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  1. Good news old observer the reason why Britain can't offically recognise Somaliland is due to region because of Egypt. And the brits are protecting their regional and economic interest. But in terms of development aid military training. There is no country closer to Somalliland than merry old England.
  2. This is very good development yuweri should.visit Somaliland
  3. 18 may is the most important day in Somaliland it's the only right thing we did in 1991 redeclaration of indepenendence. Prof samatar wants 26 June to be bigger than 18 may it simply can't . The reason why the protectorate ended 26 June. But Somaliland as a nation was born after 1991 after the SNM won the war. Tallaabo na wu saxanyaay diiniyan labbada ciidood uun hala dabaaldego. Laakin 18 may wa inoo muhiim shacbiyan. As reer Somaliland from lowyacadde ila yoocade.
  4. Maakhiri think SomalilAnd is a cult. If Somaliland is cult what is shabaab sfg or other factions in walanweynistan
  5. Talks should be held in Ethiopia Kenya the U.K. and only with mediation. It's pointless to invite farmaajo to hargeysa or for president muse biixi. Because wa in horta sii fiican loo kala baxa
  6. Why would awdal vote against kulmiye they have been pro kulmiye since inarayaale lost to siilaanyo in 2010.
  7. Why on earth would they name a camelthief after a airport
  8. The cheese guy will go back to buffalo in less 2 years . And another one will be selected to pretend he is in charge of the Amisom bunker nothing much will change down south for koonfurians in the next decade or so alshabaab has gained more strength more power more territorial control in walanweynistan. Markey selectionskusoodhamaadaan ayaad maqli hebel qatar bawatta hebbel erdogan be watta hebel ilma sheikh zayid bawaattaa hebel kiiniya wadata hebel gaalamadow iyo itoobiya waddata. Hadaad weydiisid idinkuna yaad wadataan way amuusayaan ileen wa niman tuug oo tumaal talyani ku tabbabartay.
  9. The pirate enclave is between a rock and a hard place it has almost zero influence since the cheese fellow came in Amisom bunker. The pirate enclave claims it's the architect of the TFG back in his days when cabdilahi yusuuf was the so called president who came inside Mogadishu only through tigre tanks and uncle sams political backing. Since sheikh dalxiis iyo cumar shuluqi canada jaalatada ku cunijiray isago 50jir ah they had zero influence. The pirates their whole idea of a federal Somalia is small tribal states that share some aid and the idea was for pirates to have the biggest cut of that aid. And all to pretend there is a govt. When in fact there is no govt in place in Somalia.
  10. The emiraatis are meeting with deni not for boosaaso but to get their influence back in the amisom bunker since Turkey and qatar are outperforming them in the cellspool called Mogadishu.
  11. Slaantan sawti dhimatay goormey soo noolaatay.
  12. Coldoon was hiding in burco for months there was a warrant to arrest him for months it's better for coldoon to relocate to the Amisom bunker because he feel he is no Somalilander and burco is a Somaliland city. He feels not at home in Somaliland so its better he joins his fan base the koonfurians i just checked his page majority people on his page are walanweyns .
  13. This is what we call fake news from qarannews. The Somaliland president is going to meet uae leaders and dp world high officials few days ago the second man of the dp world was in berbera . There is going to be big progress inshallah in the next coming months.
  14. Kan goni waba mid nasakhan kulaha dagaalki xabashida iyo somalida aya minesken kategey. War afweyne askartisa aasay anaga oog ila 1995 mineska walaga gureyey all over hargeisa districts. Gawaadki xuma eeh afweyne ayaad no amaanaysa eeh Somali kala dilay