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  1. LOL @ Ahura...a perv is a perv ku dheh JB...no fancy name will cover that up. Originally posted by Zafir: ^I wouldn’t mind wearing your avatar lips for Guntiino. I would lend them to you laakin soomaali la'iskuma haleeyo. I'd prolly have to borrow it back in 3 years
  2. ^ Don't be stingy...give him the whole piece! I prefer the guntiino because unlike the dirac it's not see through and the top half can be covered up with a matching shawl. You can funk it up and make it into an African get-up, complete with afro-curls, native jewelry etc. However not many people can carry it off and particular body shapes need to steer clear of it! The Dirac has become a bit bland. So no thanks!
  3. Asalaamu caleykum. I agree with that one. I don't answer to that anymore (if it's not genuine) and if they ask what's with the silent treatment I just say that I greeted them back in my head.
  4. Britons prepare yourselves for what is promised to be one of the coldest winters since the 70's. The snow has began to fall in some places and the slippery roads have claimed a few lives already. Obviously (and as usual) Britain is slow in reaction. Where are those snow-patrolling, salt-sprinkling thingy-ma-jigs?
  5. Diamante


    ^^ Still at work? That's disgraceful! Eid Mubarak everyone! Hope you all get rewarded for your month's fast. Have a fabolous day! (you too zephy)
  6. ^^^ Qaldaan?? Do you have to use such a word? Tuujiye, never knew you had a creative streak in you. Some of the interviews are plain hilarious, but others need editing if u wanna make sense between all the swearing.
  7. شكرًا متيكاليم Ùˆ قد أنت تÙبَارَك لوقتك Ùˆ مجهودك لتوجيهني إلى موقع رائع . يجيء Ùاسينيشن ÙŠ بالأدب العربيّ من Ùضول كانت تزيد منذ إقامتي القصيرة ÙÙŠ سوريا . Reading mystical poetry without a primer in islamic precepts, as one spirtual guider once told me, is akin to leaping in the dark. Have you ever leapt in the dark before? I've leapt into the dark on quite a few occasions. Some proved to be just that, a leap in the darp. Others proved to be rewarding journeys. I'm hoping that this particular "leap" turns out to be one of the latter. I have briefly glanced at the website and the poems/poets you mentioned. My favorite so far is Abu al-Atahiya, I believe he was referred to as the "Father of Craziness" though there is nothing crazy about his poetry. أنا شكرًا ثانية . أنت كنت Ø£Ùيد من يمكن أن تعر٠ÙÙŠ أيّ وقت ! (hope you can understand my Arabic ) Salaam P.S. wasnt ash shafi anti-shia? (just out of curiosity)
  8. Salamu Alaikum These days of late, I have become facinated with islamic poetry and especially muslim poets. Here are some of the poems I came accross and that I enjoyed reading. The first poem is by Jalaluddin Rumi, who is perhaps the most widely known Sufi poet in the world. Even after the passage of almost a thousand years his poems and writings are avidly read by people all over the world. In fact, today in the West, he is the most widely read poet among both Muslims and non-Muslims. Mathnawi Sometimes in order to help He makes us cry. Happy the eye that sheds tears for His sake. Fortunate the heart that burns for His sake. Laughter always follows tears. Blessed are those who understand. Life blossoms wherever water flows. Where tears are shed divine mercy is shown The second poem is truly magnificent and is hailed in Arabic literature as a masterpiece. It's reputedly composed by the Muslim poet Hassan ibn Thabit in the memory of Khubayb inb Adiy who was one of the Prophet's (pbuh)Companions. Khubayb was killed by members of the Quraysh leaders. The poem is more brilliant in Arabic, but since most people on the website don't read or understand Arabic, I looked for a translation. However, the charm of the original language and its lilt is impossible to convey in translation. Nevertheless, here it is. The enemy allies have converged on me, incited their clansmen to muster strength; They've invited their women and children to see, and tied me to a solid trunk. To Allah I complain of my loneliness and suffering; Of enemies who surround me to rejoice at my death. O Master of the Mighty Throne, grant me strength , To bear what they are doing to me; Piercing my flesh and tearing my limbs. They gave me a choice to turn away from Thee, But death is preferrable to that; That very thought of which brings tears to my eyes, Not the pain they inflict on me. I am not afraid of death, for some day everyone has to die; But I shudder out of fear for the fire of Hell, for the fury of its flames. These limbs of mine are a sacrifice for Allah, Hoping He'll bless every limb offered in His way. So long I die a Muslim, I don't regret a thing, For My death will occur in Allah's way. The third and fourth poems are written by Rabi'ah al-Adiwiyya. A major spiritual influence in the classical Islamic world and one of the central figures of the spiritual tradition. She was born around 717 (I think) C.E. in what is now called Iraq. Reality In love, nothing exists between heart and heart. Speech is born out of longing, True description from the real taste. The one who tastes, knows; the one who explains, lies. How can you describe the true form of Something In Whose presence you are blotted out? And in Whose being you still exist? And Who lives as a sign for your journey? My Greatest Need is You Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word My choicest hours Are the hours I spend with You - O Allah, I can't live in this world Without remembering You - How can I endure the next world Without seeing Your face? I am a stranger in Your country And lonely among Your worshippers: This is the substance of my complaint. I hope that you enjoyed reading these poems as much as I did. Please feel free to share other poems, whether their classics, contemporary, or even written by yourself! Wasalam P.S. I'm open to suggestions to Islamic poetry and poets, other than the ones mentioned here!
  9. Sheh, you will always find that us women will never completely find nothing to nag about. Even if something is so perfect we will find loopholes that are open for criticism! Since the topics on men have been exhausted (for now) it's better to concentrate on the other things that cause our blood pressure to rise. Shoes is an excellent choice! The amount of time we women spent on choosing "appropiate" shoes for that day and then finding out that they are totally impractical by the time u have reached ur bus stop :mad: ...that alone can spoil ur whole day. The fact you're late because you spent an extra hour avoiding the cracks in the pavement so your heels wouldn't get caught is even worse. Or the fact that you carry a spare packet of nude plasters in your handbag, incase those new shoes cause you to have unsightly blisters in the most painful of places (on the feet that is). Or that the night before that important meeting you have to "walk in" the shoes you bought especially for that one time meeting so you won't look like you're constipated when you're putting on your "im not in pain" smile. I could go on and on till I'm blue in the face. It won't stop me from wearing those diamante stilettos though, because they look hot (at least when I'm sitting down ). We women are suckers for pain. Soomaalida waxey yiraahdaan "Xarago xanuun makarto" ....and so we endure
  10. What do you expect them to do with the shitty lives they have? They're not like you and me. As Chris rock said 'they are lagging behind the rest of the population by almost 400 yrs'. I think it's high time people stopped excusing "Black People" and providing them with ready explanations on why they probably are the less fortuned ones than the rest of the world population. That way they will never take control of their lives and try and improve their living conditions. The fact that they can get state money is even worse since that won't motivate them at all. Without making this sound like a conspiracy, I'd just like to point out that in my opinion state welfare was just invented to keep the poor dependant and "inferior" on the wealthier upper/middle class. They have the power to change that by working their asses off and stop accepting hand outs from Uncle Same. I understand that this is probably an exhausted argument, but it just one of those arguments that should be discussed over and over again, milked out, bled dry, call it whatever. As for the hurricane...Blaming someone for the late response is not going to reverse anything. All that time spent on hounding Bush and the media sending all them reporters could've been used differently. Lots of people could've been saved that didn't need to die on the streets waiting for rescue. Goes to show how things pan out when it turns political. Ilahey haa u naxariisto all the people who died, amiin.
  11. You guys do know that she won't be graded or elected just for her looks, but also for the way she carries herself, her mentality, intellect and many more attributes that would make someone "beautiful" as a whole. I've watched some of Miss World beauty paegents, and that's the way it has always been worked out. Then ofcourse, every contestant has the habit of wanting to help the poor and above all World Peace!
  12. Why should I embrace Islam? Allah says: { Oh, you people! Worship your Lord Who created you and those before you that you may become pious, God-fearing } (The Holy Qur'an 2:21) Allah has commanded us to worship Him. But some might ask: Why can`t I worship Him as a Jew, or a Christian, or Hindu or a Sikh? Why can`t I worship Him according to my own personal preference? Allah answers:{ Verily, the Religion with Allah is Islam: Nor did the People of the Book dissent therefrom except due to envy of each other, after knowledge had come to them. But if any deny the Signs of Allah, Allah is swift in calling them to account } (The Holy Qur'an 3:85) And He, Most High says: { Today, I have perfected for you your Religion, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your Religion } (The Holy Qur'an 5:3) Thus, Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe has made it plain that the only religion acceptable to Him is Islam. And it is the only way to achieve success and felicity in the Hereafter. Allah says: { To those who reject Our Signs, and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be for them of the Gates of Paradise, nor will they enter Paradise until the camel can pass through the eye of a needle: Such is Our Reward for those who sin } (The Holy Qur'an 7:40) But weren`t Abraham, Ishmael, ***** , Jacob and the other Old Testament Prophets Jews? Wasn`t Jesus a Christian? Allah says: { Or do you say that Ibraaheem, Ismaa`eel, Ishaaq, Y`aqoob and the tribes were Jews or Christians? Say: `Do you know better than Allah?`} And He, Most High says: { When `Eesaa found unbelief on their part, he said: `Who will be my helpers to [the work of] Allah?` The Disciples said: `We are Allah`s helpers. We believe in Allah, so bear witness that we are Muslims } (The Holy Qur'an 3:52) "But," it might be said, "I follow the religion of my parents. It would be a dishonour to them for me to adopt another religion." Allah says: { When it is said to them: "Follow what Allah has revealed," they say: "No! We shall follow the ways of our fathers." What! Even though their fathers were devoid of wisdom or guidance? ] (The Holy Qur'an 2:170) "But my family and friends will be angry with me." Isn`t it better that they be angry with you, than that Allah be angry with you? He, the Almighty, the All-powerful says: { In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful: All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, Owner of the Day of the Judgement, it is You Whom we worship and Your Aid we seek, guide us to the Straight Path, the Path of those upon whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not those upon whom is [Your] Wrath, nor those who are astray } (The Holy Qur'an 1:1-7) "You should realise that on the Day of Judgement, everyone will be held accountable for his deeds." Ibn Katheer, the great Muslim scholar of tafseer (explanation of the meanings of the Qur`an), says: "Those upon whom Allah has bestowed His Grace are those who worshipped and obeyed Him from amongst the angels, the Prophets, the Believers and the righteous ones." And concerning those upon whom is Allah`s Wrath, he said: "(They) are the Jews." And concerning those who are astray, he said: "They are the Christians." You should realise that, on the Day of Judgement, everyone will be held accountable for his deeds. None will be excused and none will be able to blame others for leading him astray. Allah says: { And behold! Allah will say: "Oh, `Eesaa, son of Maryam! Did you say unto men: "Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah."? He will say: "Glory be to You! Never could I say what I had no right [to say]. Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in myself, although I know not what is in Yours. For You know in full all that is hidden. Never did I say anything to them except what You did command me to say, to wit, "Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord." } (The Holy Qur'an 5:116-117) And the Prophet has informed us that on the Day of Judgement, when the Prophets are asked to intercede with Allah, all of them will refuse, saying: "Myself! Myself!", except Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) who will intercede on behalf of the believers. (Narrated by Al-Bukhaari) So clearly, on that Day, you will be alone: Neither your parents nor your friends nor those whom you worship beside Allah will be able to help you at all. All of them will be in a state of fear and trembling. Allah says: { That Day, shall a man flee from his own brother, from his mother and from his father and from his wife and children. Each of them that Day will have enough concern [of his own] to make him indifferent to others } (The Holy Qur'an 80:34-37) So be prepared for that Day, for it may be nearer than you think; Allah says: { Verily, they see it [the Day of Judgement] as far distant, but We see it as [very] near. The Day that the sky will be like molten brass, and the mountains will be like wool, and no friend will ask after a friend, though they may be put in sight of each other } (The Holy Qur'an 70:6-11) Source: "Inside Islam"
  13. OMG...how cheeky! Good one
  14. Starting in October By then Ramadan will be well upon us. That will be interesting. It will be hard paying attention with a dry mouth and a growling stomach. So indeed, good luck to everyone