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  1. He him self is pro Somaliland never entertained walanweyn and koonfurians. He has re united with his family in Somaliland. And that's the final message.
  2. This guy is history he surrenders and is going to retire and live his life. The mountain operation is over and Somaliland a usual and its people are united. No body can damage Somaliland.
  3. Do you guys think the turks are doing this for free very naive to say. The turks are doing this for their own benefit and want to own Somalia in the long term if they already not own it
  4. Why would somalis celebrate alshabaab affiliated groups maybe. But the Iranian Islamic Republic is the only country in the middleast that stands against us imperialism.
  5. The US has been provoking Iran first the US drones inside Iranian airspace and now their biggest general head of all. Foreign operations killed. This deserves a response. But I think nothing much will happen at least not for now. Its a setback for Iran in Iraq. But they will regroup
  6. Iran should retaliate and attack us position's in the golf. This is a US declaration of war against Iran
  7. Great news now that caare is home. We can move towards closing the Eastern Sanaag border
  8. There is no state in Creation and if it exists it will not pass the diaspora homes in the USA. For example khatumo failed and joined Somaliland in 2017. Ssc joined in 2013. You can't develop the wheel again. A subclan state can never survive in Somaliland. The maakhir community is a more coolheaded but they themselves have no leg to stand on. Because the pirates are breathing on their necks in galgala. And their defections to puntland recently hasnt worked out.
  9. Adigu miyanay ahayn inad ku mashquushid adeerka farmaajo sidu wax ukharibay qaraxyadu ku batten xamar.
  10. Yes they are an embarrassing Community but it's all due to one clan that dragged the Somali name to the toilet.
  11. Send them to prison bukaan jiif dad laso tagaan ingriis baan ladagaalamy.
  12. It's true in the 7th century non of these clans actually existed zeila for over thousands of years was under the. Leadership of Arabs.
  13. In the seventh century non of these clans lived in zeila
  14. Sool and sanaag are integral part of somaliland. Qurbajoog can throw parties and farmaajo groupies canhave wet dreams at the end of the day Somaliland rules these lands dhulka anaga iska leh. Carke wa ninka is dhaqaajiiya