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  1. <cite> @Allyourbase said:</cite> How is her choosing not to believe in Islam causing harm exactly? Elaborate please, because you are not making any sense. The fact that her family chose to cut ties with their own daughter, just because she chose not to believe in the religion of her parents speaks volumes of the intolerant nature of Islam. Its disgusting. You wouldn't understand because you yourself are participating in Islamaphobia. I would normally say read up on it, look into how it's perpetuated and spread and then provide you with examples of how it projects into real life harm- but I'm certain from your response that you are very familiar with all that. The woman is not just an apostate, she is an apostate who has set out to cause problems for those of her former religion. If she stayed in her little world and left Islam I'd just think she was a fool, but the fact she has taken this action proves this woman has a greater goal, let's see what it is. With regards to her family, it's interesting that we seem to assume that they did not try with her. As for cutting the ties of kinship, if the harm is greater than any good that could be achieved they must cut her out- for all we know she was spewing her propaganda to the more impressionable members of the family.
  2. Her family has every right to disown her. Anyhow, this article or this womans decision to speak publicly has nothing to do with choice. Articles such as these are designed to heighten the Islamaphobia that already exists. People like this woman often have an ulterior agenda, we shall see in years to come if hers are aligned with those of the other Somali atheist who was a proud native informant- Ayan Hirsi. Live and let live assumes that her actions do not cause any harm- I think we can all agree that she is causing harm.
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    Two thumbs up from me. Good job admin.
  4. STOIC;984789 wrote: I hope he finds him. He has good things to say about his friend.The name thing can be confusing. Somalis have Sharci name and real name. Case example; Yours truly.It was hard to explain to my college friends why my wedding invites had a different name. facepalm! Such is the world of a Nomad Or like me, why my father, mother and I all have different surnames. The cadaan folks never got it.
  5. Che -Guevara;984886 wrote: They fight over peanuts, very sad business, but there is new generation in the making. Hopefully a new generation with different views and new ideas. It's a tough business dealing with our people, especially when it comes to politics.
  6. Che -Guevara;984882 wrote: What does this get to do with Somaliland? I'm confused also.
  7. No one in Australia has really gotten that far yet,lol but everything here is a family affair. Folks will support or oppose you based on lineage. Perhaps they will forsake that if they actually make it. Anyhow, ilaahay ha u fududeeyo.
  8. Of course living half way across the world in Australia i would know who Abdi Warsame is and what he stands for. Similarly, i guess I'm supposed to know who he is on SOL- although I can now see why some are loosing their heads, illeen he is our resident politician (the original). Che, I'm not familiar with the American system, but here in Australia we have a billion and one Somali organisations with some of their leaders vying for political positions. Most are dormant but the few active ones (bar a few religious ones) only serve the interests of their qaraabo- hence my comment.
  9. We need a thumbs up emoticon like on FB. Thumbs up to this.
  10. The hypocrisy is unbelievable- i guess racism & disrespect of women are within the parameters of good manners then. Keep frothing boys.
  11. Khayr & Blessed, I think it may have something to do with the fact that Oz is a welfare state- a very generous one. Will update you both with the full info once i discover it.
  12. Hawdian;983246 wrote: Adee just because you disagree with Salax view doesnt not mean you need to go for personal attack. Instead try to make your argument if you read the article or iska aamusa. This thread is going way off line so people stick to the subject being discussed or zip it. waad mahadsantiin . Sit down and drink some water. You boys are exhausting yourselves for nothing. No sister cares what you think. They will marry who they wish and their children will go back home and identify with it as their homeland. Personal ku lahaa- that ain't personal son, just making a point that you boys need to MOVE ON.
  13. Here in Australia, the Somalis are buying homes with cash. Half a million dollar homes, how? Trying to figure it out.
  14. ^ She dumped you for the white dude didn't she? That's what this is all about isn't it? Look- ilaahay kuu ma qorin, be patient and the right one will come along.