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  1. The latest news is C/rahman Shakuur, Khayre and even Shariif Ahmed are vying to be members of parliament. Shariif might want to be in the chamber just in case if he loses. That tells you something.
  2. Well, this is the typical northern talking point about the union and the so called 'If". Yet, here were are not debating 1988 or even 1980, but 20 years earlier in the summer of 1967 . At the time Somalinimo and Somali nationalism was in its height. Getting back NFD was active, before the Arusha accord was signed , we had minor war with emperor Heile Salasie in 1964 , and Djiboutians were encouraged to get rid of the French rule. So, There were no apparent Somali failure then. That decision was made by the precolonial tribes and the Afar who feared the Somali domination. Even today, after 45 years, Djibouti has 60% unemployed population with highest cost of living in the world. Djiboutians could be in heaven on earth today if they get a cheap electricity in 50 degree heat and basic water. The whole nation serves less than 300 families. One might be even nostalgic of the French era were inflation was less than 1% a year. You might say their decision in 1977 to be a sovereign was fine , but the decision was made earlier when Somalia was democratic and goal oriented.
  3. Faisal Roobe exposed himself and fired his gun without even checking the facts. I want to say few things about the CJ chain of restaurant owners. I have friends with some of the family who own them, and I was in Kampala few years ago as a guest. In Uganda , they are called Javax Cafe dominating the high end food business in the city. They have been in the business for 40 years starting from zero , and I can tell you that they are not the kind of people who will throw away $10,000 let alone a quarter a million. When you earn your money legally and through hard work every penny has a value. Mr. Rooble went to a law blow by smearing an honest family who has nothing to do with the corrupt KIsmaayo selection. Furthermore, every Cali and Omar from the greedy D block believes that they have a place and seat in Jubbaland which unacceptable in the real world. Faisal Rooble clan doesn't have enough number to elect a city council in Jubbaland let alone a senator, yet they have been rewarded with that seat thanks to the campaign Faisal Rooble waged for Ahmed Madoobe. When that seat went to someone else this time around he is crying like a baby. And one more thing, the other Mr No Cabdi Ismaciil Samatar is seeking a seat at the senate while being carried by Oday Cabdi Haashi. The problem is he won't getting any seat from us Awdaltes. Let Candi Hashi give him one of the seats from west Hargeisa.
  4. They can have a regional bank for investment to give loans to companies and finance regional development projects. The regional government might give money to the bank and ask him to manage and few other things. Yet, the idea of regional bank managing currency and the markets has nothing to do with a regional administration. Puntland probably knows how the world works, although these fools might not consult their own experts. So, in my in my opinion, these boys have some future ideas for this bank. First, they might have no hope for the future functioning Somali government and as usual might continue their old ways of printing money, or as many suspect, they might bad ideas that I do not want to say here yet.
  5. Although most Somalis have not gained anything meaningful in terms of stable and functioning state or long term peace for the last 30 years , and the people who died and those who were killed by suicide bombers and other horrible means out number 10: 1 compared to those who suffred before 1991, still there are some who think they might have reached top of the mountain. I understand here in SOL there are some who genuinely fear an Ethiopian hegemony of Amara by any name regardless of the leader, yet I have a feeling that some Somalis, who in their deluded mind think they have gained something through the TPLF, are cheering for their return. Aren't we supposed to flow the money and judge Abiy Ahmed by his actions toward the republic and that criteria should trump any other card?. The man has shown to respect the unity and territorial integrity of Somalia and so far has kept his word. The horn of Africa economic integration which Abiy Ahmed is spearheading could lift millions out of poverty and create wealth for the business-oriented Somalis who sit on the largest coast of Africa. Furthermore, the unity, freedom and visibility of the Ethiopian Muslims has increased under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed. You will be amazed how many women wearing Hijaab are seated in the parliament or within the cabinet including Somalis. Addis Abbaba has elected its first Somali member of parliament which is historic in its nature. So, Somali republic and Muslims are both fairing well under Abiy led Ethiopia. Bal hadaba geel jiruhu muxuu rabaa? So what is the wondering and unprincipled nomad is after? I understand that the separatists want to maintain their fake secession ideology and buy more time. Certainly they do not favor a unity focused Ethiopia, I also understand the likes of C/raxman Faroole who accused Farmaajo siding with two war mongers which means he is hurting for the loss of the TPLF, and longing for those trips to kilometre 4 in Addis (Arat Kilo). Yet, how what about Djibouti and those in Somali Galbeed cheering for the TPLF. Here is one called Dal Jire cheering for the TPLF day in and day out. The chances are Djibouti dictator Omar Geelle might not even survive five more years despite many parasites from Hargeisa cheering for the despot. Wise people will tell you before Somalia collapsed , some of the major signs were people within the big cities despised each other ( Dadku way is naceen). When you see your illiterate neighbor ridding his ill-gotten Landcruiser and flashing money, you will wait the moment thing go south and the chances are they will begin the rampage from their neighbor. Djibouti is at that stage. At the moment , police can beat you up and torture you because they are the only ones with the gun. When the Ethiopian conflict brings guns to Djibouti the ruling clan will be confronted and things could get ugly. I see headline like 'Somali-Afar conflict in Djibouri'. Yet, despite the bandwagon Omar Geele joined lately in order to take advantage of the Somali anarchy to prolong his reign and monopolize trade routes to Ethiopia, , Djibouti rejected being Somali, and the Jesus community had forfeited their Somalinimo in 1967 in favor of clan power. When the referendum took place in Djibouti in March of 1967, the French claimed that those who were in favor of French staying in Djibouti won poll despite the vote rigging. Then In the summer heat of 1967, after the vote, the French identified that those from Awdal community were the leading voices of the independent movement, thus they deported 10,000 people from the French Somaliland and many had died in the desert. Imagine with the Somali population of 40,000, 25% of them were thrown out. Trucks lined up in neighborhoods and without notice loaded their belongings and crossed the border. From 1977-1991 Somalis were restricted and deported for entering Djibouti while Ethiopians just jumped on the train. After the referendum, the French removed the Somali name and called it the ' the territory of Affar and Issa' . He gave people ethnic and tribal cards with Afar being 01, Jesus community 02 and Awdal community 03. The Jesus community along the Afar welcomed this name change and discarded the French Somaliand. In the last 40 years the Afar never hurt any Somali in Djibouti or in Ethiopia. Of course there are nomadic skirmishes between them and the Jesus community like any other, but they lived peacefully with the Somalis for a long time. In Djibouti the intermarriage is complete and today Afar girls wear Somali dresses like the 'Dirac" . Furthermore, they don't only border the Jesus community in Ethiopia, but also Karanle and Gurgure in northern border sof Diredawa with zero conflict. They have waged a war against Omar Geelle , and in 1991 all Somalis in Djibouti including those without proper document were recruited to fight and stop their advance after they were promised citizenship cards. After the war all of those starved in Djibouti with zero help. But this time around, no one is dying to defend the despot, Omar Geelle. I heard Muuse Biixi is recruiting soldiers from Somaliland to defend Geelle while promising them a Djibouti passport. So, some of us will not buy the Somali vs Afar conflict in Djibouti framed by the despots and others who do not understand the game. Now, the Afar people are dying and fighting the TPLF who want to control the trade routes. Two weeks ago the TPLF massacred hundreds of Afar who refused to go along, and now Omar Geelle is fueling war in Siti region of Somali Galbeed with unnecessary deaths from both community for barren and desert like villages. It is true that the Afar had killed civilians in that region last week including women and children, and we strongly condemn them for their brutal actions. The issue of the Somalis inside the Afar region border could be either resolved by joining the Somali region through referendum if they are the majority or have their rights within the Afar administration who are fellow Muslims and nomads with similar culture. Somalis can not force the issue and relocate their villages within the Afar by force. Afar ima Xukumayso caqli ma ahan Yet, this is not the time for Somalis in Siti to confront or fight the Afar who are trying to fend of the the TPLF attacks. Omar Geelle is part of the coalition that want to destabilize Ethiopia and overthrow Abiy Ahmed. According to reliable reports, when the TPLF reached the Addis-Djibouti Highway, they clandestinely transferred many family members of the top TPLF leadership family members dressed as Somali/Afar and reached Djibouti. Joining the coalition to defeat Farmaajo doesn't cost Omar Geelle much, but to join the coalition against Abiy will not only cost Geelle, but the price will be very high for the people of Djibouti. Furthermore, some Somali youths in the region had blocked the train and the highway from Djibouti which is the lifeline of Ethiopia. This will not only hurt Ethiopia, but also damage the Djibouti economy. According to international reports, the TPLF has looted close to $20 billion dollars from the Ethiopian coffers and transferred to Djibouti, Sudan and Somaliland. Some of the money were American money allocated for the war on terror. Cabdi Illey used to transfer millions through a Somali Hawala called Kaah which has collapsed since the fall of the TPLF lost power. Also, major share of the money came from the engineering and weapons company led by the TPLF which sold arms to countries and entities in the region including Somaliland and Puntland. Those money were pocketed directly by the TPLF crooks. The Ethiopian intelligence believe that most of that money is active in foreign capitals to buy access and fuel the media campaign targeted against the Abiy government. Now, again what do the pro TPLF nomads want? It is hard to get all the answers, but in my humble opinion, they fear the reversal of the regressive clan order they have gained with the help of Mengistu in the eighties and through TPLF in since 1991. Furthermore, some might fear that other anti TPLF clans who were inaccessible to that regime might get some help and travel the same route as they did three decades ago. No wonder , I see Somalis some lamenting for the departure of the TPLF. Finally, Omar Geelle has punched above his trying to control corrupt allies from Mogadishu, Garoowe, Hargeisa and Nairobi, but this time around he is biting more than he can swallow and might even bring his demise.
  6. Maakhiri, The Taliban already knows they can not rule by force. They do not want another civil war. So, they should negotiate in good faith with other Afghans and the current government to establish national government. Certainly they are a powerful movement, but no mistake about, that they are based in Bashtun tribal land mostly. Remember , the Islamic court union were sweeping the land inhabited by HAG mostly, but they were rejected in Puntland, and the South west. I am not saying Turkey could defeat them, but unless they negotiate with others, they couldn't rule by force. Furthermore, as Erdogan mentioned, Turkey needs a UN mandate and full diplomatic cover from America to protect them from future legal problems.
  7. We are already fragmented. Let the 'Af Maay be the Lingua franca of Bay, but I wouldn't encourage for higher education because of the scarce resources. In terms of the exams, let the best win just like Olympics. Let the , South west be the champions. they deserve.
  8. wHat in the world, Somalis dying to defend Amhara. THey claim to be 25 million, yet they can not defend from Tigray. Heck, the whole Ethiopia of 100 million can not defend 5 million determined Tigray. In 1977, the world was in awe about 5 million Somalis defeating the thousand years old 40 million Ethiopian empire and taking a third of the country. It is all about attitude and courage. We used to listen the nationalist songs of that era. When Khadra Daahir said" Curyaan baratan raadsaday waa gumeysi cudud iyo caqli aan lahayno nin ka cooba weyn raba in uu caydhasho oo raro. The arrogance of the Amhara has no limits. In those days we compared him like a handicap person trying to race sprints by trying to oppress Somalis. Ah times had changed.
  9. 'Taliban should end the occupation of Afghanistan'. While on his way to Cypress this week, president Erdogan has almost threatened the Taliban forces hell bent to take the power by force. It was during the NATO summit that US president Biden asked Erdogan to station Turkish troops to protect Hamid Karzai airport and keep diplomatic access to the country. While Turkey was part of the NATO mission in Afghanistan, its soldiers never took part in any combat mission in the country. They were there mostly for logistical help. A usual , the Taliban spokesman threatened Turkey and warned the consequences of any foreign troops remaining in the country after the departure of the Americans and NATO. Yet, despite the huge media propaganda that is anticipating the total collapse of the Afghan government, the Taliban are not invincible. Their total force is between 15,000--20,000, and even if you add the part time civilian and Bashtun tribes men mobilized from the countryside, they don't even reach 75,000 . Like most extremist forces, they use fear and intimidation to achieve total submission of the an armed population. It is not secret that the Taliban campaign are aided by proxy forces in the region, mainly Pakistan, Russia and China. The Pakistanis are very wary of an Afghan government allied with India in which the later aids separatists in Baluchistan and fomenting uprising among the Pakistani Bashtunes who live in the tribal north west regions of the country. In fact, the Pakistanis were always guarded against the Afghan leadership since 1947 when the Afghan king voted against the Pakistani independence at the UN after the partition with India. On the other side, it is an open secret that the Chinese had supported the Taliban campaign . I read that rather than give weapons to the Taliban which might expose the Chinese involvement, they offered money to buy weapons from Russia, and other Afghan soldiers, while Russia was open in its proxy war to defeat America and force its withdrawal. Afghanistan has a tradition of luring cold war rivals and empires . Everyone rushes with hubris and haste and leaves the same way they entered. No wonder the call the grave yards of empires. For starters, America doesn't want a Vietnam style collapse of the Afghan government and throw away all the sacrifices it did for the last 20 years. Thus, with help of Turkey, coupled with Qatar and Pakistan, it could not only keep the Taliban from overrunning Kabul, but also keep out the new cold war rivals China and Russia. Even the Taliban have realized by now that they can not take over the whole country by force without triggering a new civil war. The Taliban, despite taking over hostile districts of the north, their leadership knows that they can not defeat Tajik minorities who have border access with the Tajikistan , Uzbeks and those who live in Herat province bordering Iran. Uzbek strongman C/Rashid Dustam has already met the Turkish leadership and will pose a threat to the Taliban. After all the Taliban have no more legitimacy than anyone of those who have men and weapons to impose their on the people. Their regime might have been overthrown by US in 2001, but they were not elected then and now. Marching and imposing their will to the people couldn't work in 2021. It is the main reason Erdogan is calling the Taliban to stop occupying their Afghan brothers. Furthermore, we have witnessed the defeat of Khalifa Hifter of Libya who wanted to overthrow the UN recognized government by force. Despite its weakness, the current Afghan government could be replaced by agreed upon coalition government , Taliban included. In today's news the Taliban spokesman demanded that the president Ashraf Ghani to step down and pave the way for a new inclusive government while accusing Ghani as war monger who called war against the Taliban during his Eidul Adha speech. Mr. Shaheen said 'there must be an agreement on a new government that is acceptable to the Taliban and to other Afghans. If that happens, he insisted, “there will be no war.” That is a totally different statement than the usual Taliban hubris of threatening everyone. This spokesman had even moderated his threat against Turkey lately. He said, ' they want to have good relations with Turkey" These trio of Turkey, Qatar and Pakistan could moderate the Taliban militants and create an inclusive and agreed upon government in Afghanistan. While Pakistan has tied its future economy and development with China with massive $65 billion Pakistan China Economic Corridor (CPEC) investment from China, it could cooperate with Turkey to avoid a new civil war. The soon the Taliban realize that they cannot rule Afghanistan by force without no excuse of fighting foreign occupation, the better the chances of agreeing with a coalition government. The current president, with questionable second mandate obtained through unfair election, must give way to a new group of leadership. To keep the threat of force on the table, Turkey could deploy their world renown drones at Bagram airport to deter any Taliban misadventure to threaten the airport. Also, unlike American pilots who are famous for shooting the wrong targets like Weddings and other civilian targets, Turkish forces had proven to exclusively target military and militant targets. Just compare between the Syrian town of Raqqa and Afrin. One is devastated to the stone age while Afrin is almost intact. With Turkey taking over Afghan rebuilding, the Turkic silk road of the 13th century will be active again. With a 40 million population and huge concentration of Rare Earth Elements (REE) , Afghanistan could be the center of trade in central Asia. This nation has borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan and China. It seems everything goes through them. With successful Afghan peace , Turkey could become the indispensable nation of Asia minor and central Asia.
  10. MMA, That is a big news. Dalmar didn't mention the SNA in these operations. Guul xooga dalka.
  11. You might be correct in your assessment on the news. I don't flow most news unless something big happens, yet I was hearing pit and peaces of news about Al-shabaab taking over here and there in Galnudug. Last month they took Dhaghaye village in Hobyo, then Ceelheeri, and Wasil . THere were even skirmishes in near Dhuusamareeb. This week I heard Saadiq John leading forces against Al-shabaab .Why the sudden reemergence of these groups in Mudug lately ? I hope they keep liberating and keeping out the extremists for their own good and for the country.In terms of bias, we all got some.
  12. Xaaji, Al-shabaab can't take over Mogadishu. They have more chances to occupy Galmudug if the internal disagreements of HG continues. Even Bay/Bakool region is getting better. Today Al-shabaab strongholds are Shabeelaha Dhexe and Middle Jubba.Yet, unless the Somali security forces takes over ports, airports and even Villa-Somalia, the withdraw talks are just meaningless.
  13. I think the TPLF has its sight on the Djibouti-Ethiopia corridor. The TPLF already took over couple of districts. Just like the former Derg of Mengistu, Abiy is throwing to the fire untrained Oromo and other militia who have law moral to fight the Tigray rebels. Where is the Ethiopian army?. It seems all the special forces and trained members were Tigray. Oromo Liberation Front in the west are also very active. The TPLF so far had ignored to go west to the Sudanese border, maybe they want to divert most Ethiopian forces to the east and then move there after.
  14. I think you have a point. The Somali police and those who are manning major places like airports are not up to the task or could be infiltrated by the enemy. A guy in Halane told me that the Ugandans at the check points are very serious and meticulous in their checking of vehicles and people. He said, we just passed a check point forgot something , and we turned around. They flowed the same protocol although the people and the vehicle were the same. Also , you have a lot of people who were deputized and joined rhe security service . THese people have blood in their hands and couldn't be trusted to sensitive security.