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  1. The reason why the Dr cannot win anything is because. Simply Somaliland doesn't participate in Somalia politics what so ever. The Southern dir have it then bad unfortunate for them. Because their 30 seats in the South cidlay ku dhacayaan. And the one in the North iyaguna wa calooshood u shaqeystayaal they don't represent any one. Thats why they are always 3rd of 4rd. Besides dad aan waxba isku ahayn ba afka la isku geliyey. The awdalite and the jesus folks and the duriyad are some how related and share same customs and traditions and there is allot of kinship woqoyism. Bal qolooyinka koonfurians meel ku sheeg. Adigu. As for the South Western clan I think iyaga is naquusay isma aaminsana. Kalsoonidu wa wax aad u muhiim. They have no confidence what's so ever. I agree with you the democracy dad badan bu fashilinayaaa.
  2. Amhara and tigrayans have been in the horn for over 3000 years. Even if we have to believe the sabean himriyats influx in the horn which is debatable. How ever the gallas have never been recorded before the 15 century in the horn the first time they were mentioned was in the 15 century. Why do you think the emirs of harar built the harar wall it was to keep the gallas out.. Somalis share more with afar beja saho. But nothing with gallas.. You are right that the amhara have mixed with the gallas unfortunatly. Particularly in shewa and the tulema.
  3. Not in Ethiopia there was an oromo migration that started from Tanzania and parts of South Sudan.
  4. Nonsense again there are maakhiri folks that don't share a common ancestor with the mjs. For at least 10.000 years. 2 can play that game.
  5. Nonsense she was an abbissinian princess abtiirsiintu ma qaldanto there were no oromo or gallas in the 12 century in the horn.
  6. Nothing wrong with having a great grandma who's. Xabashi the xabashis had a strong civilisation for over 3 milenias. From the old aksumites till the end of haile sellasie. Don't feel so grilled just because tallaabo asked a sincere question. Why are the South West folks so useless politiclally while having 60 xildhibaan there is no ambitious behaviour with in them. Hada lafta farmaajo u tuuro wey ku qanacsanyihin.
  7. Just yet but they will soon they have to their master Qatar has spoken.
  8. The real reason is South West clan is not a real clan but a combination of a few clans. That's why they don't have cohesion or have national plan. Lafta gareen is a puppet for farmaajo and was placed there by the cheese fellow his mother is also the same clan as that for the cheese guy. Besides the South Western guys don't have allot of self worth politically and socially that they can be against anything they always go with the wind. Allot of them are alshaab supporters though.
  9. If they didn't fight or didn't die why is the toothless government so silent about it. Don't think Che the cheese fellow will use these youth for his own political gains wixi labqariya qudhun ba ku Jira Bay somalidu tidhahada..
  10. How can you do 1man 1 vote when the toothless government doesn't have any control beyond banaadir. Isn't it first wise to defeat alshabaab gain more territorial control. And when you control 80 to 90 percent of the land hold elecions.
  11. No they haven't they died in the tigray Ethiopian war. As Eritrean cannonfodders. These mothers will not see their sons again.
  12. Wauw Che wrote more then 2 sentences.. I am amazed.
  13. Alla oohin badana War hala idinku dhaarto. No secessionist is doing this aad. Ku waalateen The people of Mogadishu want the cheesemonger out and put he will be its kudu. A matter of time. Guulwadayaasha na will be out of shaqo soon.
  14. Muse suudi yalaxow wa halyey he was on the right side of history. When the general afweyne was being chased. Farmaajo wa marti dheregtey. Oo ku raagay guri lugu casumay. Farmajo xamar waxba uma qaban 4 sannoh oo khasaaro ah every one knows this.
  15. And what would they gain from a destructed Mogadishu. Mogadishu have been fighting for over 30 years. And peace is not on sight. Yesterday there was a suicidebomber there.