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    Xasan Sh., under the fearful eye of his master dictator in Jabuuti, had not spoken about this blue revolution in Sool. Such a disgrace. Instead isku mashquulinaaye meel aan loo dirsan in Baydhabo, in which his and cronies failed miserably as well. Telefishinka Qaranka uu maamuulaaye sidaas la mid ah ugu aamusanyihiin. Telefishinka Qaranka had a wariye in Buuhoodle, who has been silenced since bishii shanaad. He is not the only one, kuwii Gedo iyo gobollada qaarkood joogay saas loo gaabiyey wararkooda. Their warar are now dominated by waxa ka dhaco Galmudug iyo Hirshabeelle after Banaadir. Universalv who are also ignoring Laascaanood iyo Sool blue wave ka socdo because secessionists pay them laaluush
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    Dhulkaa dhaqaaqay baan maqli jiray. The people of SSC have spoken and the will of the people must be respected by everyone.
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    Heerkee caalacal ka yihiin the secessionists. Jini iyo waxaas ee maraayaan.
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    No wonder there were too many divisions because of these many garaads with their sub-sub-sub clans. Qabiilada kale Soomaaliya saan ma moodi inay yihiin. I guess Reer Sanaag are different from Reer Sool.
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    One thing is clear: Secessionists cannot go to beesha caalamka now and ask the ever elusive aqoonsi. I am sure safaaradaha Reer Galbeedka Xamar joogo are being shown these powerful images and videos. Secessionists beentee sodon sano ku riyoon jireen maalmo kooban ayaa la tusiyey beentooda ee jiifka kula jireen. Alloow u raxmo Saado Cali. I wished she was alive to see this.
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    Sorry MMA, I thought this deserved its own thread
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    The deafening silence of secessionists here tells you something Guul iyo Gobanimo for SSC folks. Khaatumo duushay!
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    Himilo indeed. Our chief secessionist resident, Xunjuf, will claim it is a photoshop from Buuhoodle.
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    The garaad of all garaads is in Laascaanood today after 15 sano. Guul iyo hambalyo Reer Sool, calankaas suuban babanaaya ayaa na deeqa. Ka naxoo nafta waa.
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    Waa la doogi yaan la dacaroon. Never bet against Somaliland. When the dust settles and reality sinks in, there is and will be one winner and that will be Somaliland. Waxan kale waa iska Social media driven hype and false hope. Reality and facts always win.
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    I guess SNTV was finally allowed to cover LA
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    I totally agree. He doesn't even talk and as you said keeps his cards hidden.. Could be the next leader.
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    He is possibly the only man who has mastered South Somalia's shifting sands politics. From Alshabab - to - Warlord - Regional Leader - to now the self-styled "Dear Leader" of Jubaland - who dances on the heads of so many snakes. He keeps his cards close to his chess and plays them right at the right time.
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    Looks like Rashid shifting gears again now that TPLF has been tamed.
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    The Development of The Naval Base in Berbera is ongoing. A number of countries are interested in moving their military bases from Djibouti, including US and Japan. As well as Great Britain.
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