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  1. Amxara have bullied them so much that they in the early 70s held a conference and said we officially change our ethnic name. It went into self hate cuqdad nafsi.
  2. By the time they drill oil in the Somali territories . Humanity would find other alternatives to oil.
  3. This is perfectly normal around 40 percent of gallas are amharesized. People the shiwans Wollos. Abiye was born in the 70s born to amhara women and a galla man. The same as haile sellasie gudessa half galla amhara quarter gurage. Amhara control's the mind of gallas and their political will.
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Jerusalem belongs to all of us not only Arabs or f alistinis having said that she should slow down because the jews in the USA are to powerful and to strong
  5. Xaaji Xunjuf

    Cagjar aka Abtigiis visits Harta Sheekh

    Last people 4 people were killed harta allot of things needs to be adressed . Just last month let's wait if abtigisi can bring the cadalaad he claims. Labba amblaas iyo labbo debdemiishaka keep to begin with.
  6. It's well known that militia loyal to afweyne that was doing the looting and they were mostly from awdal and also Somali abow oromos they were searching people at wajaale fleeing to Ethiopia robbing them from their belongings.There was no such thing as inter SNM clan looting from the 1980s up to 1991. The SNM was one front and always one front.
  7. The koonfurians are to blame every year they select some one in the.bunker they get excited why are they so dishonest with them selves. You will not move forward unless you adress the elephant in the room. This tribal federalism will not work it failed since 2004. Why are you still pushing it. Qofku marku garmaqaate yahay waligi wu so indhoadkanaya. Tuugan kheyre iyo farmaajahan farihisa kala aqoon are both big failures. Ninkan kuleh itooobiya anigu uun abaan u noqon kare. Bal wayahay uba noqe ha noqon uun damiirlaawe xabashi ama gaalamadowdu u yeedhiso.
  8. Somaliland has always been very good to the garaad clan in terms of social economic progress, especially in rural areas and also in welcoming them back to their ancestrial homeland. For the first time they hold the foreign ministery in 22 years and also the chairperson of the parliament. On top of that the new Somaliland gov't is determined, to win the hearts and minds of those in the diaspora of the garaad clan ,who still believe in the failed cancerous union. Which destroyed both Somaliland and the koonurians who are now the most failed state of the world even their overlords recognize that.
  9. Somalia is the most failed state in Africa for nearly 3 decades it had no central govt. The koonfurians need to understand if you don't respect your self no one else will. Kaan hebel cheese naa. Wa fashiil 2 years of khasaaro other than humiliating the may may community. And signing deals with the gallas. Handing over qalbu dhagax to the gallas and being afewerqi puppet. Maanta ugaandha mu lakaftamikara. Ileen isagi bay ilaaliyaan.
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Galbeedi nin weynbaad tahay stop lying SNM consulted every clan in the former British Somaliland protectorate. We consulted every clan every subclan we sat almost 4 month in burco. We won the war but we licked our wounds. And never again Somaliland will never be ruled by others. We simply can't trust our Childerens and grandchildereb future in the hands of koonurians anarchists or afweyne remnants or international jihadist or pirates. We simply dont share the same values same culture same tradition. Marka galbeedi don't put any responsibility on our shoulders. Meeshi Somali no damqanjirtay wanu ka bogsanay adeer ina cigaal said that.
  11. Sanaag is under Somaliland control. Caare is a rogue soldier. Somaliland has a very strong military do not ever underestimate our strength. We have no interest going at war with the Amisom colony . But if we are challenged some one tries to trespass in our sovereign territory foreign or domestic. We will cleanse them. And Somaliland leaders today are not diplomatic. Knowing ina biixi and Ina kahin and nuux taani. It will be a major loss for the pirates. Because they Will feel the pain the most.
  12. There is no army called SNA that exist in 2019 there are some tribal militia in Mogadishu who run behind their Bantu sanweyne superiors and xabashis to capture villages and cities for them. After almost what 12 years since the existence. The so called koonfurians elite forces have yet to capture one village from shabaab and than hold it more than 2 weeks. Sanaagians are an integral part of Somaliland not since 1991. But prior to that matter infact they created Somaliland in the ceerigaabo conferences in and in 1989 1991 and in 1993. And historically mait is the town we all hail from. That's 8 to 9 centuries ago. Caares men defected to the Somaliland army his elders his kin are all in Somaliland. Somaliland qaran maanta kaadag oo geeska Africa kuyaal lamaba sheegin.
  13. Caare can go to the pirate enclave he can even sleep in the amisom bunker. But eventually they all come home and he will come home two marku gunta sootaabto.. The ceel afweye conflict Is resolved . President Muse visited all Somaliland region's.
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Horta Kaaagan taalamoogow waxad iga waranta dani iyo diyaana doorashasini niman Wada daa oo magacyo noocaas ah leh wanuyaabanahay. Kheyr eeh alxamdulikah waan fiicanahay. Xaajigu why duucaynaya. Mar hadu cabdi cawar tegey kan dani eeh qanjaha waweyn leh wanu eegeyna. One bad move prepare Tanks. Galbeedi tries to be diplomatic. Anaguse runtanu sheegna.
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Galbeedi you are wasting your time convincing The pirates to abandon federalism with out qabiil federalism they will be outnumbered outmanevourd by the demolition crew down south of them. Particularly from the habar gangster clan they have been cutting their power since 1990s. Colonel cabdilahi Tigray odaygaas ayaa barnaamjigkaas dedjiyey. Federalism was never agreed on reer baa watay. The famous phrase koonfurians always use looma Dhama. As for the xaflad the pirates love spending money on xaflado and all of that. Ha iska tuntan for now.