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  1. Impossible he doesn't dare to arrest him. He has no control over jubbaland. And as galbeedi said the federal charter doesn't give him the right to appoint presidents in one of the federal member states.
  2. I doubt Ethiopia will collapse any time soon. I some how believe even though how disunited Ethiopians are due to ethnic groups divisions. It will be a mess there are no clear ethnic borders especially between amhara and oromo. And amhara and tigray. Tigray cannot survive on its own it has no real resources and its very small. Amhara will never call for a separatist agenda. And oromo are divided on this.
  3. Wasn't the country destroyed because of his nepotism clan favoritism and corruption. He might have not litteraly destroyed the state. But he created the foundation of its destruction. We are talking about a man who tried to come back to power after he was removed from villa somalia. There would never be a civil war if it wasn't for him. If he stepped down after mengistu defeated him. All of this state collapsed could have been avoided.
  4. Somalia is already in civil war islamist vs the so called paper govt. There can't be any elections because half of the land is in the hands of alshabaab.
  5. I think the bantu colony of Mogadishu believe the emarates are bad for having ties with Israel. But Turkey is oke to have ties with Israel.
  6. This is historical. The children of Abraham are finally united and made peace.
  7. They are not welcome in somaliland get with the program. And no one will release the irhaabi astaan manager.
  8. And what will a national anthem do for them. Its not helping their case.
  9. War meeshoodi may ku noqdaan maxay dadka kale culays u sarayaan
  10. Eno was very hateful and full of ignorance. And he hates somalis. Full of inferiority complex true bidda characteristics.
  11. Yes they are very delusional. The presidents of the several regions of Ethiopia are called president. So why governor.
  12. DP World completes 400 meter expansion of Somaliland’s Berbera port. 59Shares Friday August 14, 2020 DP World this week announced the completion of a 400-meter expansion of the Berbera port in Somaliland. The Dubai Port Company that is contracted to expand the port said once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa. In a tweet, DP World stated: “We have just completed a 400m quay and a new extension at Berbera Port, Somaliland. Once operational, it will increase the terminal’s capacity by 500,000 TEUs per year and will further strengthen Berbera as a major regional trade hub servicing the Horn of Africa.” The news has elicited excitement within the Somaliland government with the vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi saying: “As Deputy President of Somaliland and on behalf of the people, words can’t express my great excitement about the nearing completion of the Berbera port expansion. my gratitude goes to the Sheikhs of the UAE and the DP World.” DP world, the Dubai based world’s largest port operator is the key player in the rebuilding of Berbera, they have invested $442 million for the expansion of the port and are also the economic free zone. It has projected to complete work by February next year. advertisements In 2017 when the original agreement was signed, the CEO of DP World Mr. Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem drew a parallel between the growth of Dubai and the development path Somaliland is on and added “Our vision is to make Berbera a trading and transportation hub for the Horn of Africa.” Berbera port is among the few corridors in the Horn of African region, which serves for both military and commercial purposes. The Berbera Port was built in 1964 by the Soviet Union and further expanded by the United States of America (USA) in 1982. It has served for both the Soviet Union and the U.S military within a span of 20 years. Once completed, facilities and service will surpass those in the neighbouring Djibouti according to the contractors. According to the DP World, the port will be able to handle the biggest ships compared to the other ports in the region and will complement activities at the Port of Djibouti and the Lamu Port which is also under expansion in the coast of Kenya. The Berbera Port expansion is the largest investment in Somaliland since it parted ways with Somalia in 1991. Work on the port expansion has reduced due to the measures put in place in the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus but the Somaliland government and the DP World have projected all facilities will be ready for operation early 2021. “We are very much on course. Of course the coronavirus has affected the speed at which we were on, but we will soldier on and deliver the most modern port facility in Berbera,” an official of the DP World said. The Berbera port expansion, designed to equip the Somaliland port for major vessels and transform it into one of Africa’s pre-eminent facilities. Expansion of the port started early last year with the first phase at a cost $101 million. Federico Banos-Linder, Vice President External Relations, DP World, said once the port is done, Somaliland will be one of the biggest and most modern players in the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa. “Already with phase one of the three phases done, we have increased the container capacity by 50 per cent and pushed volumes by 70 per cent which is a massive improvement. “We are now exporting 4 million livestock from 1.5 million just less than a year ago,” said Banos-Linder. Total investment of the two phases will reach $442m. The port’s current capacity is around 150,000 twenty-foot equivalent units [a measure of ships container carrying capacity] and is set to expand to 450,000 TEUs once development is complete. DP World firm will also create an economic free zone in the surrounding area, targeting a range of companies in sectors from logistics to manufacturing, and a $100m road-based economic corridor connecting Berbera with Wajaale in Ethiopia “Our aim is to make this an important regional hub for the maritime industry in the Horn of Africa,” DP World chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sultan bin Sulayem said. “We are within schedule in our work,” he added. DP World holds a 51 per cent stake in the Berbera port, while Ethiopia holds 19 per cent and Somaliland the rest
  13. They already had relations for years. Its just official now. This is not a big deal. Egypt Jordan Oman and Marrocco. All have diplomatic ties with Israel.
  14. Gooni ka bahdilan markasta farmaajo. Waxaynu wada xasuusana. Marku ku yidhi yarkan oromada Axmed abiye hargeisa aanku raaco si uyahay minyaradisi. Hargeisa rag baa jooga, nin jilayca neceb.
  15. Afweyne used to execute who ever disagrees with him. This never ever happend in Somaliland post 1991. Jeelku dhimasho maha.