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    That is true Xaaji. The rights of the job seekers from SL should be respected. Let's not forget their rights are enshrined in the constitution called 4.5.
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    Tilamook, I want that little Awdal to govern itself, elect its mayors, town councils, collect its own taxes, built roads, fishing ports and functioning courts and police. I am willing to acceptt what ever proportion of my population represents in the federal parliament. We are not one of those who afraid of justice and accountability, because we are not looters, squatters or arrogant and illiterate folks seeking something they are not qualified for. In fact, if meritocracy becomes the rule we might even get a larger share of public servants and know how jobs. Since the collapse of the Somali state, we opened the first university, and in Somaliland, we built the first asphalt roads by private donation. In Borama we have public and private partnership running the city water. We have three major hospitals in Borama. After Mogadishu and Hargeisa, we geo the third largest city in Borama( I am not kidding check the latest reports). Besides, we the original people of Adal, are not new comers in the Somali sphere. The best has yet to come for us both in the republic , Somali region of Ethiopia and Djibouti. Our farms are just 20 miles west of Hargeisa all the way to the outskirts of Jijgjiga. We have more people in Somali Galbeed than in Awdal. We one of the few Somalis who we were the victims of the colonial rule. Just like the OG who crosses from Dolow to Kismaayo and them to Garissa, we want an open border. direct democracy will undermine false tribal numbers which is why they might not accept. And if Somali unity comes, we and our SNM Habro cousins will be real allies in Mogdishu to fend off the greedy southern elite. We are not afraid of the future. Finally, other those like C/raxman Bayle who deserve to be in the cabinet, what did we get in the so called 4.5 parliament. Those guys in the parliament do not represent us at all. He you seen anyone of them speak? By all means get rid of the 4.5 and let the people decide. Tuugta ayaa sharciga ka cabsata, budhacadu meesha ay ku badan tahayna waa la yaqaanaa.
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    Stop whining and man up. You were telling us Farmaajo will be run out of town on February 8. Is there anything that you are right about?
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    How many mamuul goboleed governors can you spot in this picture.
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    Our secessionists in SOL waa dadka uu Buubaa ku sheegaayo kuwa ka naxaayo iyo ku nacaayo warkiisa. Does and can Muuse Muqayil touch him, though? Muuse wuxuu ka adagyahay kaliya masaakiinta yar yar xataa iyagoo siyaasad ka hadlin iskaga xadgudbo.
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    Does anyone still believe in ictiraaf in 2021 wa yaabe?
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    He is irrelevant in Somaliland politics. The journalist was better off interviewing a dilaal in suuqa xoolaha Hargaysa about the latest prices and deals.
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    Saalax, don't dignify with a response to the atheist nolosha if iyo aakhiraba ka dhacay.
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    Waa loo taliyaa xirtaan oo jeebkooda ayaa hadlaayaa. It is very open now.
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    Markaas maxaa dhacay Kacaankii barakaysnaa dabaduu ritay hoosta iska daaye .
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    Calooshood u shaqeystiyaal useless qabyaalad dulisay ayaa rabo saan. They also want lagu noqdo sawirkaan hoose camal as well:
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    C/laahi Dani and company had decided not to take part in the election. That is very clear now. The failed coup of Feb 19 exposed their plot. They are 100% sure they would lose the election. Puntalnd leaders never learn anything from history. It was C/weli Gaas who in 2016 demanded one man one vote or else. He eventually accepted after Ethiopia became a guarantor. Rather than find common ground with his Somali brothers, he preferred a foreign nation to give him a false grantee that was illogical to implement. I am afraid that C/laahi Dani could even go farther and refuse to participate the election which might force the country to assemble the Puntland delegates in Mogadishu without him. THere are unconfirmed reports that the killer and blood thirsty Emirates who have in their hands the bloods of Libyans, Syrians and Yemenis might encourage Puntland to declare secession just like the Somaliland and intervene just like Libya. Even the separatists are praising Dani for taking one for the team. We all hope that the people of Puntland will rise up in the ugly gulf and their mercenaries show up in their coastal towns.
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    Waa in laga tuuro uusbuurka calooshiis u shaqeystaha ah. The other day he arrested a hapless wariye shacabka wareysanaaye who showed an overwhelming support for dowladda dhexe. He makes Gaaskii ka horeeyey a statesman. Horta intuu ku dambeeyaa?
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    Unlike Yemanta iyo Liibiya, Soomaaliya filinkaan xun waa hore soo martay and is not eager to go back. I am also glad dowladda dhexe dismantled the Imaaraadka-trained mercenaries in Xamar and re-purposed their base in 2017. Before their dismantling, they always used to fight other military divisions. There hadn't been a major one since then
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    More than that. What he does not understand he is pushing the limits of acceptable behavior when it comes to federalism and governance. In politics, you don't show your hand and put everything on the line.
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    Deni made fool himself and gave Farmaajo easy victory. He was trying to respond Farmaajo accusation that Said Deni wrote himself the October 17 agreement and rest of them were just watching . It seems that statement made Deni crazy and he failed to respond. Few weeks ago, there were rumors that he was preparing to run himself and instead presenting himself the leader who will save somalia. He was talking about 80's and the danger that Farmaajo can bring if he is not stopped. His final words was that Putland need to stay away and hope better days ahead where putland point of view is respected. Nothing about suffering and desperate Somali people who are looking answers every where they're. Give credit Farmaajo the four year he was the president. Things did not get worst at least from drought in 2017, Alshabaab bombing, Saudi refusing buying Somali livestock and Covid 19. It look likes Deni nightmare is about to happen and he does not have anything left to stopped. It is clear Moqdisho gang will not help slightly. Their game of being Moqdisho heavy weight political power is not useful and no one is buying even IC this time.
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    One thing I like about Puntlandlers is they are not echo chambers or lemmings who follow one another blindly. Each one of them has his own mind. Today I tried to reach out some of my Puntland friends about their reaction of the Dani speech , and I found out how diverse their views were. I must divide their opinions in two groups. The proud right wingers: they were very upset that C/laahi Dani didn't say anything about Puntland or the Somali resources Farmaajo spent exclusively in Mogadishu. They were not happy to be associated with Indhacade or even anything related to HAG. One even said, " why would Dani elevating Farmaajo as strongman while he is secluded in Villa-Somalia". Nin Tabcaan ah oo Ugandha Ilaaliso ayuu ka dhigayaa nin awood leh. They oppose Farmaajo and do not expect anything good coming from his rule. The nationalist: this group are unhappy at all what is going on in Somalia whether it is related to Farmaajp or Dani. They were very upset about the warlordism raising its ugly heads in Mogadishu and they support the security measures taken by the government. They think Somalia needs tough leadership to extract the current quagmire. They believe Dani is amateur leader who exposed state secrets and confidential private negotiations among regional leaders and FArmaajo. This group opposes what is taking place in Puntland today. Puntland, Puntland byuu ku celeclinayaa, qarankii dhanaa baa khatar ku jira ayey dhaheen There were also very small number who were hostile to Dani and his leadership. They said, Dani probably has diabetes or other heath related issues and lost his composure. They couldn't believe he kept talking about Gedo the whole time. This group is probably the internal opposition who want to get rid of Dani as soon as possible. They just kept calling him names.
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    Don't expect any answers because as a cheer leader you are not suppose to question or use reason. Just follow the leader. The problem is their leader is Farmaajo who can not solve the problem of a small village called Garbaharey in a barren region called Gedo.
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    This colonial post called Dubai will go down in the history as feudal killers who murdered people from north Africa, Levant, Yemen, and horn of Africa. Where is the international criminal court. Someone should take that file and proceed.
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    My wife was telling me about this video earlier today.
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