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  1. Asalaam Aleykum Brothers/Sisters? Have been a silent reader this days, but I hope all is good with my fellow SOL sports fanatics. Congrats to Liverpool for beating Man Utd. It was about time for Rafa to get a win against them. His record against Man Utd was appalling, 10 games, 9 lost, 1 draw and only scored 1 goal. At least they scored 2 goals today and won the match. My beloved Chelsea won but the only problem was Robinho scored an own goal. So whats the prediction? Who is going to win the league?
  2. What a disappointing tournament this will turn to be for me if Italy were to win it.
  3. Bob, my brother, did you ever visit Wajir Girls? That is where the word supuu is associated with.
  4. ^^^^^^ I'm afraid lightening struck twice for Chelsea as they hit the post (Drogba) and the crossbar (Lampard) only to end up losing on penalties...I know Utd created few great chances but you can't shoot straight at the keeper and claim you were no luck has nothing to do with it but hitting on the post and the bar while the goalkeeper was that's unlucky.
  5. ^^^Talented players but I think it all depends on the manager and his style of play. If Scolari comes I think Ricardo Quaresma will be a target and many others. I would hate to see Chelsea employ Mancini, he is not a class manager. His record speaks for itself. Winning the Italian Seria A 3 times dont mean nothing as the opposition is very weak. Ancelotti is another overrated manager, I dont see him winning back to back with Chelsea. Scolari and Hiddink will be the right choice to me. Lets see how it goes. Winger, brother, I didnt take it wrong way bro. If I was in your shoes and we did beat Man Utd in Champions League final, my reactions would have been extreme. Congrats though for the double.
  6. Northerner, as you know I want France to win it but on a serious note I think Germany has a good chance of winning it. As for Portugal, I think they had the best chance in the last 2 tournaments (world cup 2006 and Euro 2004) but their luck is done and dusted. I hate to see Ronaldo win the Euro. :mad: My prediction: Germany. PS: Anyone seen how Ballack destroyed Vidic and his Serbian crew. Absolutely terrefic!
  7. ^^Dont mind Winger, he'll eat his words next season. Oz, Jose is still pissed with the so-called mutual agreement he had with Chelsea and I think his opinions on Avram Grant are fully justified. In my opinion, any other premier league manager, including the relegated managers, would have won the champions league easily had they managed Chelsea FC. Avram Grant is good-for-nothing manager. He has won nothing and says Chelsea has achieved a lot.....I get annoyed when he says this kind of stuff but then again I blame Roman Abro. Bring on Hiddink, I think he is exceptional talent. Seems like there will be a summer overhaul at Chelsea. Drogba, SWP, Baleti, and many others will be leaving. Whats your take on this? Who do you want to manage Chelsea next season? Who would you like Chelsea to sign next season? Peace
  8. I think Man Utd will get the Premier League and we get the Champions League! Great achievement for the club. I still want to see the back of Avant Grant.
  9. ^^^You had the tank but Rafa didnt use it well. His tactics were questionable. Why did he substitute Torres? Kuyt was out of the game for along spell, how come he didnt take him off and replace with Babel? All in all, Chelsea fully deserved to go through and now bring on Man Utd. Seems like it is the end of road for Rafa.
  10. Click here for the link for Daalo Airlines, Posted 2005
  11. I have seen the Somali version (Daalo Airlines) somewhere in SOL forums years back. That is very funny.
  12. ^^^ Thanks to the Moderators, it has been removed!
  13. ^^Would Arsenal be willing to cover his wage demands? Arsenal are very stingy when it comes to player's wages. Sol Campbell and Henry used to earn £100k a week and since they left, Gallas is the highest paid with £80k a week. The likes of Fabrigas and Flamini are on £40k a week. My point is, any player who wants to improve his game would love to play for Arsenal, but the problem is Arsenal are not willing to spend a lot of money on buying players as well as covering their wage demands. I think he should join Chelsea, after all we have a blank cheque waiting to be written.
  14. ^^^I agree, William Gallas in not a good leader! Compare him to the likes of Adams and Viera who motivated the team and had a winning mentality and were always on their feet even when things were not going so well.