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  1. someone Healthly, Allah fearing and remembers to pray 5 times a day. p.s. abit smart too... very easy but sometimes hard for some somali guys to do.
  2. mashallah, it's just simply interesting. I likeD it. Jazakamuillah
  3. Inshallah someday soon I'll go. However my cousin and his wife are going to Hajj they left few days ago. I wish them all the best.Infact I wish all the best to all the muslims going to Hajj may allah make it easy for them. Imen
  4. I think you have a point walalo!! Mashallah. However this is the way the world is running now. Rich is richer and the poor is poorer. Arabs my god i don't know what to say about them. Because they are Muslims still. I have one problem with them, they call us "nigger" still i just can't believe it. But it's ok Allah will help us, ONCE we help ourselfs.WE ARE ALL IN A TEST BIG FAT TEST. IT'S ALL ABOUT PASSING THE TEST with high marks
  5. Great, U.A.E is real sweet. Enjoy it, but remember to fear Allah alot of crazy wild things are happening in that country. It's sad. Anyhow I just want you to know, DUBAI is like india, alot of "brown ppl" so enjoy that lol... peace out
  6. well done. Mashallah May allah keep guiding you:)
  7. why you asking us this question? Would you rather be a killer or a refugee?
  8. Asalaamu alaikum! I would like to say RAMADAN KAREEM! it's truely the best time of the year, be strong and be real. May Allah forgive us all. RAMADAN KAREEM!!!!!!!!!
  9. Wa'alaikum salam! I would to be the first to answer, me. However walalo life is simple in islam, and things come and go, and things go up and down.rightttt!! My point is take it easy, be yourself, and smile. 1. be yourself, "how you ask?" show yourself in good manners, always say "aslaamualaikum" Don't act, or be fake and don't talk to much. Let time take it's place. Everything is time, remember walalo Allah knows best. Pray to allah to help me, cause to me you sound interested. peace
  10. mashallah.....very interesting indeed.
  11. AYAN AYAN AYAN!!!WOW!!! You sure are something. My god, walaahi i am totally shocked. She lied, eh! Well she looks like a great lier. What can i say now, she is moving to the U.S. The U.S the country of pure liers. I wonder why she is going to America?
  12. You have a point. It's best sometimes to just keep it quiet. Why talk about it so much ....whoooaaaa!!!! You sound like your in u.k am I right? cause I learned that U.K ppl talk to much about Weight loss.
  13. Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas. All of you made me laugh.Mashallah. Have a great day jazakamuillah