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  1. Slaves???....LOL, Many of you haven't been paying much attention to your American History classes, eh?
  2. Originally posted by Try_Me: Salaam my friends, I have been thinking really alot about the question of whether we have our own identity, culture, tradition etc. But your argument descrbes cases where Somalis aren't following the culture.....not about the actual existence
  3. Houston - C+ ....well that fits President Bush's description exactly!..."You too can be a C student and become President!!...."..always remember that folks!
  4. Originally posted by Dinho: ^^its just nice to have warm weather again, everybody is so cheerful There was a study i read a few months ago stating that the amount of sunlight your body's recieves can influence your mood. Interestingly enough, in the winter, people are more moody, blue, and depressed. And the opposite during the Summer and Spring.
  5. I have an antipathy for White chicks.I like Spanish girls,i wouldn't mind wedding one. this the same ultra-conservative guy that wouldn't wed that "perfect" girl, for that very shameful reason.... I had to get on ya, I couldnt hold it in!
  6. You really don’t give these women much credit. You see, I think they know better. These muslim women have the Quran ; the highest source of authority towards our way of life, enforcing equality for all. What I argued/opposed all along was not the idea that this is common, or “normalâ€, but this apprehension towards change. I get the feeling that you agree with me in believing this situation is in fact, wrong. But your conformist attitude is very disgusting. And you’re not helping. You gotta have heart to fight this. Acknowledgement ( though you seem to believe that this is the highest achievement possible for these “eastern†women) aint enough. Comprende? If not, oh well……... you probably never will.
  7. A Somali wise man has said, "great men always discover the different tastes of life by reaching the limit of their marriage rights". I think only an idoitic man would find easy under the shades of one woman! Freak!
  8. Say that then, believe it or not Supuu, Eastern women particularly Arabs have "Men are you Masters and You're inferrior" mentality that has been drummed in to them since childhood and a mentality that is hard to break for it dates back to before Prophet Maxamed S.C.W. and it still exists ......centuries later, so I'm quite sure change isn't in their horizon anytime soon. This "mentality" is/was present in just about every society in the world. Its not distinctive to the Eastern region alone. What I am arguing/opposing is this attitude of conformity. And frankly, your pessimistic attitude aint helping any. Besides you live in a western society and are thought that women have rights and blah blah thus why you have "You step on my toes, I'm knocking you out. " while they are thought that Women have no rights and thus why they can't stand up for themselves because they think the way they are treated is normal while you think is abnormal.......Simple as that....... These western societies got a lot of skeletons in their closets too. But im on the other side here. I think these Muslim women were taught better. But their lacking unification, just like every other oppressed group in the world. But they do have a choice you say....Lets entertain that idea....Pray tell me......What are their choices and how are they, women that don't know they have choices, go about implementing change and what can cause change if they don't believe there needs to be change? I dont know a muslim woman, after reading this, that thinks there doesn't need to be some sort of a change.If you know of some, then they're some neglectful cowards. You must know about the power of voice. You know MSWord, there are countless options available on the table, but most importantly their needs to be an abscence of doubt for change. Stop complaining that there can't be anything done, and do something for goodness sakes! Nothing comes easy. What happened to compassion people? Are we so driven by our personal agenda's that unless an issue directly affects our lives, we stay inactive?
  9. In regards to your first statement, you make it sound as though there is an alternative choice that they are not choosing because they choose/want to endure this misogynistic crap when in actuality they don't have a choice at all. Besides would you choose to be degraded and subjected to brutality if you had a choice not to.........? But they do have a choice. Come on,what are we, a bunch of punks?! You step on my toes, I'm knocking you out. You get a bunch of these women who feel the same way about the situation, and sincerely looking for a change, trust me, persistence will win out in the end.Anyways, i cat believe i even had to break it down....we all know deep down inside that anything is possible. As long as you got heart. Brother Rendezvous... I didnt even have to read your whole post, your first sentence told me you didnt understand my quote.... This act of submission towards the status quo refers to... the sickening compliance to the existing condition in the Iranian society. Understand now?
  10. Senora

    GREAT movies

    As for good films, I saw Hotel Rwanda recently, and I can't remember ever being this moved by a film. Yes, the subject matter behind the movie was very hard to watch. Besides the excessively sentimental moments though, it wasn't that great. It felt so preach-like...But I guess I knew all along that there was going to be a "lesson learned" part. Big ups to Sophie Okonedo, her acting was stupendous. Jamie Foxx's marvelous imitation of Ray Charles most definitely paved the way for the film Ray to become the best movie i saw last year. I'm so with ya brother, I can really enjoy a great romantic movie, but none yet that have come to satisfy this craving.
  11. I hate the use of this quote It happens everywhere. What would you say about the thousands of females workers in the UK who have been sacked for becoming pregnant? Isn't unfairness to women? And some of the very bosses who have sacked them were females! Accept it and move on, if you can't change the views of the society fundamentally. This act of submission towards the status quo is disgusting..... Are you saying that people shouldn't speak out if they can't change anything? Sure they won't make any radical changes I think they can. You see the problem is the lacking of mutual effort. Everyne seems to acknowledge the problem, but none are willing to do something . There was a post about the Velvet Revolution few weeks back, for those who know about it, who could have predicted such? Hardly any.
  12. Silence is Starvation Its not that some women dont have the choice....... Some women just Choose to endure this crap..... Dont go around spreading that lie. Thats what they want you to believe.
  13. Was a pleasure to read....Jazaakala Khayr Sister....
  14. Both the men and the girl were to recieve 100 lashes each.....i dont see how they got under 50?? :confused: I'm more angry at this... Under Iranian law, girls over the age of nine and boys over 16 face the death penalty for crimes such as rape and murder, while capital punishment can be imposed in certain cases of illegal sexual relationships What the hell is up with the seven year differrence?? And if their rationale is the point of puberty...throw me a freaking bone,...dont boys reach puberty, on average, a year later than girls....??? Women, dont stand for this crap!
  15. ^^^Unfortunately, attitudes like this only perpetuate the ineffectiveness in applying justice for these women. I appreciate you bringing up these horrid acts faced by these poor women Femme Fatale. Greater acknowledgement of these problems will hopefully allocate accountability, hence redeeming equality and justice for these women.
  16. ^^Hehehe @ XU Naughty naughty you I saw the dogs first.....I didnt find any of them attractive ( including the dogs)
  17. Thanks so much for the pictures... Ciid Mubarak everyone.
  18. "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." Maya Angelou To this I say, may you all sing a song. For yourself, and to the world.
  19. The case Alle-Ubaahne is talking abt is the lady in Georgia who was 59 I believe claiming she was pregnant with twins. She even fooled her family memebers. Well, when due time came I guess she fessed up, and members of her family spoke to the press about it all being a hoax. Y'all never know how long this lady might live....We're not in kindergarten people, :rolleyes: a younger parent isn't guaranteed a healthy and long life either.
  20. How did you and your hubby meet, how did he pop the question, did you accept it immediately or put on the almighty ismicneysi ? I'm so glad he doesnt come on here.. We actually met at a wedding . I was on a cellphone, and he was eyein' me like a prize...i couldnt help but to stare back. But we never got a chance to talk that night, just tossing back stares. The next night i caught him at the another part of the wedding ceremony, ( I cant recall the name of it, but its when they have that object that symbolizes the woman and they're suppose to undress it), He came up to me and told me that I was beautiful with this silly grin....(what a slick ). I was in a rush ( off to another wedding, can u believe!!), and so he asked my name and told me his before i got into the car, and so I told him mine . I still remember how cute he looked as my friends and I drove off! I had a friend who told me that he knew the guy, but that they were mere acquaintences. That pushed my helplessness even further.I never thought much of him after that because I didnt think I'd see him again. Plus in three days, I was off to Chicago and Canada for the remainder of the Summer break which was abt 2 more months. When I returned, I can honestly say that at that point, I had forgotten about him. One evening, about a three weeks or so after I had returned from Toronto, I was at my friends house with a few of my girlfriends. I remember getting sleepy, and resting my head on the couch. The bunch had stepped out for long while now. I felt something rattle on the table, and saw my friends cellphone. My eyes were a bit blurry from the sleep,and so i didnt bother looking at the caller ID, i answered it and it was this guy asking for my friend. When i informed him that he wasnt there, he then inquired about me! I told him my name, and he immediately, asked where I had been? A little out of it still, I was confused?? Then he described himself, told me where we had met, and what he had on I remembered, but i must say, I wasnt as excited as he was. It had been months, afterall. ( Not to mention that at that period, I was dealing with his best friend,which if its any consolation i had no idea abt!) but thats a whole other story ! He wanted to see me after he left work that evening, and i accepted. LOL, i could tell he went home to freshen up! that cutie pie My friends made sure of it after that official meeting, to let me know just how much they could tell he liked me! After that i went to him and gave my number!........After a few phone talks, we chose to be in a commited relationship!! Then a year and some months later, we were talking one evening and he kept stumbling with his words. I asked him what was wrong, and he assured me that nothing was wrong, but that he wanted to talk to me "about something serious"! I knew what it was call it a woman's instinct, but I played along!....I have to say, I love that knucklehead, but I would have appreciated some Shuukansi classes....'cause i almost slipped up and said "Is that it!!", after "So, what do you, uhh, think abt getting married!"....I accepted nevertheless. Everything is planned for this Summer and it will be very simple. There will be a wedding shower with my closest sisters, and family members! After the Nikaah, we'll have a nice lunch and dinner with my family and friends and his!
  21. I dont think any of these fables were funny..( i didnt read the red riding hood story)... There were hidden messages that these Republicans were using, which some of you may not have caught. i thought of suicide bombers in the Hansel and Gretl tale....and of the fivrolous lawsuits that the Reublicans (with the backing of Bush) are trying to rid of.....The Three Little Pigs story was so arrogantly trying to take a shot at France and Germany...and the Ant and Grasshopper story was taking a stab at the those "lazy" individuals taking advantage of the Welfare system..... silly, classist republicans :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  22. "Local community representatives have been consulted on our policing strategy. They fully support our tackling of anti-social behaviour to help preserve the dignity of this religious occasion," he said. I think a better way to tackle anti-social behavior is to punish these violent-doers more harshly. Preventing these groups from Patriotism will only create more tension from the other side.
  23. Senora

    The Alchemist

    ^^^ That's interesting? Can't say i thought of Jesus though.... A close friend and I compared thoughts on the book yesterday, and regrettably she didnt find the book as exceptional as i have. But i thought abt the ending over again, and i recall my curiosity over why Santiago had not converted to Islam, or at least found interest in it? He had wanted to marry a muslim girl, why hadn't she professed the necessity to convert one b4 marriage?..... what other moments in the story had you questioned?
  24. baruko?? :confused: ...whats that?