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  1. ^^ ^^ Originally posted by Zephyrine: ^ Prolly in the pub getting sloshed. Hehehe .....without a doubt!
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    ^^Triple :mad: :mad: :mad: If it were up to me, I would say don't even bother to give a penny to listen to them rant and rave Most definitely... It would be as if you were donating to their cause :rolleyes:
  3. I love the Yellow Rose ( at least I think its a rose?) Floral illustrations are my fave!... I have so many framed up in my place...If you could, I would love an image of a Daisy! (unless, of course, you're too hard-core for that!)
  4. Refreshing read..... --You should also post about the Ivy League graduates, who, instead of taking high-paying jobs, are opting to become primary/secondary teachers!! Great Story. I think I saw it on 60 minutes too. Ciao
  5. "Beggars are operating on this train, please do NOT encourage these professional beggars, if you have any spare change, please give it to a registered charity, failing that, give it to me." Our train operator did the same once..... "May I remind the young boys in the last car that the selling of merchandise on MARTA transit is prohibited. But if you have any Reese's, please bring them up front!"
  6. A Lotta Dishing' out I see! I'm afraid I might have to hold my tongue....there are a bunch of watch dogs lurking about! But now that I think of it, it wont hurt that much ..... ~~~ L.O.Zu --Even though you dumped me that day, for you-know-who!, I can't seem to get over ya......When she's done, slide on over to a real woman!!! AND Shaqsii-- The Biggest Chat Flirt ....
  7. Foxy-Brown :cool: LOL Fidel, you must be living in the boondocks :confused: The system in London has been up and about in the US for years now! I cant remember the last time I signed for my debit card. And I've paid for credit cards and phone bills over my cell for the past 2 years....where have you been?
  8. there's a guy for me who likes playing tag merrily around a tree whilst singing badda cas... LOL Die-Hard Harry Potter Fan! I didnt expect it, but I wound up re-reading the 5th book so that I would be up-to-date!
  9. Happy Birthday Sue! May you have many more to come...
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    This is it!

    LOL @ Ngonge If you don't work and stay at home,then doing the house work is YOUR job.I have a job and that puts the food on the table.That's the way it goes. Absolutely. But its a differrent story when the wife is working/ kids come into the picture. Then were talking 3 jobs = 1 job for the husband. This isnt fair. And quite frankly, if the husband isnt helping around in this type of situation, then any law enforcing such is welcomed in my book!
  11. i gave up on this woman a long time ago. Don’t forget she is the same "caring humanistic" African woman, who gave away brand new cars to every person in the audience on her show instead of asking the manufacturer of those cars to make a considerable donation to those who need it most (like the poor children of Africa which her heart supposedly bleeds for ). Often enough, she talks the talk but seldom walks the walk. Judge her lifestyle and then compare it to the lies she wants us to believe. Basically because of these discrepancies, I am not surprised. Just thought i would clear up a few things to those of you that might not know about some of the information Rahima is presenting. Yes, GM's Pontiac division has covered all of the costs, but they teamed up with Harpo productions in choosing the majority of the audience members who were recommended by family memebers and friends because they were in need of cars. Also, Oprah has donated at least 10-15% of her annual income to charity throughout her adult life. And as for her South African cause, she’s spent much of her money building clinics, and dozens of schools ( mainly for girls). I have not seen this show, and I'm not denying that Oprah hasnt done what you guys state, but its rather shameful and unfair to put her charitable record on the line. We can't deny for a second that she doesnt do a lot for those who need. USA’s culture consist of:- 1- The statistics are showing that 4 women are being violated every minute in USA. I wonder where is the Freedom, democracy, Human Rights, Liberty & the Justice Institutions they are talking about. Or maybe I should consider these cases Individual Cases which don’t represent the USA. 2- The Highest crimes statistics 3- 14 millions or more homeless Americans 4- Racism & Discrimination in schools, firms, courts,,,, etc 5- Millions of Americans without Social-care. 6- Drugs Dealers & Alcoholics 7- Pregnant Teenagers 8- Illegal Children 9- Abused children 10- Bad Family ties 11- Kidnapping. 12- Dirty clergymen in the American Churches,,,, etc 13-A nation carrying licensed guns everywhere, why? For the record, there have been a countless number of shows on this as well.
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    This is it!

    One man who has already put down his beer and put on an apron is Santi. Hard at work at the kitchen sink and with Aintzane keeping a watchful eye, I found him practising his new marriage vows: To love, to cherish and to do the washing-up. Priceless
  13. LOL @ Xafsa A remix to the most basic and cheapest form of birth control Did I mention This :mad: @Cuddling, the most annoying form of affection!
  14. ^^^LMAO^^^ You Naughty Boy They think too hard man. they are complex characters. for instance, would a MAN[A straight one at that] catagorize women into all these types? Heck No. Weren't you the same one that acknowledged a certain nomad for his 11 women to avoid?
  15. I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE, IF MY OPINIONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN REFLECTED BY MY FELLOW NOMADS The rules of a "just" war can be summarized as follows: 1.) The war must have a just cause; 2.) It must be waged by a legitimate authority; 3.) It must be formally declared; 4.) It must be fought with a peaceful intention; 5.) It must be a last resort; 6.) There must be reasonable hope of success; 7.) The means used must possess proportionality to the end sought. Three other rules apply to the conduct of the conflict: 1.) Noncombatants must be given immunity; 2.) Prisoners must be treated humanely and; 3.) International treaties and conventions must be honored. Its safe to assume that these terrorists could’ve found violations to these rules of war. The just-war theory holds, among other things, that if one nation attacks another, and nothing less than complete destruction of the foreign war machine — total war — will suffice to restrain future acts of violence, then moral responsibility for casualties — military and civilian — must lie at the feet of the attacking, not the defending, nation. Source: Though it may not be possible with the media, can we see how difficult it is to even label the “defenders†and the “offendersâ€? Take the US bombings in Japan during WWII. As inhumanely the act was, it was defended by many as an action that was necessary in preventing any further attacks on the United States. Such as the United States, these terrorists could defend their actions by stating that such extreme measures were required to defend their state(s) from possible destruction. So I ask, why is it the world can swallow the Hiroshima bombings with much more ease than say the 9/11, 3/11, or the London attacks? There is no comparison between the two “sides†because one made it clear that it was not setting out to kill civilians (and the eyes of the whole world can testify to that end), I disagree. Most of us here know the outcomes of a war, and based on your seemingly surprised number of noncombatant casualities, im sure you do as well. In almost every war, both sides expect innocent civilian/noncombatant casualties. The whole world knew that with this war, many Iraqi citizens would be caught in the cross-fire. The only distinction between the two “sidesâ€, is that one openly regrets them, while the other prides themselves. Nevertheless, can you see how some of these ‘terrorist†can justify their acts, when they see their brother/sisters dying to a war, that they have seen “unjust†from the beginning? The murdering of innocent civilians is wrong, but the recent terrorist attacks should be blamed on both the terrorists and Great Britain.
  16. ^^Yea, when it comes to his women! Besides that, Complicated is a better description! Originally posted by Afromali: Edit: quote: Except NBA players, Most good things come in small Packages. Wait! I missed this one. LOL! Exactly, what are they on about?? Haddad bro, I think there are some candidates in the singles thread!!
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    four eyed geek

    Too add on to what Hibo said, its all about picking the right frames for your face. For the rest of you, upset about your glasses, here are tips that should help you! Round A round face has curvilinear lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles. To make the face appear thinner and longer, try angular narrow eyeglass frames to lengthen the face, a clear bridge that widens the eyes and frames that are wider than they are deep, such as a rectangular shape. Oval The oval face is considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. To keep the oval's natural balance, look for eyeglass frames that are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face, or walnut-shaped frames that are not too deep or too narrow. Oblong The oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a long straight cheek line and sometimes a longish nose. To make the face appear shorter and more balanced, try frames that have a top-to-bottom depth, decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face or a low bridge to shorten the nose. Base-Down Triangle The triangular face has a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas. To add width and emphasize the narrow upper third of the face, try frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half or cat-eye shapes. Base-Up Triangle This face has a very wide top third and small bottom third. To minimize the width of the top of the face, try frames that are wider at the bottom, very light colors and materials, and rimless frame styles (which have a light, airy effect because the lenses are simply held in place to the temples by a few screws). Diamond Diamond-shaped faces are narrow at the eye line and jawline, and cheekbones are often high and dramatic. This is the rarest face shape. To highlight the eyes and bring out the cheekbones, try frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines, or try rimless frames or oval and cat-eye shapes. Square A square face has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, plus the width and length are in the same proportions. To make the square face look longer and soften the angles, try narrow frame styles, frames that have more width than depth and narrow ovals. Source P.S. Hear Hear! @ Blessed
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    Do you Gurls

    3 Words: Deep Tissue Massage
  19. I've heard that its been up and running still, though maybe not the same as last summer. I am begining to miss it as well! So anyone that knows any information, do let us know if its back up...and under what name
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    London Nomads

    Originally posted by Northerner: This is when you realise just how calm brits are in a crisis. As soon i got into work i was asked "are you and the family alrite"? which was nice. The stoic demeanor of the Brits was surprising, to say the least. With that, I have to agree with Athena, i dont expect a strong "backlash" to happen either. It could be the culture, coupled with the post- 9/11 aftermath against muslim in North America, that might have sparked such reaction.
  21. Happy Birthday Og-Girl!
  22. ^^^ :rolleyes: ^^^ Could we please cut this short? It's getting awfully tiring, I must say! I was watching some news this morning....and after reading more reports on the London attacks via internet, it's amazed me how the London people stayed soo calm!!! :eek: I guess experience from the IRA attacks in the 70's and 80's might have helped :confused: Wondering why there hasnt been any speculations pointing their direction??
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    London Nomads

    I was worried about hearing such news... May Allah Grant her a speedy recovery!
  24. I havent had a chance to come on here all day.....but I'm very glad to know that most of you are alright! It felt like a rock sunk deep into the pit of my stomach when I heard the dreadful news!! The city is so heavily congested, I was so afraid the # of casualties would be collosal!!!Alhamdullilah, most of our family & friends are fine.....and hopefully the rest ( including the rest of the SOL members friends and family) are well too! Be safe everyone...