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  1. Dhaqane , I was trying to repond some of your points while ago, but some how side tracked. any way, you said, Let me tell you a true story. in the middle of eighties while I was in Gahayr University, I used to sit and sip tea in the evenings in a small coffee shop adjutant to the Sheikh Cali Suufi mosque in Casapopolare. People usually sit there and wait until the Maqrib prayer is called. Me and a friend of mine used to sit there too, although we were not waiting for prayers, may Allah forgive us. My buddy travelled back home to north a year earlier and he told me about a story narrated to him by a man he met while travelling through central Somalia. The man told him that the man who assassinated Sharmaarke was not killed but was spared. He said he is a very tall and dark man with soft hair (Tima bis ah leh). He said he prays in Sheikh Suufi mosque, sits at that coffee shop before prayers and is driven by a chauffeur. While we were having a coffee my friend was talking to the same guy described to him by the story teller. While talking casually , the man said, ' in your life, never dare another man and tell him what he can't do about it' or something of that nature. Afterwords, My friend said, this was the man described by the old narrator. This was the man who killed Sharmaarke. In fact, the accent of the man was from Bari. It was just about 17 years or so after the murder of Sharmaarke. That was some bizarre thing, yet we went our ways and never even told the story to anyone. Now, let us get to the political angle. Some classified Soviet archives indicate that their was a real Russian communist operative within the Somali military way before the October revolution. It was well known that Siyaad Barre never believed communism or socialism, but used it just as a mean to the further his power. Yet, there were real communists within the country. Some suggested it was general Cali Samatar and A/raxman Caydiid. The later, who left Somalia to form SDF after he became disillusioned with the slow pace socialism in Somalia, was the real communist ideologue of the country.. He didn't go to Ethiopia for tribal reasons but for communist principles. Also, the Kacaan promised to give the power back to a civilian government within two years, as most coup leaders always claim. So, Soviet alliance and communism was the oily way to keep power and create dictatorship. By the way, in those days, that was the norm not the exception to the rule. Other than wester Europe the whole world were ruled by authoritarian strongmen. If it wasn't Siyaad Barre, others would have made the coup. It could Have been C/laahi Yusuf, Caydiid, Liiqliiqato or even Salaad Gabayre , the son in law of Aaden Cadde. dozens of coups took place in Africa alone from 1960-70. On the issue of Soviets betrayal of Siyaad Barre, a lot of literature is written.Try to read real books not internet BS. The East German files also had shown the struggle within the Somali government, especially between Cali Samatar and Ahmed Saleebaan Daffle. As files had shown, Daffle was pushing the Saudi and Egyptian agenda to ally Somali to the western front, while Samatar wanted to keep the Soviet and keep the way things were. Millions of Saudi money poured in and Saleebaan Daffle finally convinced Siyaad Barre , his father in law to ditch the Soviet. Actually, some believe that since Somali joined the Arab league, the idea of getting rid of the soviet was there. Cumar Carte never believed in communism and the millions pouring from the gulf would eventually push Somalia to the capitalist's team. In those days, the world was divided between the Warsow pact led by the Soviet and western democracies led by America. It was unthinkable for two communist allies to go to war. The Russians warned Siyaad Barre, but Somali irredentism took over the process. The Soviet ambassador said ' we will bring them to their knees'. SNM and SPLM of Sudan was the product of Mengistu to curve out a communist regime out of those countries. Yet, a renown historian Dr. Raabi said that neither Ethiopia nor others will recognize Somaliland because as he put 'Somaalidu fadhiid ma ahan waxa laga yaabaa in ay dhaqaado oo Dalkaas Degen ayaa la isugu iman kadibna kuwa kale la raadin' Yet, history had shown that the world powers and even African Union member nations never sided with Somalia on any issue. When Ethiopia was under communists America gave Somalia only defensive weapons for fear of Somalia attacking Ethiopia. We are all well aware that Kenya isn't in Kismaayo to fight Al-Shabaab, because, Kenya never suffered any attacks from Al-Shabaab before their invasion in 2011. That is why we always say that a national government is necessary to test the waters early and see what had been planned. It is very hard to expose these plans while we are battling Al-Shabaab and among ourselves. No nation is more strategic than Somalia today. We got 13 blocks of oil jjust on the shores between Mudug and Kismaayo (each block could produce a million barrel a day) . Uranuim in central Somalia, and well known deposits from Berbera to Zaylac. As America withdraws from these useless wars of the middle east , these region and the sea lanes of the Red sea will be indispensable. The trend in world affaires show that the gulf including the Saudis may collapse sooner than we think. Those who have traditional institutions like Tunisia, Algeria and even Iraq might survive, but the gulf with illegitimate rulers might collapse within. Two weeks ago, the personal body guard of King Salmaan was shot dead by so called dispute from another guard or friend. He was the son of the Suldaan of Asir tribe. These are one of the main tribes that dominate the national guard and military. As we speak his tribe is agitating for revenge. Palace gossip says that the body guard general of the king was present when the king admonished Salmaan Jr. and threatened to replace him with his brother Khalis if doesn't control his recklessness. Some say in order to silence the guard and keep the secret inside he ordered one of his guys to shoot and kill the guard. The same guard was killed few days later for murder. Conventional wisdom says as the gulf Arabs go down Somalia might rise. A reasonable Somali should cut their ties and create a new partnership with the rest of the world especially Asia where technology, economy, trade and power is shifting. Bold steps are needed to move Somalia forward. The Mogadishu quagmire can not be allowed to continue. The national capital should me move to small manageable town like Baraawe, Jowhar or Garoowe. …………...and
  2. At the same time, it is not Somali culture to insult Somali ladies. please apologize and move on.
  3. Waryaa Amigos, Horta nin weyn la yidhaahdo been baad sheegaysaa. Waa ceen dhaqanka Suuban ee reer Somailand. If Duriyada fought and were part of Futuhul Habash, that is good news. Waan soo dhawaynayaa. I said , I was brought up as Ahmed gurey been an adali man , and despite what historian write , it doesn't change the fact that the man was Adali Sultnate man.
  4. Che, Hadalka waad dhamaysay. This men were fighting for the Islam--period. There is a big difference fighting for your tribe or for a nation or the whole Ummah. I don't need to debate these kids from the war zones.
  5. Adeer, I do take with grain of salt in any copy pasted books which everyone can falsify these days. I have also seen books and documents that I read ten years ago appearing in the internet with totally falsified pages while deleting the original. didn't I say while ago that you are a master on these tricks. I can assure you that in official records there is no such thing as Habar Magada with any connections in Zaylac , Harar or the Adal wars that stretched from 1500-1600. The Magaado are hawd people whose land is west of Hargeisa to Sanaag mountains. These wars took place between Zaylac, Harar, Diredhabe Afar zone and reached south of Lake Tana in Coffa. Why would somebody whose home is Togdheer , Sanaag and Saaxil, and reaching Ceelka Hargeisa for the last 300 years or so, would associate themselves with what was taking place in the Zaylac coast and Harar ? In the Adal wars, The Somalis were aided by other Muslims like the Afar, ottoman Hararis, and other ethnics. We have known about Ahmed Gurey not because I. M Lewis wrote in 1980, but, it was passed to us by generations of people throughout the ages. Walaahi I knew who he was when I was a child 40 years ago. We even knew which sub clan of Awdalite he was. He is Abrayn, Maxamed Case, from Zaylac coast where his brethren still today. Neither You not others quoting foreigners will change our mind. You know the distance between Burco and Zaylac. Ahmed Gurey is a son of Adal Sultanate. I have seen other Somalis claiming as one of their, but never heard about the Hargeisa and Togdheer Habro claim him. If that is the case, Why not claim the Adal Sultanate to be yours?. Wakhti ha iska lumnin Axmed Guray waa la yaqaanaa oo haddi aad u baahato aftirsiimadiisa yaan kuu soo raadin.
  6. Che, people in Jigjiga will tell you that the man stays indoors in his palace 24/7. He ventures for photo op once a month. He is more interested in Addis and the national issue than local issue. The Canfar issue is also related to Djibouti politics, yet Cagjar never met or addressed these with the Canfar leadership.
  7. Cali Khaliif is not a poor man who would go for major diseases like kidney issues to Mogadishu. He can afford to go to Dubai like most Somalis who have money. Let us wait for the real news. One thing is for sure, the Reer Woqoyi are the biggest engines of the Farmaajo government as we speak. Jamal, Bayle , deputy premier Khadar, Maareeye, and others are shining at the moments. I do not want to brag but the Reer Woqoyi has certain swagger to do things and might be more serious in life than most southern politicians. Also Farmaajo has huge support from certain segments of the Reer Woqoyi at the moment. I would advise Farmaajo to give the major security posts to the pro-union Reer woqoyi if want to succeed and ditch the do nothing and sqaubelling D and Hag blog.The Kacaan could have moved an inch without the able men of the North. Ismaaciil Cali Abokor, Ahmed Saleebaan Dafle, Muusr Rabiile, Ahmed Sillanyo, Cumar Carte, Mohamed Hawaadle Madar, and many other moved mountains and made the Kacaan achieve major things from 1969-1977. It was Abdirisaaq Haji Huseen who aided the northern class in a big way when in 1964 he changed the working language to only English which made the north the best civil servants. The grieving Reer Woqoyi would never mention this . but it changed the landscape in favour ofv the north. Imagine an exam for pilots and engineering heading for Germany in in 1967 were the Reer Woqoyi won 26 out of 28. Can you imagine the injustice, because the test was administered in English. The Southern elite is more educated today than ever before, yet, my pro northern bias leads to me that they might not be serious men for the national project. Suldaanka iyo Xertiisu waxay yidhaahdaan Motoorkii baan qaadanay, qolftiina koonfur ayaan uga tegnay. So Farmaajo should bring back the brain. Wax baa lakarinayaa baan u malaynayaaye bal aan sugno.
  8. After the defeat of the Italians and the formation of SYL , most of the ongoing events were non violent, civil disobedience and grassroot organizing and awakening of Somalis for self rule like most of the continent and around the world. The visit of the UN delegation in Mogadishu was assumed to be a life changing event that Somalis and those pro-independence were willing to show their streigh. While the British were in charge, the Italians were still in control of many civil administrative offices. The Xaawo Taako event was probably the deadliest event in Mogadishu and the Italian Somaliland after the end of Lafoole war. It was the single biggest death of Somalis for freedom for the last 30 years after the war to resist Italian landing in Somalia. While Siyaad Barre could have been trained by the Italian police and administration, the Kacaan under Siyaad Barre had decimated the Italians. The military government took over Italian owned big farms , nationalized major banks owned by the ITalians (Banco di Roma, Napoli) and nationalized major industries. So, to assume a socialist and nationalist Somalia of nineteen seventies would promote and resurrect a pro Italian woman is illogical. On a final note, Ahmed Gurey is not Oromo but member of Adal community. I know every Somali clan might claim , but those of us from Awdal know even his sub sub clan ' Abrayn' from Zatylac area. Please, don't bury the only major heroes Somalis have in history : Ahmed Gurey and Sayid Mohamed. Saaxiib Taariikhdu mabilaaban 1981, we have been in the horn of Africa for thousand years.
  9. I do not buy the propaganda of the British archives.To assume a European power will favour locals from a white man is wrong. Despite their different interests, a white Italian in Africa can not be killed in a riot by dozens (44) in 1950. It is impossible. It could be that most of the dead could be Somalis from two different sides. I am just writing these things from my own early knowledge of history. If one want to revision some vof these facts, you need more research than just copy pasting colonial propaganda.
  10. Suldaan, What we know is some people call that event the Italian riot. It is also a fact that there were counter demonstration from pro independence Somalis. In my opinion, the English clips that people quote are inaccurate. Despite being defeated , the Italians were a white race inside Africa, and to accept 40 Italians could be killed by the British is impossible in 1950. I do not want to state inaccurate or unsubstantiated news here, but that death toll must be debated,
  11. The Amhara made a big mistake. They should have just talked the big talk and agitate without showing their card. THey couldn't even find enough people to organize in Addis, hence they tried to bus people from Bahir Dar. Now Kemant people and others are rising within their KIlil. All those people we thought to be amhara had suddenly became other ethnic minorities. I think Cagjar will probably be sacked a soon as the Amhara issue is fixed.
  12. Xaawo Taako was one of those leading the counter demonstration of the Italians and their supporters. These were pro independence Somalis who died defending their country. There is no dispute on that. Yet, the Southern part of the anti Italian struggle is omitted from most of the history. THe Biyo Maal revolt was one of the biggest wars in the south which continued until 1913. THe Lafoole decisive battle in 1924 that gave the Italian victory and decimated the freedom fighters is not well known among Somalis, although a secondary school was named Sheikh Hassan Barsame in Mogadishu. Or the Cumar Samatar guerrilla war in MUdug. The truth is despite their heroic pro-independence galvanization of Somalis from Jigjiga to Mogadishu, at the end the SYL chose Italy to administer the Italian Somaliland rather than the British who were controlling most of the Somali territory from Jigjiga yo Wajeer 1941-1950. The SYL feared the fast British power in the globe , yet it was under the British that these pro independence civic organizations were formed. On the other side, some historians , said that SYL along with the ADM connected with the Italians to deny the British to lead the south during the UN mandate. In return, the British became furious and gave reserve area to Ethiopia and handed NFD to Kenya, That is the real debate non Xaawo Taako.
  13. A Sanbaloolshe, the former National Intelligence Service chief was transformed from a mere warlord working for Ethiopia in late nineties to civil servant, ambassador and top intelligence chief by consecutive Somali leaders. When he was appointed to be the intelligence chief, many people asked his qualifications to head one of the most important job of the nation--national intelligence. Abukar Armaan, foreign policy analyst and former Somali envoy in Washington, said, ' he is qualified as his predecessors, no experience, yet he has enthusiasm to take action without strategic objectives, plus previous failures. He was sacked by the former prime minister for abuse if power and negligence. In fact, those strategic failures caused the deadliest truck bomb probably in the history of the world. 500 innocent civilians were killed after a truck bombed in one of the most busiest intersections in Somalia. Some even put the death toll higher while hundreds were wounded. While these tragedy was happening he was in Nairobi sipping tea in one of those lush Hotels. Before that blood even dried , consecutive bombs had blown people in Mogadishu while he was again in Nairobi. As people questioned his capacity to detect these issues, prime minister Khayre fired him. This was the same intelligence chief who abducted a Somali citizen--Qalbi Dhagax --and handed him to Ethiopia without due process. This man should never have been in charge of anything of that magnitude while he was accused of being spy of Ethiopia. According to Ethiopian intelligence files made public by Abiy Ahmed government, he along many others was a paid spy of Ethiopia. Because of his incompetence hundreds have died, yet he is here again lecturing us how the nations power structure ought to be managed. He is trying as low as possible in order to get noticed. The Somali people have come a long way for tribal chauvinists like Sanboloolshe to get a hearing. Couple that with Muuse Suudi, who shelled Bakaara market in daylight and when people said who was that , ' Ateey Igaaraakaa madfaca doo tuuray aniga waaye , Musse Yalaxow ayaa la i dhahaa' That was how he entered the scene. You murder people, you fail, yet you can still hold court. Only in Somalia. Both of these two should be hiding. If you can't accept Farmaajo to rule because of his clan, then we the people' will not allow others which could be a sad case for Somalis. This are not nineties.
  14. One one side, He is saying everybody should be allowed to come back to Mogadishu, yet it is the so called 'Jabhado' who destroyed the city. He feels guilty that his bunch haven't done anything toward peace for 30 years. On the issue of Somaliland , he is courting the votes of the Reer Woqoyi in Mogadishu for his boss Hassan Sheikh. It is all about the votes, yet if he keeps pushing for secession, he might not get the votes of those who might support ' Wadahadalka Somaliland' ' but reject the breakup of the country. Or he could be broke and looking some dough from either side.
  15. Mt. Ducaale assumes that this region is another Kenyan county. Everyone who is present today has crossed a line, especially the former presidents Hassan Sheikh and Shariif Ahmed. THey became the weak guests of a feast organized by foreign government in their own countries. Xaflad Keenya ku soo diyaarisay dalkoodii gudahiisa ayey marti ka noqdeen. Farmaajo, heshiis gal oo isdhiib ama hawshan ka jawaab. Labadaa wax ka dhaxeeya ma jirto.