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  1. Im either from the Carribean or Ethiopian.... And when it came to Somali's, I dont look Somali, I've just been "African-American"...whatever that might mean :confused:
  2. Against abortion, and still pro-choice, a bit ironic huh? Well i've contemplated this many of times, and the reasoning that I've found for being pro-choice is that i dont believe i have the right to force upon someone else my beliefs. What if they dont believe in God, and don't seem to be jumping on the other side anytime soon?? I guess the bigger question for me is, Hypothetically, if I were holding a position of power, would i be held responsible, on the day of judgement, for the many abortions occuring, during my reign, that i felt shouldnt have been withheld b/c of my judgements?
  3. Senora

    The Alchemist

    Alhamdulilah girl!..I see all is well with you!..Hope you do well on that exam! can't wait to hear your "two cents"
  4. Asalamu Aleykum sisters and brothers Considering that many of us have read The Alchemist by now, I've decided to lead the discussion. All of us have dreams, its whether we choose to follow them that differentiates us. Santaigo, a sheperd boy finds out that he has a treasure by the Egyptian pyramids. He sacrifices just about everything in pursuit of this dream: His love, satisfaction, and security with his sheep. However, it was the wisdom he acquired through the journey, that became his treasure. In the beginning, i found it irratable how Santiago believed that God and religion wasn't a part of his personal calling (when he decides to become a sheppard as opposed to a priest). "Knowing the world was more important than knowing God and learning men's sins." But the book takes a turn, and in the end, I believe the moral of the story was that in every mission, you must find God. I enjoyed the optimism this book displayed. Giving you that age-old philosophy, that you can achieve anything you want, as long as you go abt it sincerely. And the emphasis on the simple things in life:Listening to your heart, and my personal favorite, everything in this world carries a soul. One of my favorite moments in the book was meeting the Crystal merchant. The Merchant reveals to the boy that his dream is to go to Mecca (now how many of us are in this same boat). However, the merchant discouragingly announces that having a dream is more important that achieving it. For me, the Crystal Merchant symbolized the sacrificing of dreams for conformity. Living a life of emptiness and unfulfillment. All in all, this was a wonderful read! With that said, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you guys? --What sort of symbols and hidden messages did you find while reading? --In your life, have you ever had to sacrifice something in order to reach a goal? If so, what was your “beginner’s luck� --Honestly, are you more of Santiago (bold enough to follow your dream), or the crystal merchant (having a dream is more important than pursuing it)? Please explain? feel free to add your own questions, and to tell us your thoughts on the book
  5. SOL has had, once upon a time, all of those things your proposing. They had a music section, photo section (community), and a chatroom( which didnt last long). But these things require space, money, and time! Not to sound redudant, but i dont see the use in adding these features, except that they attract immature people ( its not just the teens that seem to want these!)
  6. This is disturbing.... The sanctity of Marriage has turned into a mere game to him :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. ^^^LOOOL^^^^.....that was crazy :rolleyes: I wish the best for you all this year.
  8. ^^^Exactly my sentiments^^ It doesnt matter who said it, its whats being said that should be paid more attention. man you should be proud of what u r what if u or me or them talk so loudly....theres so muchh more in this life than to complain about how people talk..... Is this the sort of behavior you would allow your children to enact??? Respecting others, being mindful of the perceptions we leave behind, is something we as Somali's should be proud of. While this sort of act is unfortunately a characteristic of our people, it is neither something we should be proud of nor something we should excuse.
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    Choose A Book

    I finished the book in a day guys. If you can spare a day or two, then I promise you'll get it done within that time span. Make sure you really take in everything that is being said! I have some things I would love to discuss, so lets get to reading!!
  10. Raula Mshikaji wangu ni siri ya hali ya juu (In ATL) Kuna masajui wengi hapa, but to add me as one of them would be a lie........... Like my sister OG_Girl, mimi ni mwanafunzi wa Kiswahili.
  11. I've recently returned to Paltalk and its usually occupied by the SOL members on weekends ( in the evening of course)! So, you could meet up with a couple of folks on Friday and Saturday nights. However, for many of us, the winter break has begun, so you might catch 'em during the week as well.
  12. hasna Ni siri yang....... P.S. nilikuambia Mshikaji wangu ni sijui
  13. raula ukweli sujui are sexy we dont have to wait for ppl to think we are sexy but we got in our heart ama. Nime kubaliana na wewe ......
  14. Senora

    Choose A Book

    ^^You should read it and find out^^^....and even if it wasn't your cup of tea, you still had the benefit of reading....
  15. In the U.S. -Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Kansas City, Gary (Indiana), Seattle, Nashville, daytona Beach, and Athens (Georgia). Canada. - Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. In Africa - Hargeisa, Berbera, Djibouti, Addis Ababa, and Jigjigga Europe -London, Amsterdam, Veendam(holland), Gronigen(Holland), and Paris
  16. b) offer your husband to her (for her to be a second wife). Oh My!!!....thats a little difficult. :eek: :eek: BTW::Jazakalaah Khayr sis
  17. Insha'allah, I'm changing my major to Education, concentrating on Sociology. p.s. any future teachers on this board??
  18. ^^^I'm glad you deleted that post ( I didnt see Qac Qaac's) You'd think the younger generation would kill off those barbarian mind sets... :confused: :rolleyes:
  19. lol.....hon, aint that the truth!!( directed at Sue) Our family moved into a new complex 3 months ago, and boy, i haven't been this close to so many Somalis! was a bit of a shock for us, but the secure feeling we eventually got warmed us up!...However, there is that staring problem that I can't get over!...its so bizarre!....and quite rude!....and now my mom does it!...LOL!... anywho.....Orgilaqe, i know what you mean ( even though we know the girls arent doing this to be sexy, we are still women, and for many of us, no matter what we wear, we want to look good, and it shows!) Ive always found it amazing how many women look beautiful with just their eyes! A few weeks ago at a beauty salon, i met a women there who was wearing a burka, and she looked absolutely stunning! To me, she could have brushed off any woman on the runway....