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  1. Thanks for that Modesty, very inspiring indeed. Makes me thing what can I do for society. I will have a think about that today.
  2. Currently re-reading this. Great read!
  3. Buuxo- I agree, it's unfortunate the conditions they live in. The difference in life expectancy span is disgusting to say the least. But I must say that I prefer living in this country then some of the other countries around the world. I can also understand how Australia got to such a good spot on the list. We just need to improve the conditions of indigenous people. Now to all my favourite people abroad...Has this convinced you to come visit me here now!
  4. Ibti I would like to offer my assistance Anything for you
  5. Flew out this morning to Denmark for 3 days. Then back in London for a few more days before flying back home iA.
  6. My random thought for today... My english is useless when trying to order from a menue in Denmark. How will I survive the next few days
  7. Che - Cheer up walal, I'm sure the feeling will pass iA.
  8. Castro I know how to upload pictures online, it's just that I wasn't sure about the URL bit it asks for on this site lol I guess my now 3weeks in the UK has turned my brain in to "UK Rubbish" ay. But technically I'm an Aussie so it shouldnt apply to me Anyway arn't you a Pom also
  9. How on earth do you upload a picture from your computer?
  10. maakhir_ladyuk "Minanka minanka waaye" is a saying, what's mine is your sort of a thing. wlc, altho let me state, ppl will only remember you on what kind of a poster you become, not by all the welcomes you may or may not recieve. Castro- LoL, don't sound so bitter walal. They can't be all that bad.
  11. Congratulations to the winners
  12. I live off hagbads, its how I saved for my car and other big ticket items. I think the problem stems from when people bite of more then they can chew. I personally don't understand some families (with a house over flowing with children) go in to huge hagbads, then go and buy houses in Africa when they have no intention of living there. All the while their own family live in a cramped 2 bedroom house, own a car that breaks down every 2nd day and their kids are stealing other childrens lunch due to hunger! I think it serves some good, but that its just not for everone.
  13. Ibti I don't approve of the list of males I had to choose from. I dont even know them! I feel like you've limited my choice lol.
  14. Jamaal11 LoL I consider myself a citizen of the world.
  15. Hayat, I feel your frustrations I too know of the incident you discussed. Behaviours such as that is inexcusable, thank god he was given a jail sentence. It's unfortunate that issues such as this arise all the time, think about all the people who send family members overseas when they cause a crime like rape, assault and even murder. I guess I should have mentioned that the ayah I used "I have made you in to nations and tribes so that you may know one another" ends with Allah saying that the best among you are the most righteous. We need to keep in mind that our deen stresses the importance of knowing who you are and where you are from, but that you need to be just in all your dealings with your fellow mankind and remain righteous. Allah knows his servants very well, enough to make a Heaven and a Hell. Take comfort in knowing every man will have their day. Farancab, LoL who you calling brother