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    this is not the first time Mr Osman has launched a Somalia-focused political party. way back in 2009, he launched Hanoolato Somalia National Party in London and that was a non-starter and a major failure. here's a video of this one man show:
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    Gal-mudug La mid ma'ahan gobolada kale sida bay iyo bakool oo diinta loo raadsan jiray iyo masagada. Dhaqan ahaan gal-mudug waa dad dhib badan, axdigana ma oofiyaan. Nabada, colaaday ka jecel yihiin. Xalaashana xaarayntay ka jecelyihiin Waa intooda badan dadka laysma raaciyo aqlabiyadda ama ilaa man raximalaah. Ilmaha markii loo xiiro waxaa lagu dhahaa orodoo facaa iskasoo celi asagoon ilko lahayn. Labaatan jir mudug ku dhashay ilaahay uma xil qarin, macnaheedu waa inuu ama dilaa noqdaa ama isaga tagaa gobolka. Tusaale waxaa kuugu filan dadka wax loo qaybinayo oo loo dadaalayo waa hal jufo oo sadex jufo usii kala baxday Waxa federaalka oo aysan sharuudihiisii buuxin uga mid noqdeen gobol iyo rubuc si shartooda looga nabad galo. Mid waxay leedahay madaxweynaha. Midna waxay leedahay caasumadii dhaqaalaha ugu badan soo galayay. Midna waxay leedahay gurigii baarlamaanka oo lagu talinayay Waxaa loogu daray suufiyadii oo sadbursi iyo mixnad kale ah. Maxaa soo haray?.... Waxba. Juhdiga intaa le'eg waxa lagu bixinayo waa hal beel ah oo aan timo waligood usoo bixin. Soo kama fiicnayn juhdiga intaa la'eg, in dawladu geliso geella Australia lagu laynayo.
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    The irony is deafening. These goons were yesterday making life hard for ordinary people in Hargeisa with around the clock curfews not to mention daylight robberies of private property, extra-judicial killings and disappearances. Today, the same people are stuck inside a hotel or houses, and cannot go to the local Masjid to observe their religious duties. And still, they have not grown one or two brain cells.
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    Sanbalooshe is, I think, one of the thousands Tigrey agents that were exposed in 2018 after Abiy Axmed Cali gained power. Remember that infamous list of Tigrey moles and informants la hadal haaye toddobaadyo sanadkaas.
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    Turkey should be given a big chunk of the pie, for not only the right thing to do but the only way to create interests and competition. They will now show up and line up in order the Turkey will not get anything. There will be no grantee that others will take the risk but Turkey will definitely do it.
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    Khayraad aad gaajo ugu ag dhimatay waxaa ka fiican ayadoo walaalahaa turkiga la wadaaga.
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    Suldaanka, As you know our culture very well. And of course you being a Suldaan, no less, (I will presumed for you nothing less than that ). So let me say that what Dr Beileh, the finance minister of Somalia, is in relation to Somalia, at least politically, is in effect of what we Somalilanders (or northerners in general) call "Awr-kiraale" (i.e., hire-able camel). And he is that sort of thing in more ways than one, indeed. In other words, he is essentially a man who doesn't have any "political cards" to play with it in the eternal high-table of the "power-play-politics" of Somalia. Or at least, he doesn't have any "reserved seat" at that table. And in particularly, he doesn't have a "reserved seat" at the political table in which the endless competition for power that has been going on from the get go since back in early 1950s in Somalia gets usually to be staged on it. And that era of early 1950s was when Somalia tentatively assumed her role of a would-be sovereign State in the post-independence era, that in turn was going to start from 1960. And, of course that competition in Somalia (i.e., South), that I am talking about in here was always the competition between the "H-Block" and the "D-Block" of Somalia, as you know of it so well, indeed. Which in turn essentially is a "Zero-Sum-Game" sort of "power-politics". Hence, Dr Beileh, will simply have to accept to fulfill whatever he is told to do by the powers-that-be in Somalia at this time around, namely, the "H-Block-Chieftain" by the name of Mr Kheyre. For he is essentially, and politically speaking, a "glorified guest" within Somalia (i.e., the South) and it's endless tug-of-war version of power competition. between the usual "duopoly hyenas" that are out there in Mogadishu in particular and Somalia in general. Of course, in another era such that of Gen. Afweyne and his time in power, and if he were the finance minster of that outfit, then, of course, he would would have been basically required to fulfilled his "marching orders". And duly give all of the international aid money there is going, solely, to the "D-Block regions" of Somalia, as the case would have been in that era, indeed. For as I said it, he is essentially a "glorified version" of "Awr-Kiraale", at least within the power-distributions equation in Somalia. And in particularly when you strip away all the tendentious and cheap talk of "Somalinimo". However, he would not have been that sort of a "hire-able camel" in Somaliland. Or at least he would not have been treated as such by any leader in Somaliland. For his kin and kith in Awdal region are the "real political stake-holders" into the very existence and to the depth of the "social marrow" of Somaliland's institutional structures, unlike, say, how they are in relation to Somalia. Consequently, since, Mr Farmaajo can't overruled the said "H-Block-Chieftain", namely, the ever self-regarding and the highly conceited Mr Kheyre, given that Mr Farmaajo, himself, is in effect a "tolerated-house-guest" (in the political sense of that word) of the same Mr Kheyre, then that actually means, Dr Beileh, being a "hire-able and functioning camel" (i.e., Awr-Kiraale) would have to carry out, both the letter and the spirit, of the the direction and the orders of his "patron" in Mogadishu, who in turn hard hired him for his current political gig, namely the same Mr Kheyre. Subsequently, understand that, my friend (and I am sure you do know that, already). Then you will really understand every thing else that is going on in Somalia or the south, politically.
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    hmmm. xooluhu shugux shugux kama ilbaxdo. All it takes is a $500 dollars. Few dollars for Logo design, few dollars for new suit and some more dollars to get so called journalists to come to your hotel. And you have Saalaxo running with it like he found his new Daddy.
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    Lool, another hustler on the make is all I see in here, really. Or at least I see someone who sees the easy money that can be had from Mogadishu if you say you are from Somaliland. Pity, really. For it seems that the folks in the south or Somalia never learn one jot, really. Why? Well, all the political drop-out from Somaliland, or at least those who lost out in the big league game of the national major seats of power in Somaliland, always head for the "new green pasture" in Mogadishu. And after few years of living in the money (like the current ministers of the N&N gang who are from Somaliland), they in turn invariably will head back home after their "convenient political gig" in Mogadishu finishes, or comes to an end. And the only positive thing they will bring forth will be that they will come back with enough loot to which to build for themselves a few tall commercial buildings in right out there in the middle of Hargeisa. This is what even the current ministers of the N&N gang, particularly those who are from Somaliland, are doing now. For it's what even the alleged "uncorrupted fellow", namely, Dr Beileh, the finance minster of Somalia, is doing in Hargeisa, which is that he is building for himself a tall building with many floors in right in the middle of down town Hargeisa. Gee, I wonder where on earth he got that many millions of easy cash to do that? Or even better why not, for Pete's sake, build that sort of tall building in right there in Mogadishu where he is currently "collecting" all the local taxes of Mogadishu's teeming residents. And doing it so in a fist over barrel sort of a way? Also the current deputy Minister of Somalia, Mr Khadar, is also at it in collecting his precious loot from Mogadishu. And he is also at it in a rather speedily way in building his own "retirement investment nest-egg" sort of thing in the middle of Hargeisa, in the form of another tall building of a commercial kind out there in Hargeisa. Again, one wonders why do that? After all, he is freaking deputy Prime Minister (PM) of Somalia, not some sort of even a glorified "dog-catcher" in Somaliland, to say the least. Which means, if he is putting some sort of cash away for any rainy day and for his retirement need of stashing way some kind of a "cash portfolio", then he ought to put it where is now living and working in. Or at least the folks he is living in their midst currently, namely Mogadishu's folks, really deserved such thing as tall buildings in their city. Given that the bulk of the "easy money" that is coming to him now is in a "direct proportion" to the fact that he is currently "deputy PM" for Somalia. Hence, too many failed Somaliland's politicians, it seems that the current reality of Mogadishu is their new "El Dorado", or something of that sort. Or at least a "Manna from Heaven" sort of thing. But, still, the pity of it all is that the downtrodden folks of Mogadishu are being fleeced with this sort of "open day scam". And still some are ready to be forthcoming and wants to get it on in the act in this even late day for the upcoming "looting business" of Somalia in 2021 and its political change-over. No wonder, our Galbeedi, in right in here of SOL, come across to me lately as the sort of a chap who keeps on having the air of a fellow who in turn is having his tongue out for "sheer lust" of the "easy loot" that can be had in Mogadishu any day now. And in particularly if you play your "political card" appropriately. And therefore scream vociferously (at least few times around) a certain rendition of "Soomaaliyeey Toosaay". Consequently, if you were to do that, then you are as good as gold in Mogadishu. For you in turn will be living large in the easy loot that can be had from there. No doubt about it, especially, if you can claim it to be from Somaliland.
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    I see someone who is still in search of their "Political Holy-Grail", namely another Col. Caare who may be fill-in deeply as a "hero" at that hole that exist within their "rotten psyche" in which they carry around as they go desperately about with their "welfare-dependent-low-life", specially in here of dear old Blighty. However, although, I hate to disappoint them rather needlessly, but, still, I must say to them, that, the fact of the matter is that these riffraffs will be clear off easily by the RRU and by the rest of the local police force of Togdheer region. And that will be the case long before the army itself actually gets its boots on just to make a short work of them, if it becomes necessary, indeed. And the reason for that is that we in Somaliland actually are pass masters of handling local small "political potatoes" of the kind this sort of a "farcical stunt" actually amounts to in the cold light of the day. Despite the best effort in which someone in here is parading around such stunt, as if it's really an earth shattering news to us. So let me say that they ought to really pray a bit more of an intensive sort of way for a "mighty calamity" to strike Somaliland from the blue sky. Given, that, this one is nothing but a "laughable nuisance" in which it will be made a short-work of it in no time. For that will be so, particularly, if they are deemed sufficiently of a "threatening" sort of maligned issue for the larger agenda of Somaliland's economical development. Hence, mark my word in here, folks, when I say that these guys or these riffraffs will be history, and will be heard no more from them, within the next three (3) months or so, at tops.
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    There is no secret in Hargeisa. few weeks ago we heard about this. Faysal Waraabe didn't tell the whole story. In Hargeisa people were talking about blows and punches thrown by both men. Nimanku feedh bay is la dhaceen. Guys this are our leaders in Somaliland, and no one is trying to censure or discipline these gangsters. In these parts of the world the later is always worse than his predecessor. Even some elders in Hargeisa are talking about recalling Dahir Rayaale before things go down the drain.
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    Suldaanka, Watch carefully what Mr Deni and Mr Ahmed Madoobe are cooking in up Bossaso, since they could be the "political spoilers" of whatever that is that Villa Somalia's gang are contemplating for the end of their term, come January of next year. Moreover, the IGAD's forces-contributing states, like Kenya and Uganda, are really pissed off with Villa Somalia. Which means the security situation could get worse in any minute, particularly if the likes of Uganda decides to teach a political lesson to Villa Somalia like they did back in 2009. And that was when Uganda's strong-man, effectively, ended the then brief and "hallucinatory reign" of Mr Cheeseman as the PM of the TFG outfit of that time under Mr Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. So there are lots of balls that are up in the air. And the only two pertinent questions are how will they all land on the ground? Or whether they will do so in safely or in chaos? And that will be really crucial, particularly, if it becomes apparent that Villa Somalia is basically "banking-on" (as Mr Bryden already observed) the "legal recognition" of Somalia's government (which in my view was one of the most "cardinal mistake" of Obama's administration) on one hand, and on the other hand, the "financial largess" of the Qatari's slush-fund, in-order to win a political and legal "extension" of their time in office beyond January of next year (2021). But we shall see how things will fall into pieces, since this year will be a make or break crucial year for Somalia. At at least, in-terms of its modern version of trying to find a decent means to which to move forward away from the endless crisis of its political legitimacy. Or whether they can actually do so in the short remaining period in which this current administration has left to govern the country under their "mandate", which in turn expires at next January.
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    ^cantarabaqash! Like I'm going to read your effing verbal diarrhoea. Full of shyt.
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    ^^^^ Duufaan, Waan ogaa in aad u dhago la'dahay difaacista Ina-Farmaajo oo wakhtigiisii gabaabsi iska yahay, isaga oo aan wax muuqda ama buuran Soomaaliya u qaban afartii (4) sanadood ee uu kursiga Villa Soomaaliya fadhiyey. Laakiin tan naxliga ah ee aqliga saliimka ah "kufsaneysa" ee aad lasoo shir tagtey, laba uun ayey ka turjumeysaa in ay midkood uun tahay. Kuwaas oo kala ah in ay "garashaddu" ay intaas kaa tahay oo meel ah. Hadey taas tahayna, markaas, layaab ma lihid. Ama waxaad tahay "iidheh" wax lagu soo shubtey oo intaas ayey kaaga dhantahay. Oo markaas wax dood ah umaad iman halkan iyo wax rag kaa qaadan karo midna in aad halkan keento, haba-yaraatee, oo meel kale ah. Hase-ahaatee, wax kasta oo ay kaa tahayba xaqiiqdu sidan ayey u dhow tahay: (kow) - Waa run in Sanbalooshe waxan oo "wanjalis" ah ee ku dhacdey Mr Qalbi-Dhagax ay isaga agtiisa taal. Oo isagu ahaa "furihii" ama xidhiidhiyihii isku xidhayey mu'aamaradan Ethiopia soo aliftey, Villa Soomaaliya-na ay sixiixdey. Oo uu waliba ku darsoo uu Mr Qalbi-Dhagax uu kasoo qaadey Gaalkacayo dabadeedna geeyey "Godka Jilicow", isla markaana ka masuul ahaa wixii ku dhacayey Mr Qalbi-Dhagax ilaa intii uu saarey diyaaraddii qaatey ee Addis-Ababa geysay. In uu intaas oo dhan uu isagu Salbalooshe ahaan ahaa "jilihii" daaha dabadiisa fadhiyey ee "isuduwaha" (i.e., Conductor-ka) ka ahaa "arintan" uu isaga yahay waan rumeysnahay. Oo taas ka murmimeyno. Oo aniguba taas waan aaminsanahay. (laba) - Waa run in Mr Qalbi-dhagax uu lahaan karo wajiyo badan oo siyaasadeed (i.e, multiple political faces), oo uu mid kasta uu u isticmaalo wakhtiga ku haboon ee uu markaas joogo. Hase-ahaatee, waxa aan aqliga galeynin isaga ayaa is "wanjaley" ama is "boqno-gooyey", oo jir-dilkiisa ay ku sameeyeen nimankii Soomaaliyeed ee qabtey waa uu la ogaa oo "karto filim" ah oo uu jilayey ayey aheyd. Taas oo ah wax la yaab kale ah oo uu ninkan weyn ee Aqalka Sare ee baarlamaanka xukuma, Mr Mahamed Cabdi Xaashi, uu ku doodayo mar hadduu leeyahay Qalbi-Dhagax iyo Sanbalooshe waa is ogaayeen. (Saddex) - Ina Farmaajo, waa ninka ugu dambeeya ee "Haa" ama "Maya" in uu yidhaahdo laga sugayo, wax kasta oo uu Sanbalooshe soo kariyo ama uu soo "salaxaba", mar hadii Ina-Farmaajo isagu yahay ninka dowladda xukuma. Sidaa-daraateed, arintan "shirka" ah ee dhex martey, Mr Farmaajo iyo Mr Xaashi, waa arin "raad-gadasho" ah oo uu doonayey Ina-Farmaajo in uu u helo "qiil-ka-bax" uu hadhow odhan karo waxa ila ogaa gudoomiyaha baarlamaanka aqalka sare wax kasta oo aan ogolaadey in lagu sameeyo Mr Qalbi-Dhagax. Markaas, saaxiib, nin qaawan oo isagu macawista iska furey oo ah, Ina Farmaajo, kaa socon meyso waa la "hoosaasiyey". Oo Sanbalooshe, Mr Qalbi-dhagax iyo Gen. Gabre, oo meel wax uwada waday ayaa "hoosaasiyey" oo waa ay "wanjaleen". Isna iskama dhaadin oo waa uu ku dhacay "dabinkii" siyaasadeed ee ay saddexdaas (3) nin ay soo alifeen ama ay soo kariyeen. Waxaas caruurtuna kuma hadaaqdo iskaba daa qof-weyn oo mudakar ah in uu la soo shir tago'e. Laakiin, waxa ay kaa tahay wax aad ku "difaacdo" Ina-Farmaajo oo hadal-tiris madhan ah ha waayin. Ee adba, runtii, waad ogtahay in lagu qoslayo waxa aad noola timid, saaxiib.
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    WARDHEERNEWS PERSON OF THE YEAR: PRESIDENT MOHAMED ABDULLAHI FARMAJO January 15, 2020 By WardheerNews WardheerNews named President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as its person of the year for 2019 by reminding Somalis and friends of Somalia his dismal presidency and the setback he caused to the recovery of this fledgling federal entity. The choice is a deliberate means to increase the awareness of the Somalis and donor’s scrutiny of what went wrong in the last three years and how Somalis lost track of establishing a functioning, united, and secured federal governance. It was only three years ago when the Somali nation hoped to regain its lost state. With Farmajo’s election by a clan-based dysfunctional yet fledgling parliament, enthusiasm was an all-time high since the early 1970s, and hope was in the air. Many expected that Farmajo would complete what his predecessor, former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, started – secure more territories from the terror groups, build Somalia’s national Army, effective government institutions and complete the federal system of Somalia. Alas, starting his last year of a four-year term, Farmajo is presiding over a tattered and divided Somalia that has lost grounds in its journey to recap what Somalis called “geedi-socodka yegleelka dawlad Soomaaliyeed,” or the “journey to re-institute a working Somalia.” In solidarity with millions of Somalis who have concluded that the last three years are by far a lost opportunity, WardheerNews chooses President Farmajo as the most disappointing man in a long line of post-civil war presidents. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo In Farmajo’s time, security is at an all-time low. Beginning in 2017, Somalia was subjected to some of the most devastating terrorist acts carried out by Al-Shabab. Too many incidents to count have been the reality of Somalis. Suffice here to highlight the Zoba incident in October, 2017, where over 500 people were killed, and thousands were wounded in addition to the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of businesses. On December 28, 2019, the year ended with a deadly truck packed with explosives that blew up at a crowded ex-control check point that took the lives of more than 80 people mostly university students and injuring more than 100 people. Many opine that the free-willing of Al-Shabab terrorists since Farmajo took office is the unofficial blaring of the line that divides between Al-Shabaab and security forces, mainly NISA under the command of Fahad Yasin. Like many in the inner circle of Farmajo’s administration, Fahad grew up and was early in his youth baptized by the now-defunct Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya. Later, he joined some still functioning hard-core Islamist sleeper cells that are integral parts of Al-Shabab’s urban underground soldiers. Many intelligence files possessed by neighboring countries as well as several diplomats in the region attest to the fact that Mr. Fahad still maintains confidential and high-level contact with al-Shabaab leadership. Another area where the Farmajo administration short-changed the nation’s solemn objectives is by his inability to curb corruption. In defiance of world experts and Somali professionals, President Farmajo consistently blocked reputable effort to stop corruption. He also undermined all efforts to establish an independent anti-corruption commission, corrupting the recruitment process of the anti-corruption commission, despite his repeated promise to fight a run-away corruption culture in his government. Farmajo’s government also has failed to ratify the United Nations Convention against Corruption and the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption, which are some of the key reasons that Somalia is being ranked as the most corrupt country in the world, by several renown anti corruption institutions, including the Transparency International and Mo Ibrahim Index African Governance (IIAG). As if that was not enough, the government does not provide any services to the residents of Mogadishu or to any region in the entire country. The only thing that its good at, is attending conferences and occasionally convening less productive inter-regional cross-training or seminars for ministries of the member states most of whom have already severed relationship with Villa Somalia. To date, Puntland, Jubbaland, and Galmudug are not within the sphere of influence of Villa Somalia. Southwest and Hirshabeles don’t exist as full fledged member states. And Somaliland closed its doors to any form of talks with Villa Somalia. One of the gains since the Arte reconciliation conference hosted by Djibouti in 2000 was the establishment of a legislative body that was supposed to be independent of the Executive branch. However, under Farmajo, the two have unofficially merged. Of the 275 legislative members, close to 70 are members of the executive body, while over 150 individuals Farmajo administration keeps on its secret payroll. To date, we cannot talk about a system of governance with houses of representatives that can make laws independent of the Executive branch. This is a recipe for an authoritarian rule. The often-repeated mantra of debt relief is nothing but a pie in the sky. What does a debt relief for a country that does not exist practically mean to its people who exist in a disheveled small state? Does the debt relief for the narrow confines of the less than 5 square kilometers that Villa Somalia claims to rule? To show this as an achievement after three years in office with many donor countries offering a helping hand is an Orwellian testimony of a total failure of Farmajo’s administration. Despite working in the diplomatic sector before the collapse of the former military regime in 1991, and then serving as a prime minister from 2010 until his ouster on 19 June 2011, after the controversial Kampala Accord, Farmajo is still unable to come to terms with the true meaning of “federalism” that is enshrined in the nation’s Constitution. It seems his rise to stardom happened through sheer luck and not through experience, competency or merit. Somalia under President Farmajo brought nothing worthy of commemoration except the spearheading of national fragility, foreign interventionism, a kakokcracy of unqualified and inexperienced kowtowers, predatory neighbors, and a community of near relatives who call the foresaken Villa Somalia their permanent home. President Farmajo has not shown nor does he possess leadership quality. Neither is he a man of vision and an individual with competence to pull off a failed state from the multiple hardships it faces. Neither his acolytes possess what it takes to give him the necessary tools to govern. To sum up, Farmajo’s presidency is a national disappointment. His failures, lack of leadership, his inability to exploit a large deposit of national enthusiasm, and his irresponsible destruction of the fledgling federal system which is the only way to reunite Somalia are all inexcusable. In Somali history, he will remember the most disappointing post-civil war leader of Somalia and the most destructive president of 2019, thus WardheerNews’ man of the year for 2019. WardheerNews Email: admin@wardheernews.com ******************* Source:- WardheerNews person of the year: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo - WardheerNews WARDHEERNEWS.COM By WardheerNews WardheerNews named President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as its person of the year for 2019 by reminding Somalis and friends of Somalia his dismal presidency and the setback...
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    Yaab badanaa maskiinkii dhiibeen waa noolyahay, waanna xor, Yariisow Waa xijaabtey
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    Gudoomiyihii Degmada Taleex ee Maamulka Garoowe oo Tukaraq lagu soo dhaweeya
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    Anigu odhan maayo odeygu been cad ayuu sheegaya, waa laga yaaba inay sidaa ula eekoonaatay. Meesha ka hadli mayno odey hebel oo gurigiisi iiyo xaaskiisi ka sheekaynaya. Waxa aan ka hadlayna waa madaxtooyadda iyo arin dhiibis nin Somali ah oo loo gacan galiyay Ethiopia. Sida uu hadalka u dhigaayo, Cabdi Xaashi waa ogaa in arinkani aad xasaasi u yahay. Laakin wuxu hadana ino sheegay inay ka hoostay oo aanu siinin misaanka ay leehayd iyo xog-doonkii dawlad lagu ogaan jiray. Wax caqliga gali kara maha, labadaa marxaladood ee Cabdi Xaashi kalmahada aadka u raqiiska ah isku dhaafiyay. Hadii Wariye fiican meesha joogo, su'aalo badan oo muhiim ah oo qaawin kara hadalka Cabdi Xaashi ayaa meesha ka soo baxayaa. Sidee ku dhacday nin dhan oo uu ogyahay inu la soo qabtay oo waliba Passport Ethiopian ah wata, inu Dawladda isku soo dhiibo? Halkee ka keenay Passport ka cusub? Maxaa keenay degdega ka muuqda sida wax loo dhameeyay? Cheeseman waa ogaa siday wax yihiin oo waa kan yidhi Cabdi Xaashi saqdii dhexe ayu telephone u soo diray oo ku yidhi Madaxtooyada iigu kaalay. Waxa waax oo dhan fuuqsanysa, Dawladdu press release kii ay sheegtay in la soo qabtay qof argagaxiso ah falal danbiyeed ku jira oo loo gacan galiyay Dawladda Ethiopia maadaama aanu Soomaali ahayn, se yahay nin Ethiopian ah. Waxaan sugnaa waa facts aan ka helno Sanbaloolshe.
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    They say the election year is the most important year of any government. It is actually the year that culminates and brings to a closure a lot of politically important issues. For Cheeseman, 2020 is going to be a nightmare year he rather wished he wasn't living. The most anticipated humiliating meeting is going to be when Cheeseman sits next to Ahmed Madoobe, a man whom he tried to depose at whatever cost. The sight of seeing Ahmed Madoobe towering over Cheeseman, will remind us of Adan Barre Du'aale's "Naag aan uunsanjirin" and how Cheeseman ended up burning himself where no other gets burnt. An interesting year ahead nontheless.
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    Hello Folks, My word I say what on earth do we have in here? Well, it seems that we have the usually low-intelligence and indeed low-born plonker, who still have the habit of hiding behind Somali nationalism. Moreover, what does a man bereft of anything larger than being known as the "street folks" does other than to carry an air of pretension around himself, lest others start snickering behind him? And yet here he is talking about some alleged folks who seems to him as if they are from the sewage underworld. When in fact, it could be said that in gradation of the honorable life worth living, it's the case that those who are incompetent enough as to seek their daily life at the mercy of others can actually be made "akin" to as if they are "equivalent" to a "glorified denizens of the subterranean world". After all who else is so worthless as to seek other's sustenance other than lowly creature of the homeless, who are in turn living under the bridges and under tunnels where most sewage system meets the society's outcast and all those who are morally degenerate? Hence, it seems that some folks are so out of it, at least in thinking wise, in rationality sense, and even in basic ability to actually form a coherent argument, that, they actually are in danger of always making an argument that can be used as a weapon against them. Pity, really, In other words, some folks who have lived in the western's world in almost 30 years (like this Ina-Gumeed creature in here) are still not any the wiser of how to actually clear off from any argument that can easily be set it up by others as a "trap" for them. But then it just dawn on me, that, if they had any intelligence to begin with, then they would have by now change their game. Or at least they would have by now seen to it to "upgrade" their "verbal dexterity" other than to forever keep on regurgitating about some alleged sewage system in which some folks are said to be dwelling on it. Or some such flimsy line of retort on their part. Well it's really fun for me, and indeed it's a pleasure, to take this people's argument apart with such ease. Since their lack of "sophisticated retort" makes it so simple to have fun at their expense. So I say lets have more of the same merrier from them, indeed.
  23. 1 point
    This is really comprehensively damning in two levels. And that is, at first blush of it, or at least at first level, it's surprising to see this Wardheer news website, which was rather indefatigable in its stout support for Mr Cheeseman, turning on him in so brutally and in so verbally expensive sort of a way and manner, indeed. And the other surprising piece of this editorial is the fact that they have listed - in chapter and in verse - as to how they have come, in a cumulatively sort of a way and did it so along the past year, their searingly painful judgment of what Mr Cheeseman (i.e, Farmajo) could be liable to be arraigned with, particularly in-terms of his conduct in office so far. And in that sense to say that he was disappointment to them after reading through the litanies of his "incompetent follies", and the rest of the absurd acts on his part, is like a judge saying to a man who he just send down for rape that he found him and his "conducts" as rather deeply disappointment. Even if on the other hand the poor creature who was send down to prison could actually be expected to look forward to at least 20 years in a harsh clinker. Which means it was understatement of the year on the part of the editorial staff, particularly when you actually contrast that passing "assertion" with their brutal "summation" of his time of office. Which in turn was "no prisoner-taking" sort of account telling, at least in comparison to any "harshness" in which that final line of their verdict can conjure up. But, still, what is worth in real gold in here is not their "final pronouncement" per se. But rather the "list of his political stupidities" in which he did it in the time he is been in office which in turn is mercifully coming to a well deserved ignominious end soon enough at year's end.
  24. 1 point
    This was the press release from Cheeseman's government. How can you reconcile that to this. I am eagerly looking forward to Sanbaloolshe's tell all interview about this saga.
  25. 1 point
    War ka qaleey, see camal hilfahaa u qaatee. Laakiin waxaa dadkaas ka mid ah igaarkaan yar Dabeelmar - err Dalmar - la baxay meeshee dabeesha u socotana iska raaco. Danta gobolka uu sheegto ma kala jeclo, xataa boosaneero ku nool, nolosha ka dhacay secessionist, whose hatred for and against anything positive for Koonfurta and has no limits, ayuu u sacabtumaayaa maanta ceebtiisa. The same sewage-dwelling secessionist caaynaaye dadkiisa shalay, berina afgalaadeen doono ayuu u gacmo haadinaayaa, in order to insult madaxweynaha Soomaaliya. The same madaxweynaha ka soo jeedo this same Mudug region and want to develop and invest it, including having a major port. Yariisoowgaan waxaas ma arko, qabyaalad qurunkeeda ayuu arkaa and cheerleading the sewage-dweller creature who hates his gobol and people.
  26. 1 point
    Genel Energy on track to spud the first well in 2020. Currently a huge drilling operations camp being built near Qara Dhagax, Eastern Togdheer.
  27. 1 point
    Hasha awrkeedii diiday, awr kale u ololshay, afartaba dab laga saar wa abaahi seegta. He thinks he is joining a proper Army, little does he know that these are Ex-M0ryaans in uniform.
  28. 1 point
  29. 1 point
    ^^^^ Apparently, January is always a good month to do a bit of decent chasing of some of the cowardly fish-eating legendary ninnies to our east. After all, it was January of 2018 when that village of Tukaraq was cleared off from the last remnants of the slovenly cowards of the Piratical sort. So perhaps it's that month of the year again in which we usually clear-up, and indeed spruces-up, another village in Sool region for the "arrival" of our "national flag". Hence, onward to the next one village after Boocame village is taken care of, I say. Which in turn will probably be the same old tried and tested way in which we shall inch ever so forward to our "border" to the east of that city of Las-Anod.
  30. 1 point
  31. 1 point
    Suldaanka, Back in October of 2007, I had a heated debate about the political destiny of Sool region with my old friend in this joint, namely a fellow called Sophist (who last I heard was working for ILO outfit in its Nairobi's offices). And I told him (in fact I had a bet with him), that Somaliland will eventually take over these areas with perceptible gradation of increasing incrementalist approach, whereby in a hamlet by hamlet sort of absorption, a village by village sort of amalgamation, a given district by the next district sort of nationalizing approach, and finally, a town by town sort of encroachment, will be the "method" in which Somaliland will use it to win over, decisively, this Sool region, completely and in the course of a "longer duree" sort of thing. Of course, he scoffed at such preposterous argument of mine at the time. However, I wonder, what he would say now that, practically speaking, all of Sool region (apart from Buhodle, which itself is in Togdheer region) is now in the hand of Somaliland?
  32. 1 point
    That is the ticket, really. And in particularly, if we get DP World to "facilitate" this by way of them building the dry-port at the other end in Jubba, which in turn will be the "receiving end" of the "logistical connection" between Berbera and Jubba through the refurbished Berberra airport that can even now handle a large container-carrying planes. Hence, if matters are duly arranged in this way and in this fashion, then, quite evidently, the sky will be the limit for the potential economical growth of Berberra's port.
  33. 1 point
    Competition is good for all. I think, a totally free movement of goods is a good thing, and tariffs. What should differentiate is the service, the connections and infrastructure. That way the full potential can be reached, because it is a survival of the fittest, smartest and savvyest. Ethiopia is the cake. There was an Oromia Regional Business consortium led by the Oromia Vice President that recently came to Berbera. They are very keen to divert some of their businesses to Berbera. Also, there are plans to establish a dry port in Juba, capital of South Sudan. The idea is to use Berbera's International Airport to deliver goods from Berbera Port via dedicated DP World Cargo Aircraft from the newly refurbished Berbera International Airport.
  34. 1 point
    This made me laugh. It is like you have a binoculars directly into his being.
  35. 1 point
    Dalmar1, Don't mind this illiterate Ina-Gumeed. For he has no argument of any distinction, no larger counter riposte of any substance, no vindicating and searing retort of any caliber, in which he could engage others with. Hence, he is essentially a "blathering hoodlum" with "chip-on-his-shoulders" about his "low-born-status". Which in turn account why he is forever "referencing" the peculiarity of the "sewage system", since, I gather, his clannish ilk who used to beg in the streets of Mogadishu may have been well-acquainted with low and the degrading acts of "observing" sewage system in action. After all, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear that this fellow or that fellow comes from the "denizen-of-the-streets" sort of folks, particularly in the sense of having his teeming folks seeking their sustenance and "daily alms" from such streets, other than to think that rotten rubbish and all manner of "raw detritus of human's waste" must be something they ought to be very much familiar with, indeed. So I really don't take him that seriously. And I never did ever since I run into him around here of SOL, whilst at the same time, he was hiding behind the blue Somali flag. Moreover, he actually knows that his teeming wretched ilk have no larger "political standing" within Somali peninsula, in which to boot, he could claim as of his people's own sense of worth, other than to "hope" that others won't really notice the "real reasons" he is forever in the habit of "hiding" behind at some such much abused "concept" call "Somali Nationalism". Which in turn has nothing to with Somali Nationalism, per se. But rather it's "akin" to the reason a naked man tries to cover his "exposed genitalia" with his own hands, lest others start having a fit of laughter at his expense. In other words, the blue flag is his "covering garb" in which he hides his "sheer embarrassment" or "blushes" of knowing that in the deeply clannish Somali reality, his kind of ilk do not have any kind of a larger respect or they are not worth in any sort of "grudging fear" of what they could amount to from anyone else.

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