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  1. Salam to all. Our diet needs to be changed, it's mostly full of carbohydrates, do not eat the 3B on a regular basis: Bariis, Baasto, Baradho, lol.The best diet for people advised by Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) is to eat less meat in summer, it's harmful for your health, and eat it more in winter times. Stop mixing meat and poultry,I'm sure y'all know the Somali plate in parties, bariis,suqaar,one leg of chicken, salad, and banana.Chicken is digested much faster than meat,have pity on your stomack !!! Also do not eat fruits right after your meal (u know the banana and the likes). Add veggies to your vocabulary, and y'all be fine.
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    Assalamu caleykum, Kool_Kat, may Allah cure your aunt. Put his trust in Him
  3. Assalamu Caleykum, the topic about Ataturk's marriage law was already posted by brother Nur, but the topic quickly digressed, lol. So brother Nur,I never got to read your opinions about this , as well as everybody else's, but since you invited me to do so, let's start by a quick reminder of the selected articles you shared with us. ------------------------------------------------- Nomads Looking back into the past of modern Turkey, it can provide a rare glimpse of the laws of the last Islamic Caliphate in Turkey, known as the Ottoman Empire. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk who overthrew the Islamic Caliphate in Turkey to install a secular government was unable to wipe out all of Islamic Caliphate's legal influence ( Sharia Law ) from appearing in his new Secular Turkish Law, below are some selected interesting articles of Ataturk's Marriage Law: 1. Voluntary Marriage age begins at 18 and ends at 25, anyone who doesn't marry by 25, will be forced to marry. 2. If a person claims an exemption from marriage duty after age of 25 due to sickness, the person will be sent to medical check up, if sickness is curable, the marriage will be delayed till the person is healthy, if the sickness is permanent, the person will be exempted from marriage. 3. If a married man travels to another town for residence for few years to work or for any other legitimate duty, and he can not take his wife with him, he must inform the local government in the new town he resides the reason that he is alone without his wife, if he is financially able to marry another local woman, the new local government will force him to marry a local woman, when his duty is completed and he has to return, he must take his new wife back and reside with both of his wives in same locality. 4. If a man refuses to marry after age of 25 without any legitimate excuse, he will be fined 25% of his income to be deposited in the agricultural Bank to help marriage costs of poor peasants as a gesture of kindness. 5. Any married man who travels to another town for any reason who was being subjected to article #3, if he can't marry again in the new locality, he will pay 15% of his income to be spent according to article #4, and after 2 years, he will be forced to take his wife with him on his business travels. 6. Any man who fails to marry after age 25, will be dealt according to article #4, he will not be eligible for government job and benefits and can not be elected to office and he can't take a public responsibility. 7. Any married man older than 50 years, with only one wife, and who is able and capable, physically and financially to marry another woman, will be forced to marry another woman as a fair contribution for civic duty, if he is unable with good reason, he has to support orphans and the children of the poor, and to help their education and bringing up as per his financial ability. 8.Any man who marries before age of 25 and before compulsory military service age, shall serve two years in case of war. As for the man who marries after the age of military service, he shall serve 3 years. 9. Anyone who marries during the voluntary age ( 18-25) and who is poor, who owns no property, he is entitled to a grant of 150 - 300 Dunam ( 1 Dunam = 930 Square Meters of land) closest to his residence, the title of the land to be given immediately after marriage. 11. Anyone who marries during voluntary age (18-25) who has no mature brother who can assist his elderly parents, is qualified for a deferment of military service, and if a woman marries and she has no brother who can assist her elderly parents, she is entitled to the deferment of her husband from military service. 13. University students are allowed to defer marriage until after graduation. 14. Any man who does not have a legitimate job and who reached the age of 25 without getting married and his social status is immoral, he will be warned, and given a year to find a decent job, if he fails, he will be forcefully recruited to be a government laborer. Signed Mustafa Kamal Ataturk October 21st, 1922 Anatolia , Turkey. Translation from Arabic text by eNuri Transemantix 2010 eNuri Comparative Law Digest Islam is the science of the Living -Spiritually! ----------------------------------------------- Let's start by saying that marriage is a religious duty blessed by Allah to regulate our desires and establish families. Our religion allows marriage to happen as soon as a person becomes physically mature. Marriage is by definition a "voluntary union" between a man and a woman, which is why I do not agree with Ataturk's marriage law stating that whoever is not married passed the age of 25 should be forced to marry. Our prophet Muhammad (SAW) even frowned upon forced marriages for they do not bring any benefits. In fact, I believe that any man or woman should voluntarily come forward and talk to the leaders of their respective communities about finding spouses, if shyness is a barrier, making suggestions is even better. Marriage is not only an agreement,but one should not take it lightly, since it's a total commitment. It requires understanding the demands it carries,and sometimes one can mature passed the age of 25. Early marriages are always the best, but in the course of the lives we live,the studies we do,or the careers we strive for, marriages are often delayed, and that's normal. Allah knows best the right time for each of us to marry,for He is the one who chooses our companions. The article 6 Any man who fails to marry after age 25, will be dealt according to article #4, he will not be eligible for government job and benefits and can not be elected to office and he can't take a public responsibility. is unethical, because a government who has its citizens's best interests will have to hire its citizens regarding of their marital status. No human being to whom Allah gave the freedom of choice should be forced to marry as a contribution for civic duty (refer to article 7), I think it's pure blackmail. I'm not sure of how much Ataturk got inspired by the sharia of the Ottoman caliphate or added things of his own. Which brings the question if the sharia of the last islamic caliphate was conformed to the true Islam, considering that Muslims are being divided in so many branches until the day of this dunia. False interpretations are rampant. Well brother Nur, I'm not sure what social solutions Al-Shabab can learn from this, except citizens helping out each other, but that is common sense, it's the basis of our religion. But when it comes to forcing marriages that should be a big NO-NO. What are your opinions Solers ? What's your take brother Nur ?
  4. Assalamu Caleykum .I felt the vibrations coming from the kitchen, and for a second I thought my neighbours were getting their kitchen sink fixed,lol but then the entire apartment shook, I was like Im must be dreaming. Those few seconds reminded me of Allah right away ! I just had to think about what happened in Kobe,Japan, it was far more serious.
  5. I was stuck with a sick person when I could have had a health spouse. I'm assuming you are married Khayr,unless I'm wrong. If you are married, then there's nothing you could've done about it, calaaf is calaaf, everything is a trial in this dunya, but what happens to love for better or for worse ? May Allah makes it easy for you.
  6. And to think this topic started with a photoshopped badhi humm. Not only Somalis, but Africans in general considered big derrieres to be beautiful, a woman looking like this symbolizes health and wealth and the guarantee of bearing children to odega wareersan. Faraax with chopstick legs + xalimos with big bosoms = awesome combination
  7. Juxa, canjeelo iyo malab ?kkkk. I would rather prefer canjeelo combined with timir,muqmad (dried meat),1 tablespoon subaag, iyo shaah caano leh.
  8. Assalamu Caleykum, advising people always backfires, lol, I always know that, but it's the first signs of hypocrites described by all prophets: getting unconfortable with the truth. My advices were geared towards both genders, I don't know why would men feel left out.But considering women give birth to the ummah, I find it bizarre that I'm even asked this question. I don't need to be in love or close to getting married to give such advices, Allah made us responsable to teach others, learn from each other. Any man can add their 2 cents, that's why this forum is for. Juxa, I can go and be back at any time, and talk about anything,that is my right.C'mon if I were about to talk today about food in Islam, you'd probably think I was away on a diet right ? lol. Hilarious walahi. As for cynical lady, keep being cynical and bury your head in the sand, you won't get anywhere, I merely repeating what Allah prescribed and proscribed, nothing new about it. But then again, somewhere along my advices you got hit, and I can tell you must have certain issues that you need to work on. If things were that positive can someone tell me why would there be a judgment day ? 1 of every 100 will go to Jannah,and women would make most of the residents in Hellfire. I'm sure you get the point.
  9. Assalamu Caleykum, brothers and sisters hope y'all doing great, I wasn't in SOL for years. I see some familiar names, SOL is still active, nice to see that. I decided to share my thoughts with you just like I did back then about the things that disheartened me the most in our community. I'm getting older,trying to be closer to God, my perspective on life is changing.And hopefully you will learn, become better, and share the good. One day, you will be parents,and be responsable of littles creatures . So what are you going to teach them ? Because you will be their first teachers, and so be careful, because I'm going to give you examples of things you should do/not do as parents. 1-Marriages are the work of Allah, for He is the One who chooses us partners.You can't avoid the one Allah has chosen you. So therefore parents should not blackmail their kids with the du'ua or haabar finger when it comes to marriage. Because if your kids happen to marry Chinese or white as long as they are Muslims, there's nothing you can do about it, except being happy for them. 2-Be careful not to mix religion with culture. For example I find it bizarre that mothers need to shop for the beds their daughters or sons will spend their wedding nights in. It is not an obligation, and if mothers insist,tell them it's a private matter. 3-Don't be scared of the du'ua or haabar (curse)threat used by elders to trick you. Only things meant to happen will happen, for Allah is the best Protector, so seek His protection against Djins and mankind. 4-If your marriage or love relationship fails, it's not a reason to destroy other people's lives by spreading gossips. If you are divorcing, please refrain from talking bad in front of the kids about the other parent. 5-Sometimes mothers forget religion and try to compete with other mothers to prepare their daughters' lavish weddings. Money should be spent wisely, and besides doesnt always bring happiness. Check the divorce rates. 6-Learn to respect people's times, the somali standard time is annoying, and your kids will just become you.As for weddings, the early, the better, people can't always wait. 7-Avoid bad company, because it will affect you. Stay away from people who gossip about others on a daily basis, you will end up like them. Advise them kindly, and help them. If they don't like you after that, they're not worth to stay with. Never compromise your faith for people, in the side of Allah, you're always a winner. 8-How much will cost the dowry is a private matter between the couple, parents should refrain from mingling in that. 9-Mothers please do not go to your daughter-in-law to control what kind of living rooms or curtains she should have, it's none of your business, unless she asks for it. 10-Always check the neighbours before you move in. If you live in an area filled with drugs and prostitution, think about the future of your kids first. I say this, because a lot of families live in subsidized areas, it's better to live in a private apartment if you can afford it. It might not be easy for newcomers in the beginning, but people who came 15 to 20 years ago don't have excuses,plan ahead and save to get your dream house.Can't afford it, rent an house or apartment away from bad people. Some women rather live in an subsidized area just to be close to their friends,don't and move on. Phones do exist, as well as buses to see them when you feel like it. 11-Please refrain from sharing details of your sexual lives or the lack of it with friends and families, it's distasteful and haraam. It's nobody's business to know if you or the man you love is scoring zero or not. 12-Dear sisters do not listen to your moms if they tell you that it's OK for you to sleep once in a while with your husbands, it's haraam. Just because they've done it, they think it's OK, it's their culture, and it's wrong. Unless you're sick,tired, or have your periods, you have no excuse to join your husband. I'm telling you this, because if you hold on the cookie too long, no man will stay with you forever, no matter how much he loves you. People don't talk about it,but it's a major issue that destroys even happy couples. 13-Your kids will have to learn about sex.It's easy to say there's no sex in Islam, but believe me it's an obligation to tell them what's haraam (sodomy,fellatio,masturbation, adultery,sex before marriage)and what's halal. Allah will ask you about it. 14-When raising kids, be fair to boys and girls, to Allah we are all equal. Islam never forbids household chores done by men, again it's a cultural thing to say the opposite.All prophets (saw)worked hard in the household, and regularly helped their wives, are men nowadays better than them ? 15-Somali moms like to spoil their kids with food, but not enough with wit, they need to teach the kids how to be independant. Make the kids volunteer at early age to teach them some skills. 16-Avoid going out too much, unless there's work or specific reasons. You can't see your friends everyday, if it's daily it's usually about gossip, same thing for men. Avoid talking on the phone all day long, past a certain time, don't answer phones,unless it's urgent, or long-distance. 17-People marry and don't talk to each other, some are not born romantic, but your religion is your best source of advice. Study how Prophets (saw)behaved with their wives, you will not believe how romantic they were. 18-Never spill the secrets between husbands and wives to others unless it's a mutual agreement. Sometimes couples might have financial issues, times are hard, don't go out there crying your heart out, you would be surprised by how some people would smile at your misery.Always smile, even if you want to cry, Allah knows your misery, and only Him will provide for you. 19-Always communicate with each other, even with your kids with kindness,because life is short, death is around us.Ask about each other's opinions,and listen. Wonderful memories will last forever. Conclusion: study your religion, and don't be afraid of what your parents will say, if certain things are against your religion, do not follow them. This is how you will raise offsprings and become better yourselves, yours goals should be Jannah, so plan ahead. Feel free to add ur advices.
  10. Assalamu Caleykum everyone, I missed SOL, I haven't been online for years, some of the members here are still familiar to me. I guess this section is going to be my favorite from now on. Thank you for the lessons Nur. To all the brothers and sisters think of Allah at anytime, and do it specially late at night when He is close to you to listen and to grant your wishes. So wish yourselves the good, and never the bad.
  11. Assalamu Caleykum, From a song on youtube to a total invasion of Somalia ? Wow, but nothing to be scared of Modesty. Somalia and Ethiopia are very close neighbours, I think its normal that we should wear each other's attire lol, considering that Somalis have been living in Ethiopia, and vice versa.
  12. Salam Oh! God these ads are so damn funny,I cant pick one they're all good! LOL.
  13. Salam Caleykoum, This thursday September 22th , the SSA ( Somali Student Association) is going to promote its club at the University of Ottawa. The event lasts the whole day till 4pm and its taking place at the bottom of the university centre. Come and sign up!
  14. Salam Nomads its been quite a while that I havent posted in here but I'll try to get back into it. The Somali Students Association at the University of Ottawa is organizing a picnic on September 16th at 3p.m at Stratchcona Park.It will be a great opportunity for the 1st year students to get to know this club. Any other students from Ottawa U are welcomed as well.Take care.
  15. Salam Voting for the Best Somali communities require to look out for differents aspects.This poll should have been didided into categories, which is why I didnt vote at all . Nonetheless here's my 2 cents. Job market and affordable housing : Edmonton & Calgary. Nightlife cities : Vancouver & Toronto Religious events : and O.T(As far as I know)