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  1. Originally posted by Juxa: hello trollers. good news just dropped off my assessment, bad news indhaha imadoobaaday time to buy glasses Juxa you need to rest girl. Stop being superwoman and relax, actually why don't you and Lily visit me again. I think you both need a vacation to a nice hot place. Maybe California? I hope you get better love.
  2. In fact yes Somalis are every where but yes alot of somali families most of them are waiting for refugee sponsor. Most of them live in Francistown in Dukwi refugee camps but others live in the Capital Gaborone. Most of the Somalis in Botswana come from South Africa because of the violent unrest in rural area's in SA. Also in the jails near the borders are alot of Somalis who have been caught without papers, some of them have been in the jail for more then 10 years. If I can remember I saw an article last year about the unhumane treatment they have encountered by the Botswana police. Overall the country is beautiful and very safe compared to most of the countries I visited. Corruption is low, compared to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. People are very friendly and welcoming. The is really developing but not as developed as Tanzania and Kenya. I spent most of my time near Choma National Park near the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Would I go visit again yes Would I love to live in Botswana No probably because its dry the country is landlocked and I love my oceans. The reason that BOtswana is doing so well is because of their President Siretse Khama Ian Khama! A freaking Good Leader. Now that is what we need for these other countries. Corruption is getting out of control in Southern Africa. I was lucky because I spoke the languages but customs and immigration officers tried to school me but they forgot I knew the language. Another thing we somalis are always targeted because we teach the corrupted official the Lalush. At the Lusaka airport in Zambia was bording for my flight to Joburg. This young Somali guy around his mid twenties was ripped off. He already paid $200 dollars in lalush and he was headed to Angola with a refugee Passport. He was about to pay more money until I talked to him and the immigration officer was the same guy who tried to rip me off but he left him alone because I spoke to them in Nyanja.
  3. I got this book as a gift from my fav Professor.I have been following Greg's journey for a while and his trully compassionate and inspiring. Beautiful I wish we had more of Brother Greg. Brief Info educator, nurse and humanitarian. The kindness of Pakistani villagers who cared for Mr. Mortenson after his failed 1993 attempt to summit K2 inspired him to create The Central Asia Institute. He now works with local people across Pakistan and Afghanistan, building almost 60 schools where girls as well as boys are educated. Mr. Mortenson’s book, Three Cups of Tea, tells his powerful story of building peace, one school at a time, in some of the most remote places on earth. When not in Central Asia, Mr. Mortenson and his family live in Montana.
  4. Malika Dear Deeear how are you? Where have you been lately? ahem ahem we need to talk soon real soon. I hope all is well with you and beautiful one.
  5. Lily its not that easy dear. I have complained and complained. After I saw this guy who a born American going through this, I gave up. At list am not banned from flying. Also I think it will be more easy for me, since I got my passport inshallah I will see the difference soon. And it's apparently not easy to get yourself off the list once you are on it. Although Boyle claims that the TSA constantly scrubs the list for possible mistaken identities of people who have frequent "encounters" with the list, even if they don't file a complaint, Griffin uncovered an innocent passenger with a common name -- James Robinson -- who has complained endlessly and has received no resolution of his case. Senator Edward Kennedy -- also with a common name -- experienced endless hassles and red tape trying to get his name off the list. If such a well-known figure has such problems, the average misidentified traveler is in big trouble. Source Its crazy :rolleyes:
  6. Its Xasan and I love it. A friend suggested I change my name to Sarah Hansen naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa absolutely not. I make an effort to correct them when they say my name wrong. I even go further to say it out loud spelling it, so they can say it right. Thats exactly what they want, am not changing no names. Like the Miss Jocelyn skit owmwokwopopo.
  7. I have been stopped so many times, that now am used to it. I was at the Seattle Airport at the Airline counter, when I saw Two port police, one other Gentlemen and a woman stopping at every Counter to ask something. I was thinking Whoa somebody is in trouble, I didn't know they were coming for me. The group were two Port Police, One FBI, and the lady was with the Airline. After couple hours of questioning me. They responded " Oh the reason is because your last name is the same as a terrorist we are looking for" It didn't end there. I was getting extra screening and security checks at every Airport. Am not even allowed to check in online. Am already dredding my trip next month
  8. Students when all united under estimate their powers. My university did a similar thing but for Iraqi students in the last couple years. We had to fight our school administration literally, but after all the hassel and threats. Our Univerisity is sponsoring two students from Iraq, the Uni is waving their tuition, food, airline expenses from Iraq, housing and their leaving expenses. Most of our state's universities followed suit and is also doing the same thing for Iraqi students from Iraq. We also did a fundraiser for the students families. We are now pressuring the school to take more Iraqi Students. Also they are preparing for a walk out of class day, so the university stops to support Israel with our Money. Mobilize and get on the same page.
  9. Mashallah this news makes me happy walahi, even more then that I love the pictures of the sisters all together with graceful smiles and pride. Kudos to reer Maine.
  10. Ha Ha Obama got the LAC I'm chillin, wood spinnin No Bentley's, Cadillac pimpin I'm cruisin, candidate choosin That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin Spoke spinnin, gold grillin Shax spillin, Cadillac pimpin Keep ridin, car slidin That's cool cuz I'm Cadillac pimpin Ride a 'Lac like a true playa 'posed to do Old school, slant back with a jigga too Tan gold wit some bows like a poster boo Old school, gold chain, still grippin the grain Obama setting the record straight that his old school lol
  11. Wow Stoic that was some adrenaline. Your friend looked calm too. Bob Sayabuna ewe. Don't talk about snakes am so scared of them, thats one of the reason am so adament to go visit home is because of Snakes. I am telling you growing up I saw so many and came close to even die once if it weren't for our dogs rasta and Lacy. They kept barking and barking, that alerted me and it bit lacy and she died. I can't count how many times I have seen one. Now If I see a snake even in TV I have nightmares. I once even went as far to talk to a hypnotist to help me get over the fear of snakes. I remember at the Zoo my brother took a snake and put it on around his neck. That was bravery to me. I want to jump off Victoria Falls inshallah when I visit home this summer. I also have the fear of heights but am going to conquer it. I promised myself I will do. I wasn't adventerous before but now I am all for crazy things just like the muzungo's
  12. This reminds of sheikh Ciise, ala muxo waa shamsi igu diley. When I went to Europe couple years ago and one of my childhood friend said he saw him in the netherlands. I wanted to go and throw stones at him He was lucky aabo was awaay, because he knew hooyo would never say anything against dugsi. He would lie and say I refused to read the quraan. Ciil badanaa He was sheikh Ciise in the morning and disco taker at night. This is only in the case of Sheikh Ciise. Am not judging all sheikhs ok.
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    Originally posted by WaTerLily: Ha ha ha, weapons in cars? Are you mad Bashita? You could get arrested for that. I don't need any. Everytime we are home alone I collect all the major big knifes and put them under my bed. I read somewhere that 80% of people are killed with their own kitchen knifes. I never understood those people who leave them out on the worktop for decoration, bread cutting knifes, meat knifes, veggi choppers...shivers. I try to keep the big knifes out of the way anyway. Lily subhanallah :eek: Inshallah next time I visit and you ask me to come and spend the night. I will say no,I have seen people who sleep walk and have nightmares. Who do some outrageous things. lool Lily you scare now dear. I don't have any weapons in my car, but I have a pepper spray. And also I took a self defense class .
  14. Today I had a meeting, when all of the sudden, I was bombarded with questions of the Pirates. They-"hey your from Somalia right? Me-Well yes, Why? THey-What do you think of the modern day pirates and do you know any personally? ME-lool no I don't. THEy-Wow I think they are real heroes, Do you know, they took over Ships with tanks and that its being speculated that they are modern day Robin Hoods. And that they are protecting the Indian Ocean from all these ^*&&*$ countries who are dumping toxic waste in your waters. Its up time someone stood up to these crooked countries. Can you hook a Sista up? ME-lool Can we convene with our Meeting now, we will talk about this after our meeting.
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    I have had back ache for long time, up until I started exercizing regularly and Good ole Chinese acupuncture. I sleep well and I don't have the back pain anymore. Make sure that you go to a certified acupuncturist, some of them are sketchy. Good Luck