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  1. Yeah I'm gonna update soon but my page is Ms_Prettyness19
  2. Yeah I'm gonna update soon but my page is Ms_Prettyness19
  3. I agree with Runaway, thats the cutest thing ever!Goodluck, and I wish i could have a story to share, but I'll wait until that day comes. I wish u the best and may u guys have the best time together! P.S. Tell us how the wedding goes!
  4. To all those that have said that white people didnt know where somalia is at, thats kind of funny, i had problems with many black americans who didnt know where it was at.But anyways, when asked that question this is the order i try to put it in 1) Somalian( cause i dont like it when people ask me what I"m mixed with) 2)Black( cause i belive that anyone who decends from africa is black) 3)Muslim
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    First I would like to say it's good to see ppl wanted to give back to their parents for all that they have done for them. Insha'allah in 12/13 more yrs if I'm still alive i would want my health. In 5 more years i should be out of law school, and hopefully hired to work for an accredited law firm.When i make enough money to put myself and my family financially stable i would love to become a politician. I know it would be hard considering I'm a female, I"m muslim, and I'm somalian!But hopefully my law career might make up for it.I plan to stay in the political field for a while to come.I would love to one day be a part of the United Nations to try and make globalization work.Since my parents dream is to one day go back home, i want to be able to buy them a house (with the land to go with it). As far as family and mariage goes, I'm willing to go through with it at point in my life. Life is too short for me to be setting time limits on things. So to make a long story short, I see myself very happy and enjoying life with my family in 12/13 yrs.
  6. Nasra, I got the feeling that you think that i tried to attack you in a way. If you really read what i wrote, i was not writing about the sunni way in the hadith. Ironically i dont have a problem with that, but i have a problem(like many others) with the "other" way.I disagree with that totally, but let me ask you, so that next time no one else can makes the mistake i made. Do you agree with the FGM that everyone else here argues about? and Barwaaqo, thank a lot, it makes it all worth it when you have at least ONE person understand/agree with you.
  7. Yeah I"m somewhat of a rookie in this joint,...but i understand where the veterans are coming from. I'm guilty for bringing up a topic that was already used, and thats my fault for not looking it up at first( so thanks for pointing it out lakkad). I wouldnt want to read something someone else brought up either, so rookies, or "newbies"(whatever you would like to be called), it wouldnt hurt us either if we would just look up some of these topics. When you think about it, its not really fair. It's like were opening up the topic only for the newbies. I understand we didnt get to share our views, and overtime ppl's views change, but let's be a little courteous, or what would even be better,..creative!That way both the rookies and veterans can share views. p.s.i feel pretty bad i recycled a topic, so lets just forget i ever wrote it to begin with, LOL!( gosh i wish you guys would've told me in the beginning)
  8. 1) Clipse -----Gridin' 2) Aaliyah-----Miss You 3) Clipse------When the last time 4) Sean Paul---Gimme da light 5) Clipse------Ma' I dont love her
  9. 1) Clipse -----Gridin' 2) Aaliyah-----Miss You 3) Clipse------When the last time 4) Sean Paul---Gimme da light 5) Clipse------Ma' I dont love her
  10. 1) Clipse -----Gridin' 2) Aaliyah-----Miss You 3) Clipse------When the last time 4) Sean Paul---Gimme da light 5) Clipse------Ma' I dont love her
  11. 1) Clipse -----Gridin' 2) Aaliyah-----Miss You 3) Clipse------When the last time 4) Sean Paul---Gimme da light 5) Clipse------Ma' I dont love her
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    Hot Girls

    I'm a part of the community as well, and i agree with many that this site is unique from the rest. There no point in arguing, the females are very pretty, and the guys are very handsome.( Let's rememeber that there are no ugly people in this world, just people that your not attracted to). So i want to thank the ones that said that were beautiful. We appreciate it, i just wish we could paste more than one picture on there. p.s. I'm a part of the blackplanet community as well, and i believe that somaliaonline carries something a little better, which is people that carry some of the same values and share a particular culture, which puts this site way above the rest.
  13. OG_Moti First I would like to tell you, in no attempt to seem rude, but I don’t think you should be allowed to promote something that you as well as the rest of us know you will never understand. For 1) you will never in any way experience what many have gone through. And your words may or may not have much of an effect like those of the women who speak on this topic. For Istaahil, for those who were so quick to jump on her statement, I’m going to clear up a few things, and defend her for a moment. Ignorance is the act of being uninformed resulting in a lack of knowledge. You have to understand that she’s not in anyway being disrespectful, but that statement is true in some sense. My mother for instance, to get it straight is my best friend, yet we always have disagreements. I was born in america about 20 years ago, and my mother was born and raised back home until she reached the age 18 where she moved to america and has lived here ever since for 21 yrs. My mother is very smart, but she still doesn’t understand that women have rights, and voice. She is still under influence to the patriarchy culture that she grew up to back home. And in a sense my mother can be ignorant. ( for some of U, please pay attention to the definition of the word, B4 U judge). So Yes ,Og_Moti, “ignorance” is the word. And I must add that you sounded very ignorant when you stated “ women wanted it!” How dare you speak for women. Many of the females that go through this process are around the age of 6-10. Can you honeslty say that the young girls have a fair voice! If you really want to know why mothers still go through with it, then pay more attention to my clarification of Istaahil’s quote. Sometimes it takes a range of information, and a body of facts accumulating over time, to fully understand whether something may be right or wrong (in other words, the act of knowledge). Og_Moti For the comment you said about there being no respect to those who try to change culture. So tell me, when hundreds of years ago, slavery was accounted for as the “Norm”, and blacks were seen as the “under race”, was it seen as disrespect when people like Martin Luther King spoke against it. And for those who want to say that this example has no meaning to this topic, let me educate you that culture is the entire range of regular practices, beliefs and social forms, etc. This was seen as the culture for america back then. Just as many of you defend this process as just being “ part of the culture”. Sometimes it may just take people like Rahiima_as-Somali, and myself for ppl to understand its a wrong-doing. So OG_Moti, it wont be seen as a an imitation of one others culture, or as a form of disrespect. But more of a gain for the spread of knowledge, and more of a gain for womens right to express their oppression. For the comment that the westerners are just trying to make us look bad, and make their culture look good. I disagree, and I believe that we are making ourselves look bad. The whole purpose of this circumcision process is to try and avoid and control womens sexuality. That statement right there totally undermines women. This is just telling me that, we women don’t know how to control ourselves, and something like this can remind us not to do something we shouldn’t be doing. I was born in this country, and did not have to go through this horrific process. I am 20 years old, and still a virgin, and respect the teachings in the quran and the words from my mother. It takes education as well as teachings from someone worthy to promote education( like my mother), to influence someone to do right. We should tell these young women what is wrong and right, and pray that they make the right decision. Not force upon them what they should do with their lives. If men were going through this same process, we would probably hear a totally different side. Og_Moti- I get the impression that you believe qaad is not damaging. To reply to the statement you made about westerners allowed it, well lets look at alcohol, its drug no doubt about it, ( and ppl please look up this stuff b4 you argue!), but yet its allowed! So if something is allowed, does that not make it bad or damaging? OG, don’t think I’m just picking on you, but sometimes to realize some mistakes is enough to change a whole opinion of someone or something. In just about every culture, women being educated was looked down upon ( read your history books people!). Recently in america and Europe has the majority of female education surpassed that of males. And mind you it’s a small percentage, but to OG and research b4 you try and state something. And for the comment that “ for your info, females are more educated than males”, I hope you know that’s a opinion not a fact. Oh and for the other that states “ it has been going on for thousand of years and I never met a girl that complained” again don’t speak for the whole, I have over a hundreds of family and friends who are somalian girls that have gone threw this process, and well over the majority have disagreed, and hated the process as a whole. Nasra Culture as I stated b4 is the regular practices, and beliefs, social forms of a racial or social group. Qaad was and still is a regularly practiced hobby( for some that is!), and the civil wars were seen as social forms for our racial group. What you do with your child is your business, but when you ( In your opinion) state a claim that something like this is good, when you have so many who don’t see it as that way, ( and believe me there are many, I know too many women who feel that way) that is where the problem begins. Don’t in any way think we women are downing you for you opinion, we just want to advise and in some way educate you. If you decide to stick with your opinion then that is your decision, but don’t down our efforts to have a voice for the many women who disagree with this. Back to OG-Moti, when you say that it has no psychological scars. Let me tell you that, being in that state means that you are affected both mentally and emotionally. I have my cousins who are in that state right now, and my oldest cousin has to take antibiotics because the pain can get very excruciating. The effect goes so far that she doesn’t want to go through childbirth or sex. That’s where the psychological scar comes in. So once again, I’m telling you not to speak on something you haven’t researched well enough. For everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when you claim those to be facts, your stepping beside the lines.
  14. This is one of those questions that has so many different answers. For some if they aren't calling, then they aren't interested, but for the others, they just afraid to seem eager or desperate. Nowadays, I"ve gotten the courage to actually tell a guy that "its better off if you don't give me your number, cause I'm not one to call the first couple of times". I really can't explain why some of us do it, but i guess were trying to keep that image where the man "does all", in the beginning. Don't worry buddy, just call a little more, and make her become a litle comfortable with you, if she's anything like me and my friends, it wont take long(dependin on what U consider long)when she starts returning your calls, or maybe even call unexpectingly! Oh to fill you in on one more thing, sometimes people say they're going to call you back as a way to get off the phone, but if she's interested in you, which i believe she is, then she is just trying to make sure she's the first to end the conversation. Its another thing some girls do( has to deal with the whole image thing, again!) So don't worry, when you guys start to get a little more serious, then the games start to end. But then.... your going to regret you ever complained she never called, cause she's going to blow you up, like never before. (LOL, naw I'm just messin with you, just go with the flow, if U like her like U say you do, then you'll appreciate every call)
  15. First of i will like to say I"m very sorry for your sorrow. I don't think anyone should have to go through pain like that. But let me remind you that many do! Including your ex! I'm not out here to defend her, but i should tell you that i have been in that situation before. I broke up with a guy B4 when some of my friends and one of his friends told me that he cheated on me with this other girl that he worked with. That was 2 and a half years ago and 'til this day he says that he was nothing but faithful to me. I plan to be a lawyer one day, and of course i've learned that U have to look at all of the evidence before you convict someone. I'm not going to tell you all of the details, but with some evidence and a gut feeling, i just couldn't believe him. As much as it has hurt him, it has hurt me as well.It's still so hard for me to look at him in the face, because we were just that serious!But i will never know if he did actually cheat, and you know what, maybe its just my loss!But i couldn't go through a relatioship havning doubts, and i know that hurt him a lot, but honestly that just showed me, we weren't meant to be. Thats the same thing for you! Maybe she was having the same doubts about you, but sometimes just hearing " I didnt do anything", might not be enough.I'm not in any way saying you did anything wrong, but as quick as you were to tell people that they will never know how you feel, you have to know that you weren't in her shoes either.Now you say she was a very intelligent woman right?Well if she was so smart, then she had to have thought about what her friends were saying, and came up with a decision that she thought was best. Before any guys just start getting down my throat, this is what I"m trying to tell you. You don't want to be in a relationship where the trust only goes one way. Even though we seem to be making a decision for just ourselves, in some sense it works out for both.And trust me if she was the right girl for you, all she would have had to do was look in your eyes, or found it in her heart to believe you ,over her friends. I hope that makes you get over her in a way.Now for the other girl. This is one of those situations where what comes around goes around.You were once( and still!)hurt. Now you went around and hurt someone else. If you think about it in a sense, that young girl symbolizes yourself. Your ex boldly hurt you, and you did the same thing to this other. But now you get the chance to do what your ex didnt get to do.I'm not going to tell you what that is, cause it would be like a teacher giving U all the answers to a test, POINTLESS! Obviously this is an experience you need to learn from.I know U just don't have the feelings for her, and I'm not telling you to try and work out a relationship with you two, but just as you dont deserve to go through pain like that, neither does she. So now its time for you to figure out what you can do to help her understand that the both of you aren't meant to be, and while your at it, you'll probably get to understand yourself a litle better
  16. I haven't had an actual chance to read all the postings, so I'm really sorry If I have repeated anything. I think the best and only advise i have for you is to be open. I know its going to be real hard, cause you have to find right time and place to do it. I have been in 2 situations like that before.Once there was a guy who had feelings for me( for a couple of years), and he finally got the guts to let me know. I have to say it caught me by surprise cause i always saw him as a friend or advisor. In fact its so related to your story that i even saw him as a cousin. I will tell you right now, it will only work if the feelings are mutual. Too make a long story short, things didnt go as he planned,but its been three years now, and we still remain friends.( some feelings are still there, but he's gradually learned to let them go). The other situation was that i liked a guy a whole lot, and i just didnt know how to tell him. See, i know he liked me, but he didnt know if I liked him. We were like best friends, and he tried hard not to mess that up. So this make this story short, i told him how i felt,( and it was soo hard!!) It took me about 9 months to do it, but i did it. We dont go together yet, because of the fact that we both go to school in different states, but it's working out for the better.So ,sorry for the briefs biographies, but i hope the fact that me being in circumstances like that, helped you out. It's always flattering, to have someone care for you like that.So dont be afraid that she's going to blow you off right away. And remember, everything happens for a reason, so if things don't go your way, don't worry!It just wasn't meant to be, but at least you know!
  17. Ilhaam i was thinking the same thing, But anyways, people always say looks dont matter its just the person. Honestly that is the way things should be, but they aren't. We hate to admit it, but many of us are shallow people. We add looks into our preferences because thats just the way we are. So for you guysout there that are saying that your not picky when it comes to looks or that you dont have prefereces, but you date skinny girls, or you would like a skinny girls with brains............just admit it, your only human.
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    Basically i think it would all just depend on the person. What one may think is rude...may not be to another. My cousins sometimes mess around with me and say "nayaa" to get my attention. And of course i dont take personally, but coming from someone else, i might. For some, a word is just a word and nothing more, and for others, it may be offensive. To argue whether its rude or not, is just a waste of time. The only solution to this problem is that if you come across someone that uses that word, and you take it offensively, then let the person know that you would prefer them not to use that word. When they refuse to, or ignore your request, is when it becomes a problem.
  19. Wel, i was going to say something about the whole, " I'm turned off by ugly women", ...but most of the girls in here got to that before i did. But for the fellaz out here who say that it is a turn off for when a woman can't cook.... So are you guys trying to say that if she is a wonderful girl, or as i saw someone write here " All dat and a bag of chips", then the not being able to ook part is worth throwing that all away. People..... were gradually starting to out grow that part of the culture where we are set up with a woman who carries all of the premodern qualities a woman has( being able to cook, clean, etc). Those are all great qualties, but those shouldn't be standards. I'm not telling you what you should think, but I'm just saying, you should try to find a respectful young( or old) lady, that makes you happy for who she is, not for what she can do for you
  20. This is for opinionated:: It was two years ago when i went with my mom to her friends house. Turns out her friend was one of the teachers at a nearby mosque by my house.One of Her neices friends( who were also there), got on the topic about getting a nose ring. My mom's friend over heard her and told us this hour long discussion about how were only allowed the piercings in our ears! After she pretty much ruined my hopes of getting my piercings, i kind of tuned myself out of the whole discusion. So i really can't tell you the whole basis of why we can't, but to answer your question, it was basically through word of mouth, whether you want to belive it or listen to it is your thing......... Hope i helped you out!
  21. 1)Men who believe that they are superior to women! ---for the men who pointed out the whole feminism thing, this is why it all started. We can be as equally capable to do the things you can, maybe even better!( like give birth to you ignorant guys out there!) 2)Men who think they were good for only one thing! ---believe me, we are exceptional in many things, it it just our choice on if we want to waste it on you guys! 3)Men who put our culture over the religion --- this only goes for those guys out there, who think that we are trying to be like the westerners! Some one please tell me where in the quran does it state that a woman cant be independant, or that she cant be succesful along side with her husband! Would you say that about the many men back home, who aren't doing nothing but sitting on their $$$, and when they come here, they start to get a job or go to school? Were doing the same thing your doing, taking advantage of the opportunities that are available. 4) Those men who have the audacity to throw a bad name at a woman when she is sexually active, but give praise to their guy friends. --- to get the record straight, I'm still a virgin, and i plan to stay that way until i get married. But many don't feel like that, and that is their choice. The quran states that no muslim should be involved with fornication. Men or women.Why should we let guys decide on womens sexuality. well those were just a few.............
  22. Well, the gentleman( well,at least some of them were) have spoken, and now its our turn to tell them what we dislike about them! So, MEN, get ready to get a cramp in your hand, cause you got a lot of notes to take!
  23. WEll, just like many of the other girls out here, I had my mind made up, and i was going to get my tongue, and belly button pierced. But then it became this HUGE fad, and by last year, everybody and they momma had it! Well that turned me off a little, but i was still going crazy over getting me a belly buton ring. I"m not one to wear shirts that show off my belly all the time... But anyways, my dreams were shattered when family members told me last spring vacation,( when my girls and I were really going to get our bodies pierced) that it was haraam for for each sex to pierce any body part( the only exception is the ear lobes for the women, but the catch is that were only allowed one pierce in each ear)! Then i got confused when i heard that we were only allowed to pierce body parts that were visible, like the ears, and the nose.So does that mean we could pierce our tongue, or our eyebrows?But it gets to the point where i question the whole reason as to WHY we cant. Well now my ultimate fad is to get the piercing right under the middle of my bottom lip! It may seem absurd, but i think its kind of cute( on certain people!!) Well, didnt mean to put up a whole story, but this topic kind of got me open, and it helped me on this big debate that i had going on in my mind!
  24. My ultimate pet peeve would have to be, the people who go around not only thinking they know everything, but for those of you who generalize your false accusations. No one is perfect, so like myself, no one has the answers or explanations to the things they have experienced in life. I dedicate this to Mr.Jibril who wrote that posting about "women and the naked truth". Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But when your opinions start to take the role of what you belive a "fact" to be, then that is where the problem and annoyance occurs.
  25. I'm gonna go with my #1 Sexy Ni$$A Vince Carter all the way. Sorry but he is just too fine!!!