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  1. Foreigners are foreigners there is no difference whether from oromia or south west its the same siillaanyo removed them in 2011
  2. Are u saying we should allow these street beggars from southwest to have citizen's ship in Somaliland well if that is the case.why not do the same with oromos
  3. Taking revenge against who exactly
  4. Rooble was never good news. Its good was removed from Somaliland. Paresites such as rooble are not needed.
  5. Good news this clean up.was necessary well done Somaliland gov't .
  6. Calacaalka walanweyntu ha socdo i am loving it. What can you do about it. Is the question.
  7. Every clan should remain in their own native land . Reer Maymay belong in Somalia not in somaliland back to baydhabo..baryo dambe majirto
  8. Somaliland che is a sovereign independent nation . Which upholds the law. These people were given a notice three weeks ago.somaliland is also a country that put their own citizen's first .and thats what they did. This was a request from the garaad clan. By the way maakhir if u know it was locals that motivated this removal. Why blame muse biixi president of the beloved nation. It isnt his fault. As for sadaqa given by the Europeans or Americans. It isnt somethings walanweyn own .this comes from the Europeans and Americans. The walanweyns are just recipients. It isnt that deep.
  9. The reer laascaanood folks requested the Somaliland govt to remove these peasents. Thats all yaan cid la masabidin. I.am sure these ppl are illegals permants ki ay ku joogeen ba ka dhamaaday. Go home baloo goooyey
  10. Doorasha ma dhowa my friend its over a year and a few months
  11. Its not somalis being deported its koonfurians from the may may folks sended back to their land of origin. Notbing wrong wirh that the U.S. govt deports illigal Mexicans i dont see a problem. Galbeedi stop spreading lies Somaliland did not send delefation to turmoil ridden walamweyns . The only time that Somaliland send a delegations to Mogadishu was during the drought famine in 2011 When we send over a million dollar there. When koonfurians were perishing.
  12. Xadaad rabtid inad xaar cuntid wa inad xaarka horta walaaqda walanweyn style. Hala yaabin samatar abdi
  13. How is he smarter then his brother his brother was a xildhihaan to at one time. Abdi samatar willl also eventually see the scam the koonfurians are playing.
  14. As much as i am a Somalilander and support it . I dont like somalia to get hurt . I am old enough to remember that some how we were great back in the days and we need to support each other in these difficult times Mr galbeedi
  15. So what if somalia loses the case what will be the consequence. Can we just accept the ruling . Everything should be considered even war with Kenya