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  1. How does it feel to be from the most failed state country in the world and in Africa how many qaraxs and attacks happened the past week. bal taas uun wax ku qaado. baroortu adigu weye oo oohin iyo ciil ba ku haya , oo meel aad ka bilowdid ma garanaysid waxaagi oo dhan way kala daddsanyihin
  2. Cid nabad diidan majirto Laakin sool wa somaliland sool qabil Qabill lo qaybin mayo . That willl never happens somali ka. Goi mayno and what are we are we not somali. Markay somaliland diidayaan manay somali ahayn, this cannot work and it is unacceptable. But calanka hala iska lulo for the time being.
  3. Mar blue oo la lula wax micne oo ay leedahay majirto mar hadi somaliweyn laga samray o kuwa godka ugaandheeska ku jira anay sheegan Karin jabuuti kilil iyo nfd toona oo ay sl oo kaliya shanta kansheegtan wax mince oo ay leedahay maradaasi majirto ma mar bay soool ka tagaysa meeshay ku taal halkeedasay ku oolaysa gumeeys agteeda
  4. The picture on the tweet is not even laascanood it was garowe when the cheese fellow visited there a few years ago alla dadku been badana
  5. Still no Garaad Jamac Garaad Cali war wuxu fulaysana hé is still hiding in saaxdheer . War cidina ku Dili mayse kaalay magalaada
  6. Thats a bid dramatic somaliland made some good. Positives changes in international relations. And stabilising the somaliland currency . The development of the ports and constructions of roads. The shaqo qaran the expansion of the somaliland military. The elections parliamentary and local elections single handle payd by the sl govt . Sure there are some shortcoming such as unemployment of youth and nepotism here and there and the rise oilachry and stuff and high food prices and the lack of good payable hospitals for the locals . But we will overcome all of this inshalla
  7. why would he be vindictive what has farmaajo done to osman for osman to spread lies about farmaajo
  8. Madoobe knows how to play chess and he will rule kismayo in the forseable future. The gedo folks have no leader and no ambition all they can do now is cry their last leader when he was in the bunker couldnt dislodge madoobe . what makes u think they can do anything now.
  9. if sune wants to succeed the late fallen Emir Godane then he should. the Koonfurians indeed turn Somaliland rejects into Emirs and Kings. So i wouldbe suprised of Emir Sune becomes the new Emir , in that land called the failed state of Soomalia
  10. and that is generalisation do u want me to also generelise ur folks from bay and bakool and we all know their traits. Also qatku ceeb maha , Qaat ,, hadu ceeb ahaan laha ka aad aadka u jeceshihid mr cheese ba wa qayillaa waliba aad bu u cuna , as jamaal said
  11. The bunker is the most worthless entity totally no power weak claiming things that have nothing to do with their slave mind . the bunker is nothing but a modern UN protectorate it has absolutely no territorial legitimacy . Not even in their own little Bunker let alone outside. wax kasto ama talaaba kasta ay qadaan , waxa la socda beesha calaamka ogaysiinayna
  12. Interesting never knew the cheesefellow never prayed,. but like his uncle General afweyne who also was not a clear fan of worship of the almighty. He was more busy praying to Jesus to get arms from the evangelical Christians to fight against the SNM mujahiidiin.
  13. koonfurians are the most silliest people their country is litterly in flames and they worry about Somaliland,. the bloke from south western Somalia. His regions are basically Ethiopian colonial territories . the other parts are run by the Irhaabist. There is no hope what people dont know the Koonfurians have lost all hope in their failed state. and it look slike it isnt recovering . where as Somaliland is making progress on all fronts whether geopolitical or diplomatic the reality on the ground is something one cant ignore for the first time there is an ambassador from an Arab country in Hargeisa. the Ethiopians upgraded their embassy in Hargeisa. the Egyptian Delegation is coming in the next few days. The oil Bussiness is coming along fine. For the first time the US and the Somaliland republic have engaged strongly its going the right way.. And i all i hear from the Bunker is US drones hit here and there.
  14. what a bunch of lies that Somalilanders dont support independence but want to be with the bunker if that was the case . Wouldnt it that be obivous. Somaliland has shown that it is mature in its politics As for the constitution he is right but we are not stalling the walanweyns are they know once they adopt the constitutions they can do two . Things put it to a vote and hold a referendum. And once they do that they wont hold it in any where of Somalilands territory. There for the constitution will become null and void in their claim to Somaliland. The other option is for Somalia for ever not thave a costitution or else they have to keep this just drafted issue or , they need to show some balls and adress the Somaliland issue either way its bad. if they go forward which i think and i hope they will then its gone , the cancerous union is then deead. from a legal point of view. if they do not then they can just stall an be with out a constitution or they will adress it but they will then lose the argument over Somaliland. As for the oil thing what matters for these companies is that who can enforce their stay in any part they are operating and that is Somaliland and not the bunker..
  15. Somaliland , somalia hadal ku noqon mayso ta meel ku qoro. Walgina ha ilaawin.