Baabili and few miles from Jigjiga in Gursum. The Amhara security forces are shooting people in Jigjiga , at airports, banks and anywhere they encounter a Somali who raises their voice. THe facebook president is no where to be seen. The Liyu , who are an occupying force originally created to oppress Somalis, also shoot Somalis around the region just like the Amhara. The OG leadership had failed the Somali people time and again. It is high time for a new Somali leadership in this region before things get worse. People are demanding the abolition of the LIyu force in order for the people to defend themselves. Here is on of those voices.
  5. I don't blame Deni for taking stand, although the timing is really bad. HSM had a great opportunity to take sides on the Laascaanood issue, yet he spoke just like Suldaan Xaad from HAG council of elders. He lost an opportunity to be pro Somalia and the nationalist camp by just calling for calm like some minor tribal conflict in Hiiraan or Gedo. HSM had shown to be only concerned with his policy of building relationships with regional governments and the international community while ignoring issues of building trust among the people and building credible institutions. The major reason HSM and premier Hamza are being supported by the Somali people today is the war they have taken to Al-shbaab , especially in Hiiraan and Sh. Dhexe. If they succeed on this everything else will be forgiven. Also, president HSM had asked the Somali people for support in his campaign against Al-shabaab. The whole region of Puntland have one main minister (Foreign) who is invisible and no one the in the military, police or the security sector just like most of the people in the South west, North west or Lower Shabeelle. They saw how his policy and priority are managed by those of his clan, and finally, his stand on the Laascaanood issue had made him very weak president who can't take sides on national matter. I am not saying that C/laahi Deni cares more for Laascaanood than HSM, but he knows the feelings of the people on this issue. Also, as a politician who is on the ropes, this issue might resonate many people especially the Puntlanders who supported Farmaajo. Furthermore, while the people of Puntland are strong advocates of Somaalinimo, their leaders were always acted like a deferent entity that had its own policy in terms of military , intelligence and other issues. Hore waxaan u idhi, dalkan qolo waxay tidhi waan go'nay kuwa hadhayna ma joogaan. Jubaland is here in name only while controlled by Kenya, SL had been claiming Waan Go'nay for 30 years with nothing but poverty, Puntland waa Maqanaha Jooga, Mogadishu is a mess. May Allah help us.
  6. The so called Garaad C/qani , Oodweyne mentioned, left the country not because he was attached to rebels , but was disgruntled from personal issues with the Siyaad people. THen again joining SNM in the eighties wasn't about secession then. To make the story short he left Somaliland in the nineties after he clashed with Cigaal. When Late Ina Cigaal organized the referendum for Somaliland constitution, Reer Sool rejected and Cigaal agreed not to take any voting boxes to Garaad community territory. Cigaal never wanted to force anyone if they rejected especially the non Habro community. As Maakhiri mentioned, Garaad C/qani with Xaabsade joined colonel C/laahi Yusuf and became the founders of Puntland.
  7. My God, why he want to be a while he could be the boss of Laascaanood himself. Is this warlord more powerful than the people of Sool and Laascaanood? I don't think so. HE should have kept his mouth shut or asked a good speech writers to organize something to reflect the moment, especially people waving the blue flag and calling for union against the secessionists. WArlord Muuse didn't even even mince his words, and accused him of orchestrating the war. This shows being a leader and upholding the idea of sovereign nation or one measuring things through tribal lenses.
  8. Ustaad Oodweyne, It won't be a joke this time around. They could demand the deployment of Amisom to Laascaanood. We warned the consequences of choosing a warlord like Muuse who overpowered Kulmiye party through bombs in Hargeisa and becoming a leader. He has no support among the public. He already murdered dozens in Hargeisa, Burco and Sanaag. The people of Sool already hate him because his bad history. Furthermore, Saleebaan Gaal, the senile loser had just spoken like Muuse by calling for arms. The Guurti supposed to send elders and reconcile, but this all man just parroted what Muuse said. 2023 could be the year to clear Al-shbaab from south central Somalia and expel the separatists from Sool.
  9. This uprising is becoming a movement. If the people of Sool decides to expel Somaliland project no army or RRU can stop. The politicians had been discarded both in Laascaanood and Garoowe. No one cares what C/laahi Deni says on this issue. Money has been raised across the globe, and it looks there is no turning back this time around. The people of Sool and Laascaanood had seen the the writing in the wall. They have seen the federal president dancing with Ina Biixi, then Omar Geelle promoting the separatist movement along side Hassan Sheikh without a shame. On the other hand, the pro Amara Somali region of Ethiopia president Ina Cagjar disbanding a simple low level conference of consultation after initially accepting it, while the Puntland leadership is dealing under the table with Hargeisa. Sool says enough with betrayal and fake Soomaalinimo. There is no federal government promoting unity and self determination of regions, while Somali entities are either corrupt and despotic as Djibouti or the Jigjiga clannish entity taking the water for Ethiopia. So, the time has come for Sool to rely on themselves and for those who support them. A simple well organized guerrilla movement could dismantle the Somaliland project in Sool. Furthermore, Muuse Biixi is hated by the majority of the regions from Awdal, South Hargeisa, more than half of Togdheer and the majority of Sanaag and Sool. If there is a time to dismantle Muuse Biixi led project in Sool, it is today. No Somaliland militia could sustain a long people's uprising. One more thing, there is no hope where ever Somalis rule. Somaliland could see Djibouti, a city state with 700,000 who are mostly unemployed, living in the most expensive country in the world combined with the most harsh climate in the region, yet acting like a functioning state. Why even bother the so called " Aqoonsi" while you can collect the welfare ( donor money) and act as state while bombs are flying in Mogadishu. Why we even need a Somali state? let every tribe get the donor money, collect some taxes from boats and borders, create a police who shoots those who disagree the ruling class. Isn't that what happening in Jigjiga, Djibouti, Hargeisa or Garoowe. I don't want to even mention the fake states of Galmudug, Hirshabeele of Jubba. This is the legacy of 30 years of misrule. These losers interview one another in clan TV's and narrate how bad the Somali state was while they lack water, electricity or healthcare. After 30 years of rule by the greedy rebel there is no a working police station, a court clerk to accept or a judge to rule justly or functioning institution. Sool might be the first but others will flow. Probably Sanaag, Awdal, Bari region of Puntland, and even Hiiraan. We have enough of this fake maamuls.
  10. The hackers are not Somalis. It is a sophisticated group of right wingers targeting Somalis. Sheikh Dancasar doesn't have that ability to hack Twitter.
  11. Today Sool people lack real politicians or leaders who can take their case. Cali Khaliif was the last one and he was banished by Muuse Biixi. Rather than deal with Galaydh he found losers like Ina Koore. All Reer Sool need is a real leader that can lead,
  12. Xaaji, C/laahi Yusuf was the one who chased Dahir Rayaale to Adhicadeeye and beyond. Everything crumbled once the tough colonel left to Mogadishu, especially when the Reer Bari man Cade Muuse took over.
  13. We all know the Somaliland project in the east was always fragile. It was maintained through bribes and divide and rule. If the locals unite, it will be over within weeks. The problem the Garoowe government is corrupt and will not lift a finger to help them.
  14. I like the young journalists of Somaliland. They always ask the hard hitting questions. WE all know there are no working institutions in Somaliland. If there is peace , it is the result of tribal peace. The tribes cooperate and arrest their criminals and the police is just there for show of force just in case. The best the local police does is subdue conflicts among tribes ( Qabaa'ilka ayey kala dhex galaan). The idea of Puntland intervening is a false hope. They fully cooperate with Somaliland to keep the status quo. No change is expected especially the Reer Bari leadership which dealing Somaliland under the table just like Faroole. I repeat, Kulmiye people and Biixi are masters of dirty tricks. THey hired outlaws to murder people between Dila and Gabiley in 2009 to create tribal conflict and make Gabiley switch to Siilaanyo, they did in Sanaag to create hostility between east and west burco, especially to discourage anyone from east Burco to vote Waddani. While there are some clan revenges and others, I do believe Kulmiye is involved. Most of the young that were murdered are members of the opposition. in conclusion, as Che said, these people do not to be part of these project. The dilemma is if Sool goes away it will be a project confined within Togdheer , W.Galbeed and Awdal. in other words, the end of the project.
  15. Local militia could be the real game changer in Laascaanood. It was the local militia led by Xaabsade that took over Laascaanood and handed Somaliland without firing a bullet. THere was no Somaliland presence in Laascaanood for 16 years until the Xaabsade militia moved from Puntland and switched sides. Also, remember Somaliland police, especially the RRU are typical Cabdi Iley LIyuu police. They are trained to shoot people. This the real order that comes from the interior ministry. In Hargeisa they shot dead 7 people in very small demonstration in small Xaafad. If things keep going like this expect big changes.