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    Waraaboow ayaa ku dhacay Dhurwaagii xumaa Soomaali naceyb lagu ogaa. He is accusing dowladda dhexe inay baabi'ineyso ama ciribtireyso 'isirka' ummada Soomaaliyeed because of xiriirka Eritareeya iyo maamulka Xabashada la wanaajiyo. He also accused dowladda dhexe inay dekadihii dalka Itoobiya siisay. Oh, the irony. Isma oga markuu shalay lahaa, 'Wiilka Adisababa ku dhashay ayaa iga xiga kan Xamar ku dhashay.' Dekedii Berberana markii la damcay Xabashada iyo Imaaraadka shaarbaha weyn la siiyo gabi ahaanteeda wuu ku faraxsanaa. Maanta uu iska dhigaayaa qof danaha Soomaaliya iyo dadka Soomaaliyeed u hadlaayo. He seems like he wants his Xabashi master to come back to him and misses them desperately. Markuu afkiisa baas furtaba iyaguu soo qaadaa. He is so desperate for Xabashi connection, he would support anything, even including the failed mooshin by dowladdiid and pro-isbaaro groups.
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    The more one see around here of SOL the miserable acts of the "hired propagandist" of Villa Somalia, the more one gets to sees one's contempt raising. In particularly one sees such contempt increasing in ever more gradually at the sight of these collection of sniffling and wretched "political advertisers" of that clique in and around Mr Cheeseman. Which in turn means, one gets to see this sentiment in one's mind: "......Raganimo nin ka Reeban, Rag kale Rayigoodna Raaliyo ku ah, Run-isu-Sheegna Rafiiq u aheyn, Raaxeysiga iyo Raynraynta nin-kale waa u Raxleyn jireye......."
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    Maakhir1, Saaxiib, like most desperate "defeated lot" chaps in this parish call SOL, you actually assume that we in Somaliland fear anything, even when we show you on a daily and weekly basis that it's others, like those who are are hiding under the bandwagon of Somalia, whilst clearly trying to execute a clannish agenda from Villa Somalia who are afraid. And they are afraid, that, if Mr Farmaajo is done-in (or finishes his time without him doing anything about Somaliland in the mean-time) then their destiny will be to be at home and be in one with Somaliland. And they will be condemned to be a basic citizen of a republic based in Hargeisa. Which in turn account for their desperate last stand with Mr Farmaajo in Villa Somalia, given that it makes a perfect sense from their perspective to do so. Moreover, don't presumed to speak for what is good for Somaliland. Least of all, even if you weren't a renegade citizen from Somaliland, who in turn is forever hoping that the likes of Mr Farmaajo will safe him from the "political fate" in which destiny have "ordained" for him, which is that of being a citizen of Somaliland, still, you are one in a millions of Somaliland's citizen. Furthermore, their millions of voices have already decreed, that, come water or hell, we in Somaliland will be independent state of our own till the ends of times, even if that is what it takes. This, of course, is something you know nothing off, given that level of sheer commitment actually speaks of a political uncompromising agenda in which you so lack to begin with. Given, that, if you had any such acquaintance with this kind of commitment, then you wouldn't have put all your "political eggs" inside of a so flimsy of a basket-case which in turn is being carried about inside Villa Somalia by the likes of Mr Cheeseman. And, as day follows night, it will be remiss of me where I not to remind you, that, the very chap who you are so "dependent" on, namely, Mr Cheeseman, is even himself nothing but a "glorified guest" in that place of Villa Somalia in which he is staying in now. Which means, at least tragically for you, that, your "hoped-for-political-savior" is essentially a "tolerated guest" of someone else. How is that for a "political desperation" on your part, eh, mate?
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    First of all i can see your not bright enough to be original in your text, as the quote you summed up ''Fad ama ha Fadin, waa lagu fadsiin'' was said by the Nabadoon Qeybdiid to your pirate cousins when they refused to listen and sit with the Halyeey President HSM. 2nd of all you being a property of Somaliland shall receive no reply from me, we HAG you hate so much live the High-Life in the Mega-City Mogadishu so i understand the jealousy and rage you must be feeling under that SNM chains. p.s next time instead of talking about HAG 24Hours and bililiqo this and that in my city Mogadishu, why dont you focus on your hungry starved shuban infected people that are dying like flies in a dozens.
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    I agree he is done in for good. Although, this time, I think his fate is so deserving and it couldn't have happen to a more suitable two-bit-murderer than this fellow in the whole of the Somali peninsula, but still the point that strikes one is the fact that it was the Ethiopians who actually did the dirty deeds in here. And it goes to show how much Ethiopia actually runs things in the ground. And yet we have folks in here of SOL who were screaming blue murder because Somaliland had reached a "commercial deal" with Ethiopia with the port of Berberra where her total foot-print from that deal was only 19% in shares-ownership from any profit of that deal. Now you see why I treat with sheer coruscating contempt those from Koonfuria who talks endlessly and a great game about "sovereignty of Somalia", when on the other hand their country is such an "effective colony" of regional states, like the Ethiopians of this world. And now by the looks of it, even Eritreans will soon be joining in the "colonization scheme" of Somalia, according to what the likes of Mr Cheeseman is cooking up with the Eritrean's dictator in Mogadishu even now.
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    ".......Talo-seega Loo Taliyo, Tolan-kariwaaye Tol-kale u Tidcaan, Tabcaansane is Yidhi Tuugsadaa Taajir Noqon, Waa Ku Talax-tag iyo Tigaaleystaa Tirsanka-togan ee uu Tubteeda Toosin Kari Waayo......." In other words, only dimwitted cretin of the mean-intelligence sort, will fail to tell the "glaring difference" that exist between a "proposition" that says there has been a "commercial deal", where Ethiopia take 19% of the profit of that deal. Not the ownership of the port in which the deal is predicated on, on one hand. And the other "proposition" that says Somalia has signed off the "sovereign amalgamation" of herself with Ethiopia and with Eritrea. And on top of that, she also decided to signed-off the "ownership" four (4) ports in Somalia to Ethiopia without actually saying which ports those are. Or even asking the federal parliament to view such a deal. Hence, as I said it only the deluded or serially stupid with a touch of masochism to boot about himself, will only assume that the "ownership of his country" and the "transference" of it to foreign powers, which was what was done in a "lock-stock-and-both-barrel" sort of way by the likes of Mr Cheeseman to Somalia, when he decided to "gift-wrapped" Somalia for Ethiopia with his signature, is even "remotely equal" to the idea of a "commercial deal" in which the Ethiopian as the "counter-party" to that deal only owns no more than 19% of the profit from the deal itself. Nor for that matter does Ethiopia actually happens to possess the "ownership" of the "port of Berberra" itself (in which the deal between DP World, Ethiopia and Soamliland is based on), as opposed to the four (4) yet unnamed "ports" that was given to her in Somalia by Mr Cheeseman. And finally, for the clarity sake, it must be told that there is not even any kind of a "physical infrastructure" of any sort inside Somaliland, in which Ethiopia owns it or is likely to own it completely. Consequently, here is the "telling difference" between what Somaliland have signed with Ethiopia (which is namely the "19% profit-sharing" of a commercial deal) on one hand. And what Somalia under Mr Cheeseman, seems to got in here, given that he seems to have decided to hand-over his country completely on a platter to Ethiopia.
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    Gooni, Waryaa, Naxli-Faqash, horey ayaan kuugu sheegay: "Tanac-tanacda waa Ina-Gumeed Ilka-Yar-Faqash iyo Tamaradood". Ina Biixi iyo wixii SNM ahina Xinniinyo-rageed ayey idiin hayaan ee ama iskeena oo Inaadeerkaa Farmaajo iyo Morgan fuley horey usoo kaxeyso oo kaalay Tukaraq halkaas ayaa nalaga helaa. Ama sidaas af-laydhis hawada u meer-meeriya iyo waliba "magan-dumar" oo aad Xamar ku ahaataan oo aad howshiina ku wadataan. Waayo, anagu, "doc-kayeedhnimo", fuley kasoo yeedhay waa ka maadeysanaa mooyee, hadal-rageed uma aragno.
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    Gooni, Waryaa, Ina-Faqash, markii aan ku idhi Daaquudkii Afweyne ahaa "Eed-Taariikhiya" ayuu idnika galay, "beel-ahaan", tan aad halkan ku soo qortey ayaa cadeyneysa. Sababta oo ah, aasaaskii tacliintiina ayuu u gafey oo waxba idinma uu barin. Maadaama uu "qowsaar-askar" ah oo isaga ilaaliya idinka wada dhigtey. Waana sababta keentay, maanta, in idinka oo ciro leh aydaan garaneynin wax lagu hadlo oo nuxur-cilmi-ah. Taas waxaan uga jeedaa, haddaad garan ladahay, "Impeachment motion" waxa ay tahay, iyo waxa "Motion" yahay, waa kuu ayaan daro weyn. Sababta oo ah, "Impeachement" waa "Ficil sharci" (i.e., acts of law). Halka "Motion" uu yahay wax af-Soomaaliga ku noqonaya, "Dood-Fure" ama "Jideeye" (i.e., "convener of the proceedings") . Markaa hadaad kala garan karin sida midna uu u yahay, "nuxurka dooda" (i.e., Impeachment), midna uu u yahay, "dood-furaha" ama "Ibo-Furaha" (i.e., motion), waxaa kuu wanaagsanaan lahayd in aad iska aamusto. Oo aanad naxli huuro ay qudhmisey, oo aqli-foorarana kasoo butaacay, wax aqoon ahina aaney badhxinin, aanad noola iman oo aad wax kale oo aad afka ku leydhiso aad doonato.
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    Dalmar1 Do you think beesha Galmudug has the alliances and numbers to kick Mr Cheese out of Xamar? Perhaps you should seek the support of the MPs from the beelaha Somaliland. Remind them of who this Cheeseman was in his previous political life when he was doing the propaganda war for Afwayne in Washington DC. Tell them that Mogan is in town advising Mr Cheese and his sidekick. Tell them faqash is reinventing itself in Mogadishu and should be stopped.
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    Gooni, Waryaa Ina faqash, Ninkii dhintey ilaali lahaa ayuu hor joogaa, adiguse intaad nooshahay kuwa kuu baahan wax u qabo. Oo "Caarkaaga" xaaraanta lagu heysto ee lagumeysto ee Gedo jooga orod oo wax u qabo. Mise arintu wax ay kaa joogtaa: ".......Nin Ciil-hayo oo Cudud uu ku Caal-baxo Ciidan-Calan leh u Heyn, Col kale Cantuugo-Cay ah in uu kula Ciiraa waa Cawadiis......" *************************** Barwaaqo, Haahey, ishaad ka tuurtey, Inaadeer. Oo waa sidda aad tidhi oo kaa madax-weynaha sheeganaya ee "Maganta" ku ah Villa Somalia oo marba loo "hanjabayo" ayaa dadka qaarkiis isleeyihiin wax-ka-sheega ragii sharafta lahaa ee dhintey, ee Shankaroonta Somaliland u suurto galiyey in aaney nooqon meel "African gumeysto", ceebta heysata kuwaas ku qariya "nabiibnimo" aad kaga daba quuqleysaan raggaas Madaxweyne Cigaal ku jirey. Waase arin iyo dacaayad raqiis ah oo nin liita oo "haybtii garan-waa darbi-laga-hel-ah" miciin moodo, iyo naxligii uu afuufijirey oo qudha.
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    When one starts fighting against the dead....
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    Waxan maqlay weekana wu yimi Addis Ababa maxa ka jira ilma ictiraafdoon?
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    😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
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    Why are we celebrating the killer regime and its despostic bloodthirsty ruler. are we seriously blinding ourselves to the atrocities of the so called “kacan” regime? Siyad Barre destroyed Somalia. He hasno redeeming features. And let us not even get into his defiling of the religion and culture.
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    Barwaaqo, Because like most Somalilanders that I know of, you may also believe something call "politics of honor", or the nearest thing that comes closest to that "concept". Whilst, on the other hand, in the land of Koonfuria, the thing they believe in. And I mean the thing they actually get-off the bed for it (in most morning) as a part-and-parcel of their "ordering-belief-system", are these in this order: 1 - Power, 2 - Money, 3 - Self-deception, 4 - Self-flattery, 5 - The-end-justifies-the-means, 6 - Zero-sum-game, 7 - Shameless propaganda. Hence, you have some "two-bit-low-born-and-low-intelligence-politically-illiterate-cretin", who actually thinks that Mr Abby Ahmed of Ethiopia has the future and destiny of Somaliland in his own hand. And as to why he thinks that way? Well, because all he knows is that the likes of Ethiopia was actually in the business of making the "political weather" of his regions (of Bay and Bakool) since 1997. And therefore, naturally, he thinks if only the likes of Mr Abby Ahmed decrees it or says so then we in Somaliland will no longer be in existence at all. Consequently, he further believes that all Mr Farmaajo needs to do to end Somaliland's political existence is to "beg" the likes of Mr Abby Ahmed to end Somaliland, and then we will be done-in for good, if only that is, the Ethiopian's leader so desires it. And as to why he would think that way is because the sense of "political honor" that says people make their "own destiny" by what "fist" of it they shall make for it is so actually of an "alien concept" to him and to his ilk. Hence, why I said the "political dignity" (or courageous acts according to that conception of things) doesn't exist in Koonfuria. Which, again, explains away as to why some of the folks from Koonfuria would imagine any man would forsake (or abandon) his "political principles" because he wasn't made a mere minister in an elected government from a party he is a member of. Which is what some folks in here of SOL are hoping that Professor Ahmed I Samatar will do it soon. Particularly in the sense of him abandoning his "political principle" of being a supporter of Somaliland's political cause because he wasn't made a minister by President Biixi. In other words, for some folks from koonfuria there is no any "larger principle" in which one could actually believe in it at all. Which again means they basically and communally "accept" that in the "act of politics" (by and large) there is no "redeeming dignity" in which it has to its name, whereby one could actually abide by it at all. Or tries to live by it. Hence, understand that, and you will finally understand as to what really "motivates" some of the "low-born-creatures" from the land of Koonfuria in which we have around here of SOL.
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    Maalin kasta ishaydu waxay qabataa boqolaal war oo nagative ah oo Koonfuria laga sheegayo inaan u duceeyo mooyee waan ka xishoodaa fidintoodda. F&G Hadii Bisadi ku jabto Shankaroon, xumaan bay ka raadiyaan! “Annagu Koonfuria dooni mayno, xumaanna u gaysanayo mayno”
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    It is an old clip, Maakhiri. Secessionist are in a state of despair and hopelessness. They are also wretched and desolate, reduced to daydream about watching old clips of Xabashi worshipping with their endless marqaan sessions.

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