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  1. xiinfaniin supporting Siilanyo... why can't I see the irony in your text...
  2. That was GOOD, nacasnimadeeyda I completely fell for it. Was thinking thinking the whole time, shallay baan sweden ka imiye goormey ilbaxeen...
  3. 2+2=5 Det var trevligt att träffas förra fredagen. Jag ska titta efter dina projekt i framtiden
  4. "neuron-progamming", now that's an interesting word... how would one do that? A friend of mine gave me a DVD with The Secret... could only stand to watch it for ten minutes. I mean positive thinking and mentally visualizing your goal, or the outcome of your perfomance etc. is a beneficial thing and it has been known for ages... nothing new or Secret about that. But when they say you can apply this to win the lottery it's just plain bogus. Your state of mind controls only your abilities not the lotto winning numbers.
  5. Thanks for the tips Malika. It’s probably written all over my forehead, we Swedes are to gullible lol… I actually googled the phone number and I got so many hits… basically warning to give out personal details! About asking relatives for a flat to rent, I’ve been doing that for the last three months… The only thing that comes up is in Tower Hamlet! Juxa, sis, I am trying to get out of east london. All my colleagues seem to have used gumtree and similar sites and been successful, so I thought why not give it a try. LS, thanks for the concern bro! Faarax-Brawn wrote: The first thing that comes to mind is: Mess up your teeth,really bad..
  6. Dear SOLers, For the last five months I’ve been living in London. So far so good, I’ve settled in quite well. Up until last week I hadn’t encountered any problems whatsoever. But since last week people have tried to steal from or scam me. Last Saturday I was on a packed bus 25. As I was preparing myself to get off the bus, a short man in front of me turned towards me. At first I didn’t mind him, but a second later for some reason, lets say my intuition, told me to look down on my bag. I couldn’t see it due to the fact that the man had his coat on his arm and the coat was on my bag. I panicked and dived into my bag, where I felt the man’s hand quickly withdrawing… INSIDE my bag! I wanted to shout, but as the doors opened, I quickly went through my stuff and could see that he hadn’t taken anything I just got off the bus a bit shaky. As I’m looking for a flat closer to work, a couple of days ago I registered on a homepage posting flats for rent. I’ve been in contact with two women so far who seemed serious, however when I asked to see the flat they came up with the weirdest explanation why I had to pay money in advance via Moneygram, or give them all my personal details before I could even see the property! And today I got a call to my new mobile number, from someone claiming to be from T-mobile asking me to confirm my DOB. As I had just got the number from T-mobile, I didn’t think twice but gave them my DOB, and they just hang up on me. I called T-mobile, they haven’t tried to contact me, and the number (who had called me) didn’t belong to them. I’m confused and worried, what can they do with my date of birth??
  7. Cirdey, what's up with this constant metamorphosis? Yes, still up here... kind of hibernating.
  8. Good news indeed JB. Congrats reer Burco, for all my aunties and uncles!!
  9. Juventina, it's scary what people are capable of, especially when they're in a mob. May Allah bless the girls soul.
  10. Lol MMA, you're quite a detective. Farancab, wouldn't you say quite embarrassing?
  11. It is really good to hear what you and others are doing brother Thierry , and I agree with you that lobbying is a good way to influence politicians and other people in the power structure in their decision making. However, I was sincere (maybe it is a naïve question) but what are we lobbying for, what do we ask our governments of? I know what huge influence and authority AIPAC has had on the US policy in their relationship with Israel. But AIPAC besides having well-developed networks, is well organized, they have an agenda; they work in unity towards their goals. From where I sit, here in Sweden, I don’t see any unity among the Somalis in order to build a strong organization that can channel one voice and lobby for a certain goal. If it is up to each individual to contact their MP’s, what should the person say. Is it enough to say that I am concerned about the situation in Somalia and I want the world community to take more responsibility to stop what is happening? Shouldn’t we as lobbyist have a strategy to present for the MP’s how to end the hostilities in Mogadishu?
  12. The speaker encouraged us to get together with established Somali organisations or with a couple of your nomads and to lobby the British government and media. Ask the British government and media to do what Thierry?
  13. Where Khat Is King, But Not Much Else Works “Nothing much works in Somalia -- not water or sanitation, not health or education. But despite the absence of state structures (or perhaps because of it), three things function with amazing smoothness: the commerce of khat, an impressive system of cellphone networks, and the business of international money transfers. Welcome to the paradox that is the failed state of Somalia.” What is required of us to bring about a change in Somalia? Has anything constructive or fruitful come out of our endless discussions at SOL Political forum – it would really be inspiring to hear that now. Is there anyone with visions and ideas who’d like to share in times of despair. Seriously, Somalia has become the prevailing image of what a collapsed society is… http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/17/AR2007081701714.html
  14. Originally posted by me The secessionist entity is one of the best supporters of the Xabash. The Xabash that is killing people in Xamar is getting supplied from Berbera. That's serious accusation, what facts do you have to back up your claim??