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  1. SOMALILAND should close the border with Somalia totally.
  2. Gaaladu lacagta bixisoo Somalia waxa loo siinaaya yanay alshabaab wadanka qabsanin and UN bakusi dul cunaysa madaxda rasmiga Somalia . Laakin Somaliland principle ahaan lacagta beesha lixaad bixisoo hadanay toos u siinayn wax Mogadishu lano so mariyo madoonayno. And the EU and Britain understand our position on this.
  3. Oodweyne I know this baashe guy he is a guy with no spine and has no ideology. During the heydays of siillaanyo he was supporting somaliland and was giving lectures in hargeisa pretending to be a linguist to be honest wa waxba yahay. He should go to Mogadishu's and never come back.
  4. 1991 Somaliland and SNM made a decision to go it alone. SNM was a people's organisation. Its a people decision SNM did only what the people wanted.
  5. Oodweyne haatu used to be a good fellow he is leaning towards the koonfurians because its all about preserving the dBlock interests we all know the big foot community despite being in bed with the kikiuyus. Danta guud eeh reerkooda ayay ilaalinayan.
  6. This is excellent news this puts Somalia and Somaliland further apart. The supposed talks scheduled isn't going to happen now.
  7. Walanweyn and their hope. Somaliland uniting with Somalia. In what world do these maniacs live in. There is a bigger chance Kenya taking over Somalia than we sharing land with you lot.
  8. The shahaada does not belong to Arabs that's all I have to say about this. The Arabs are racists but that's their problem
  9. Uganda To Support Somaliland’s Bid To Join IPU 10th March 2020 EABW Editor0 Comments Somaliland has expressed her desire to join the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yassin Hagi is on a working visit to Kampala where he met his Uganda counterpart Sam Kutesa and Rebecca Kadaga Speaker of the Ugandan parliament. Kadaga said Uganda will make a follow up on Somaliland’s request to be accommodated in the IPU. The Inter-Parliamentary Union is the global organization of national parliaments. It empowers parliaments and parliamentarians to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development. Created in 1889, the IPU today has 179 Member Parliaments out of the 193 countries in the world. The IPU helps strengthen parliaments to make them more effective and representative creates a global space for parliamentary diplomacy, dialogue and networking and also works to increase women’s representation in parliament and empower women MPs while at the same time encouraging youth participation in parliaments and empower young MPs. Somaliland, still unrecognized internationally boasts a vibrant parliament which consists of two chambers: The House of Elders (Upper Chamber); The House of Representatives (Lower Chamber). Joining the IPU will help the country in its push for international recognition which it has been battling for since separating from Somalia in 1991 when the civil war erupted. Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of the Uganda parliament said the country will help push for Somaliland’s entry in the IPU. “Somaliland Foreign Minister Yasin Hagi Mohamoud paid a courtesy call last evening. Our conversation on diverse issues included the country’s desire to join the Inter-Parliamentary Union,” Kadaga tweeted. The Somaliland minister also held talks with renowned entrepreneur Amina Hersi Moghe. Uganda parliament has been supportive of Somaliland’s course for self-determination. During the Somaliland independence day celebrations last May, a delegation from Kampala was in Hargeisa for a fact-finding mission. Led by the Uganda Parliamentary Committee Chairman on Foreign Affairs committee Hood Katuramu, the team from Kampala said it is time Uganda and the Africa Union recognized Somaliland as an independent state. “If we are talking about pan Africanism, which Uganda prides itself to be a leader in this push, I think the time is ripe for us to recognize and start working with Somaliland,” Katuramu said when the Uganda delegation met a team of Somaliland at the parliament buildings in Hargeisa. A member of the committee Akurut Violet Adome said Somaliland had met all requirements to be recognized as a state and wondered why a country already doing business with investors from other African nations, the middle east and Europe cannot be given international recognition. “Somaliland has placed its case internationally and proved they deserve to be recognized. We will implore on our president Yoweri Museveni to move fast and recognize this nation,” said Adome. BY ODINDO AYIEKO Related Uganda MPs push for recognition of Somaliland as a state Commonwealth Parliamentarians in Kampala for annual conference Kadaga asks AU to support women in skills development EABW Editorhttp://www.busiweek.com RELATED ARTICLES INDUSTRY OPINIONS ACFTA Success and the Lessons from Regional Economic blocs 7th May 2019 EABW Editor Driven and demanded by clear and determined political leadership, the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) was negotiated in just over two years and entered force in just over a year; an astounding record for Trade Negotiations and Agreements in history. The eternal lesson is that with political leadership and clarity, mobilised at the highest […] AFRICA EAC INDUSTRY COMESA, EAC and ECOWAS launch platform for women in business 25th November 2019 EABW Editor A digital platform specifically designed to address the information needs of women in business and connect them via a custom-built social networking tool was launched over the weekend in Kigali, Rwanda. The platform, known as 50 Million African Women Speak, was unveiled during the Global Gender Summit in the Rwandan capital. It primarily seeks to […] INDUSTRY TOURISM Emirates offers Ugandan travellers special fares, five reasons to visit Dubai 22nd October 2018 EABW Editor Emirates is offering Ugandan travellers special offers and five reasons to visit Dubai. According to an October 20 statement released by the airline, the offers include Economy Class and Business Class roundtrip, a free third piece of luggage of up to 23 kg, bonus Skywards miles and a month’s tourist visa included in the offer. […] Post navigation Uganda intensifies crackdown on quack tour operators Now or Never for Saving Our Natural World IN THE MARKET MARKETS DOLLAR RESUMES DESCENT AGAINST SAFE-HAVEN CURRENCIES AS VIRUS SPREADS 11th March 2020 EABW Editor 0 Comments The Uganda shilling edged slightly higher against the U.S. dollar yesterday on account of increased foreign currency supply. Early morning trade saw the USDUGX currency pair marginally higher amid increased corporate demand for the U.S dollar. 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  10. It's impossible really and meaningless around 30 million amhara and around another 30nmillion oromo speak amharic. That's over 60 million people. Amharic is deeply rooted in Ethiopia. The only way this can change if oromo force their language on amharas and that will be a clash between the 2 major ethnic groups. Observer is right tigray and somali and afar never had interest that their language should be spoken in the center of Ethiopia.
  11. Somalidu way cadilanyihin bal may iskajoogaan turkey. Europe waxba idin mahayss eh. What a raffaad.
  12. Tillamook is a funny lad he thinks this is about money. This is about principle your cabdilahi yusuf yey used to beg the late cigaal for an alliance. And you knew the answer. We have enough wealth to sustain our nation for another few mileniums. Our nation of 4 million people will never put their nation before anything else and that is Somaliland. The pirates live on bribe money and playing hide and seek with the likes of the cheese fellow. Marka adeer ha isku kaya xoqin.
  13. Koonfurians don't know the word preventing. Wa iska dad wareersan
  14. According to some koonfurians especially kuwa dawarsada any one who opposes. The fake blue flag is somali diid. When we all know somaliland is more somali cultural wise then all the walanweyn combined.