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  1. This is starting to get a little scary.... I'm a bit afraid now that a great holy war is becoming envitable..
  2. I can't wait for ciid.....and its even better this year cause it lands on a weekend!... For the past few years, Eid, has come right around my this year wont be as different as the last... *I'm never too old to recieve xaaqal ciid(I luuv my parents)....and I'm expecting to get banked this year.. I have a few things plans for this weekend... Go shopping this Wednesday and Friday.. 2)Get my my hands and feet all Hennafied, lol, on Friday 3)Get my hair done on Saturday 4) Get my facial on Sunday, and take my younger brother and sister to see the animated movie abt Prophet Muhammad(SAW) ...and thats all I got so far....I might need to squeeze in some study time, cause i have a huge paper due that next week...
  3. Your exactly right Raula..... I wish they would get rid of electoral college. I wish they would too, but it wouldn't have done any good for this election...Bush won the majority of the popular votes too!
  4. I just thought of what everyones reaction would have been when they find out that Ralph Nader had won the election.....loool....i can just see Bush going...."uh.....huh?".....recounts!
  5. ^^Exactly, everything happens for a reason.... Jalaqsan, no need to get extreme there! I dont understand what would have been so different had Kerry won?....
  6. LOL@ Og_Girl Northerner, Well, i didn't want to say, because after all that talk about me being disapointed with both candidates, and that I was in favor of the third party alternatives, I voted for Kerry!! My fiance wanted Kerry, and since he couldn't vote(not a citizen), we agreed that this was going to be our vote! But like most decisions, it was either going to be his way or mine,lol! I decided to vote for kerry.....for him! It made him happy, so I didn't regret it...(well not a lot!)
  7. ^^ Last I checked, Bush was leading by about 130,000 or so votes, and the provisional ballots were believed to be around 135-170,000? Even when those ballots are counted, we can't expect Kerry to get over 90% of those votes!, it's 4 more years!
  8. i just got threw watching Kerry's concession speech.....oh well... I wonder how this is going to be the next four years? The Republicans control the white house, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and soon the Supreme Court!! :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. This is great! I was wondering what sort of activities I could do on Eid that would involve my younger brother. Femme, I saw that documentary. I saw the re-run too! It was breathtaking!
  10. " a Somali refugee given Dutch citizenship after fleeing an arranged marriage 12 years ago. Ms Hirsi Ali, who calls herself an ex-Muslim, has been under police protection since receiving death threats because of the film." This reminds me of that story that was written about that "muslim" woman who converted to Christianity because of her arranged marriage with her cousin..... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ..... They just dont understand the religion, and like Somealien pointed out, they're given a test and they failed.....she is so pretty( I just had to add that in)
  11. Thanks for those reminders...will do! Congratulations on the job! You deserve it! p.s. Yesterday was my first time ( with a few of the muslim sisters at my school)_ feeding some of the homeless people we see at and around our school! It was trully beautiful! he looked apprehensive at first. But after looking at the food, you could just tell all of that went away! He thanked and blessed us! I can't wait to get the opportunity to do it again.
  12. I was in line for about an hour this morning.....Its suppose to be worse this afternoon.
  13. ^^It does sound like a girl name huh j/k...Hes a! Khayr, That rumour isnt true. Federal law states, that the electors cast their vote on the monday following the second wednesday in December. You see let me make it a little clearer. Each party ( democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, etc) submit to the states election official( i think thats their name) their electors. For example, In Georgia, we have 13 Representatives, and 2 Senators, so the Democratic, Republican , independants, etc., EACH submit their 15 electors! So whichever party recieves the popular votes, the state gets their electors. So if Bush recieves the most votes in Georgia, Georgia gets Bush's 15 electors. His 15 electors will vote on December 13, 2004. Like I said earlier, they dont necessarily have to vote for Bush, but we can expect they will! hope you got it!
  14. ^^No, you did good, trust me, it might just come in handy to someone^^ Bachelor, same here with me. Georgia is going to Bush, so i guess all of these people might as well say "the kerry voters are wasting their vote" :rolleyes: A bunch of bull crap that I'm not trying to hear. David Cobb, yeah, i listened to him a few times. Anyways, good luck!
  15. ^^^ :eek: ^^^ well, good for you.... I live in the metro area of Atlanta, and for many of you who are familiar, you know what I'm talking abt when I say, you can't walk or much less catch public transportation. There are hardly any sidewalks, and these dang buses are no help. These bus stops are so far away.... it was such a long walk home ( on the grass and dirt). I hated it. Sometimes i wish i could just go back to Chicago
  16. ^^^Fat Chance^^^ Kerry voted for the Patriot Act and is a a matter of fact, I believe only one Senator voted againstit.... I dont think those 99 senators will be changing their minds.
  17. ^^I wasn't referrring to you when i said that....I was replyin to Besbaaso's post, when she said " the better of the two evils"...whcih i believed it to be that infamous "lesser of the two evils" quote Khayr, while I enjoyed Nur's post, i didnt base my decision on his posts. For exactly the same reasons you pointed, i didnt find any concrete reasons why i should or shouldn't vote. I based most of it on the link a Nomad on this thread post. i should vote for someone who doesn't put an obstacle on islam and its preachings, serves the muslims, and helps in their oppression (or something of that sort)
  18. This is not the off-topic section guys..... I'm going to try my best The electoral college system is a sort of checks and balance system that gives the power to both the people that vote and the States. The electors are chosen by the parties(nominated, or voted for in a convention). The amount of electors are equivalent to the number of Senators(2) and Representatives( based on population) each state has. How the electors selected is broken up into two main parts: 1) Majority of the states go by a "winners take all" concept. This means that whoever wins the majority of the votes in that state, ALL of the electors cast their vote for that candidate. 2) Few states just go by another system. Whichever candidate recieves the most votes statewide, two electors cast their vote for that candidate. The person who gets the majority of the votes in each House district is cast by each electoral. *i favor this electoral system better* **Its totally legal for them to vote against the majority vote** Then the votes are counted and revealed by Congress in January. But by then we pretty much know who won because typically electorals are selected by the two methods i shown.
  19. Senora


    ^^LOL, lets try not to get upset while were fasting
  20. Bachelor, i've been watching so many things lately about the "other" candidates(green party, independants, liberaterians), and i get so frustrated..."if only the media paid them more attention," we wouldnt be dealing with all these people focused on these two candidates. I hate this whole concept of only choosing 1 out of the two front-runners. And who made this a rule all of sudden?? Do you know many americans dont even know how many candidates are in the Presidental race? Oh and i wanted to let you know Bachelor that Ralph Nader is a write-in candidate for i believe every state that he isn't on the ballot for. You should check with your local elections office, but im pretty sure of it. Guys he's running as an Independant and not a green party candidate, which instead is david Cobb. Another candidate that i favor is the Libertarian candidate, Micheal Bradnick ( i hope I spelled that right). The are almost 10 candidates running. There is the Socialist party's candidate, and the socialist workers cadidate, and the prohibition party , contrary to what some may say, you guys have a wide variety of people to choose from. And remember to vote for someone that you want to vote for, dont get appressed by all these ideas and opinions about how you should vote. Good Luck! I'll be watching the TV on the evening of November 2nd like the rest of the world!
  21. Besbasso You have your priorities and i have mine. Personally, just voting for someone to get the other guy out, isn't as important as voting for someone who you agree with, principally, the most. The only plus I see from Kerry is that he MIGHT fix our economic problems(deficit, healthcare, college tuitions), and who knows if that might even happen. Kerry/Edwards pro-Isreal stance is a little to frightening to me. And frankly, I dont see much else of a difference btw the two. And funny thing, i support Bush more on a moral value(abortion, gay marriage) then I do Kerry. I dont believe in the lesser of the two evils stuff :rolleyes: There isn't any gray room there, your evil or your not.
  22. I hope I dont embarrass you sister, or that you take this lightly, but if you were to ever write a novel of some sort, I would read it over and over again. I can't even explain how much I loved reading this story ( and the story about the Jewish lady). You have a way with words, that makes me feel like I was a part of that story. Like I was in the prayer line behind you when the young girl touched your face. Anyways, thanks for that wonderful feeling
  23. After a few days of thinking, and reading a few things ( i enjoyed your essays Nur), I've decided to vote, but not for the two front runners. Of course, I would be a little happy if Bush doesn't win, but I'm not going to waste my vote on someone that I dont trully agree with or believe in( Kerry). So as far as the presiential race goes, I'm voting for Ralph Nader. It was a bit annoying to hear my dad, and others tell me that I'm wasting my vote, but what good would living in a democracy be if i can't vote for who i want to vote for?