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  1. Amisom can't leave if they leave the fragile govt will be destroyed shabaab.. Galbeedi is very naive to think the ragtag militia will stand against the alshabaab milltary.
  2. Very childish and irresponsible of you galbeedi to call the Somaliland presidential Palace moorgensHouse it was the seat of the governor build by the tax of the people. And you calling it a warlords House. Just shows your deep hatret for Somaliland. I hope the bunker makes u happy.
  3. Good perfect xeer we needed this xeer. It will be overwealmgly voted on my Somaliland new law makers. Just awesome. This made my day.
  4. I wish. Peace and stability prosparity for Somalia. You can never change ur neighbour unfortunately.
  5. Galbeedi u have such a low expection of farmaajo. If you are happy with his performance then my god be with Somalia. I ma not for farmajo or against him. How ever I do believe madasha have no solutions either.
  6. The khaleejis brothers will reconcile. Their economic and regional and political interest are far more important. Then their silly differences.
  7. What has farmaajo even achieved to be liked if he is selected. Expect more of the same in 4 years. Niyo dadku xukun jecela.
  8. Why does it even matter where the kid is from.
  9. This is a lie and disinformation. It had nothing to do with blue flag. The kid in borama had an argument with the soldier and then he shot him. It had nothing to do with the Siyaad Barre Supporter flag. This is big fat lie.
  10. Carmo is in puntland not in sanaag. Its in the bari region.
  11. I don't think any one in Ethiopia is going to blink an eye with the seperation of tigray. Its a small region with no known resources. Atleast with the Eritrean independence Ethiopia lost the sea coast. Ethiopia will only lose if amhara or oromo or somali breaks away. Galbeedi our independence it is unilateral how ever our independence is legitimate. We were never part of Somalia. We were an original member of the Somali Republic. And we withdrew from the union. The paper govt in Mogadishu has no legal claim over Somaliland. And they know it that's why they are stalling with the talks. Either way the Somalilanders are winning and the koonfurians are losing.
  12. I doubt It no one is going to fight for some. Traitors no matter what region they are from in Somaliland.
  13. Keep them locked up. They will learn the hard way.
  14. I agree the golf Islamic teachings is a cancer. Also we have to add the incompetent nabad iyo nolool brigade to set up and filter these terrorists from the civilians.
  15. Seems like it. Its like a daily habbit It became normal. Its almost as if its not even worth mentioning or posting