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  1. Alla, Tuujiye car aan ku dhahay, just you try and defame my snower than white character. I will sue you for libel just like lord Jeffry Archer did I see Rudy writing Somali, I See J11 making a Joke, I see Nuune talking about deen I wonder what else he sees.
  2. dawoco


    Now this is your problem ,,,, why there is nobody understanding what the sister is aiming to say ,,,,, She needs HELP ,,,,, u want me 2 repeat what she said ??? ,,, Ok then ,,, " "no career, no life, no friends, and most of all I can't get to enjoy the view of men....OOOH don't remind me" We should read between da lines ,,,, where is ,,,Tuujiyeee iga dhaaf kaas hadal lee ka adag yahay ,,,,,, Nuune ,,, Waa hurdaa kolayba ,,,, Orgiliqe ,, Maba fahmayo waxaan sheegaayo ,,,,, ,, Rudy ,, TV lee ku jeedaa ,,,,, Motti,,, Isagaaba la la'yahay ,,, Ok ,,, let's meet urgently and try to resolve this problem ,,,, Hibo: Be patient Plz walaalo ,,, will take a step as soon as possible ,,,,, loool@you jb, group consultation maa jira? And is there a wadaado patients help line? Baashi wlc back bro, nice to see one of the original sol duqyaal speaking common sense.
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    Hibo I think you are high on mushakal. What you on about woman, why you so hyper? Whatever you're having, send me some!
  4. I apologize to you sister Hibo if my reply was offensive or derogatory. Fidel, i'm glad that you have admitted your wrongdoing through your apology. You have proven that humbleness isn't reserved for great men only, and i commend you on that. As for public defender dawoco, please be advised your contumelious remarks have not gone unnoticed. Our response will come at a time and a place of our choosing. Good God, there are more of you?! My lad, your croonies have left you alone to fend for yourself. Learn from it, use it for personal growth, instead of dwelling on comebacks! I'm honoured that you have been looking up big words and improving your eloquence with me in mind, keep up the good work, it is never too late to become a better man... *Intresting though, that other topics are immidiately edited at the hint of an attack, but this one has been left in tact. I'm just glad Fidel was smart enough to realise that he had to apologise, once he was put on the spot...
  5. Fidel A flame? How do you figure, dawoco? The original poster's topic was career pitfalls for women and how to avoid them. A reply came that says it doesn't apply to them. Yet another reply to the reply said it doesn't apply because a career is a prerequisite for the pitfalls. I'm not sure I see your point. Edited to add: I'd rather not begin a war of words here as it is neither necessary nor informative. lol fidel you don't wanna begin war of words? You sure? You only wanna keep this topic informative I guess, and it has nothing to do with cowardice of course! The same cowardice that had you insulting my sister and editing your topic afterwards is influencing your need to keep out of a war. But you are fresh out of luck today son, as you have clearly broken the rules and have not got the oppertunity to edit either. Now let me tell you how you are inflaming. A nomad has replied giving her opinion, although she has added that it doesn't concern her. YOU have replied, mocking that nomad with a quote and that "Indeed. One needs a career for the article to apply." Unless i'm over-estimating your comprehension abilities, which i'm sure i'm not, you can see how your post is inflamatory. But then of course, i'm only human and I could be wrong about you. So let me write everything for you in far weeyn. Your reply was written to inflame the nomad in question and provoke her into an argument, though i'm sure your intentions are clear to only you Now, lets get down to business, why haven't sol rules been upheld so far? Unless one set of rules apply to some and a total set are reserved for others, of course
  6. Fidel quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by Hibo: It doesn't apply to me... sis... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indeed. One needs a career for the article to apply. SOL golden rule 7 - Flaming: absolutely no personal attacks (direct or indirect). Criticize ideas, not people. I wonder where the edit/delete happy moderators have all gone off to. They are usually very prompt in making sure everyone follows the rules and all
  7. :eek: :eek: :eek: I hope she is realised soon, the poor thing. Getting that sort of attacks at both ends must be horrible...
  8. dawoco

    I got beef

    I can see where this is heading. And it looks pretty ugly, me thinks. All of us can scream and label and tug to and fro, but at the end of the day, that would be flogging a dead horse. No matter what is said, or who argues whom, will it truly change anything? It’s a waste of energy if you ask me. And not at all worth all the effort that goes into it. Lax walba halkeey is dhigtaa lagu qalaa. So be careful and prudent withyour posts, where u post and when u post it, and further more, who you address what to. It is sad that SOL has been turned into a territorial forum with tactical posting, but when in Rome… As for beef, I don’t like beef, it doesn’t taste as yummy as chicken. Yes Moti, I said chicken. Sue me, but I like chicken in all shapes and forms, I like it cooked, I like it boiled, I like it spicy I like it in pies and I like chicken soup too!
  9. dawoco

    I got beef

    lol. Tuujiye at times waa in kursi fadhi carbeed la fadhiisto, oo hal koob isbarmuuto dhab la isku siiyo, oona la is babiyo oo markaas neh qosol gariir lagu xejiyo.
  10. dawoco

    The Chicken

    Moti, ma saan baad ku fiyoowdahay? Alloow ceebta noo astur. Sidii loo soo socoday hadaneh chicken abuse maa la isla calool xumeeynaa. Cajiib.
  11. dawoco

    I got beef

    Dawaco "new evil and old evil" looool, wallee taas been kuma sheegin. Waraa i lost my evilness, and i resent the use of the word "old". What is ur ulajeedo? Anyway, since I have joined the conservative party, I have let go of all aggressions and all my evilness has been well used, instead of directing it at niman naago dushood ka qeeylo dhaaminaayaan iyo habro sacbo tumanaayaan Mayb you too need to re-direct your energy. Maybe even organise a student union Btw layzie target listiga iiga bixi before I show you what "beef" really is :mad: Since she's probably too laaayzy to reply, I have taken the liberty to do so on her behalf
  12. England girl, firstly, wlc to SOL. Learning about Somalia and Somalis isn't very hard. Though the history can be very ambiguous, as each person has a different take on our country's historics depending on his/her tribe. So I will leave other better enlightened nomads to fill in gap. Somalia wasn't a rich country by any stretch of the imagination, but it had many positive things going for it. What I remember from back home is the sense of community. In my opinion our people are a lovely bunch to get to know. If you befriend one or two somalis, I'm sure our community will take you in happily. It's a great way to see somali tradition in practise. ps: ignore the guy who has asked you for pics, he has stalking tendencies
  13. dawoco

    Meet Up

    Nafta lool, elke goorlap moet nodig link doen he. Achetlijk bilaa achterlijk iga dheh. Aparently one doesn't need to be adressed to give a useless comment. Dadka qaarkood isqor badanaa. I arkaay i maqla iga dheh...
  14. I think when particular countries are known to supply workers to a well-off country, the people from those countries become labled lowly terms. In the arab world, the people that are called abeed claim a link with the arab world, while they are seen as lowly workers by the arabs, and not "like them" because they don't look like arabs, and are generally seen as inferior. The link through our religion doesn't carry much wheight in that instance, as it is about one nation having superiority and other nations wanting to force themselves on that nation
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    One thing I like about this topic is how Hibo is giving away the men like sadaqo Although Hibo is cheating us girls. Jacaylbaro is onto something I believe. All the "matches" are with guys who either never leave a political maqaayad, who have left sol or who are already married. Me smell something fishy. As for me Hibo, tuujiye saad u amaaneeeyse, he's starting to look yummy