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    Very weak logic. Puntland has a deal with Mogadishu, are they doing better than Somaliland? Sometimes I wonder, do Somalilanders with such weak disposition lack intellect, vision... or both? We in Somaliland have so much to work on, from corruptions to tribalism to management of resources... you name it. But a deal with Mogadishu will never be the answer. Have some self-respect, Somaliland is one of the five Somali regions, the first independent Somali state, you would not seek anything from Mogadishu more than you would Djibouti, Jigjiga or Garissa. You are on equal footing with the four other Somali regions, not a renegade part of one of them. For anyone delusional enough to imagine a deal with Mogadishu being the answer, I reiterate.. look at Puntland. You're almost as delusional looking towards Mogadishu for your solutions as Mogadishans are when they look towards AMISOM/UN/Ethiopia for their solutions.
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    Walle, waligee Dhabaayaco ma daahiro. my suggest to you is build your lands and don't fuss over Mogadishu.
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    Somaliland is not built on the misery of others. it's built on the great strides made by its peoples.
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    The insecurity in Mogadishu will not last forever, and indeed sooner than you think our inept "siyaasiyiin" will have to find another place to use for propaganda. I suggest Juba in South Sudan, but I guess that place has improved its image as well.
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    the article just stated the truth about Mogadishu. ''Unlike Mogadishu, Hargeisa is an emerging peaceful business hub with authorities doing their best to ensure the kind of lawlessness associated with Somalia is not replicated in Somaliland.'' they've been saying soon or later for 30 years. yet Somalia is lawless and diaspora journalists have their passports confiscated, unlawfully detained and people are also killed on a daily basis. there's a million more things to say despite it's glossy veneer of hormar. but no cares about Somalia. it was merely a factual comparison.
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    I think this Xaaji Mohamed Yaasiin is a decent guy that refused to pay bribes in those elections. I want to elaborate more about his characterization of Somali leaders. He isn't human physcologist , but he is probably referring for what here in the west we describe as sociopaths and Psychopaths. There are large number of American sociopaths in executive and management leadership positions. As defined , they have no empathy or sympathy to others, and they never recognize the rights of others. Somali leaders might not reach that level of psychopaths , but they have certain traits of the sociopaths like watching people starve, feeling no guilt or remorse and lack love for their people. They are amassing millions in foreign banks when their soldiers could not get $100. In fact large number of African and Arab dictators are either sociopaths or evcen crazy psychopaths. Gaddafi of Libya, Bashar Assad and Sisi of Egypt could be big examples. How can you rule over after murdering a half million people.
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    And what does his opinion matter if he would be in afweyne reign he would be a faqash collaborator.
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    Waraysiga odaygaan waxyaabo badan yaa kaaga soo baxaya Mida koowaad waad ku sirmaysaa, oo waxaa kusoo jiidanaya haybada culimada oo ka muuqata. Mida labaad qoyska uu leeyahay waa awoowayaashay oo ah dad taariikh dheer leh. Inkastoo soomaalidu tiraahdo masku abur buu dhalaa, ama dadkii soo talin jiray dadkoodii carrabkaa ka waynaaday,mid la dhagaysan karo kuma jiro ilaahay amarkiis. Tan sadexaad oo ah kalmada aniga oo laga hormariyo istaaqfurulah si laysaga ilaaliyo faan iyo isla wayni wayna muuqataa inuu ka booday xadiiskaas shariifka ah. Dadku waa wada waalanyihiin markii aniga layga reebo! Aabahay qaybta dhul bixinta minushiibiyo yuu madax ka ahaa dadkoo dhana waan ka aabo fiicnaa guri wanaagsan oo dhimirka koriya yaan ka imid.! Doorasha kasta 30 kun baa iga baxda xigmad la'aan, ilaahay baana i siiyay, in ka badana waan haystaa Doorashada ma waxaa loo aadaa in magacaaga aad ka iibiso dadka tabaalaysan, mise inaad hogaan wax u tara u noqoto? Soo ma oga inaan ilaahay uusan jeclayn dadka maalka ku cayaara (ان الله لا يحب المسرفين)
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    Islam is abused by the tyrants, hypocrites, terrorists, and the infidels because of the vast man made literature called xadiis peddled as divine law. As long as the Muslims rely on these books for guidance instead of the holy Qur'an, there will be no end to the abuse, misery, and confusion.
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    Xaajiyoow koonfuria isn't stopping anything. What you call the "will of the people" has nowadays turned into the will of only the accursed kleptocracy. Nowadays, there is absolutely nothing the average Somalilander gains from Somaliland's separation and this is not the fault of Farmaajo or any other Koonfurian. It is exclusively due to the failure of Somaliland's political elite. Just think about this: Somaliland has been independent of Mogadishu for almost thirty years now and still today our politicians are fighting over the composition of the electoral commission!!! They don't even pretend to be working for the interest of the people. Its all about them and their personal interests. In those thirty years nations including China and India have become superpowers and indeed in the nineteenth century it took about three decades for feudal Japan to develop into modern empire. So what future has this inept and out of touch kleptocracy got? On the contrary, I think life would be much better for the masses if a deal is reached with Mogadishu. After all, what is the purpose of breaking away if we have all the problems associated with koonfuria in Somaliland. Tribalism, daylight robbery of public resources by politicians, clan conflicts, religious extremism, etc. Actually, koonfuria is now more democratic and free than Somaliland. Remember our parliamentarians have now effectively turned what was supposed to be their five year term into a lifetime job.

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