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  1. Originally posted by Phantasma: How puzzling. Ditto.....
  2. ^^^ Trust me......we already know what you were going to say!
  3. 1) was, when I gave birth to my doughter. Priceless
  4. Of course she wants it otherwise she wouldn't have done it. The girl also says yes because she may feel the need to hold on to someone, so she gives her all to her boyfriend (whatever you want to call him). Its the truth. Take it or leave it. And I take it you've been lurking behind the scenes in every "sexual" act going on in Aussie? 'Cause, you seem rather adamant with these silly claims of yours
  5. Originally posted by Modesty: Everyday, all the Somali women I see are fat? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this is unhealthy for our sisters. We need to start eating healthier, and exercising more. We need to stop eating baasto with ranch dressing, and stop eating too much meat. I myself am just got on the "low carb" diet, and I can't take it anymore, but I'm trying to slim down, as I have gained a little cushion lately. Anyways, I just noticed all the SOmali women that walk by me are fat, please guys let's stop eating too much. Its should be noted that excessive eating and obesity isnt just a problem with self-control, but can stem from a variety of factors: stress, traumatic experience, self-esteem issues, etc. Of course im not ruling out poor eating habits, but obesity has been proven to be a very complex issue that varies from individual to individual. The next time you see someone whom you believe to be "overweight", be a little more sympathetic. You never know what that person might be going through behind closed doors.
  6. Originally posted by LANDER: quote:Originally posted by Supuu: Guess I can change that occupation now....... Cutomer Service Representative for United Airlines Should have applied at southwest So I've heard ........but what are you gonna do when your pops already works for United
  7. Guess I can change that occupation now....... Cutomer Service Representative for United Airlines SWEET
  8. ^^Aspirations^^ My mother almost cried when we first landed in Berbera. The same with my father. Though, it had more to do with the fact that he was seeing his father for the first time in 24 years!! Those were beautiful pictures Rahima! I enjoyed it very much!
  9. Senora

    MAY 18th

    Right you are STOIC, by the way, have you heard of any events here?? As For some of the discussions...... It is disheartening to see the present-day Somaliland events held.....Our adolescences dont trully understand the significance of the Somaliland Republic, and our elders arent doing a good job in deciphering this dilemma. Nevertheless, I carry this pride for Somaliland that cant be crushed. I appreciate the SNM's sacrifice and courage, and my heart goes out to the millions lives lost ( may Allah bless their souls). And finally for the government, in bravely deciding to declare its independence, I have the upmost respect for the region internationally known as one of the few regions in Somalia with at least a semblance of stability. As they say....."Do the damn thang!"
  10. Originally posted by Emotionally_unstable: What's up with SOL :confused: I mean approving me after a few months LOOL, the same thing happened to my sister. My sis got the e-mail not to long ago, but lost interest in joining.
  11. ^^^Same here^^^ That was disgusting.
  12. It aint workin out. Found Luv of ma life. Locks changed - cards cancelled - car repoed. Left one-way bus ticket to yo moms with nieghbour. will DHL yo stuff next week. Good Luck LMAO
  13. If it was me...I would not feel comfortable giving up a baby that was part of me for so long. Well if we flip the script here a moment, what if that were your baby that was mistakingly placed in another womans uterus? Plus, would it really make you feel any better knowing that you would be keeping a baby away from his biological mother. As hard as the decision may be,I would have to give the baby back to its mother. I wouldnt want another woman keeping my baby. Of course, i would request from the biological parents some sort of relationship with the child. If they decline, then oh well, its just something I'm going to have to deal with. Also, i could get another chance at having my own child, with my embryo.
  14. beyond belief and if I was her parent I would be humiliated Believe it or not,this was your classic case of "the temper tantrum". I've voluntered as a teaching assistant in kindergarten classes to 3rd grade classes. Children can become irate. It happens. And usually, the first step to handling a situation that spirals out of control is calling the parent over. Drastic measures aren't taken until it is discussed with a parent/guardian. especially if the child is of young age. So this story was a bit bizarre.
  15. Innaa Lilaahi wa innaa Ileyhi Raajicuun... May Allah (SWT) bless his soul.
  16. Originally posted by Ameenah: Silly girl! Castrating him would've sufficed :rolleyes: I'm with ya on that one!! LESSON LEARNED- dont mess with a Xalimo! You never know what she might be capable of.....
  17. Chicken I got a little Bone Crusher in me .." I aint neva scared"
  18. We're steering away from my initial quote.... like it said on the article, that Warren guy was about the same built as Nicholas, so it would definitely seem reasonable and believable to chase after a guy, with an empty gun. Now, I wouldnt chase after Brian Nicholas, but if he were under 5'6" and 160lbs, I'd definitely go after his a$$. p.s. r u telling me you wouldnt chase after this guy ( who doesnt have anymore bullets in his gun) after he came up into your house with your girl......for $60, 000?
  19. Originally posted by LANDER: "Well when you think about the $ 60,000 reward, its sounds a bit more believable...." Are you telling me for 60 G's you would put your life on the line? remember this scenario is reality and not to be confused with reality TV, or another episode of fear factor where you get to skip home if you don't win the money. LOL, well this is how I see it! The guy had a gun, and instead of shooting that Warren guy, he pistol whipped him! Common sense shows that he doesnt have any more bullets! So yup!! Ill be chasing a guy with an empty gun, for $ 60,000 bucks! p.s. I live in Atlanta, so I already knew about him not having any bullets in that gun he confiscated that day.
  20. I wonder what would have been said had she been on a hockey team???
  21. Answered all 45.... What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by
  22. Originally posted by LANDER: quote: "Keep it locked," he cried to a hysterical Adan. His face bloody from the pistol-whipping, Warren chased after the gunman. But he was gone. I have a hard time believing this part. Its understandable to put your life on the line for someone you care for, but to chase after a man carrying a gun while your empty handed? don't know bout that. Well when you think about the $ 60,000 reward, its sounds a bit more believable.... By the time Adan reached the stairs, he had caught up to her. "Do you know who I am?" she recalled him asking. "I'm Brian Nichols, the one everyone's looking for." LMAO, uhm, i dont know about this one.
  23. Dang!!...This is the like the 4th "film review" topic this year! You lazy bunch! :rolleyes: