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    'It's like a jail': Australian GP's unplanned trip to South Korea WWW.THEAGE.COM.AU Out of Africa: the coronoavirus outbreak meant Melbourne GP David Zheng fled Madagascar - to South Korea.
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    People like this have special name in Europe. They belong to some extinct or semi extinct tribe or language. They can change between very big/important principle/issues easily. To these kind of people, the time the issue would have been principle is passed. Its good to study and research one's background, if they make life changing matters of principle look and feel easy. The best part at least is these kind of folks do not join Al Shabab, at least openly and directly as they do among political groupings. Belgium suffers a lot of these kind of politicians. So does the Baltics and Poles/Ukrainians. There are 2 Americans, one Lithuanian, one Georgian in the Uknrainian government. In the past government Sackashivili the ex president of Georgia, another country was Governor of Odessa region in another country. Only excuse, he did his schooling in Soviet Ukraine.
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    Soo jiidashada waxaa keenaya aragtidayda. Muqdisho waxaa jooga masuuliyiin kasoo jeeda waqooyiga oo runtii shaqo wanaagsan oo soomaalidoo dhan jeclaatay dadkooda iyo dalkooda u qabtay. Nin kasta iyo gabar kasta oo snm beenteeda ku daalay, dadkooda soomaaliyeed waxay awoodaan ha u qabteen waa waajib dusha u saaran ilaa yomu-diin. Hadii aad daciifto sida oodweyne maalaa-yacni haku rafan, ninkaas fadhiga uga istaagay waa ina adeerkiis 30 sano ictiraaf raadinayay oo waliba madax ahaa. Soo dhawaada walaalayaal waa wax lagu farxo qof midnimo jeclaaday. Principle?? Qodobka koowaad oo gun-dhigga u ah mabda' waa inaadan lahayn dan shakhsi ah Hadii aad waydo jago kuu qalanta beeshii haku noqon ama sidii professor samatar xaduudka tuko raq adhi ha gayn waa munaafaqad foolxun (ilaahay sharafta nagama qaado) soomaali ka bilaabo kuna dhamaad. Waxaa ka dhaxeeya dalka iyo soomaalinimo waa hadaan si sax ah u fahmay su'aashaada.
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    ^^^^ Suldaanka, That is what happens when you are not in a position to stop anything and you want your average gullible folks in Somalia to believe that you have such powers. He is saying the Ethiopian's Airlines (EA) is going to Hargeisa by agreement. But what about Fly Dubai that was there last week and will come this week as well, if UAE doesn't "ground" all of its carriers, which they could do it. What about them. And if these planes are landing in Hargeisa's international Airport by such agreement, then how come they didn't paid any attention to any of his earlier instructions not to land there in Hargeisa. And if he is in a position to do anything of the sort, how come all intentional government (from US to UK) are saying on their government's website that Somaliland's Airports are open for business and anyone who wants to go there should go talk the planes that go there and deal with that reality without any mention of Somalia having any ability to close any of Somaliland's Airports, especially that of Hargeisa's Airport. No, he knows he doesn't control Somaliland's Air-space, or at least he can't stop any plane that has a landing right in Hargeisa's Egal International Airport, if those planes were to go by the agreement they have with Somaliland's government and its Air Aviation Authority. So he does the next best thing he could do in this circumstances, which is to lie through his teeth. And that, ladies and gentlemen of SOL, is the cheap merit, and the sheer incompetence of this clique in Villa Somalia and the pseudo-government that allegedly exist there. Since lying Ministers, fake news, troll farm, and twitter bots as well as endless YouTube's propaganda is all they have in their hands. But not any ability to "enact" any laws or any instruction in which they can pass and then see if it could take effect on the ground in places like Somaliland.
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    Yes, there is customs office, Somaliland Bank branch, police station, A Somaliland Roads Authority office where vehicles can get a car number plate. For the locals, there is a new primary school and a mother child center. All that build in the last 2 years. Having consolidated Tukaraq and its surrounding towns, the focus is now set to capture the last village of Buurowadal which falls between Tukaraq and the Somaliland and Somalia border. And hopefully that will also be done within Muse Biihi's presidency.
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    Cadnaan, kol hadii aad rumaysatay tii Djibouti, tan laabta u sii daa.
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    The political Party Pickering, I guess it comes with the territory. At least they are not gunning down each other like the Pirate enclave. Ceel afwayn is yesterday's story. But yes, you have a point, Puntland belo oo dhan ayay nagaga gudbantay. Which is why we do not want to see her weak enough, but also not strong enough, just meel la manage garayn karo. If the situation gets out of hand, remember we are just a stone throw's away from interfering.
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    So, you went from mocking IMF member countries including Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh for offering bridging loans to saying international communities should deny Somalia new loans and we could use loans too. I wonder what's next?

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