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    In all seriousness, the tragedy of Somalis is our small-mindedness. Men like Axmed Gurey, Sayidka, Sheikh Barsane and Nasiib Buundo fought in the name of Islam or in the name of their Somalis and fought against common. And history shows and no one Maryooley can deny, the armies they commanded hail from all Somalis. We can question their methods but their goals were clear. Their history is Somali history!
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    Mt. Ducaale assumes that this region is another Kenyan county. Everyone who is present today has crossed a line, especially the former presidents Hassan Sheikh and Shariif Ahmed. THey became the weak guests of a feast organized by foreign government in their own countries. Xaflad Keenya ku soo diyaarisay dalkoodii gudahiisa ayey marti ka noqdeen. Farmaajo, heshiis gal oo isdhiib ama hawshan ka jawaab. Labadaa wax ka dhaxeeya ma jirto.
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    Suldaanka every one knows the Italians and the Portuguese and Spaniards are considerd tumaalaha yurub. In comparison to the Nordic and Anglo saxion. Che knows this to deep inside.
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    Waxaa cajiib ah Kenyaati qayilaayo inaanan Nayroobi ku arkeynin ka ahayn a few Kiikuuyo kiosk owners who chew it in late nights to stay awake in order to man their shops. Dad si social ah ugu qayilaayo kuma arkeysid, xataa hadduu deegaanadooda ka baxo. Imagine what those hundreds of millions of dollars of hard cash would have done for Soomaaliya's economy if it stayed and circulated within Soomaaliya.
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    We like to celebrate winners or those who actually died while fighting. And not losers or those who ran away from the battle fields after they got defeated and later died an ignoble death under the shoes of Ethiopian masters.
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    @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar taxing it is useless because the money never goes to infrastructure but filling the pockets of politicians. It is better khat addicts are encouraged to limit khat usage step by step then the road to being full clean like that Awale khat diid dude..Somal khat habit only feeds Ethiopia and Kenya economy.
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    Those traitors should be locked up for treason
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    Somaalida Kenya inkastoon aanan aqoon u lahayn,madaxdooda bay ka muuqataa sida ay uga aradan yihiin dhaqanka iyo maah-maahyada ragga u gaarka ah iyo kuwa kale.
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    Haddee toban kun reerahooda ku biishaan lacagta xaaraanta ah laga helo suntaan waxaa ka daran boqolaalka kun qoyskooda ku baaba'aayo, ku dumaayo, ku kala tagaayo caleentaan sunta ah darteeda.
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    Siyaad barre la'aantiis geed aan ogahay buu hoos fadhiyi lahaa maanta, waxaana la waydiin lahaa intee xabo oo injir ah yaad iska qabatay.
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    Why would you want peace and love with Somalis. Who are you going to blame for your problems?
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    The loser who handed qalbidhagax to Ethiopia is now spitting secessionist propaganda. Shame.
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    You are not defending corruption, are you?
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    I don't have a time to watch this garbage, however seeing the thumbnail image, it appears she is wearing an alindi traditional attire. Is she that ignorant that she does not recognize alindis were and are still being made by Banaadiri, a region and people she wants to separate from.
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    There is one thing I liked Abdulahi Yusuf and Abdiqasim Salad is they stayed away once they were out.

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