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    She should focus on getting US investments for Somalia. Arabs are 1000x wealthier and more in population than Somalis. They don't need us to fight their corners when we have many problems backhome.
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    I think these young progressive Democrats are pushing it too hard and soon would bring negative press on themselves. They need to slow down and settle in first or else they will be 1 term wonders. There was an elected democrats reps from Atlanta area years ago, a black woman, who took on similar issue with Israel and Jews lobbyists and she was gone despite having some support from her black constituency. Ilhan needs to smart and focus on issues that are important to her constituency and to the Somalis. Of course she will need to speak of any injustice in the world and bring attention to the body in which she's part of, but you don't want to be seem as the loudest one or the mouthpiece of certain segment of society. It was couple of weeks ago that she had to clarify and apologize for another tweet of hers where she criticize Jews or Israel. She's already a target of the right wing Repubs and other conservative evangelicals, and now she provoked the ire of Jewish groups both on the left and right. You can't just keep apologizing and expect to be taken serious...
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    Tallaabo"s hostility towards Somalis is uncharacteristically on the upswing😔
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    Imagine Somali dimwits that supported for taking this action.
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    This is not the case. The issue is not Farmaajo and Uhuru Kenyati, as some want to betray it. Madoobe is not that important for Kenya. Farmaajo does not have plan to ask Kenya to leave Jubaland. It is all about the coming court decisions and the Kenya government is pretending nationalistic and defensive. It is political calculated game for the future of Kenya government.
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    Kenya was hoodwinked by the West. Dalmar, What will your clan bring to the table that they haven't in the last 30 years?
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    Ileen Maakhiri Young Turks daawadaa? Maryooleey inaa kaligey ka fiirsado moodaayee. Ilhaan Washintoon ayee boorka ka jafeysaa. Saas laga rabaa walaasheey. Ama meel ka muuqo ama ka maqnoow ayaa horey loo dhahay.
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    Yes indeed she is incredibly brave and has the moral fibre to fight for what she believes is right but she should be careful about whom she locks horns with. The Arabs with their numerous sovereign countries, hundreds of millions of people, and vast wealth could not win against the Zionist elite of the Western world so it would be unwise if she allowed herself to be used by others to do the fighting for them. Yes she should speak out against injustices everywhere but she must be careful not to get drawn into the mess that is the middle east.
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    I said the smallest onshore compared to the other (Southern) states, anyway its like you said we Somalis should welcome anywhere in Somaliweyne inhabited lands.
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    Apparently you have not read what you posted. See the last paragraph on norther Somalia - Nogal Dharoor, Oodweyne. We welcome gas and oil discovery anywhere in Somalia and that will benefit all Somalis.
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    They realized finally Somaliland is going nowhere from Somalia so why not seek work in Mogadishu.
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    They actually placed him in the last row. Amhara and their Oromos asxaan ma leh.
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    She appears to be a typical Somali from Somalia. They love interfering in other peoples issues more than their own. She was rightly rebuked. maybe she should visit dadaab where she was raised to help her remember her roots and be humble.
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    She should stick to what she was elected for which is serving people of Minnesota
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    The road he has chosen is not good. A Somali can go forward in one of two ways: Either he consolidates in the Somali region and the rest of Ethiopians respect this power and invite you to participate. This is strengthening the home base. Or a Somali goes to Addis Ababa and gets appointed to the region. He is always under scrutiny and very difficult to be autonomous for good or bad. This seems to be the road Abtigis has chosen. He is trying to please other Ethiopians before Somalis. The problem is other Ethiopians are not settled on anything. Things are in flux. Having good relationship, visits and friendships with all bordering Somalis is always a good thing. At least unnecessary small issues are resolved easily and clan influences from other areas are minimized.
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    I agree with mudane Apophis in this pointless argument about a non-Somali business. The problem in the holy land is about land dispute between the Arabs and the Jews and has nothing to do with religion. Indeed it was the Arabs who joined the British and the French during the First World War to fight the Muslim Ottoman Sultan. So they were the ones who gave away their land. Also the Quran makes it clear that the Al Aqsa mosque complex was a Jewish temple and therefore belongs to the Jews.
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    Jufo yar oo la yiraahdo abokor jaamac, yaa dhibka u gaystay beel cariiq ah ama reer boorame, ka dibna odoyaal baana ka fujiyay oo dhex galay si aan loosii layn waa ihaano ama xaqiraad inteeda le,eg. Lafaheena xuso kuwiinana hasoo hadal qaadinina waa ihaano kale. Waa dadka ugu nabadda jecel uguna aqoonta fiican soomaalida sida la qoray. Magaaladoodana cid looga dilo mooyee qof kuma dilin sidaan taariikhda lagu sheegay. Marnaba kama aysan hor imaan riyadaan aqoonsiga wayday si loo wada noolaado oo dhib u imaan. Dad aan dhib looga baqayn inaba, maxaa keenay in la aamusiyo oo wiilashooda aqoonyahankaa mujrimiin lagula xiro jeel madaw?
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    It is an issue for Arabs, including the KSA not an ex refugee from Africa who should be expending her extra enegies on issue concerning Somalia or even better, issues concerning the Somalis and the other Americans who elected her.
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    It is an Arab issue not a Muslim issue. It is a land dispute between Arabs and Jews. It has nothing to do with a black African congresswoman. Maybe she should speak about Somali issues, or Somali American issues, such as lack of education, gang crime and poverty. The way I see it she is being unwittigly used to further Arab agenda and she will pay for it. Waa dan la’aanimo. What a waste.
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    Really? Arab issue? Palestine is a Muslim world issue. And I say she's brave to raise that in US where AIPAC & Jewish lobby.
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    He was not the first, Deni of Puntland and Hassan SHeikh were also members here

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