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  1. Total Re-engineering of the race and its way of thinking needs to change. Lets pray to Allah to guide us to the best possible route. And lets hope all the gullible leaders find their morals and look in the mirror.
  2. 32 teams from around the globe will compete in the greatest sporting tournament in the world. In the summer of 2010, South Africa will come to life as it hosts the World Cup. My predictions are that England will do well assuming Capello has still got his lucky touch as everything he does tends to turn to gold. I believe that there are afew teams like Argentina, Ivory coast, Brazil, Germany and Spain have abig say too. If ever there was a chance for England to win the world this would be it. Predictions please if you may....and which players do you reckon will shine as we always have stars appearing out of the blue in every world cup tournament.
  3. Where would we be if we didnt have such half baked characters....I wouldnt recommend him to be burned but lets hope we can assimilate him in all postive ways rather than chose to ban anyone who fires up the temperature around here. After all we somalis and anything thats positive and extreme in anyway has major negative reactions. I say keep the intellectually challenged so they can give us something to punch about. Well done and kudos to those who have made a dream of many a reality. Oh yeah did they really think this was supposed to be a catwalk or fashion show?
  4. Nin yabaan one thing you forget is that the world banks and many international institutions are already being run and paid for by the petro dollar so they are already running many service industries based all over the world.
  5. Todays carling cup game with lpool was brilliant and trully enjoyed it. Though Im wondering what would happen when all these lil kids become stars and cant play in the first eleven. I do find them too good to sit on the bench for too long.
  6. People want to spend money and now that most jobs are slowly but surely being taken over by machines, there no jobs and no jobs means no money to spend on whatever one wishes to buy. When you look at society today alot of people are being paid to be idle and this process has rippling effects like people getting lazy fatter and dont even exercise hence diseases for the rich hitting the poor who are on the dole or rather welfare. When walking around two watching tv most shows about human having problems of weight lose, stress, drugs and basically luck of what to do. In the old days there was alot to do like work for everything, travel long distances other than sit in one place and communicate more than face to face than hide behind keyboards hit the fridge at night and think you are king and queen of the unseen. A while back they used to say machines would reduce the use of paper but I find that the opposite today far too much waste in all aspects. Food are over produced even when not needed and the environment is taking abattering. Humans appreciated what the earned a while and enjoyed it with family but now one finds getting money for not working in itself is stressful to the person as he or she feels like being spoonfed rather that earn aliving. Mobiles are ok in the short run but who knows twenty yrs from now the effects they would have on many of us and once I used to love these little gaggets but today I tend to shy away from them and feel like every word I say is being listened to besides the headaches that come along as aresult of aprolonged chitchat. Sitting behind computers in away has made many of us have multiple personalities where u changed suits and behave in strange ways and reality being some foreign to many who wouldnt know how to act amongst others. It sure is astrange world... Aqyaar sxb in away yeah the world has become as they say aglobal village' though not many can trully say what is being written or seen on screen can be factual or doctored.
  7. Well dont you think you have lost freedom of movement as you can order for food by phone or online. Call a friend rather than visit....miss out on nature as it supposed to be and watch it instead online. Hear and listen to oratol prowess, interactions rather watch on tv.
  8. Sitting here next to my laptop with my mobile on the side and the tv in the background, I realised part of my life is now no longer mine. I do depend on this little objects and machines to ensure im able to keep up. Though when you think about it, one realises the loss of relationships with family friends and the humour and entertainment we used to take for granted has all disappeared. More than nine million of us have succumbed to the powerful temptations of portable office technologies. But instead of the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, we sometimes end up working all the time, everywhere. And it's not our employers or clients who pay the psychic price of instant availability. Too often, it is our personal family, and community lives that suffer the most. One author predicted what would happen and his predictions have thus far come true. Please read on... The Machine Stops The remarkable short novella titled ?The Machine Stops? by E.M. Forster is an early example of apocalyptic fiction that shows humanity trapped by technology. It was written in the early 20th century. "The Machine Stops" is set in the distant future, when mankind has come to depend on a worldwide Machine for food, housing, communications and medical care. In return, humanity has abandoned the earth's surface for a life of isolation and immobility. Humanity lives in a honeycomb of rooms inside a vast subterranean machine that procures to every human need. When the inhabitants want food, the machine provides food. When they want to sleep, the machine provides a bed. When they want entertainment, the machine plays music. All needs are met through the machine. However, in his novella, E.M. Forster warns humankind that the consequences of machine worship could be the isolation of humankind, the elimination of love and the loss of human uniqueness. Amazingly, almost a hundred years ago, Forster had an uncanny ability to predict exactly how technology would develop and how it would change not only our way of looking at it but more importantly how it changes our lives. In his novella ?The Machine Stops?, the Machine is the ultimate technological advancement that provided all needs for humankind. Aside from the necessities such as food and clothing, the Machine provided humankind with a different way to connect with each other, a way that leads to complete isolation. People rarely leave their rooms or meet face-to-face; instead they exchange through a global web that is part of the Machine. Each cell contains a glowing blue optic plate and telephone apparatus, which carry images and sounds among individuals and groups. This boost of technology increases the accessibility to others even from far away, but diminishes the purpose of personal interactions. Forster also realizes that the quality of personal connection depends on the quantity-often inversely. The more people one knows the easier it is to replace them. In other words, too many connections devalue each one of them and they become less of a concern. Vashti, writes Forster, "knew several thousand people; in certain directions human communication had advanced enormously."(Pg115) In his novella, Forster thinks of technology that is being developed more and more as a means to physically removes humankind from one another. Eventually humankind incorporates this detachment from each other into their social rules and norms. Not only does the way of communication changes, but also the living standards. ?Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee. It is lighted neither by window nor by lamp.?(Pg115) These millions and millions of small cells are identical and are where humankind dwells. Through these images that Forster is presenting to the readers, these cells can be closely related to those in a jail. While the Machine blindfolds Vashti and the rest of society, Kuno on the other hand is moving towards the opposite direction. He understands how the Machine turns causes segregation to society. He does not want such a thing. He doesn?t believe in the Machine, but rather the opposite. He craves the personal interactions, the direct exchange of ideas and a true relationship with his mother Vashti. The Machine ?has robbed us of the sense of space and of the sense of touch, it has blurred every human relation and it has paralyzed our bodies and our wills?(Pg141) says Kuno. He wants to free himself from society and the Machine. Humankind is missing too much due to the isolation placed on them by the Machine. Another problem Forster sees with the eruption of new technology as it flows out the pores of humans, is the loss of individual human uniqueness. Throughout the entire novella, Forster gives the readers a consistent image of human impartiality. From the material point of view, everything humans use in their day to day lives is the same. This includes the cells and "beds of
  9. The point being the media runs it all. Even the dollar would rise due a simple rumour and shares would sky rocket, so i guess they have learned from the best:)
  10. Hey Norfs sup bro.... Interesting however. in the UK lending and doing is getting harder as banks are not longer lending as much as they used to. As for your part of the world. I hope that their policies change as investors would need free movement and longterm visas and naturalisation if business is to thrive. No one would want to invest in acountry that wont recognise ones rights in as far as ownership of businesses and ofcouse estates are concerned.
  11. "The women are then inspected to see if the firmness is natural, or if it is the result of wearing a bra..." By who?? Are there any Al shabab female soldiers to do that?? Dont know how true the above story but if its true there is trouble ahead....Hmm what a bunch of horny dudes..How low can these dudes go in claiming to be rightous.
  12. There are very interesting stories that somehow warps one the ol good, bad, sad and funny moments of ones life. I'm always taken back to moments of my childhood when I pass an area and there is a smell of roses and certain foods smells emanating from ones kitchen. I remember taking strolls around Kampala and passing by some posh area in the evening being hit by what we use to call Angel flower. This flower only hits the air at night and it had such a good smell you would want to sit under but the trouble with it was that it attracted snakes too as I was once startled by one early morning unsuspectingly making ma way to toilet. Lucky enough I had one of them birikas ya choo hehehehe n had to use it to defend myself. I remember one weekend when we were taken to a zoo and as always some of the best attractions where the chimps and as we passed by there was this chimp that was so excited to see the females passing by and as I was walking with ma cousin sister who was older, the bloody thing suddenly jumped towards her and there I was so scared I made my way towards safety and kaboom met with an iron bar which hit me so hard I feel down and almost passed out. A weekend that was meant to be so much fun but ended up with a fashionable bumpy head apic of an avery excited chimp. Loved it though. As I'm writing this I'm smiling and thinking of a lot more stuff that we as children used to get up to like driving away the indian sales man's car without even knowing where the breaks nor the gear was and him and my dad with the rest of the town in hot pursuit.... and the abusive macaalin who almost yanked off my ear and told me never to tell my dad or else (as he showed me the debigaa)
  13. Oh Gosh...this season would be just the right time for change of guard at the top. I believe two main teams would lose their place at the top and its apparent Spurs and Man city may just sneak in thru the back door. Ma predictions are: Arsenal for either the premiership or E-Champs Man U Chalski Spurs Mancity Lpoor (purely due to the way the started coupled with disgruntled players)
  14. Oh gosh now that reminds me of the Yemen dentist I found uprooting my chefs fangs using ma tin cutter:) I was so horrified I got him by the ears for using ma kitchen for his dentistry. I can’t imagine how poor sods can be very accepting especially in this day n age of rampant diseases. Oh I almost forgot about the NHS doctor who goes around with a badge claiming to do circumcisions and in the process suddenly loses his car and wallet and comes around asking for far in his suit. First thing you notice is a badge n kaboom speaks eloquently sighting the theft of his car and ofcouse personal effects. I fell for it once and two yrs later he comes up with the same excuse again and little did he know I had a photographic memory and straight away said sorry mate I aint got a ginny with ya name. Talk about conning or what:)
  15. Hahahaha now this is what I call the debate of the decade "the HSMD" aka the handshake of mali destruction. Perhaps this could be a sequel to the hand that rocks the cradle.