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  1. This sounds like another brutal tribal dad dil conviction, seriously. How do u convict all these teenagers with murder when you dont provide no DNA PROOF!! Seriously, WHERE IS THE PROOF!! Another FAKELAND missed up action!! Plz show proof before u open your gob and spill out khra!!
  2. This Taco head mofo is probably the only friend that DT-shyte hd has in Mexicao!! lool...Wazzup homies!! Hi-5 to yall! Che... whats rocking bro!! Where Libaax...Did he go to Uranus!! looool!!...U know me Bro!!!! Its what its!! Right!!... U cant teach an old DAWG new tricks!! Right!!..Peace Africans!!
  3. Yo home-gal shaxshaxley! fyi...dont shake it 2 much, cuz nomads dont like all that earthquake stuff..ok. Just, give a nice smile when u see me, and then, & I will buy u a diamond ring!! kol. I feel u home-gal....! lets rock that boat!! >:)
  4. Do u understand Somali sign lingo...? by an chance !! Just hold ur left hand up. Then point your middle u know what that means?? It means that your # 1.... yeaaah. A hold lot different than what that means in North America!! just fyi. Peace Nomad:)
  5. Yoo homie...Me back from planet Uranus...Anyways, back here in planet Compton...we called that an Oreo!! and hello NO...that aint me!! But i have come across alot of Kaboojis (Hawaiian name for Africans) in this world who are whiter than haoles in their head!! Wats cracking Nomads!! Yall heya in this planet or gone!!
  6. Thank u........Obama!! click on the link below to view the slide show to check the goal of this program. President Barack Obama joined with world leaders Sunday to commit to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The adoption of the framework, announced at the United Nations General Assembly, means the U.S. will join other nations to eradicate extreme poverty and adopt sustainable policies with long-term impact. Read more: The Global Goals for Sustainable Development Over the next 15 years, the agenda aims to eradicate poverty and hunger, protect the environment, promote human rights and gender equality, empower women, strive for peaceful and inclusive societies and fight against inequalities. It is the culmination of two years of consultation and development. "We suffer no illusions of the challenges ahead, but we understand this is something that we must commit ourselves to," Obama said in a speech to the assembly. "In doing so, we recognize that our most basic bond -- our common humanity -- compels us to act. An impoverished child in a distant slum or a neighborhood not that far from here is just as equal, just as worthy, as any of our children, as any of us, as any head of government or leader in this great hall." He announced new targets for the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, aiming to reach nearly 13 million people by 2017 with HIV/AIDS treatment and achieve a 40 percent decrease of incidence among girls and young women in the most highly burdened areas of 10 African countries. The United States also joined members of the Open Government Partnership steering committee in signing a declaration on the importance of open government in achieving the agenda's goals. The declaration highlights the need for transparency, citizen participation, information availability, accountability and access to justice. The announcement came in the same week as International Peace Day, which was declared by the U.N. to remind the world of the importance of peace. In his speech, Obama highlighted war as one of the major obstacles to achieving the 2030 agenda. "It is no coincidence that half of the people living in extreme poverty around the world live in places afflicted by chronic violence and conflict," he said. SLIDESHOW: Art for the Global Goals link:|11
  7. U know its kinda hard to believe in this sometimes, but guess what, good muslim brothers are always there to help you. The bottom line here is good ones, and all humans have good and bad ones. I say...lets have a free Haj year next year!! Let the Saudi king pay for it....I am sure he afforded it.
  8. Greetings from Panama City panama...Its about 100f but i am down with flu!! Has the British Intelligence found Ngonge yet? I heard that he stole the queens underwears!! One crazy dude!!
  9. Yo homie-gal, hes damn good teacher! He taught me the somali lingo 2. Now, when i go to africa, I can even talk to the donkeys on the street....but mainly sign lingo!!
  10. same ole tribe my tribe cries!! when will somalis realize how this situation has made them the most sorry country in the world!! why o why??? Together, we build a nation, but divided, we fail. Its that easy n not a rocket science.
  11. this is a mirror image of southern california! We got the same problem water, no shower, so we stink to hi heaven! lol.. Bright side, no snow....! i hate snow!!
  12. serenity pic! which is awesome. Humans coming together peacefully under mosque is better than massacring countless humans under the name of a different religion. Even though, all religions condemn massacres of non believers. I cant wait for Jesus to come back n save this world!!
  13. Woow Holly smoke!! Yo this shouldnt be that difficult to comprehend what this about. If u hear the word camel milk, whats the 1st thing that pops into your head? Of course, somali culture and tradition....right! Now, lemme ask this simple question to u 2 homies..aigt. What somali culture/tradition u like the most? plz share.
  14. Definitely, a murder! There was a big demo at downtown la yesterday regarding how many pple are killed by the cops.....since 2004, its > 6000 pple. To me they look like criminal entity.
  15. Is she still messing with us!!! I mean come on home gal...u left everything thats somali in your life! So why not hit the road N dont let the door hit your butt! Just stay being Oro, live in your disneyworld, and hopefully, one day, a handsome farah will come 2 your rescue!! lol Ama hi-5 that homie!