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  1. Somaliland politicians work for the nation. We are only a country who held 5 successive elections presidential elections Parliament elections and local govt elections.
  2. Xamaraawi you are calling galbeedi a tribalist. Your defending madoobe probably for tribal reasons. And galbeedi is waving a blue flag with koonfurians and singing Somalia toosoy.
  3. I am always optimistic about Somaliland we have been in more difficult times. Our politicians need to learn new games that's true but letting Arabs rule us that never. We have fought so hard to achieve where we are now. The Arabs have leased the port that's enough for now.
  4. Elections Parliament are over due but we need to have free and fair election so its going to take some time. Once there is an agreement long lasting agreement. Election will happen.
  5. Ahmed abiye is still partly amhara half of the gallas are culturally politically amhara. The galla are going for expansion in the whole East Africa don't fall for the trap of cushetic banner. We kept these gallas away for centuries let's maintain that policy Trade ties lama diidin but keep your eyes open be vigilant Your dealing with 50 million gallas 30 Million amhara.
  6. Oromo galla is the same the galla is a problem for somali,, I don't believe these pictures in jijiga will change the political outcome. It will. Take a long process for there be real peace between orom and somalis in Ethiopia. Its impossible for tigre to overthrow afeweri. He has close to a million standing army unless they are planning something after his death. Not sure how he has arranged that.
  7. Never understood why tigre never declared independence like their Eritrean cousins. 6percent of the Ethiopian population they will one way or the other be dominated by gallas and amhara. Tigrayga xisaabta kaxun
  8. When will this end and stop its so bad after decades of being in the west somali youth keep on killing each other.
  9. They want your money but service is bad qof ticket goostay oo kun dollar iyo dheeraad bixiyey aya diyaaradi laga reebeya mid u garanyo saaraya.
  10. He has been anti somaliland for decades read the articles he wrote on bakinews. Siilanyo tried to bring him to the fold. But he went back to his old ways obsiye wa nin taarikhdisa lahayo.
  11. Apophis I see your issue is not with FARMJO and his incompetence but his subclan. That's a whole different battle the president clan is not important cid uunbu ka dhalan laha and every clan has bad leaderz and good leaders. Farmaajo could have performed better if there Was a govt in xamar. But since Somalia has no govt he is pretty useless.
  12. He was very scared farmaajo he thought he is going to his maker afweyne was a coward 2 by the way. Kula fitna cinda afweyne barre.
  13. Gooni qulubta reerkina ayaanba is ogalayn xita isku shareeco ma aminsanid adiga iyo inaadeerka. Inago kala ab iyo isir ah aya si kala fog. Sababto ah wakhtiga ino samaxayn hada soddan San oh Bala kala maqna gaabkaas wu sii dheerenaya ina mahdigan NEEFK Beri markay xilka ka qadaan wu baroorsan si slaan odaygi ka dhintay.