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  1. So much for the Nobel peace price. The tigrayans will not give up with out a fight.
  2. Somaliland was never colonised it was a protectorate. There were only a handful English men in Somaliland. Unlike Somalia which was an Italian colony with over 40.000 setlers. And we know siday webiga uga talaabi jirreen the poor koonfurians. As for the mad mullah the dervishes were only fighting the English from 1899 till 1904. After the ilig treaty they completly surrenderd to Italy. After that they were pure camel raiders. O Mar ba geel ka kaso dhaca. And declaring takfiir on entire clans.
  3. So you think Somaliland inay nin kaliya wax u noqonayso. Think again.
  4. Maakhiri why do you say farmaajo doesn't have a chance. He is still got the Qatari hussle. And 4.5 it's any persons game.
  5. Miskiin SOMALILAND achieved all of its goals. Muuse made Somaliland stronger. In those 30 years Somaliland was completly rebuild. With minimum assistance.
  6. Farmaajo failed in elections and in security. He also failed to remove madoobe. But this was expected. Lets see if some one else can do a better job.
  7. No need to even make such a statement. Somaliland position is very clear. For over 3 decades. Besides I don't think the Koonfurians will hold elections anytime soon.
  8. Isku Somali ma nihin adeer. Magaca Somali na Somaliland ba idin kaga horeysey. Dalkina ku laabta ma ceeb ba. Wax dhul ah in laga ibiyo qof aan Somaliland u dhalan waba qalad.
  9. The story will end as always 2 seperate countries. No in the world wants a war between Somalia and Somaliland. They are already two different nation for over 3 decades. There is zero political interaction and minimum economic interaction.
  10. Good luck to him he should enrich himself and then retire in New York City. The koonfurians will welcome any one from Somaliland. Koorumku uunbay ku buuxsadan.
  11. Dhulka siday horta ku yeesheen. Orodo dalkini ku laabta. SOMALILAND wax dhul aad ku leedihin majirto.
  12. Gooni mahdi guleed inu maqasaaryahay cidkasta wey iska ogeyd. Inanay walanweyntu u quudhin kursiga raisal wasaaraha.
  13. Impossible he doesn't dare to arrest him. He has no control over jubbaland. And as galbeedi said the federal charter doesn't give him the right to appoint presidents in one of the federal member states.
  14. I doubt Ethiopia will collapse any time soon. I some how believe even though how disunited Ethiopians are due to ethnic groups divisions. It will be a mess there are no clear ethnic borders especially between amhara and oromo. And amhara and tigray. Tigray cannot survive on its own it has no real resources and its very small. Amhara will never call for a separatist agenda. And oromo are divided on this.