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  1. Everything is slowly falling into a place as I begin to feel worthy of my occupied space a more pious state,more at peace with my fate grace seems attainable at this rate I'm on pace to erase my spirit of past disgrace and embrace my renewed faith in the only one who saves He lives in his blessed light,he gives me sight He gets rid of all the unpleasant visions of past and guides me to a clearer and the right path free of wrath and tempting crimes at last, I can surpass these walls that I could never before climb but only fall I'd lay on my back and stare at the sky and sigh Ignorant of the divine design of Allah I'd say to myself, ooh and waaw, to arrive on the reverse side and resume my stride. It was my pride blinding my eyes from seeing the solution of receiving absolution from social illusion, and by the Devil to keep the people in evil and under oppression the reason for depression that mass sections of my Muslim and Somali people Are held from the lord's affection.. Instead, they are following the directions of aggression and erections A successful & successive selective suppression leading the healthy minds to a moral discretion but I have been liberated the future's bright because of the Lord's light I shall escape the eternal night. All Praise Be To Almighty Allah (S.W). Peace.
  2. Ms Word, Bravo Bravo Bravo, Respect. Peace.
  3. "Hey, easy on my ears man" says one girl. "Excuse me?" I say. "Lower your voice man, why are you screaming" she asks angrily. "What is your problem Miss Thang?" I ask. "You are my problem, making my ears hurt with your loud screams" she says. Now this girl is losing her temper and I am almost close to bursting into laughter because this girl is wearing golden Jewellery from head to toe and I have never seen anybody wearing that much gold. "Ok, my sister, I apologise, by the way I am IL CAPO" I say. "Oooh, Sorry, I am Golden-Girl" she says. "A name has never been more appropriate to any one before, she is living it up to her name"I say to myself. "So how are you doing?" I ask. "Before you frightened me with your loud screams I was having a great time" she says. "Oh, I am sorry, I didn't mean to, you know I am feeling bit drained and exhausted so I need a cup of tea to calm my nerves down" I say. "Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" she laughs. "Did I say something wrong" I ask. "No No No, it is just that you reminded me of my Awoowe, he loves his tea and it is just that I have never seen a young man addicted to tea as much as you are" she says. "Oh, Ok, I can't imagine being without a tea" I tell her. "Ok, good luck then" she says. I move on with my Qeylada but this time I am careful and I don't scream as much as I did before, so I come across another girl who is showing another girls how to move to beat that was playing in the back ground and ask them... "Excuse me ladies, sorry to bother you, but have you seen Wiilo please"? I ask. "Who wants to know" asks the ceographer. "IL CAPO" I say. "Waryaa, IL CAPO, how are you Marax?" she yells. "As you can see I am in one piece" I tell her. "Waryaa, I am Foxy, remember?" she says with big grin on her face. "Foxy Brown, the Rapper?" I ask. "No No, Marax, I am Dawoco" she says. "Oooh, Sorry, how are you doing Ms Foxy?" I ask. "As you can see I am blazing" she replies. "Blazing, what?" I ask. "No No, it means, I am fine" she says. "Oh, Ok," I says with a nod. "So how are you doing and how is everything back home?" she asks. "Oh, everything is Grand, thanks for asking" I reply. "Come let me introduce you to my Homegirls" she says. "IL CAPO, meet Hasna and Chocolaat" says Ms Foxy. "Salam, ladies, how are you doing" I say. "Great, how are you doing" they ask. "Apart from being in desperate need for my cup of Warikow tea, I am doing fine" I tell them. "Why don't you have a Chocolate milk rather than a tea" asks Chocolaat. "I don't drink milk as I am not a baby and me and Chocolates don't mix" I say. "How about a glass of cold juice then?" suggests Hasna. "I had enough of that, I need a tea now, but thanks anyway" I say. "Ok, IL CAPO, it was nice to meet you, Wiilo is in that room" says Ms Foxy. "Nice to meet you too Ladies" I say and with that I move on. Just as I turn around and start walking away I hear them giggling and chuckling, now being the self conscious man that I am, slowly I lower my left hand to my rear end and feel at the back of my pants just to feel if there is a hole in my pants or I accidentally sat on something unpleasant and when I make sure that my pants are still in good shape and there is no crack or holes at the back or any dirt then I relax and pretend like some one who is brushing some dirt off from his pants and I continue to walk away feeling much better and start to whistle my way out of their view. "Look where you going Man" she says. "Oh, Sorry Abaayo" I plead. "Yeah, whatever, just remember I know about that trick" she says. "What trick are you talking about?" I ask. "Never mind, but that is not the way to hit on a girl" she says. "Excuse me, I never hit girls and I don't think I had any intention to hit you my Sister, Come On, why would I want to hit you?" I say innocently. "Yeah, whatever, but I don't buy it" she says. "Come On, believe me, I have never ever fought with a girl in my entire life and I have no intention whatsoever to start now, the only time I get physical with a girl is when I am playing hide and seek with my Malaika wife" I tell her. "You are a one big country" she says. "No No, I am a human, how can I ever be a country?" I ask. "Waryaa, I meant you are Reer Baadiye" she says. "I am from a city called Garissa, which has the best climate in the whole world, some of the best beaches in the world and a river where I go for a canoeing every weekend" I boast. "Man, don't tell me you are IL CAPO" she says. "Ok, I wont tell you then" I say. "No No, I mean are you IL CAPO?" she ask. "Yeah, how did you know that?" I ask. "Man, you are the only person in the whole world that forces people to acknowledge the beauty of his city even when they don't know where on earth it is located, by the way I am Diamante" she says. "Oh, sorry to say this but I swear I thought you were a Senegalese because the only few Diamantes that I have met were all from Senegal" I say. "As you can see I am as Somali as they get and Diamante is just a nick" she says. "Ok, now I know."I assure her. Peace.
  4. The party is at full swing now and everybody is having a great time except one guy who was sitting all by himself and he seemed to be sulking more than anything else, now, being the friendly guy that I am I have decided to go and talk to that brother and find out what was his problem and maybe do something to make him smile or feel good. "Salam Alaikom" I say to him. "W/Salam" he replies quietly. "I am IL CAPO" I say "Hey, IL CAPO, I am Tahliil" he replies. "Hey, nice to meet you Sxb" I say. "Yeah, me too Sxb, so when did you come here and how did you get here?" he asks. "I walked from Garissa all the way to here and I left home early last year and I got here just few hours ago" I tell him. "Oh, Really? Man, you are one brave guy, so did you see any lions, elephants and rhinos along the way"he asks with a big grin. "My Man, Sorry, look there is no one on earth who can walk from Africa to over here, I thought you knew that" I tell him feeling guilty that I lied to him in the first place. "Oh, Ok, I didn't know that, but thanks for telling me that Sxb, i appreciate it" he says. "Sxb, why are you sitting alone, what's the matter and why are you grieving"? I ask. "Sxb, I am not grieving per say but I don't feel like mixing with the rest of the people as I am enjoying this quite and private moment with myself" he says,"but don't get me wrong, I am enjoying your company" he continues. "That is great then." I say. "So tell me, are you having a great time" he asks. "Yeah, I am, in fact who wouldn't? With all these drop dead gorgeous girls around with loads of opportunities to interact any one or a couple that you Fancy, Man, let me tell you this is exactly what every red blooded male considers HEAVEN Sxb" I say with excitement. "Well, I am not here for girls Sxb, don't get me wrong I like girls but I am scared to get close to them since my heart has been battered and bruised and finally broken and shattered into a million pieces like a broken glass by the only girl that I have ever loved truly" he says. "Oh, that is so Sad Sxb" I say with genuine sympathy. "Well, I guess it was meant to be that way" he says. "Sxb, I admire the way you are being philosophical about it but let me tell you one thing, no one deserves to be played and broken and I promise you she will pay for it as what goes around comes around, so she will fall into another guy's trap and he will play her like she was PS2, that much I can guarantee you" isay firmly. "I appreciate your support Sxb" he says. "I guess, you would have done the same thing for me had I been in your position, right?" I ask. "Yeah, no doubt, but you know what hurts me most?" he asks. "Please, tell me" I say. "Love has never been sweet and kind, it destroyed my soul and raped my mind, I believed in a dream that I couldn't find, sorrow and misery is all that I have time for, all I ever wanted was for her to be mine, keep her wearing that pretty smile and make all her dreams come true, I would give up my own life for her, only if I could make her believe me, what can I possibly say or do to make her realize that I LOVE HER more than any other man dead or alive can and will ever love her" he says with tears rolling down on his cheeks. "Waaw, Sxb that was the most honest and painful words I have ever heard, and I wish there were something that I could do to help ease your sorrow and pain"I say feeling sad. "I mean, can you believe her? She dumped me just because I am too sweet" can you really believe that?" he asks angrily. "That is ridiculous Sxb, most girls I know would kill to be in her position where they enjoy the unconditional love that you are offering" I say. "She promised and even swore in the name of Allah (S.W) that she will never hurt me yet she walked out on me and today she is with another dumb mother sucker" he says. "Like, I said Sxb, she is going to regret it for the rest of her life as she will never ever find a man who will love her as much as you do and I am sure you will find a pious Sister who will turn your sorrow and frown into a Smile and laughter" I say. "Thanks Sxb, Sorry, I didn't mean to get carried away like that, I shouldn't discourage you from love like that" he says. "No No, it is Ok Sxb, I don't know what the future has in store for me but in the mean time let me enjoy being in love while I still can and I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you will find the right sister" I say and with that I give him pat on the back and say my Salams and move on feeling drained. "I need a Warikow tea" i say to myself. "Where is Wiilo, she is the only one who can make a Warikow tea for both of us" "Wiilo, Wiilo, Wiilo" i scream and i can see some of the girls are staring at me up and down like if they were saying "Who is this Reer Baadiye screaming and making all this noise, how did he get past the security and who the hell invited him in anway" Peace.
  5. Originally posted by NGONGE: I agree on the Ronaldinho point. However, regarding Salgado, he gets mocked all the time, saaxib. By players inferior to Ronaldinho! Roberto Carlos is another. Real has never been a team with a strong defence. [/QB] Ngonge, Sxb I understand your point, but come on have you ever seen a player taking the Mickey out of Salgado at will? The only player that comes close which I can think of right now is Valencia and Spanish left winger Vicente and he gets past him using his pace and you know Salgado isn't blessed with pace but the Goofy Genius used art, skill and loads of imagination and tricks to get past him. Real's problem isn't solely about their defense or lack of it rather, I think the team lacks spirit, hunger and determination and in football you lack those three and you will be eaten alive. if I may add one more, the team is crying for a balance, because look at the midfield, are Guti and Beckham really defensive midfielders? Is Carlos a really a defender? Is Helguerra a defender? Is Zidane a left sided midfielder? The AC Milan of mid and late nineties come to mind when they had the likes of Baggio, Boban,Scevicevic,Vieria,Davids,Kluivert,Dugarry and so many other world stars and yet they never won anything while Rijkaard's current Barcelona side is a team fairly balanced and every player seems to be playing in his favorite position, believe me I will be really surprised if they fail to win at least La Liga this season. Peace.
  6. I make my way out of the card players' room as the noise was too much for me and as I turn left I see a young lady standing at the corner holding a glass of juice without ever taking a sip and I wonder and ask my self what could have happened to her that could possibly make her think about and perhaps even fantasise about a place that seemed a millions of miles away from here. i think about going over and introducing myself then i decide against it as it didn't seem the right moment for me to invade and disturb her quite and private moments so i have decided to wait for the right moment to arrive but still that didn't prevent me from sneaking up onto her and get as close as i could really get. As I stand only a few feet away from her and wait for the right moment to introduce myself, suddenly some one pushes me from behind towards her direction and says.. "Oh, that is my friend Sue, come on, I will introduce you to her" I turn to see who this person with the familiar voice is and guess what? it is OG_Girl. "IL CAPO, this is Sue, don't worry she is a whole lot nicer and sweeter than meets the eye and believe me when I tell you, she is one of the most misunderstood characters in the entire SOL" says OG-Girl. "Hi, Sue, how are you doing" I say to her with a smile. "Hi, IL CAPO, I am doing great and don't listen to this Girl as she talks too much" she says smiling back. "I don't talk too much but I can't keep a secret so I am sorry if I gave away your secret" jokes OG_Girl. "So, Sue, how far did you go" I ask. "I beg your pardon" says Sue. "I mean, I was watching you and you seemed miles away from here so I was wondering, how far could she go and if your thoughts would take you all the way to Garissa"I say. She laughs and says "Oh, I thought you were talking about something else, i am sorry, well, I was thinking about school and stuff,nothing else really" she said. "For once I thought, they asked you to solve the problem in the whole world including the one in Somalia and Iraq, because only that could perhaps make some one think really hard" I say. "No No, thank heavens for that," she says laughing again. "Then stop torturing your mind and remember nothing is too important to make you worry that much because what is life but series of opportunities disguised as difficulties" I say. "Yeah, I guess you are right"she says. "Now, stop exaggerating and tell us what do you think of Sue now and what you thought of her then" asks OG_Girl. "Personally speaking, I never thought of her in any particular way as I never had a chance to interact with her and perhaps got to know her, i am sure if you asked her what she thought of me then she might have given you an answer which is far different than the one she will give you now after I leave, after all I know you girls gossip too much" I say with a broad smile. "No, No, don't worry we wont say a bad thing about you" promises Sue. "And by the way don't believe everything OG_Girl tells you about me because she hates me with passion, see this black eye (pointing to his left eye) what do you think happened to it? It is her who punched me and yet she has the nerve to say that she will tell my Dad how bad I have been to her so that he would beat me up in front of her, can you believe her?" I say. "Don't worry, I will talk her out if it, I give you my word on that" says Sue. "Can I trust you Sue" I ask. "No problem IL CAPO" she replies. "Ok then, by the way, I tell you a secret, when I first heard your name was sue, I was scared to even talk to you because I thought you would sue me just as your name suggested and knowing how broke I am, I couldn't even handle the thought of going to jail and I know this hasid girl (pointing at OG_Girl) wouldn't even come and visit me let alone pay my bail money"I say feeling embarrassed :confused: . "KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" Sue and OG_Girl laughing their brains out. "No, No,you are alright IL CAPO, you have never done anything wrong to deserve a law suit" jokes Sue. "But I wouldn't mind seeing you getting whipped by Adeero, because I enjoy seeing you cry in front of everybody like a baby not feeling shame" says OG_Girl. "War Kir" i reply feeling bit angry. "Ok, now get lost, leave us alone as we have so much to talk about" says OG_Girl. "No, No, nyaa, let him stay" pleads Sue feeling bit embarrassed by OG_Girl's harsh treatment on yours truly . "No, let him go and play with the other kids and remember if they hit you, hit them back hard, Ok?" says OG_Girl firmly. "Ok, Sue, it was nice to meet you and i hope from now on we will be friends" i say. "No, Problem IL CAPO, nice to meet you too and take care" she says. P.S before i even leave the room, the begin to gossip and Sue, (yes, who gave me her words) joins in and i leave them making funny faces and few gestures. . Peace.
  7. I went to Domino players' room just like I promised to my Pal Qac to see how things were there. As I take my seat alongside the guys, one dude comes up to me and yells.. "Hey IL CAPO, how are you Mzee?" and after that he puts his hand on my shoulder, not knowing what to make of the situation, I remove his hand from my shoulder and say to him.. "Yeah, I am alright, who are you?" I ask. "I am Jumatatu" he replies. "I am Jumapili" I say. "Then why is your name IL CAPO"he asks. "Are you Monday?" I ask. "No,I am Jumatatu" he replies. :rolleyes: Seeing that me and this guy will never understand each other, I tell him, "Nice to meet you" and then I try to move away from his spotlight but he follows me and asks.. "Do you have a lighter" feeling bit irritated I reply "No, and I don't smoke" "but, you are Sijui and most Sijuis smoke not only Sportsman cigarette but Ganja too so I thought maybe you smoked and chewed too"he says. "Look mate, I know I said I chew but I never said I smoke and if you believe everything you read then I am sorry to inform you that reading isn't for you, besides what do you know about Sijui people, just because you were in Utange doesn't mean you know all of us,it is not right for me to say i know all the Somalis from Somalia are like you who is filled with deep hatred towards the other Somalis" just before i finish it HornAfrique steps on the scene and says to me.. "Hey IL CAPO, don't waste your time with this guy because if i were him i would be proud of what and who i am which is Somali, so what is with this Tanzanian flag that you keep on carrying around mate" he asks. "i don't hate somalis but i love Tanzania even more and sometimes i wish i was born there" replies Monday. "You seem like a decent chap and i think you should act like one" i tell him. "you are right IL CAPO, now enough with that do you feel like going to the bathroom and light a joint" he asks. "What joint" i ask feeling confused. "This guy completely lost it IL CAPO" says HornAfrique. "You know, i am sure you two will feel a whole lot better" he suggests. "listen Mr Monday,Sunday or whatever you call yourself, i have to go, it was nice talking to you" i say. "What do you think about Somalia and Somali politics? he asks me. "Monday, don't you have anything else to talk about? I mean you always criticise and say negative things about Somalia, you should be patriotic mate and start waving Somali flag rather than TZ flag, i was born and raised in Kenya but you will never ever see me praising Kenya and at the same time putting down my own Somalia because God knows howmuch I LOVE somalia and my somali people." i say. "You know, IL CAPO, you are only wasting your time if you try to educate this poor and sad soul" says HornAfrique. "We shouldn't give up on him because he needs our help and i think we should do anything we can for him, don't you think so?" i ask HornAfrique. "I understand IL CAPO, but i am afraid you are only wasting your time with him" replies HornAfrique. "Ok, guys it was nice talking to you, i have to go and say Salam to others, by the way Mr Monday, Stay Somali" i left. Peace.
  8. Somali Kids, this is for you and remember that IL CAPO cares.One Love. My poor Somali children child of God one and the same are you the forgotten children of some forgotten people? a generation lost, faded out of sight. how did this happen and why in this moment of time? Where Is Hope? little dark child with haunting eyes causing my heart to ache. you have no hope, only fear. are you waiting for someone to hold you in their arms and gently dry your eyes, fill your little belly? the child from Horn of Africa, the slave of almighty God i look at you,without really seeing you still, you are there in front of me, crying out for your Mommy. Dear GOD Where are you? Across the oceans, to this dry land guided by their unseen pain I reach out to you but you are running, reaching out to me,our fingers touch you smile at me, my heart is broken in this moment of time... does anyone care? anyone out there? there is no food for trade there is no grain for sale there is nothing to give back they have nothing at all. forgotten children of some forgotten people a generation lost... faded out of sight how did this happen? If I had tears left in my eyes I would have shed them for you and not for heaven or hell not even for my battered soul Somali child,be strong for your own kind remain alive and well in due time use your imagination and mind for you are our shining super star. Peace.
  9. Chicago - Too little sleep could well make you fat while at least seven hours of sleep is good for a slim figure, according to a study conducted by diabetes expert Eve van Cauter of the University of Chicago. The results of the study, published in the latest edition of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, show that chronic lack of sleep has a negative effect on the hormone leptin that steers hunger and appetite. Leptin, that is responsible for building fat cells in the body, signals the brain that it needs more energy or that the appetite has been stilled. If someone has too little sleep the leptin level sinks telling the body that it is hungry, although the body still has enough available energy. The person then eats extra calories causing the body to take on weight, the study found. Leptin levels of persons with less than seven hours of sleep were 19 to 26% lower than those of persons with normal sleep. Some of the men who took part in the experiment ate 1 000 calories more per day as in the week with normal sleep. "When we have too little sleep we tend to eat more than we need," Eve van Cauter sums up her study. Other leptin researchers argue that sleep is not the only factor responsible for leptin levels but Cauter contends that the study shows that somebody with a reduced calorie diet will have difficulty reducing weight if he does not sleep enough. P.S Now you can understand why most Somalis are Skinny because of their lack of sleep. Peace.
  10. London - Is it all just a dream? Speculation that reality is nothing but an illusion, or simulation, or controlled environment, has been with us for thousands of years, most recently doled out as pop culture brain candy with the likes of the US film The Matrix. But now two respected British scientists, physicist Martin Rees and mathematician John Barrow, are questioning whether all matter and mind we know is not the creation of some mega-supercomputer somewhere. "A few decades ago, computers were only able to simulate very simple patterns. They can now create virtual worlds with a lot of detail," Rees said. "In the future, we could imagine computers able to simulate worlds perhaps even as complicated as the one we think we're living in." Martin, an astronomer at the prestigious Cambridge University, dares a thought that could have been deemed far-fetched among serious scientists only a while back: "The question is : Could we be in such a simulation?" In this case, the universe would not be all-encompassing but only part of an ensemble Rees and Barrow call the "multiverse". "Science fiction" Barrow, who also teaches at Cambridge, described in an academic article that it was long known that a civilisation slightly more advanced than our own could simulate "universes in which self-conscious entities can emerge and communicate with one another". In a much more computer-savvy society with vastly more advanced technology, "instead of merely simulating their weather or the formation of galaxies, like we do, they would be able to go further and watch the appearance of stars and planetary systems," he added. "Then, having coupled the rules of biochemistry into their astronomical simulations, they would be able to watch the evolution of life and consciousness." With the same ease that we humans watch the "life cycle of fruit flies", Barrow said, the machine masters of the universe could "watch the civilisations grow and communicate with each other, argue about whether there existed a Great Programmer in the Sky who could intervene at will in defiance of the laws of Nature they habitually observed". The theory of the Cambridge pair of scientists has not met with widespread approval among peers, however. Seth Lloyd, professor of quantum mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), pointed out such a simulation would require an "unimaginably large" computer. Lloyd, in comments published last week, gave a jab to the duo, comparing them to a science fiction book with a cult following - Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which stars a supercomputer named Deep Thought. P.S The Hitchhiker's Guide is a great book but it remains fiction. Peace.
  11. Muran and Debate are entirely different Sxb! Muran is Argument and we can argue on anything, but we can't debate on anything and everything as one of us will produce facts rather than fiction, but to win an argument all you need is skills to survive. Peace.
  12. If you ever thought that Ronaldinho was over rated then I think now you know why he is head and shoulders above any other player in the world right now as he is without a single shadow of a doubt the best player in the world right now. When was the last time you saw Salgado being mocked and not only once or twice but through out the whole 90 minutes by one single player? Ronaldinho just did that with ease and in that match he demonstrated why he is the best player in the world and if he doesn't win Fifa World Player of The Year come December then to hell with Fifa. Peace.
  13. Originally posted by nafta: you hooking up everyone else yaah!...don't forget about yourself at the end mate...[/QB] I am only trying to make your dreams come true, well my friend Qac's dream i should say. Don't worry about me, i am already taken by a Malaika :cool: ,,Ssssshhhhh don't say that out loud. Peace. P.S I admire the mature way you handled all this,some people would have hit the roof, but you didn't so... I SALUTE YOU. Peace.
  14. As I am busy motivating my good old buddy Qac Qaac, suddenly we hear a loud noise coming from outside and everybody runs to the window to see who is this crazy soul disturbing the peace and as me and Qac turn to see who this dude is, he says.... "Darn, not him again" "What are you talking about" I ask Qac. "It is that guy again" he says. "What guy, could you be more specific on this one, buddy?" I insist. "That dude with the loud speaker is Tora Bora and now all the girls in here are going to leave including my beloved Nafta so we have to prevent that from happening IL CAPO" cries Qac. "Who the hell is Tora Bora? is he an Afghan? i ask. "No, No,his name is Caveman, but the guy sounds like an 80 year old, some one from the past so i heard girls call him Tora Bora" explains Qaac. "Well, we can do this in civil way or like mob style" I say. "What do you mean by mob style†asks Qac. "Well, get over there and turn him up side down, meaning beat his Afghan rear end beyond recognition" I encourage. "No, I can't beat him, he is and old guy with 14 pairs of twins and I heard his wife left him so now he is raising money to go back to Somalia to get married to an innocent girl whom he wants to baby sit all his 28 kids" replies Qac. "Well, then there is always ORGILAQE who with the right price is willing to swallow everybody" I remind Qac. "Yeah, that is a brilliant idea, let's go and talk to ORGILAQE"....... and with that we begin to move. "Oooh,waryaa hai dilin, don't hit me, come on not infront of the girls, waryaa hai ceebeen nin rag lama ceebeyee belaayo kugu dhici weydaye"! is what we hear some one say from an empty room and as we check we see ORGILAQE holding Baashi by the neck and has his hand in his pockets, now since I have seen people being bullied for all my life I could only imagine how painful that must have felt for brother Baashi, well there are rules which is "Never To Interfere With Nature" so me and Qac we stand back and watch ORGILAQE handle his business and we tell him "When you finish dry cleaning Baashi, we want to see you". "So you want me to take care of Caveman aka Tora Bora?" asks O/Laqe. "That's what we said, didn't we?" I say. "Believe it or now, I have always wanted to swallow that guy alive because I just can't stand him" replies O/Laqe. "Well,Good. now is your time to shine" says Qac to O/Laqe. "Remember, make it clean and quick" I say. "Well, you know how I get down IL CAPO and Qac, consider it done pals" replies O/Laqe. We go back to lounge and watch some hoop on Tv (The brawl between Pistons and Pacers is at full flow now)when a guy comes and falls in front of us and starts weeping... "Guys, please, you have seen how I was being humiliated in front of my woman and I handled that as a man but on this one I need your help as I can't deal with it at all by my own" says the guy and after looking at his face we realize it is Baashi again. "What is the matter Bashka?" asks Qaac. "I want to watch Simpsons but Nuune is refusing and he says it is time for BBC" cries Baashi. "Who is Simpsons" I ask Qac. "Qac laughing hard replies "it is a cartoon character that comes on every evening at these times" "Man, are you crying because you want to watch a cartoon" I ask angrily. "yes, because I heard people say it is very educational" he replies. "Man, you should watch History channel if you want to watch something educational or late night programs, if you know what I mean" I advice him. "No, IL CAPO, I don't know what you mean"... "Then go home and get into bed my friend" i reply. P.S No Hard Feelings Guys But You Can Always Sue Me When I Finally Hit The Big Time and Claim Millions Of Dollars As Damages." . Peace.