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  1. no problem yanay u noqon uun calanka bluega eeh shaydaaanka waan ugu duceynay inay waxas iska dhaafaan nooca walaga acuudbilaysta
  2. i dont need to tell them anything the SL army is telling them that
  3. Somaliland doesnt need any talk with these fugitive garaads the land belongs to Somaliland if they wish not be part of Somaliland nothing is qasab please move to Somalia ,. as they are doing marka halkooda ha iska joogaan Bunkerka ugandheeska ha iskaga jiraan. wax dhibaata ma hayaan , aan ahayn calacaal iyo qax... As for Galbeedi i dont think they will ever agree to be with bugland they have tried that from 1998 untill 2006 and they had the biggest fall out , when ina cabdi xaashi was treated very bad and tuute muuse took over from Yey there was a garaad man who was in transition laakin lugu ma aminin madaxweynimada marki ba xilka walaga qaaday. Any way so puntland is not an option and culusow will not entertain another d mamuul goboleed this will shake up the balance of power. so they are stuck one way or the other..
  4. awdal state is a poor internet state and it does not exist not even online anyy more let alone any one else but how is the uprise going, the thing is awdal people are not ur clan thus u cant manipulate them into hating their brothers next door
  5. Halkaa iska jooga yaa ku yidhaha ugaandheeska iskala jooga kuwan qaar ka tallo xun ilaahay ma abuurin
  6. First the president in this curent stand has an extentsion of two years that will end 2024/ and then the question is are we able to hold elections the party elections first or not
  7. The British and Somaliland always have a special relationship and that will relationship will always exist who ever leads the nations that relationship will always exist Britiish goverment is the only goverment of the western world that has a diplomatic office in hargeisa they train the rru they allow Somaliland millitary officerss to be trained in britain is the only country in the west that gives direct bilatral aid to SOMALILAND and the walanweyns cant just have that way ku wareereen
  8. U do know that the Somaliland army is very much still in the laascanood district the heartland of sool. And sanaag the capital city of sanaag and much of the regions except of the badhan district is all in Somaliland hands. Awdal is the heartland of Somaliland there is no difference between awdal and maroodijeex , Che Somaliland ma burburin kartid. laakin iyadu reerkina way ka adagtahay
  9. for ina xashi to have a chance the party elections need to become the first elections if that happens , u will likely see ina biix back again. so ina xashi interest of becoming a party is very much tight to ina biixi But either way there wont be elections for the next coming two years at least and if then the party elections happpen prepare ur self that ina biixi will come back
  10. Ciiro hails from a prestige clan that are laandhere and one of the greatest founding members of the Somaliland nation who had ina igarre and ina amaan , in the old days. and had the most highest military commanders in the Somali army , those same men led the foundation of the great snm men like mohammed ali and haragwaafi and the commander of the SNM forces of togdheer and sanaag , Amxed mire Maxammed nuux . who led us in our darkest hour , against lowly clan militia of afweyne back in 1988. the duriyad people always have an understanding when it comes to their internal dynamics marba habarti haraadan ba meesha loo dhiiba we remember when siilaanyo took over back in 2010 U do know south hargeisa the ceerigaabo clan the west burco clan the central oodweyne clan the gaashaamo and daroor clan all have one ancestor. they are not two clans they are one clan. so there is no difference there. the majority of the people in Somaliland believe mooge would be a better candidate then Ciiro even faisal would be even gaboose would be even duur his cousins even Ahmed cigaal former Somaliland ambassador of china would be a candidate so its not about the clan its about the individiual. Do u think ciiro would destroy our enemies that invade our land in eastern sool i doubt it. Muse mooge faisal . all woudl do all to destroy our enemies
  11. Good points and i am not of the same opinion as the other gentlemen i dont think anything good will come from putting one clan against the other there is no point this is not the 1991. Nobody wants an internal conflict in awdal people betweeen the various clans that live there. laakin aduunka waxa ugu liita nin bila tallo ah , that i cant coop with i dont understand if u cant share a state with ur closest brother and i consider u my brother because our land are the closest to each other then any other clan and i have to believe that we share the longest border. and that is not all also we have been close inside jabuuti. against jesus folks. Because we both hail from the british Somaliland and the french minimized our clans in jabuuti , when he shipped us away back to british somaliland and he allowed the jessus folks to run back in and thats how they formed the majority there later on there before that we were the majority somalis there as for the Somaliland president he has every right to endorse some one for the next elections especially if its from his own party and abdikarim mooge is likely to succeed the current incumbet president of the holy republic of Somaliland and why do u support ciiro because he is a weak leader right thats why u like and u oppose even ali waraabe who loves the republic who kicks the SL enemies in the face , u want the docile ciiro and we know why galbeedi waalida naga daa
  12. are u saying that puntland had nothing to with the urpise in laacanood and they had no impact what so ever and didnt send any clan militia mala adiga realityga ka fog
  13. Somaliland is doing fine apart from the little laascanood conflict the port is build up the investement is going well the oil drill project is doing good. and it will start a in a few months Somaliland budget has trippled the past few years. So Somaliland held last year an elections of parlaiment and local two elections at the same time. And there is no displeasure of any Somaliland community apart from the garaad clan who now have allied them selves with the pirates and shabaab security last month a judge was gunned down local socalled police of the sfg ayaa is rasaaseye now tell me how on earth is ur situation in the bunker any better then before anigu ma sheegin tiktok niiko from liido i dont see that as progress i hope do not either tell me how is the awdal uprise going or the sanag uprise anigu waxba kamaan maqlin
  14. thats nonsense Somaliland controlls most parts of laascanood the entrence points of east and the west, few days ago the Somaliland were trooops were at xamdi hotel,, few days ago the so called airport was raided. clearly u are not close to remove the great Somaliland army from sool ,. so give it up yaal any way hows the awdal uprise going so far