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  1. The thing is mm hassan sheikh isn’t a friend of somaliland that’s what’s Faisal is saying he to will try to undermine us but he is always better then farmaajo who is and was an open enemy on alll accounts
  2. Faisal never liked farmaajo and farmaajo never liked somaliland these are all Facts nothing new
  3. I think these talks have ended. And will not resume any more unless the frame work of these talks change with mediators real international stage talks . Other wise there is no point of holding these talks
  4. What a load of nonsense. Sharif sheikh Ahmed handed over power. Hassan handed power over to the cheese fellow . So because now cheese gave power back to hassan civil war ended nonsense . As for somaliland today somaliland is stronger then ever and there is absolutely no threat coming from the bunker in xalane
  5. What about sharif do u think he is more corrupt then hsm or about the same . Sharif lost bad this evening
  6. Che but deep inside ur not happy u wanted the cheese fellow to come back be honest
  7. Che well sharif and Hassaan Mahamoud yes they have been tested and failed. But did farmaajo do even better the security is the same bombings same still no army Amisom still there it was not that long ago burundians were ambushed and anihilated the only thing I can say has improved is less corruption.any way why brush cabdishakuur with the other two just because they hail from the same clan cabdishakuur wali lama tijaabin. Don’t brush him with the same brush
  8. How’s Kheyre new he was the prime minister for three years what ever failure failmaajo made. Kheyre shares the blame atleast 70 percent of it
  9. Samafal one terrorist attack in 30 years October 2008!- attack against undp madaxtooyada Ethiopian embassy
  10. Mma if u put it that way u have a point there officiële but I would t claim the cheese fellow u know that Ahahah. Eid wanaagsan to u to
  11. Galbeedi waad asiibtay mudane these walanweyns will never come or compromise for the larger good of the people and The nation there for I suggest that Somalia becomes a Somaliland protectorate for. 100 years after we. humanise u in all ways and form we will set you free. Ileen ceebtinu wa ceebtayada as long as we share the Somali name. Galbeedi jamacada Camuud orodo course u dhig the koonfurians about good governance Selebaaan cawar ba igu salaan
  12. So what is he running for a mp seat I thought he wanted to be president
  13. Noolow ismaciil nooolow galbeedi needs to stop attacking the royal family of jabuuti they are doing a good job for the country