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  1. Tigray will not go down easily the Tigray are the descendant’s of the asxaabul fiil that invaded first south Arabia and later even tried to destroy the kaacba it was only with divinity of the almighty that stopped them
  2. Long live ilaahay ba maskaxda na siiyey to run the financial institutions of the Horn of Africa
  3. Che u underestimate the amharas Amhara have both the numbers and the political power if getten the chance and empowered they can cause allot of havoc to be honest what the Eritreans are doing is premature and very badly ochestrated not sure what their end goal is Amhara have both bigger land mass and population then tigrayans and Eritreans combined and they are the only ethnic group in Ethiopia the gallas are scared to death off and they are the only group in Ethiopia that can take the gallas under their wing along with the gurages and their well established wealth .
  4. Nothing wrong with sending condolences to a head of state of of a country that is an ally of urs as che said ur president culusow of the bunker did the same the only differences he doesn’t care really for his own people but cares for others the same way he said waan ka naxa qaraxa kenya ka dhaca ka muqdisho laakin wa ino caadi
  5. Eritreans fighting their own cousins Hadhow they wil cry when Amhara karbaashes them both and invades them
  6. Waauw equating muse biixi with criminal iley who killed over hundreds of people the protesters feew weeks ago were unfortunate how ever only three people died and that is much not shuggercaoting it needs to stop and sl police needs to use rubber bullets or tear gas when dealing with those issues how ever afweyne was good u won’t win any points there with the people of somaliland. What hospitals were for free during the afweyne time the regime built zero hospitals I mean zero there was only dakhtarka weyn of hargeisa built by the English in the 1930s. Any way even there was not a university of hargeisa during afweyne afweyne was the worse kind of leader that ever emerged for Somaliland even for the walanweyns the only joy they had was everything was built in Mogadishu the regime of afweyne was only naas nuujin his own qabil and we all know how that ended
  7. Xilehibaanada shaqadooda maha inay madaxweyne ama raisal wasaare raacaan hadu deegaan booqanayo
  8. Could be bal ta ba ankugu diido
  9. How can the president of Somaliland be a dictator when he was elected and he has five months left of his presidency
  10. America had it’s first biracial president America never had a black president ever . Obama abyiyaashi ba u hilliyey because he is related to allot of former USA presidents
  11. Seems there is a duapoly in Kenya luos are just to laangaab to ever become president jommo Kenyatta kikuyu daniel arap moi kallenijn mwai kibaki kikuyu uhuro Kenyatta kikuyu William ruto kallenijn Wa Somalia oo kale u will never see reer may may running for president at least the luo tried but failed five times
  12. If ruto has 51 percent then he is the new president why are they delaying the results then. I don’t think these polls are true others wise they would have declared ruto president election i heard they were both 49 percent
  13. Qamaan bulxan not raage Ugaas but the xikm still stands and is relevant till this day
  14. It’s because they are very barbaric by nature it was only hidden because afweyne was at the realm. Koonfurians can’t be saved any time soon I am not saying it can’t be done buts it’s hell of a job not sure the likes of culusow can pull it off
  15. We are there somaliland is present in all its land the border as of now is closed and there are no pirates to be see any where