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    A frozen conflict is a situation in which active armed conflict has been brought to an end, but no peace treaty or other political framework resolves the conflict to the satisfaction of the combatants. In other words the are no bullets flying at the moment, but a false sense of peace have been established among the groups. In fact, frozen conflict became the geopolitical strategy of the great powers for the last dozen years. Nations are dismembered, weakened and denied full sovereignty and territorial integrity which was the foundations of the nation states under United Nations guarantee.Foreign powers even encourage these frozen conflicts from Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Somalia is not new to these phenomenon of conflict ending without resolutions. It started in 1991 between Aideed and Ali Mahdi which divided the national capital without resolutions.The separatists in the north flowed with emotions to preempt the transitional government formed in Mogadishu without their input. They didn't expect much , but the long frozen conflict of the south played to their advantage. Now in 2021, the EhluSunnah anarchist aided by a Ahmed Fiqi, a mole inside Galmudug government, are trying to create a frozen conflict in Galmudug to curve out some land in Galgaduud. In fact, Galmudug politicians and business people have shown once again to be the principle leaders of the anarchist movements in Somalia whether it is in Mogadishu or central Somalia. Thus, Galmudug leader Mr. Qoor Qoor must crush this criminal movement for the well being of his region and for future Somali stability. THere are no political or practical reasons for Ahlu Sunnah to exist in central Somalia after the foundations of Galmudug. The same instigators of this mess are now calling for peace and negotiations. Since when is an illegal criminal entity has to be given legitimacy after storming peaceful regions? That hungry kid, the prime minister, had finally got his cool hand shake that he has been seeking for months. His old sponsor, Mr Fahad Yasiin had sent him to the Doha bank and he came back smiling. Finally, some somnolence of peace has been reached to hold the election.I think Mr. Qoor Qoor should finish this job of eliminating the false Ulema, embarrass the sponsors, Fiqi, Dani, Hassan Sheikh and others. Anything else would be prolonging the misery and create another frozen conflict in central Somalia.
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