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  1. Che who do you want to rule Ethiopia amhara oromo gurage tigray or sidamo. Or maybe abtigis as prime minister. Amhara fear a united oromo tigray fear a united amhara and oromo. Especially a shewan oromo and a shewan amhara. The amhara don't like abiye Ahmed and his pente group. TPLF is deeply cornered.
  2. And who is camay he is from togdheer trying to represent his people from Mogadishu. We have seen many Somalilanders who worked underneath koonfurians just to be humiliated and demoted. They all come back at the end to their country Somaliland. As for Ethiopia Somalia relations. Ethiopia occupies large parts of Somalia I think the policy should be to remove Ethiopians from Somalia politically diplomatically milillatarly. By the way the woman president of Ethiopia is very smart and intellectual she is amhara old school Ethiopia and she knows how to deal with Somalia. She is not regular TPLF but old school amhara. There is a reason why abiye Ahmed made her symbolic president of Ethiopia.
  3. Galbeedi there isn't much of a conflict in Somaliland between clans. Divisions in Somaliland are all but what people propogated on social media. The actual people in Somaliland are not divided along clan lines like in Somalia. Reer baligubadle have no interest to create separate region with in maroodijeex. There are only six regions in Somaliland. Awdal maroodijeex to dheer Sool sanaag and saaxil. And the parliament of Somaliland did not pass another law to change the provinces of the. Country. Somaliland has no relations with Somalia and certainly not with its sub regions puntland or galmudug or other clan states created after 2006. As for your comment the state idea was the brainchild of mengistu is just a false narrative. Mengistu had no interest in Somaliland and meles zenawi tigrawi was more fixated with Italian Somalia. Somaliland was created by its people after 1991 and its people wanted to dissolve the cancerous Union which destroyed both Somalia and Somaliland.
  4. The awdalite are an integral part of the people that have built Somaliland from 1991 up to this very day. The grievances if they are legit they should take it to the parliament. Or their elders who will take it to the vice president or president. Dagaal iyo xabad is not serious we have moved from that stage especially in the western part of Somaliland.
  5. Eastern Sanaag was never part of the pirate enclave. This puts ina abdisalaan ali shire in a very awkward position. This just shows that deni doesn't really care about the power sharing formula created by the late colonel yey.
  6. So the koonfurians are telling us they are less clanist then Somalilanders. When they destroyed their nation based on qabil. We in Somaliland are honest with each other. And there are no daans in Hargeisa. Every part of Hargeysa is part of the nations capital. From massalaha to sheedeeha to Sinai.
  7. I think it's a small demonstrations I don't think it will create a conflict and uprise. Iog and his family controls all institutions of the country. The Ethiopian afar and issa conflict is interesting though they were at war with each other for a few years now. It all has to do with abiye and his policy towards the kilil somali and kilil afar.
  8. There is no such thing as West hargeisa or East Hargeysa South Hargeysa North Hargeysa. Hargeysa is the capital of Somaliland belongs to all its citizens. These people lived their for centuries I am sure as the city is expanding these people will be compensated resettled some where else In Hargeysa this is a matter for Somaliland Parliament and guurti to solve. If the govt wants to build parks roads we need to start some where. But this is a Somaliland domestic issue and non of the 3 above are Somalilanders.
  9. Dahireeto Ethiopia powers shift every time there was a time for almost 600 years it was an amhara gurage control. Before that the agew were in control under yudit. But meles and the EPRDF changed everything with the kilil politics based on ethnic groups. This severely damaged amhara for decades . But I think its natural if you look in the history it was tigray then amhara and oromo. Now the oromo are flexing their muscles. Cagjar knows the danger of oromo and the dangers the oromo face against the kilil Somali or as it is called now Somali state. So an alliance with amhara is the only option to keep the oromos in check in the future not now . How ever he needs to be careful the amhara can be very tricky. They are now in a difficult position because meles zenawi broke down their base when he was in power.
  10. I think General afweyne was the closest agnostic to much Karl marx and Lenin that got to his mind that shuuci mindset got to him and destroyed his caqeeda. When he destroyed the Somali army he turned to Ronald reagon and the evangelical Christians for arms . His problem all started when he took out the culema and started playing God. I wouldn't be surprised if he had secret meetings with the Israelis. He knew he was going down and down went he very bad waliba.
  11. Suldaanka every one knows the Italians and the Portuguese and Spaniards are considerd tumaalaha yurub. In comparison to the Nordic and Anglo saxion. Che knows this to deep inside.
  12. Observer your being a bit selective here sxb. Sure allot of oromo arsi in the east opposed him because of the expansion. But the central oromo shewa backed him some of the oromo wollo backed him. The tigray dislike him because he was an enemy of yohannes and he allowed Eritrea to be part of the Italian empire. Dividing the tigrinya on both sides of the mereb. Somalis never considered themselves part of Ethiopia its just unfortunate the region is part of Ethiopia. So their opinion on menelik is really not relevant. But for most of the habasha and oromo he is considered a hero. I can't think of any other Ethiopian ruler in the past that is more liked by habasha and oromo than menelik . I think haile sellasie is more disliked in both tigray Eritrea and afar and oromo.
  13. Agew can't separate from amhara they are two small it will create allot of problems if kilil amhara is divided. Amhara already faces some problem with galla in Addis. And some border issue with tigray. Ina cagjar wants some sort of an alliance with amhara he knows some how amhara will come to power in Ethiopia in the long run. He wants to be seen as an Ethiopian nationalist. And the most nationalist Ethiopians are amhara.
  14. Old observer I don't think the Eritreans would have wanted a confederation. It would have never worked some way shacbiya and woyane would have clashed again over politics economy or border . Coming back to this story he doesn't break any laws he is no longer a Somaliland official he can meet with the pope if he wants it doesn't change anything. Observer no politician in Somalia has hope to unite Somaliland with Somalia. Somaliland and Somalia conflict is deeper than Eritrea and Ethiopia conflict. Eritrea long war with Ethiopia mostly against amharas tigray and Asmara basically allies sebhet nega had no issue with Eritrea taking the whole Eritrea and landlock Ethiopia. They together karbaashed jebha. Somaliland has no allies in Somalia. Because the majority of the koonfurians believe in the great wild dream to invade jabuuti Ethiopia and Kenya. Greater Somalia. The other 4 somali speaking countries don't believe in it.
  15. Xabashi is not an ethnic group tigre kebessa tigray gurage amhara argoba are all xabashi. Some say only the highlanders are xabasha and the Muslim tigre lowland Eritrea are not. Having said that the adal Ethiopia war was about geopolitics and power. Amde tsion amhara King raided as far as western Somaliland two centuries before the adal Ethiopia war. So it was more than just resources. I agree it later turned into a religious war because religion is what united the different ethnic groups afar somali harari argoba because of Islam and their ottoman allies. But in reality it was a geopolitical war between the empire of Portugal and the ottoman empire. Ethiopia though has one hero they all respect its Menelik. Only tigrayans and some arsi oromo view him in a negetive sense.