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    Dear Diary, Here is an idea for Benson & Hedges, perhaps he should put his annual leave application in .
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    Today, I returned to Somaliaonline after a very long absence.
  3. I could not read this thread without making a comment. I cannot the life of me still comprehend how someone, the original poster; Khayr Waaye, saying such a thing, the so-called pious man. What steamed you to say this? Is it out of jealously? Because you have no right to determine or prompt their calaf. As far as I am concerned it is nothing more than the tactics of 'qalbi jabis'. I have seen Somali girls who have reached the so-called 'ripe age' of 30 who married an educated, successful, single guy. One final reminder, age does not depend on marriage. What Allah wills will happen. Not the opinion of a jahil Somali man on the chase to score number 2, 3, 4 wives. The only way he feels he can succeed is to crush the hopes of a strong minded girl. Back in the days in Somalia I have been informed that it was physical abuse used against Somali women to bend to the will of a Somali man. Now, that it is modern times, our men have upgraded to emotional abuse since this is a greater tool to crush those women that are above them. Where I am from, our common practice is that a girl must be over 20 to be married. Anyone who remotely shares his opinion should jump off a bridge. With this kind of ideology, it takes us 50 years back.
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    Cabdiyo Cabdi, One of Freud's theories can help explain your situation. The section on dreams . Cabdiyo, diary entries ended 2006 along with ALexus. Can someone from the administration team remove this thread?
  5. I hated you.tube until I came across Odey Shirwac. Members this video is a must see. I am sure Odey Shirwac is Johnny Bravo's father or perhaps its Johnny Bravo in the making. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t0iiMOMfNY
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    CC, hilarious! Keep Mr Ugly as your little secret.
  7. In 2005 I was hopeless in carrying out a skilful statistical information. In 2007, my maturing years have informed me both parties are sinful as one another. Under the laws of Allah both will equally be judged. Here on earth, the female brings more shame not only to herself but also to her family. The female will forever live with her humiliation. Her sinful product will be her reminder of her taste of temptation.
  8. Originally posted by Nubia: Taliban Do you follow what you preach or is this a cyber front? He is not the only one.
  9. March 2007 I congratulate Australian girls for a quiet start to the year. I am seeing more youths strieving for a successful life both in their studies and religious conquest. Just last night I was sharing a table with a three delightful ex-party goers. I have always underestimated their brightness. They surprised me a great deal and manshallah to them. May Allah guide everyone to the straight path. Amin.
  10. Originally posted by Dabshid: ^^According to who? According to Awoowe
  11. *** boohoo.*** [ March 31, 2007, 10:03 PM: Message edited by: Magool ]
  12. Originally posted by rudy: i havent entered that ocean yet. word is that, its full of man eaters! loool... well, why is she single mother!! she gotta have some issues! namean. :eek: And what is wrong with single mothers? They are women wronged by men or have wronged men therefore earning a single parent status. Embrace single mothers Rudy because according to Tenacious J they offer alot of love and put extra work into their second marriage.
  13. Originally posted by AAliyah416: quote: Originally posted by Janna: quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by AAliyah416: I wouldn't know why any one would wear Guntino or dirac on their wedding day, bt den again everyone has their preference. I would wear a white dress no question about that .. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am saddened by reading the above comment. I wonder how many other Somali girls feel the same way? How can a Western wedding dress be compared to our traditional beauteous Guntino's or Dirac? Some of the pictures from MaggieSottero were breathtaking however why choose something else over your own culture? Some Somali girls nowadays need a slap on the face and a stratch. Jenna I am sure it is up to everyone how they are going to dress in their wedding day. But, I am yet to see any one who wears dirac/guntino to their wedding, it is just odd I would have to say.But, den again I am not here to offend you, just have to say it is outdated. I would only understand if some one wears dirac to their meher, like u have seperate meher for the guys/girls, in that case u can wear dirac/guntino. But, not in the wedding. Girl get yrself a wedding dress. wa salaaam Aaliyah, So our dhaqan is outdated and the white gown isn't? I thought Alle-ubaahne was bad but your comments have made him look like Albert Einstein. Aaliyah what is heartbreaking is attending a wedding, the girl is FOB, wearing a white gown. I only attended her wedding because I desperately wanted the perfect traditional Somali wedding. I left the wedding without even greeting her. She was a disappointment wallahi. Aaliyah good luck on deciding a white gown. I personally would advice you to wear the same gown as Princess Mary if any.
  14. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: ^You are smart, of course. You really need to die, walaashiis, because smart people don't last longer in this world, at least in our society! Admitting I am smart must be publicly humiliating for you, Alle-ubaahne. A man of faith wishing another Muslim death upon them? May the curseless curse strike you, strike you down hard. Smart people are the true survivors and you are the weakest link, time to retire from Somaliaonline.
  15. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: quote:Originally posted by Janna: quote: Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: HAHAHAHA ,,, You already destroyed him badly ,,,,, now, lemme laugh so hard Abaayadiis, don't force me to take my genuine comments back from you! I am basically saying how you valued our culture has drawn many of us to applaud for you. You said that out of sincerity, I know that for sure, but your resistance to Alle-ubaahne's big checks is futile. You really need to hide your age, abaayo, because I thought you were over 30's, and now I have say you are too young to carry the big check I intended you to obtain. I am thinking about who wrote those statements besides you..........it can't happen a girl of your age could do such an amazing thing for her culture, given the mindset of 20-year-old girls towards cilaan, latest DJ Dirac, and heblaayo's Gold such and such! Finally, you are using qof kale caqligiis, definately not you, because the words that you had allegedly used were above and beyond your little self! Sue me for being intellectually above my age. I might only be only 20 but I can assure you that my intelligence is above your 35 year old mind. For your information, intelligence is not related to age. A man who carries the name "Alle-ubaahne” should know Allah bestows wisdom whom he chooses.