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    Dalmar, don't insult brother Dhagaxtuur. Also don't blame him considering what transpired in Xamar in the recent few weeks. Even me, a diehard defender of Muqdisho being the undisputed capital city for us Soomaalis for almost two decades here on SOL - what happened recently in Xamar certainly gave me a pause. We thought we moved away from mooryåånimo mentality since 2006. I still support Xamar as a capital of Soomaaliya, but what happened a few weeks ago should and must not be repeated.
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    Getting back to point. Somalis whether they are in Boosaaso or Marka need peace and security. But we can not simply accept Faroole, Mark and malazawi policies. We do not even have a problem with a federal Somalia. But you want Gaalkacayo to keep divided. Why the whole mudug not be part of Gal mudug and unite big tribes! Why you are stopping SSC build their own federal state, the only place the colonial wanted to give independent states. Your goal is not a peaceful federal Somalia but rather to maintain current status with the help of foreigners, using historic connections. That is not acceptable, we want a system that works for all.
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    Maakhir, they are nothing called gaashaanbuur. Soomaalida maryooleey waxey isku qaldaayaan dadka Reer Koonfur Galbeed u yaqaanaan 'geegii mariidi' iyo qabaa'ilada Koonfur Galbeed. Qabaa'ilada Koonfur Galbeed wey jireen, xiriir dhalasho iyo deegaan ayaa ka dhaxeeyo sida xiriir dhalasho iyo deegaan ugu dhaxeeyo qabaa'ilada kale ee Soomaaliyeed. Reer Canjeex iyo Reer Xaayoow wax dhalasho ka dhaxeeyo iska yar laakiinse waxee ku bidooween ururka magaciisa Afmaay ah oo Waaberi lagu dhaho Afmaxaatiri. Inaa magaca qabiilka ee ku midoobeen sheego ma rabi. Qabiil walba saas ugu midoobeen, xataa kaa ka dhalatay ee ku midoobeen Reer Nugaal, Sool, Bari iyo Sanaag oo magaciisa asagana erey Afmaay ah oo Nin laga wado. Tusaale kale qabiilka Beledweyne dego iyo kan degmada Goldogob ee Mudug dego laba 'ood' ayee u kala xaroodaan yet waxaa la dhahay waa isku farac meel ka soo jeedo. Qabiilka Shariif Sh Axmed abtirsigiisa iyo kuwa Baran iyo deegaanada kale ee Sanaag dego abtirsigooda waa isku mid, again laba 'ood' ayee u kala xaroodaan. Aan u soo noqdo ereyada aan kor ku sheegay ee 'geegii mariidi.' Ereyadaan waa Afmaay, waxaana laga wadaa dadka aan asalkooda ahayn Koonfur Galbeed laakiin soo degay, qaatayna dhaqanka qabaa'ilada Koonfur Galbeed ee la degnaayeen. Qabiilo meesha deganaa ayaa 'sharci' dhalasho siiyey iyagoo og meeshee ka soo jeedaan. Sababta loo siiyeyna waxee ahayd waa inay ka magan galaan oo la dhibaateen, diyadana laga bixiyo, iyagana bixiyaan. Geegii mariidi waxaa laga wadaa waayadii hore oo loola jeedo meeshee waayadii hore ka soo jeedaan. Awoowgey hooyadey dhalay ayaaba ka mid ahaa dadkaan camal. Dagaaladii iyo colaadii Sayidka iyo Daraawiishta ayee ka soo carareen asaga iyo reerkiisa bilowgii qarnigii 20aad. Qabridahare, Soomaali Galbeed, ayee ka imaadeen, waxeena soo degeen Waajid, Bakool, uu ku wada dhalay ilmihiisa. Qabiilkiisa wuu heystay laakiin diyo iyo waxyaabahaas haddee imaatana qabiilka Waajid degan la qeybsan jiray.
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    Says a dude whose half of his own folks confusedly claim to be descendants from Xabashi habar and the other half in their inferiority complexity claiming to be the rejected sons of Qureysh. The rest soo hartayna habro la baxay. Have you no shame? At least Reer Koonfur Galbeed know meeshee ka soo jeedaan iyo dadkee u dhasheen and will never claim none other than Soomaalinimo. By the way, Afmaxaatirigaan aad ku hadashid adigoo shisheeyo aan ku rabin sheeganaayo Afmaay ayaa dhalay Afmaxaagaan.
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    The real reason is South West clan is not a real clan but a combination of a few clans. That's why they don't have cohesion or have national plan. Lafta gareen is a puppet for farmaajo and was placed there by the cheese fellow his mother is also the same clan as that for the cheese guy. Besides the South Western guys don't have allot of self worth politically and socially that they can be against anything they always go with the wind. Allot of them are alshaab supporters though.
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    Do not expect anything good from this guy and the people he associated.
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    Wauw Che wrote more then 2 sentences.. I am amazed.
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    I think the Qatar process is bigger than what the eyes could see. It could be said that both Qatar and UAE has more influence than large European countries like Germany, France or Italy. There are reports that Qatar has embarked to resolve three major issues regarding Somalia and the region. They have already contacted both the United States and UK. Qatari lobbyists had already succeeded and convinced the powers about their moves. When you see USA or others making big noises , it is always about the opposite of what they are referring. They might be talking about extension or elections, but the realis sue is always beyond what they pronounce. The biggest concern of the US and UK is the threat of China taking over major Somali ports. Qatar has assured America and Britain that their interest both on the Red Sea and the Indian ocean will looked after... So, Qatar has offered to resolve three major issues in the Somali region, mainly: To resolve the Kenya and Somalia dispute, to resolve the Al-shabaab conflict and unity with Somaliland. Like I said the gulf nations have deep pockets that no European or America could match. Also, as the largest natural gas producer in the world, Qatar might have stakes in the disputed Kenya/Somalia oil blocks in the Indian ocean. They have been doing off shore gas production for decades. On the Kenya/Somalia file it is probably the easiest. While the maritime dispute is torn in the relationship, it should never lead to severing of the relationship. While whipping Somalis to nationalist fever on the sea dispute is a good political move , privately Farmaajo shouldn't have cut diplomatic relations. Uhuru complained about Farmaajo forgetting the half million Somali refugees in Kenya and thousands of Somalis who found Kenya home during difficult times. It seems Qatar has resolved that issue already. In fact, the Amir of Qatar had already commented his success on Kenya/Somalia dispute. The second move of Al-shabaab and the issue of Somaliland will be dealt after the election. The UAE had already failed everything it touches in the region. They supposed to provide both business and air traffic to both Hargeisa and Bebera airports. The Berbera airports had ceased to operate, and the Hargeisa airport operates only two hours a day when passengers prepare to catch the only flight to Addis Ababa by Ethiopian Airlines. Thanks to UAE the closed off Somaliland. The Boosaaso issue is even worse. Folks, Qatar is fully engaged and had even saved Farmaajo from his political mistakes. In Somalia and in the horn region money could buy everything, I mean everything. The Warlords and otters who occupied Mogadishu streets have already being paid or are in the process of being paid. Furthermore, don't be fooled about the camels being paraded in Mogadishu. The poor soldiers do not need camel meat ,but cash. They must be paid sooner or later and calling them back to their barracks was a good move, but the instigators, like Indhacade and others, had already visited Villa Somalia in the middle of the night, and will be paid handsomely thanks to Qatar. Didn't you hear before that in Mogadishu, everything is always about business? I will debate the issue of federalism with Tilamook another time, but the Mogadishu incident of last week has once again proved that there must be life liberty and business opportunity beyond Mogadishu. The Puntlanders who seem ahead of others on these issues had warned us about the peril of everyone moving to Mogadishu. This town could be the commercial hub of somalia, but it can not be a national capital. That point has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. The only major foreign policy success Farmaajo ever did was by siding with Qatar during the gulf dispute. Now Qatar is paying back during Farmaajo's difficult time. This Qatari diplomat is recognized by the UN as the chief peace negotiator of the year 2020 by resolving the Afghanistan quagmire. We hope, he might succeed to resolve the Al-shabaab scrooge in Somalia in 2021/2022. Let us hope.
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    As someone whose family was targeted by the Kacaan government, I assure you I have no desire to see any despot. But the case against Farmajo is overblown. The man has no standing army, no big support base in Mogadishu, and not many allies in the periphery of the country. Deni is in a better position of being a despot, and he has proven he is willing to settle scores through force. Just look at what he did at the parliament and his tussle with Karaash. As for the qabiil, it occurs to me such issues are usually brought up by the supposedly landheer folks, a sense of insecurity I will say, makes me wonder what real census would show The issue for me is not bigger clans monopolizing power or resources, it is the small clique of people taking advantage of the masses. Honestly, who benefits from Pland project other than the corrupt few who pay corrupt elders in order to be elected? The latest rains have washed bridges and cut off roads while Deni is busy making night visits to new hotels [ Cadduun Plaza] And federalism is important to Garowe insofar it is not applied within Pland. Everything is appointed by Garowe, no local elections or tax collection mandate. All the power is concentrated in one man, and the man uses it to leverage the central government. I am not in favor of a highly centralized state, I enjoy complaining to my local city council. But if the federalists want to bridge the gap, let's be honest, and say what we have now is not working. Calling Farmajo a despot will not solve anything.
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    @Duufan, So the white man recorded the fantastical stories you told him and now you present those same stories as evidence?
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    There were only few Somali tribes that fully engaged the Colonial powers when they first arrived 1900s. where were your big tribe? hidding behind Italian.
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    I honestly came to be believe federalism is not for Somalia, at least not its current form. And those preach fedarlalism are barely making a good case for it. They themselves support regressive, undemocratic players in their respective regions.
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    Yet, you support every regressive, non-democratic, anti-federalism nonsense in Somalia? Che, a word of advice: Practice a little more prudence and circumspection!
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    But your “president’s” funders/handlers i.e Qatar have deemed Kenya as “okay” and Farmajo has accepted. Surely you are not going to go against Farmajo? Is he a “kikuyu lover” now?
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    Never praise every foriegn involvement in Somalia. Things should have stayed the way they were. P.s. Xalane should be closed and Ethiopians should head home.
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