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  1. Who even cares what buuba says he is over 80 and a failed politician. Wax run oo u sheegey majirto. Meel ay Somali isku bahantahay majirto. Cid isiu garabaysana majirto.
  2. Tillamook the Djibouti talks were just part of the series of failed talks. Nothing worth mentioning came out. And biixi and farmaajo have no deal never made any deal. And will never reach any deal ta meel ku qoro.
  3. That would be discrimination and unacceptable why would other people politicians from other regions not be questioned and force to do the same.
  4. And how do you want to do that. When alshabaab rules the country. How can one hold one man one vote when alshabaab rules more land then the so called federal government. Farmaajo has failed to fight and defeat alshabaab.
  5. What If he refuses to hold elections altogether he can stay for ever. Isn't that great
  6. They were always useless maskax shaqeysa ba kuma jirto nimanka walanweyn
  7. Kan weriyaga waraysanaya professor samatar mala somali maha. Bal sankiisa bakhaarki ina idaan bu leegyahay.
  8. Allowumanaxariistaha will not be missed by the majority of the people. A one proud nation bu ku so koobay. Xoolo reerkisu leeyahay ayu ka dhigay. isku dirka iyo xumaan beerista shaqadisa ayay ahayd.
  9. How was it extended. He came to power in 2009 and left 2012. Or am I missing something. Or was he a 2 year term president.
  10. Where did sharif added a year to his term never heard of this.
  11. What changing a tigrayan leader with an oromo leader changes anything. Ethiopia still has its troops inside Somalia. And alshabaab is far from defeated.