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  1. He is lying through his teeth. Somaliland government never agreed to anything with Somalia. The talks are about how to create two seperate nations. The talks are as good as over from the Somaliland side. 8 years of talks Somaliland and Somalia agreed on 2 main points. Not to politicise aid given to the former defunct Somali Republic. Somaliland to receive its own fair share from the international community aid, through SL channels. And the airspace deal, these were the 2 main points agreed. And the koonfurians refuse to honer them both. And we know they are politically dishonest. Since the talks collapsed in 2015. The only ever lasting solution is for these talks to get proper mediation. Only then we will see real results.
  2. He doesn't have a choice Ethiopia basically provides his security. What can he do oppose Ethiopia. Ethiopia removes it's troops alshabaab takes over.
  3. Beautiful ceremony 60 years since Somaliland became independent. Its a great day to remember. Sheik cali jawhar ilaahay isagana cimriga ha udheereyo. He played a strong role in Somaliland during the early 1990s.
  4. Somaliland has its independence its waiting for its dejure recognition. There is no way That Somaliland is going to give up on its struggle. To achieve its final stage of its statehood. And there is absolutely no way the west is going to back an invasion by the toothless bunker govt. If some how miraculously the bunker govt defeats alshabaab and builds an army to invade Somaliland. Its going to be the mother of all wars. And I can assure you the koonfurians will lose this war again.
  5. EU type isn't bad but not now maybe in a few decades time. When we can sign good trade deals agreements.
  6. Somaliland and Somalia will always have people to people relations. That will always exist. Even though the people have deep mistrust for one another. But politically the 2 will never agree on to build one state together like prrior to 1991. Its always 2 nations, that experience was tried in 1960 it failed missrbly.
  7. Here you are wrong we created this territorial integrity when we made this union. And we withdrew from this union. And there is no one in the world that can stop our aspirations you know that to. Laakin waxaagu wa niyad dhis. Somalia it will take decades for it to defeat shabaab and then build a state. And then unite all qabils that will keep on fighting its 2020. And galkacyo is still divided. What makes you think you can sell unionism to me.
  8. Don't flatter your self. Somalia is still the most failed state in africa. And Somaliland isn't part of that mess. There is no one in Mogadishu that can convince somaliland to join their mess. They say we want midnimo but non of them even know what that word means.
  9. Tillamook Somaliland haday hadal Somalia ku noqonayso Beri hore Bay ku noqon lahayd. But hadal wax ma taro. Somaliland isn't for sale the county destiny is so much more worth anything else. Its freedom is sacred. Farmaajo sounded like the minyaro of abiye Ahmed. Ninkaasu bartyeyye to bring him to hargeisa. Imagine you have to ask an Ethiopian galla to visit your own so called country you claim to rule. Ceeb weyna.
  10. Umad qudha manihin sababto ah adigu qura baad tidha. Anaguna qudha. Marka sidaynu dad qudha kunahay. Dadku afka Somaliga ku hadla wa sax. Somali speaking people. German speaking people English speaking people. Oromaduba af Somaliga wala bari kara.
  11. Why does this kid keep talking about national army. You mean the Mogadishu militia that can't liberate one single village. Is that your national army. A rag tag militia
  12. That's never gone happend in Mogadishu it will always be farrotaag. Xeer aan jiirn siyaasin that can never visit Somaliland handpicked who just want a payment. Every one can Rob these koonfurians.
  13. There is no one in his right mind in Somaliland that wishes to unite with amisom or alshabaab. Why are koonfurians so ridicoules to think that. I believe if today another referendum is held. People in Somaliland will vote no Somalia no Mogadishu. 100 percent. There is absolutely nothing Somaliland gains from Somalia. Other then magac xumo.
  14. Somaliland ideology is very strong the work and effort put it in can never be defeated by koonfurians or other low iq folks in the South. They can't even unite a small village. Let alone 2 countries in the horn.
  15. The koonfurians are celebrating something that is not even a winning point. Koonfurians were always allowed to visit Somaliland aslong as they pay the tax 60 bucks. I would have given it to you if your leaders were allowed to visit Somaliland. But that's not the case. Somaliland recognition is innevetible and the koonfurians know it to. another failed union with somaliland will never happen. At least not in this world.