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  1. Poor? Pay up! The narratives really ring a bell for me as I was raised in a family that could be labeled working poor. But the elaborate detailes allow for an even more awakening to the tribulations of the poor. Even more fascinating is the revelation that these retail shops arent profiting from the high prices! Hard to imagine the high prices their dealt with just to stay open....the paradox of the cost of living for the poor
  2. They sure are getting paranoid....
  3. Interesting. They've just acquired Kaka, looks like the Pres is really trying to revive the team with big names. Jacayl, that pic might need to be replaced with Real Madrid instead of ManU...they dont seem to like it much when Barca has the spotlight as the best Spanish(/Euro) team
  4. Blessed I would stick around this could also pair this with a sheer scarf if you'd like to go the more conservative route
  5. Aww, he's good (and adorable)!
  6. I never paid much attention to the science behind a comfortable heel, though Lily I think you may be right. My flats/kitten heels outnumber my high heels so KK might be more of an expert. For the few I've got they were designer and a bit on the pricey side but are very comfortable. And when I say comfortable, I mean for a gal that is usually caught with flip flops can actually run to catch a bus/cab gracefully.
  7. Speaking of outlets, I love the one in my area http://www.premiumou tlet.asp?id=16 Not sure how many SOLers are in Georgia, but this is a great place for the guys and gals. I venture out there about once a year (its an hour drive from downtown Atlanta). I take advantage of the shoe stores (Nine West, Nike, Adidas) and handbags (Coach) when I can. Clothing not so much. I can usually find great deals every now and then at various locations in town. KK, I LOVE Inc too (their clothes esp.). They do have very comfortable shoes. Although my most comfortable is Calvin Klein, navy blue pumps. Very similiar to these -->
  8. KK, your shoes(taste) are admirable! I have a few high heeled beauties in my closes that I only pull out for dates/events that inlude minimal walking (dinner, movie - by car of course)...for the rest I resort to kitten heels, flats, flops, etc. Thank goodness for Mrs. Obama and making flats fashionable I bought two really cute shoes over the weekend, one is INC and the other I cant seem to remember? I tried to look for both on Macy's, but I guess they werent a part of the online directory....if I do I'll share...carry on, Im enjoying this- not sure how I missed it when it initially came around though....
  9. Im addicted to many things. But since someone mentioned tea, I remembered my addiction to coffee...I've just finished my 2nd cup. On my worst day I've had 5 cups, and on another I stopped at a Starbucks to get a cup with 3 shots of espresso. Its so bad, I can have a cup of coffee at night to muster up energy for cleaning, work, etc only to have sleep calling in an hour or two.
  10. You are so right about practicing with the anjera...I was hoping I would be alright with your recipe, but you're probably right about the pancake mix (great idea btw). I tried watching my mom do it, but whenever I got home to try it myself, I ended up throwing away the tests and the batter....will practice for breakfast tomorrow with the pancake mix so I wont throw anything away.
  11. This blog is great, thanks so much Amina/Tammy!! Unfortunately, you wont get any advise from me unless youre looking to expand on some mediterranean cuisines. My mom is one of the best somali cooks alive, but she isnt that great at teaching. I literally had to teach myself how to cook when I got married. Those first few months were agony on the hubby until I got a rhythm going. But the bulk of my recipes come from mediteranean cookbooks I read through at bookstores or can gather online..a few recipes from the Food Network of southern american and asian dishes here and there as well. Im trying out a few of your recipes this weekend..Im so excited that I might finally make anjera....gosh, I'll have some fun deciding what I want to make tomorrow
  12. Great variety Marx! My west african buddies play Magic System out, but thankfully I still enjoy it! Im literally in a techno trance from that song and it reminded me of the international jam, 'No,No limit' came out when I was pretty young, but I remember appreciating it enough to know it was a jam back then... om/watch?v=gzyFmilkd 80
  13. I respect the authors opinion, but dont quite agree with the high expectations? President Obama answers to the interests of America and its people. While his sincerity in changing policies in the middle east is believable (and maybe even achievable), the long term goal of the speech was to improve America's image in the region. Keeping all that in mind, the speech had few surprises. It can be argued how big of a step was made yesterday, but a step forward was taken. One thing that can be agreed upon is that action is expected to follow the words...
  14. ^^ They should have a 'like' option, like on facebook I share your sentiments.
  15. I thought the point of the speech was to establish dialogue in the area and to set a new tone in foreign relations. A good first step for America....
  16. I've been following this thread for months...and it feels sooooo good to see the Man U fans quiet It was FC Barcelona's year and we made history with our treble!! Visca el Barca!!!
  17. Spending has been put to a complete halt in our house!! I work in a state university and the private schools have been all over the news with their talks of layoffs (HBCU's have been hit the hardest)....we had a budget meeting and the President has now placed layoffs as a strong possibility to deal with the budget cuts coming soon. Our office leads have already had the discussion with us about trying to find another job so that we wont face the upcoming layoffs....the uncertainty is nerve-racking! Im praying for this to bottom out soon....
  18. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ Tosh. It's only a blip, saaxib. America will always lean towards a conservative party. Wait and see how the Democrats waste the chance they just got (inspite of Obama not because of him). The Republican WILL be back sooner than you think (just think of the Carter days, saaxib). The Republicans got back in the 1980's BECAUSE of Carter... If Obama can mend the economy, take some steps towards universal healthcare, begin the reformation of our education system, while reaching across the aisle and allowing a few of their issues to be placed on the table (Drill baby Drill!), then the best the Republicans can hope for is a few seats here and there.. It's wishful thinking, but Im HOPING they dont drop the ball
  19. I dont expect it to turnout this way (except for Lugar & Hagel). The Obama Camp talked about a few benchmarks in choosing cabinet members: 1) Diversity 2) Bi-partisan 3) A mix of the old & new Daschle & Schwarzenegger? Ha! I have a feeling we'll be introduced to a few new faces in politics as he names his cabinet.. But, though it was expected, Im not as delighted with the Rahm pick. I would've felt better if he went with a new face instead of an advisor to Clinton...
  20. Originally posted by -Serenity-: Not true? He hasnt even started. Not sure what your problem is - we just went through the Bush era. This is going to be better on ANY measure. If he lives up to his own agenda, he is going to withdraw from this unholy war, going to close that unholy prison in cuba, reduce taxes for businesses earning less than 250K, going to put pressyre on insurance companies denying paying up patients healthcare, etc etc etc! These are all directly opposite what the Bush Admin propagated and momentous in benefits for the American people! Conspiracy theorists need to give their motor mouths a rest. Obama is simply magnificent on the American presidents scale and this election is historic and symbolic of how far the American people have come in their attitudes towards race! All in a nutshell..
  21. I agree completely (and some). The disapointed Republicans are bracing for a anothe Jimmy Carter era, but I expect a combination of Lincoln/FDR
  22. Stoic, that hope you have for him going all the way doesn't have anything to do with half of that flag in your avator now, does it?? It's known that many voters cast their ballot for Sen Obama b/c he's black , and vice-versa for Sen. Clinton b/c she could be the first woman. But, as if people haven't tried before?? Obama isnt the first to try. Its his inspiring message. And even if you can't seem to appreciate that (Ferraro), that's what it is. He has a message that many agree with and want to follow. Yeah, he's not the first to use that message before (in fact, Pres. Clinton used that as part of his 1992 campaign), but he has a gift that's selling a lot better than the others have tried to, at least(including Fmr. Sen. Edwards). Media pundits have claimed that Clinton is the girl that sits in front of class, always showing up early, and has her hand up first after every question. You would have to be an silly to claim that this woman isn't highly intelligent. But the unfortunate thing about American politics is that voting trends are somewhat inconsistent (overall). Voters dont just want the smartest person (not to take anything away from Obama, b/c he's intelligent as well). When the economy is in trouble, most times, the incumbent party loses the next presidential election. If the mood of the culture seems polarizing, bi-partisanship becomes appealing. Etc, etc. Clinton has appeal on the economic issues, but Obama is certainly winning the bipartisanship contest (go figure, esp. considering that McCain's record holds up better than them). Image is almost everything (and the media is helping). Obama is seen as fresh, smart, charismatic, congenial, and everything synonymous. Clinton is seen as older, intelligent, stubborn, detached, and everything synonymous. Its so unfortunate for me, because I truly like both. I campaigned door-to-door for Obama, and I'll do the same for Hillary is she gets the nomination, but his message resognates with me more. Yeah, Im proud he's black, but thats not the deciding factor, I'm more proud to finally get a chance in almost a decade to vote for someone I really want in office. Ferraro may not have been racist. But when his accomplishments and message are thrown out the window and his support reduced to his race, she is playing the race card. The what if game can be played on both sides. What if Sen. Hillary didnt have the Clinton name, what if she wasn't first lady, what if she wasnt a woman. They both dont have executive experience (unless you count Obama's Harvard Law Review, lol) If you get specific, he has more legislative experience. Her main advantage is having lived in the White house (to put it generally) He might have followed suit with the other Dems in senate, if he were in office at the time, and approved the war. But to attack his stance as just a speech seems hypocritical when you emphasize your foreign policy experience to include a speech you made regarding China's woman's rights issue? I know, i know, the tit-for-tat is all across the board, and Im just as exhausted as the rest of the political junkies out there, but can you help it. This is some race.
  23. Hey Guys, I dont ever remember this forum as interested in American politics before - kudos! I came across a link this morning on CNN - Barack Obama won the Democrats Abroad elections. One could argue that this shouldnt have merit on the domestic elections, but for those in support of a leader bringing diplomacy to forefront of international politics, this may just swing their vote...
  24. looooool, the past always comes to haunt you!! I know one thing, there is such a thing as being too open :confused: *this is in reference to my old post, not anyone else*