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  1. Maxaad qaruumaha hurdada uga soo kicineysaa yaa Ustaad Yaa Xiinfaniin, Oodweyne 13 sano ka hor ayuu sheegay in Tukarraq lagu soo fool-leeyahey, riyadaasi waa tey dhawaan rumowdey, intaasi ciidanka Qaranka re SL dhaxduu soo tukubayey
  2. Haa, waad bilowdey miyaa, they are obsessed with FB Live, the latest was a donkey put on Facebook LIVE, I wouldn't mind if it was Ajnabi Donkey, but it was a Somali born donkey, as you know, Somali cats and donkeys are very expensive in the eyes of the world, I don't even know what I am on about, it can be this angle or that angle, you decide what to choose or eat, this morning, I had Anjera Habesha for breakfast, and the usual wadani people accused me of betraying the country by paying to the Habeshi who are destroying the country. It started in Nairobi in a xaafad called Bangaani where I had a date with a Kenyan lady of Mombasa origin, life back then was simple until I enjoyed having ugali and then was accused by some people of contributing to the Kenyan economy for the destruction of NFD Somali region. Dublin is hopeless this evening, it looks ilke Yawmul Qiyaama weather wise
  3. Libaax, have you read my recent posts about Puntland economy, the thread of Galkacyo presidential palace ayaan xarash ku qabsadey. I spent there 2 months, July and August, and the state can become bankruptcy anytime now if no proper measurements are not in place, I haven't heard or seen any steps to do any efforts, the little revenue generated from the port/airports comes to the wasaarada maaliyada and ministers queue up there every morning to get their share of it, the story is long of how corruption/mismanagement is widespread there. I wouldn't blame the federal government at this stage even though they are responsible of everything, it is the the Puntland admin that failed to do anything to sustain the economy.
  4. ElPunto, that is exactly what I am saying, glad you raised them too, drivers, soldiers, army, and any other shaqaala dowlad are not being paid for many months, when I left there recently, they were not being paid, the stories I have seen personally are very series, there was this particular soldier who left his post because of lack of salary, he could not pay the house rent, and pay the basic bills of his family, so he was kicked out of the house with 4 children and wife and the shops could no longer give him credit, and now he lives with his parents, isn't that shame, the same parents that he trying top help out, this is only one of many stories. And on top of that, wasiirada and the top guys are busy building houses and buying new cars as well as going holidays while their drivers and staff can't get the 100-200 dollar a month they are entitled. If we shy away from mentioning these kind of things, how can we make any progress. Finally, Gaas waxba kama oga Puntland meel ay u socoto iyo meel ay ka socoto, the man is clueless, mind you he was my top guy and was supporting him during the campaign. I really don't know what he achieved since he took office, one of his main campaign agendas was that every soldier will get his salary on time and every month (I will have to dig the video the video when I find will post here). The final few days I was there, just telling you how some ministers don't do their job but busy with what some local radio says about Puntland, this particular radio called Sahan Radio in Graowe wrote an article about how Puntland could not afford a parade to celebrate when Puntland was founded, the minister, and he is the wasiirka warfaafinta tried to lock up the guys at Sahan Radio and close their services, what Radio Sahan wrote became true and there was nothing much being celebrated, so the story is long, it just shows how ministers got their priorities WRONG, markii dambe maxkamad ayaa soo dhax gashey and the Radio Sahan guys won the case since their argument became reality.
  5. Che, remember I wrote this a while ago back in March 2015 when the work of the airport started Earlier I said 4km, but it is in fact, 5.4km, the longest in Somalia. =========================================== Boosaaso: 5.4KM : All aircraft can land & take off, 3.4KM diyaaradaa ku carareysa(heavy one’s), the remaining 2KM are the safety/approach area, 1KM from East and 1KM to the west, or on both ends. Berbera: 4.14km: All aircraft can land, Russian spaceships used to land here Mogadishu: 3.8KM: All aircraft can land here, heavy airlines have little room for safety/approach area Kismayo: 3.68KM : All aircraft can land and take off easily, no safety area as well but job can be done easily like Mogadishu. Jigjiga: 2.5KM : Not all aircraft can land or take off, unless squeezed by experienced pilots. Hargeisa: 2.4KM: Not all aircraft sizes can land here or take off, recently, we have debated the Hargeisa airport project saga to death. So Boosaaso will have the longest runway in Somalia, the design was changed from 2.8KM to 5.4KM, this is what caused the delay, the airport manager said. ==========================================
  6. Che, as far as I know, construction of a new terminal is not included in the contract, there was no sign of a new terminal being constructed, but all this year they were busy building the runway which is 4 kilometers, and the airport will be officially opened by December this year as the officials noted, so even if they include or start building a new terminal, I doubt they can finish it by December. Renovating the current terminal will be carried out anyway before the opening ceremony.
  7. llyria, okey sxb, Putland wax musuq kama jiro, now you are very happy, intaas baad rabtaa soo ma ahan, wa kaas, ka dharag hee, sidii cayaalkaad iila hadleysaa, hadaad rabto officialska magacyadooda I told you and said to you: "waa kulligood from wasiir to agaasimo, all officials", marka qof xamaasadeysan oo oranaya yaan Puntland waxba laga sheegin wax aan kala doodaya ayaaba khalad ah marka adeer Puntland waa ceeb-ka-saliim ee sidaas ku wardi. Che, Bosaso Airport construction is going well, and the completion is getting near, I have visited the construction site, last time (2 weeks ago), the runway was complete, there is a Somali engineer that is overseeing the construction, he is knowledgeable and has great understanding of how this new airport can become a hub for the region, one of the main points he mentioned when this project gets completed is how a full transparent management system will be deployed in order to prevent any corruption.
  8. ^^ Illyria, your last post makes a lot of sense, but your previous posts are just pure xamaasad, qiiro been ah, and buufis, the fact that rest of Somalia is filled up with corruption doesn't mean Puntland will do the same, marka address and talk about what you have seen when you were there and stop hiding the reality. You ask me to name all those involved, yet you are not happy being exposed, naga daa qiirada sxb, ee runta ka hadal, you want their names, it is all officials who are corrupted, now go and find their list of names, all officials! Hadaad runta ka xishooneyso is another story!
  9. Tillamoock, you got my point, that the economy is down, refugees or not, the economy is down and is due to many factors, mismanagement being one of them, the resources are there, wax ka maqan meesha ma jiro, Gaas can't do anything about it, he is powerless, I am telling you, his orders if any are not being taken series. Laakin I can tell you also that some ministers misuse the public money and resources, instead of them doing their work and staying at their offices etc, they come to wasaarada maaliyada on daily bases taking money for whatever reasons they might have (they even send their children to collect money for shopping etc), they work very little, usually from 9am to 11am is the normal time ay caadeesteen qaarkood, and that is it, with the exception of one wasaarad I have seen that works more than full time, from 8am to 8pm, no exaggeration there, I have seen this wasaarad personally, not one day, but a whole 2 weeks I witnessed that they work so hard from 8am-8pm, had the rest of wasaarado follow suit, horumar ayaa la gaadhi lahaa in every sector. Yes, projects and other big events are taking place, but when they are completed, mismanagement again, so the cycle will continue, one only needs to visit Bosaso Port to see the level of corruption going on there, the same is true, wasaarada maaliyada in Garowe became like suuqa xoolaha where ministers and their messengers queue up there everyday. Hopefully, things will change, and my support for Gaas from day 1 was total disaster, I thought he will fight the corruption, xageed ku aragtey wasiiradiisa qaarkood oo sanad iyo badh wax ka yar joogey ay qaarkood dhisteen laba laba guri, iibsadeena saddex saddex gaadhi landcruiser ah, iska daa wasiiree, agaasimayaal ayaa laba laba baabuur maraya iyo guryo already iibsadey, and no, this is not their salary, their salary can't buy all that, these things need to stop and this money need to be invested where it is needed badly. Runta hadaan laga hadlin horumar la gaadhi maayo, qiiradana aan iska yareeno ama xamaasada.
  10. Tillamoock, I beg to differ, the economy of Puntland has flourished in the past few weeks since the arrival of Yemen refugees (returnees and yemeni originals), the economy was much worse before the arrival, the signs are everywhere that these refugees brought something with them :-) And yes, it is unique to Puntland alone, I would not compare with Somaliland by the way (which is a head of Puntland, economy wise, and many other sectors, that is another topic I guess!). I spent 2 months in both regions, and all I can say is, Puntland has a lot to catch, hopefully, the construction of the Bosaso airport will change things, and the urgent need for new port, the current one, I cannot comment on it since it is another topic as well, it is just an old fashion and cannot be described as modern day port (take a lesson from Berbera Port).
  11. This galkacyo one will go the same route as the Garowe one, they splashed multiple designs of Garowe palace before. The presidential palace in Garowe cannot be described as a palace, but rather a warehouse used for storage, I know they only built it recently, but it is in a terrible state, only one who have seen would say that, ask the locals, they will tell you that their houses are much better than the presidential palace. On top of that, it is on the edge of the city, for security reasons, they wouldn't have built it there, as one local one time said to me while I was there "It is easy for Somaliland to take over the palace because it is the first point of entry into Garowe". The UN compound is a lot better, so Gaas can take over that. Ps: Gaas is not liked in Puntland, they argue, that the economy suffered since he took office, they call him many names "Af Macaaneeye", "Jiljileece" "butleen"(the way he pronounces Puntland) and many others.
  12. He was there at Jubba xulisteedi, Galmudug xulisteedi, taa waxaa ka daran, every xulis in Xamar, be it wasiiro cusub, isku shaandheyn, xildhibaano, he has the final say, ninkani sidaan mar badan dhahney waa madaxweynaha Somalia. War maa harey hee
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    Hadii loo baahdo wadaad kala tuuro meherka yaan la i dhaafin waliba fii sabiililaahi waaye camal. MMA, loool sxbkeen Weyrax iyo abaaydeen Blue aan iskugu faataxeeno labaduba waa dadkii hore old nomads.
  14. <cite> @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:</cite> I saw the pictures of this wedding on my Facebook wall and apparently the bride is my brother's wife's daughter. Taloow maxaa isku nahnay? Waxaa isku tihiin ilmo ayeeyo if not ilmo habreed-walaalo ama ilma aayo-dumaashiyeed. Af Soomaali ahaan, your brother's wife daughter: gewerta walaalkaa uu qabo ay dhashey ay ka sii dhashey gewer, or walaalkaa naagtiis gewertooda, or dumaashidaa walaalkeed walaalkaa gewertooda ama gewerteeda ay dhashey asi intey guursan ka hor ama gewertey isla dhaleen bacdaamaa ay is guursadeen.
  15. Tallaabo, Che, and Blue, no problem at all, all Credit goes to a university in Rome, plus some other places I collected all those books, and made them into an easy place to access. For me, I liked the dictionaries, and the maths/Soomaali language books for the little one's :-) I attended the recent Hargeisa Book Fair, and made some good collections too.