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  1. Much needed good news! If I were the Somali goverment, I would get this moving as fast as possible to avoid giving the Gulf countries a chance to derail this agreement through their usual tactics.
  2. Ducale, Awoowe cayda iyo aflagaadada Forumka uma wanaagsanee, ixtirimaaka iyo odaynimada yaan laga tegin. SOL rules prohibit any insult against other SOLers and the mention/insult of Somali clans.
  3. President Biixi's new nickname on SOL is "MAQASLE".
  4. Happy New Year nomads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Observer, in the last 30 years, Sudan accepted a large number of Somali students ... educating doctors, engineers and scientists at a high number. Sudan has been great to us. I was delighted to see Erdogan visit Sudan. Duufaan, Somalia can learn a lot from Sudan. Even though Sudanese society is less fractured, Somalia can still use the Sudanese model for development. We have a huge potential for mining.
  6. The "filthy Isis fan boy" comment and your immediate inquiry about a name change.
  7. This is a serious matter, but I doubt anyone in government will pay attention to the crisis unfolding at the border with Kenya. I have been following this story for few days and it is very disturbing.
  8. Muse Bihi is a very clever man. This is a brilliant foreign policy campaign which costs next to nothing.
  9. Walakum Salam bestp1. Welcome to Somalia Online.
  10. Great discussion! Ilaahay ha u naxariisto inta dhimatay. For a while I was struggling to understand Villa Somalia's petty political intrigues around "mucaarad" and "mooshin". The hard rhetoric from government officials seemed misplaced because "mooshin" has been the bread and butter of Somalia parliamentarians for a decade. In fact, the MPs start working on their first motion to sack the government the night after presidential elections. I didn't understand what Kheyre's fixation was all about. We now know Villa Somalia felt very threatened by the opposition groups. My father used to say that our leaders never "win" when innocent lives are lost and there is bloodshed. He is right. It is a big loss for Farmaajo and his team. We shall see ...
  11. It is actually a fictitious clan border. The area you are referring to is in fact populated by Faroole's sub-clan.