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  1. Jacayl-baro must have seen him in Hargeisa
  2. meeshaan caadi maahan!! Madaxweynaha soo socdee soomaaliya halkanaa laga soo sharixi doonaa!!. waxaan la garanayn ayaa hoos ka socda
  3. Mashallah, Congrats sis. didn't know Barwaaqo was Val. May you live long happy years together. Aamin
  4. I'm not a frequent poster here that's how I missed this thread. But JB you are really exaggerating things. If I didnt want to see you or as you put it "scared" I wouldn't have asked your number. are suspicious about anyone with a southern dialect??. be carefull you are watched in Hargeisa, the next place to be blown up is your office
  5. Inna Lillahi wa inna ileihi la raaji3un, naxariistii jano,idinkana sabir iyo imaan, sxb.
  6. Saabir

    boycot meca

    I'm disapointed of SOL to say the least, disapointed of the senior members putting themselves that low, to an extent that cyper-clanish fights became normal here. Shame on you!.
  7. JB that's what everyone in Hargeisa Calls it Moofo!!. Everyone comes in a restaurant opposite Taalada xoriyada "Waar Moofo ma heysaa??. Those Hargeisawi guys who eat it consider themselves more civilized than the others, and give lectures about how to mix and eat it!!.
  8. infact she rocked the whole world!!!!. The amazing thing is that how confident she was when she stated " I will rock that audience" !!!!!!
  9. Happy anniversary JB. I should have visited you in that office near Kulmiye's headquarter!!!.
  10. Army specialist Terry Holdbrooks had been a guard at Guantánamo for about six months the night he had his life-altering conversation with detainee 590, a Moroccan also known as "the General." This was early 2004, about halfway through Holdbrooks's stint at Guantánamo with the 463rd Military Police Company. Until then, he'd spent most of his day shifts just doing his duty. He'd escort prisoners to interrogations or walk up and down the cellblock making sure they weren't passing notes. But the midnight shifts were slow. "The only thing you really had to do was mop the center floor," he says. So Holdbrooks began spending part of the night sitting cross-legged on the ground, talking to detainees through the metal mesh of their cell doors. He developed a strong relationship with the General, whose real name is http://www.newsweek. com/id/190357?GT1=43 002
  11. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: It has come to my attention that the cactus Ngonge has struck again with deadly efficiency using the opportune absence of me from the forum. I should have known that you cannot expect to sleep in peace next to a callous cactus, let alone befriend the human equivalent of it. Ngonge claims I was out because I am the one who is delivering and the one who was pregnant all along. This is false, and he knows it. But it is not unexpected of a man who is known for his cynical comments on social issues, and unprecedented skulduggery when commenting on political issues. Let everybody know that I am a fully equipped man, with all the rockets and accessories; ready to strike with the speed of a jaguar if some womenfolk in SOL tempt to pay attention to Ngonge’ lies. In the meantime, those of you who are serious about a serious engagement should not be discouraged by these malicious fabrications. You should keep writing to me, and if in doubt should call me. I know he will still say I am using my brother or cousin to answer your calls, but I can assure you will be greeted with a manly voice that sends shiver down your spine, and not the shrieks of the jerk who met that young girl by the name Siren. You sometimes lose resistance and act like Marx!!!
  12. I join you and raise a mug of cold camel milk!!!
  13. I have a dream that common people of Islamic countries coming to the streets and demonstrating weeks non-stop and peacefully bringing these regimes down, one after another. starting from Egypt!!.That's when Israel will start thinking twice before waging a genocide of this type in Gaza or elsewhere.