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    Farmaajo pushed the dictatorial limits and that was most likely his downfall. He was truly convinced of his own invincibility till the end. People were also tired of the continued corruption that never went away even though Farmaajo campaigned on a promise to end it. I think this was anti-Farmaajo vote than anything else. Anyways, the country needs prayers and all the help it can get because the new guy was far worse on corruption than Farmaajo. Hopefully HSM learned his lesson and comes up with new ideas to govern the country because he was truly unable to deliver anything meaningful the last time he was given the chance.
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    What a load of nonsense. Sharif sheikh Ahmed handed over power. Hassan handed power over to the cheese fellow . So because now cheese gave power back to hassan civil war ended nonsense . As for somaliland today somaliland is stronger then ever and there is absolutely no threat coming from the bunker in xalane
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    May Allah give him Towfiq and guide him to the right path, Aamiin.
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    Many of the candidates, have pledged to help Kenya in SOMALI-Kenya dispute, some of them , are even funded by Kenya, as reported by SOMALI former foreign minister, some of the candidates don't have any money, and somehow paid for the $40k fees to run, and he was also approached but declined. here is one of them, this guy has been running since 2004, and definitely like CULUSOW, Sharif, INa Abdi SHakur, Deni, is 100% a Kenyan agent. the islamic dress, look, , is wolf in sheep's clothing. https://www.hiiraan.com/news4/2022/May/186155/somalia_presidential_candidate_detained_in_nairobi_over_sh4_million_debt.aspx?utm_source=hiiraan&utm_medium=SomaliNewsUpdateFront
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    Reer Somaliland 26 Jun 1960 ayaa ugu danbaysay qof aan Soomaali ahayn oo ka amar qaataan. Let that sink in.
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    If I were him, my first order will be to amend the provisional constitution and make the premier to serve on the pleasure of the president. The president should be able to fire the premier without the consulting the parliament. This corrupt Italian system had created gridlock and confusion. Until legitimate political parties elected and pick the premier through majority , the president should lead the government without any major interference from anyone
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    Meel Mahad Salaad iyo co. wasiirro ka noqon doonaan, Eebboow xaalka sahal. Intii yareyd maalin cad gadan doonaan.
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    Ahmed Madoobe's Jubaland was an open conflict with last 3 presidnets - that will continue regardless if H.SH.M or Farmaajo returns. A Somali President can't work with a Jubaland entity that is designed and set-up for the interests of Kenya against a sovereign nation...
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    He is biggest empty talker, he literally did nothing in his term except personalty PR, if you ask people what he did they will count everything that was started/build by Xassan Shekh. I celebrated his victory in 2017 but after 2 years of no new major/important institutionell or state building i abounded him seeing the igu-sawir/poser man he really is.
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    This business of replacing people must stop. Let people select their own. There are bigger problems than Madoobe. That what Farmajo could not comprehend and concentrated on narrow goals. If he manages taking care of the bigger stuff like annihilating Al Shabab and building strong army, everything else will fall in place.
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    Reer Jigjiga watching the selections. Many maqaayado iyo biibitooyin are making a killing caawa in Soomaaliya iyo magaalooyinka kale caalamka. This Soomaalida's version of World Cup final every four years.
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    Money sways, saaxiib. Xildhibaannada Reer KG wey jala jabeen, each for their own interests. I think Farmaajo did not pay wixii laga sugaaye, I don't know whether it was arrogance or kalsooni weyn inay ka ahayd. He gambled badly, but he still has a chance to pay now.
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    Farmaajo is done my count is he got less than 70. even if Farmaajo and Khayre join they can't beat the opposition. In cabdishakur got 14, cosoble almost 13, add that to Dani who got almost 70 and hassan shikh. I think the opposition might win. One more thing , it seems like 5 to 7 % of the ballots are spoiled.
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    Hal xaaraaan ah ilmo xalaala ma dhasho!! A man stealing public money to stay in power, have no khayr for Somalis. Waxba ha isku daalin! There is one thing we could agree if you have in Somalia's interest. Say " May Allah guide the Somali MPs to select for us the one that he knows is best for the country and people even if that is not the we support. Come on say that after me, will ya?
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    Dadkaas ku faanaya xoolaha dadoow baa in laaluush lagu bixiyo baa wadan inay badnaadiyaan laga sugaa!!!! Laa Xawla Walaa Quwata Ilaa Bilaahi.
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    I couldn't find any Somali private citizen praying for c/laahi Dani or Hassan Sheikh, nor any video of support. That tells something. Here in the nation of poets, a by stander in one of the streets in Boosaaso had called for the expulsion of C/laahi dani. You can't find a Hassan Sheikh supporter in Boosaaso or Baidoa, why?
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    Aww, xanuun iyo niyadjab weyn ku ahaa the secessionists to this statement: The secessionists baroorka ayaa ka socdo under this statement on Twitter. Now I know why ever-eager secessionist members here on SOL did not report this trip. Nijadjab weyn ayee ku ahayd.
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    Insha allah, I hope Somalis everywhere prosperity, Recognition would help SL, and this nightmarish South are not serious, 30 plus years and still not taking situations seriously
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    Toban iyo shan sano dheh. Bilowgii sanadkii 2007 ayee tageen kuwii u horeeyey.
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    Hadaljeedinta maanta si toos ah.
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    It is not only Khayre, all of them are talking about it to seduce the 60 something parliamentarians that hail from Somaliland. On another note though, 16 of these candidates hail from Unuka clan. 16@$40,000 is $600, 000 dollars!!!! Imagine how many schools would that build in Kaaraan, Adale, Balcad and all the poverty stricken villages around Mogadishu??? Imagine how many clinics that money could support?? What a waste. And most of them except 2 or 3 do not even stand a chance of going to the second round.
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    Another clan-obsessed documentary about three city states, fuufu-lands, bubu-lands call them what ever you want. Lets be honest to each other. Its a tribal enititey trying to to be seperate while other somali tribes in somaliland do not even agree with them. Nobody is dumb. The only thing I could say to to them as a southerner is that I hail them for the peace they have.
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    I listened to Hassan Cali Khayre's speech, it wasn't bad. He made some good points. However, his comments about starting serious talks with Somaliland had me scratching my head. Under his Prime Ministerialship, he left no stone unturned to try to isolate Somaliland and stop all links with International Community. His Planning Minister even wrote to the UK and requested the UK to stop funding the Somaliland Development Fund. That is not all, he spent days begging the United Arab Emirates to stop its investments in Somaliland. Even went to meet the Dubai Sheikh in person to try to make his government relevant to the DP World deal. He requested for him to even sign the papers only to show that his gov't was involved somehow in someway. The UAE officials rejected completely. Somalilanders are particularly inward looking people who spend majority of their time talking about their internal politics and seldomly looking outside Somaliland. But when they are challenged, Somaliland respond. Somaliland has tremendously achieved a lot more in terms of its external relationship than it did in the 10 years before 2017. So for Hassan Ali Khaire to come on the podium and exclaim that he will make everything easy for Somaliland, if he is elected President of Somalia. It is a realisation that playing hardball does not work with Somaliland.
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    Some heads -Mahad Salaad's, Sanbalooshe's and Axmed Fiqi's among them - would explode should Farmaajo re-selected again.
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    What can you say, Ilaahay xishoodka nagama qaato. We approching 15 may, SYL days, I bet the founers would curse these people from their graves if they knew that their struggle have been hijacked by opportunists. Personally, This is the reason its to hard to make a commentary on Somali politics, I dont want to poke the dead but I have said it before, in 2019 Mengistu the short midget amxaro khabiith was interviwed by VOA amharic and was asked by his legacy. He said "I did not turn the countrey into a Somalia". While Mengistu locked the weapons depot and shot Amxaaro generals who wanted to arm the Amxara people, Somalia then president was arming clans just in order to stay in power. That says a lot does it not? You wander into Somali cafes and the news is about what Farmaajo say, What did Xassan Sheekh say? or the cursed seperetatists 3 town bantunistans leaders say. The truth is that no one actually says the bloody truth. We have serpant, a venemous one, a terror group that no one discusses about and who are lurking in the bushes and who swore an allegiance to an arab who doesnt even know where Somalia is. Even the taliban did not do that. We have a government that could be examplified by a old man nearly dying if he doesnt get his foregin oxygen. Nobody asks what will happen if the foregin oxygen ends. Nothing is permanent. We saw that in Afghanistan. The federal system with its 4.5 formula was a way to cool down tribal tensions. We do not even a public that demands clean water, free education from their "fufu-lands bubu lands" and what ever damned maamul goboleed thet come from. Lets be honest to each other. Somalia has indeed taken a step forward but it has regressed to its pre-colonial mindset.
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