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  1. The catchy tittle was only to lure you to read this important data! no disrespect SOMALIA: Malnutrition over 20 percent, says UN agency 06 Apr 2005 12:16:12 GMT Source: IRIN NAIROBI, 6 April (IRIN) - Somalia is continuing to experience food shortages, with some areas reporting malnutrition levels of more than 20 percent, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. In its March update on food security and nutrition in Somalia, the FAO's Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) noted that in the southern region of Juba Valley, more than a quarter of children screened were at risk of malnutrition. In the central region of Galgadud, levels of malnutrition were almost as high, at 24 percent. "Limited services available for malnourished children in Somalia have forced families to travel long distances to Galkayo [central Somalia] in search of therapeutic care," the report stated. It also quoted an interagency tsunami assessment, which said that 22,000 people along the northeastern tsunami-affected coastline would need "sustained resource transfer over the next eight months". Elsewhere, "civil insecurity continues to disrupt pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods" in part of the western region of Bakool, according to the analysis unit. Meanwhile, in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, in the region of Karin, solitary locusts had been sighted in isolated incidents. The FAO's Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animals and Plant Pests in Hargeysa, the region's capital, was planning a mission to assess the incidence and infestation levels. Somalia's climate remained dry, as is the norm for the time of year, but climate experts were predicting below normal Gu rains between April and June. The Gu rains usually contribute towards 70 percent to 75 percent of annual food and fodder production, and are therefore of significant importance to overall food security. FSAU noted that sorghum (a staple crop) produced during the extended Deyr rains –usually only from November to January - remained in the market at significantly reduced prices. The harvests in the southeastern region of Shabelle, and Juba, had been affected by moisture stress, insect damage and hot winds. Heavy rains in Somalia over the past year have ended a cycle of drought that had lasted for more than three years. IRIN news
  2. Juma saaxiiboow marxuumka ka bixi sawirkiisa meesha - dad ehelkiisa ah aa meesha ku jiro oo mar kasta eey dhibeeyso in la soo xasuusiyo arintaan foosha xun.
  3. Farxiya ali qaaje!(my home-girl ) leave her alone man! The sister is doing a great job! why are people ( from Gobol like this oogle ) so envious !! I did my research on Mr. Garaad's immediate clan and found they have some heavyweight players in the messy somali politics. Abdiqasim ( ex-Arta President), Galaal ( A decorated General ), Avvocato Dhimbil ( a member of the Parliament and prominent Somali ), Indha-Adde (governner of Lower Shabelle ), Sheikh Dahir Aweeys ( Some muslim leader - he is extreme though and he runs few Islamic courts ), Seeraar ( of Jubba Alliance ), Daylaaf and Goleey ( two influential businessmen ). some business men who belong to the clan own and run few money transfer agencies like Global and Olympic in Mogadishu and are shareholders of the new somali CocaCola factory. They also run and own HornAfrik TV, STN TV, Shabelle Media Network. They are allied with some Anti-Ethiopian "samata-bixinta" factions. They are not supportive of Ina-Yeey's policies and are not in tune with his Ethiopian tutelage and are seen as a major obstacle of Ethiopia's plot to curve up somalia into more fiefdoms. Is that why the clan of Yusuf Garaad have been scrutinized so meticulously ( by some familiar sources , may i add ) lately?
  4. Nayruus, you could have spared us sis of this sick joke and i hope one day we somalis will outgrow this kind of clan Propaganda..........there is nothing intelligent behind this "assessment". it is ulterior motive is based on ... you guessed it... clannish politics! but let us see here ....Yusuf Garaad is very successful qualified journalist and Mr. Ogle is nothing other than some warlord choir boy!whose only accomplishment so far is to write this trivial personal allegation. What is odd though is that, lately, we have witnessed a sudden rise of discourteous name-calling and condemnation of Yusuf Garaad’s immediate clan.(from a familiar source ). I guess it is an open season to smear and insult them since they have become somewhat influential in the capital. ( i don't understand why they don't follow suit and retaliate or is it it is beyond them and are not willing to pursue this low defeatist tactics! some people have no shame!) No wonder that kind of smearing is in full bloom now that the Embghathi sham is going nowhere. maybe, BBC has become the scapegoat to blame for the failure of the transitional government which I understand this charlatan Oogle guy is mouth-piece advocate of it. I believe the whole hoopla behind this mediocre denigration of Yusuf Garaad is emblematic of the Somali clan animosity. Some people have so audaciously become architects of fabrication and envy of the success of their fellow somalis. ( oogle and garaad belong two different somali clans,i assume....for if they were of the same clan, Oogle would have paid a tribute to his brother..but i guess not...maybe they are from competing clans in terms of politics and tribalism ) There is no question that Yusuf have revolutionized the BBC and that it has become more representative of the different Somali accents and dialects. my grannie is die-hard fan of Miss Weheliye (can't remeber her first name, but she is calm and smooth ), Ahmed Taajir (funniest somali broadcaster and the lgendary Cowke!( isn't he something!) She religiously listens the BBC on the net. The BBC has become her prime source of world News since she doesn't understand English that well. I am hoping that he will do more to also represent the Maay dialect, so that my grannie's best friend Umaa Xaawa could also enjoy it.
  5. Ehelada lix dhalinyaro Soomaali ah oo lagu dal daley Isniintii dalka Sucuudiga ayaa falkaasi wax laga xumaado ku tilmaamey. April 06, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia. Cabdixakiin Yuusuf. Muqdisho, Soomaaliya. Ehelada lix “6†dhalinyaro Soomaali ah oo dhowaan dowlada Sucuudigu ku fulisay xukun dil ah kuna sugan eheladaasi magaalada Muqdisho, ayaa ku tilmaamey falka dilka ah ee loogu geystay dhalinyarada Soomaaliyeed mid aan waafaqsaneyn shareecada diinta Islaamka iyo xuquuqda aadanaha. Lixdan dhalinyarada Soomaaliga ah oo ay daldaleen maalinimadii Isniinta aheyd dowladda Sucuudiga ayey ku tilmaameen ehelada wiilashaasi oo ku nool magaalada Muqdisho, mid aan ku banaaneen diinta Islaamka, waxeyna tibaaxeen qaraabada wiilashaasi iney tahay wax laga xumaado wiilal dhalinyaro ah oo aanan geysan dil in lagula kaco sharciga intaas la’eg oo muddo lix sanna ahna ku xirnaa xabsiyada Sucuudiga. Waxeyna shaaca ka qaadeen in lagu xirey is qab qabsi ka dhashey tagsiile Bakistaani ah oo lixdaasi dhalinyarada ah markii ay isku af dhaafeen lacagtii kirada ay u awood sheegteen oo ay tagsiilihii jirdileen, isla markaana ay ku soo baxeen ciidamada ilaalada wadooyinka Sucuudiga, dabadeedna xabsiga loo taxaabey, iyagoo aan wax maxkamad ah la soo saarin sida ay sheegeen waalidiintaasi. Mid ka mid ah dhalinyaradan lagu dal daley wadanka Sucuudiga oo lagu magacaabo Cabdinuur Maxamed Weheliye Allaha u naxariistee walaashiis oo lagu magacaabo Ubax Maxamed Weheliye, ayaa HornAfrik u sheegtay wiilka walaalkeed ah oo qoorgooyada lagula kacey inuu ahaa xaasle dagan guriga wiilashaasi daganaayeen islamarkiiba guriga ay hareereeyeen ciidamada ammaanka Sucuudiga, balse aan wax shaqo ah ku laheyn falka dhalinyarada ay tagsiilaha kula dagaalameen, oo kaliya guriga wada daganaansho uu ka dhaxeeyey. 17 bishii Maarso markii dibadbax ay soo abaabuleen qaar ka mid ah hey’addaha xuquuqda aadanaha iyo ehelada wiilashaasi uu ka dhacey fagaaraha Tarabuunka oo looga codsadey in dowladda Sucuudiga oo Muslim sheeganeysa ay sii deyso wiilashada mudada lixda sanno ah ku xirnaa xabsiga ku yaala magaalada Jiddah, oo ay ku xukuntay dowlada Sucuudiga iney qoor goyneyso. Wiilashaas magacyadooda waxey kala ahaayeen: - 1- Cali Shiikh Yuusuf. 2- Cabdinuur Maxamed Weheliye. 3- Cabdulaahi Xasan Cabdi 4- Cabdulaahi Aadan Cabdi 5- Cabdifataax Cali Xasan 6- Xuseen Haaruun Maxamed Waxaa la xirey wiilashan 05/06/1995 markii tagsiile Bakistaani ah ay isku qab qabasdeen lacag ah ay uga kireysteen tagsigiisa.
  6. How on earth did we miss this! now, I get it, OG_girl is hadaad's wifey! Aha! it is all coming now and the honeymoon was in Gibraltar? right? I hope your offspring don't turn out to be as narrow minded as you two.
  7. Can any one explain to me what the hell this OG_Girl is trying to say? How many times do we have to listen to this lame-brain, conceited Arab–worshipping chic stumble her way through the English language? Please stop "butchering" the language of others. it ain't like chopping up the " humanbeen" body parts your saudi monarch masters are so good at. and it is not "humanbeen" but Human Beings ! The way you constantly misspell it shows how little you and your Saudi masters value the sanctity of human life. I guess they don't teach that in Saudi Arabian schools. So many people privately asked me to not be as harsh to you as I was yesterday but once again we have you here coming across as a dumb and inarticulate blockhead. honestly I am appalled of your monotonous babble. please, do us a favor and disappear for good and while you are gone, beg these "rich civilised arabs" to get you an english tutor!
  8. Juma, if we had a viable functioning government, we would have severed all diplomatic ties and relationship with these cruel Saudis and this kind of barbarism may never have occured to begin with. Somalis wouldn't have been dispersed all over the world as refugees and stateless persons. our somali dignity and pride wouldn't have been questioned. Nomads and warriors would have stayed fiercely proud in their home territory. the likes of these brain-washed arab suckers wouldn't have had a chance to even converse with us, let alone share a forum of civilised discussion. unfortunately, we can't have a nation becouse clannish people like you (cheerleeding for your uncle Ato ) and Duke ( cheerleeding for his Uncle, Ina Yeey ) are still caught behind in the primitive clannish culture and are still perpetuating the same clannish system that destroyed us as a people and as a nation among the civilised and sovereign nations on this planet. Somali and politics don't ryhme togather, contrarily, these two terms shouldn't be put in the same sentence for they are prime candidates for the oxymoron dictionary's top-list. So called somali politcs are joke and pure nonesense. Somali Qabiil politics are the pass-time for the uncultured and illiterate dummies.
  9. Xadaad , get out of here! how could you say that they were robbers? have you witnessed the robbery? yourself? or you just dumb saudi cheerleader? no one has any evidence of these alleged crimes and the somalis were not given due process. don't defend these corrupt saudis for they are indefensible . they are inhuman and not good muslims, they are eff! hypocrites. you are a hypocrite too and with your such unconditional arab worshipping, and sucking up, i am tempted to cyber violate you and beat you up, to at least bring your brain washed senses back, provided that you are a somali, which i doubt! my somali blood is boiling so bad that i want to beat up someone right now! a group of somalis are working on this case and make no mistake these saudis will pay heavily on this! we will never forget it. i urge everyone to write to their local newspapers and write condemning editorials. i am sure they will publish it voluntarily. that is the least you could do.
  10. A n Egyptian doctor, spent several months in jail and was convicted of defaming a Saudi school principal because that principal sexually abused his underage young daughter. His punishment: 80 lashes in a public square. His daughter gets abused sexually and when he complains, he get public scolding. This is the new Saudi Arabia in the image of those who run it, Also in that same year, Abdul al-Aziz Muhammad Isse, from Somalia, was scheduled to be beheaded for murders that happened before he arrived in Saudi Arabia.
  11. most of these dim-witts don't have any clue about the concept of due process. Amythyst and other concerned conscious brothers and sisters out there, let us not waste our breath and energy reasoning with these "Arab-Washed" stubborn somalis for they don't grasp our heartfelt involvedness in this grave injustice.
  12. Miss Saudi Princess OG_Girl, your highness and excellency, Looking into the case and fighting for the justice of the voiceless ( 99% of the population ) is welcomed and appreciated but I am afraid that you will end up being barbecued and butchered by these lewd and immoral royalty whom you are so loyal and subservient to. I love all human beings but my i will fight and die for my Somali people and their pain and suffering bothers me more than anything else.
  13. Lix Wiil oo Soomali ah oo maanta dalka Sacuudiga Seef Qoorta looga jaray Isniin, April 04, 2005 (HOL)@20:30GMT: Lix Wiil oo Soomaali ah oo lagu eedeeyay in ay si burcadnimo ah u dhici jireen Tagaasida ka shaqeysa Gudaha Magaalada Jidda ee dalka Boqortooyada Sacuudiga ayaa maanta Seef Qoorta looga jaray kadib markii sidaas lagu xukumay. Wiilashan oo soo dhameystay xabsi lix sanadood ah oo lagu xukumay ayaa la sheegay in aysan wax shaqo ah ku lahayn dembiga lagu soo eedeeyay, wuxuuna Cabdi Nuur Maxamed Wehliye oo ka mid ah wiilasha qoorta laga jaray sheegay intii uu noolaa in xukunkooda uu ku dhacay sabab la xiriirta iyagoo aanan garaneyn Luuqadda Carabiga ah oo markaasina ay iska saxiixeen qoraal af-carabi ku qoran oo la soo hordhigay, kaasi oo ay suulka ku saxiixeen, waxaana loo maleeyay in ay maalintaas qoor gooyadooda saxiixeen, dembi aysan gelinna ay saxiixeen in ay ku lug lahaayeen. Fal dembiyeedyada ceynkan oo kale ah ayaanan ahayn kuwo dil lagu muteysto haddii sharci kasta loo eego, waaba haddii ay galeene, waxaase yaabka yaabkiis ah in Dowaldda Sacuudiga oo la sheego in ay ku dhaqanto Shareecada Islaamka ay xukunkan ku riddo Dad Muslim ah oo dembi laawayaal ah. Eheladda wiilashan qoorta laga gooyay oo aan qaarkood xiriir dhinaca isgaarsiinta Taleefoonka ah wada yeelanay intii ay noolaayeen Wiilashooda ayaa noo sheegay in aysan Ilmahooda wax lug ah ku lahayn dembiga lagu soo eedeeyay, iyagoo xiligaasina Muqdisho ka sameeyay dibadbaxyo ay ku dalbanayeen in la sii daayo, hayeeshee taasi ma suuroobin, waxaana maanta dhegahooda ku soo dhacay dhawaq ay ka naxeen oo ah in la qoor gooyay Wiilashadoodii. Wiilashan oo markoodii hore ka kala tegay Gobollada Bay, Bakool, Shabeelooyinka iyo Deegaanada Puntland ayaa magacyadooda lagu kala sheegay Cabdi Nuur Maxamed Wehliye, Cali Shiikh Yuusuf, C/fataax Cali Xasan, Xuseen Aadan Haaruun, Cabdalla Xasan iyo wiil kale oo uusan magaciisa noo suurtagelin. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online
  14. Saudi Arabia AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Public Statement AI Index: MDE 23/005/2005 (Public) News Service No: 083 4 April 2005 Saudi Arabia: Amnesty International renews calls to end executions immediately Six Somali nationals were executed in Saudi Arabia today. This brings the total number of those executed in the last four months to at least 51 people including 39 in 2005. Almost two thirds of those executed were foreign nationals. Four people were also executed on Friday. Amnesty International is deeply concerned at the alarming increase in the rate of executions in Saudi Arabia so far this year and fears that other executions may be carried out in the coming days or weeks. Earlier on 23 December 2004, Amnesty International issued a statement urging King Fahd of Saudi Arabia to commute all outstanding death sentences after eight men were executed in just one week. With the recent increase in executions, Amnesty International is renewing its calls to King Fahd to end executions and to bring trial proceedings of people facing such punishments in line with international standards. The secrecy surrounding the criminal judicial system is such that in most cases defendants and their families are not informed of the charges or the progress of legal proceedings against them. An example of this is the case of six Somali men executed earlier today. On 21 February 2005 Amnesty International wrote to the Minister of Interior regarding the status of the six men who Amnesty International feared were being detained despite having served their sentences of imprisonment and corporal punishment. Amnesty International never received a reply to this letter but learnt to today that the men had in fact been executed. The six men were unaware that they were at risk of death . Furthermore, defendants may be convicted solely on the basis of confessions obtained under duress, torture or deception and trials invariably fall short of international standards for fair trial. Trial proceedings take place behind closed doors, without the defendants being given the right to legal representation, and in the case of foreign nationals, without adequate or no access to consular assistance. Amnesty International recognizes the right and responsibility of all governments to bring to justice those guilty of recognizably criminal offences. However the organization opposes the death penalty as the ultimate violation of the right to life. The organization is committed to defending all people against the violations of these fundamental and internationally recognized rights. The organization renews its calls on King Fahd of Saudi Arabia to commute all outstanding death sentences and to bring trial proceedings of people facing such punishments in line with international standards. Background Those executed since December last year include 13 Pakistanis, six Somalis, four Filipinos, three Indians, three Thais, five Iraqis, one Afghan, and 16 Saudi Arabian's including one woman.