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    ^^^ Silly Rabbit , you could've passed it on!!^^ @ Nafta I just watched much of the performances on ! FANTABULOUS!!! Bono, Madonna, Shakira, Mariah, Stevie & Adam Levine rocked!!! " We can't solve all of the worlds problems, but for what we can, we must !!! "
  2. And the cycle continues....... Im with you Rudy. Until I can feel confident about the living conditions back home...I think I'll start up the enterprise in either Chicago or Atlanta!
  3. So this must be the outlet for the dispirited Teen Section Members!
  4. I was flipping through news channels on the morning of Yassir Arafat's death ( Allah ha u naxariisto) and watched Fox's news coverage about it. There was a guy, a friend/member of Yassir's administration I believe, that Fox was interviewing. Well, the "friend" went on to describe Yassir's influence and role in the Palestinian Brigade. He compared Yassir Arafat to George Washington, and stated his courage of becoming the father and leader of Palestine. Well one of Fox's reporters was outraged, and howled that George Washington wasnt a terrorist, or a murder!....LOOOOL, can you believe that Bull?! This is the same leader that helped wiped out the Native Americans! :mad: @ FOX....especially for making my blood rush faster down my system than the OJ I drank that morning! Did Fox News mentioned who provided Saddam with those weapons? I didn’t see any mainstream media reporting the facts behind Saddam’s dictatorship? Arrogant, isnt it? A few years back Colin Powell visited Iraq during the infamous pre-war period, or as they would like to call it " diplomatic" period! He saw some of the areas where Saddams administration tortured and murdered Iraqi's, and apparently became teary-eyed, and held his mouth opened in astonishment! :rolleyes: But I guess is appropriate to leave out the fact that it is this very counrty that not only provided the weapons, but Powell's very own Reagan administration that turned a blind eye while these atrocities occured......
  5. ^^ Of course not!! No matter how far Shananay has come, little pee wee will always be a part of "Her"! Whatever shape or form.... To the topic: An elder once told me that when a person comes into your life, its who they are when they are with you that you should judge. The past is just that, the PAST! It shouldnt play a part, unless it somehow still is a part of the present and future ( i.e: An illness, potential killer, sex change).
  6. Mine is sort of like Hibo's, but to a much farther extent. I have Dreams, often, that play out what will happen in a few weeks. There's nothing extravagant or dreadful about them, but I pay very close attention to them, so as to make sure! I've had this trait since I was Baby Fat ( Stoic, you like that ), LOL!
  7. ^^Thats a great idea Guhaad. Has that been in the works? Not to long ago ( i think I can even say currently), Rwanda & East Timor established a Truth and Reconciliation system that has gone well. Though its results arent collosal, its acheivements in bringing closure to the few are immensible!
  8. ^^^LOL^^^^ Inkaar ha kugu dhacdo Was what my mother use to say ( and still does!)whenever the time fit.........
  9. "The human rights of women, and young persons as in this case, call for firm stand to all those who think that some human beings are better than others,’’ the judge said as he dismissed the appeal. Now if only we could put those crooked cops behind bars....or better yet, call for a firm stand against the entire police institution :rolleyes:
  10. ^^^^Thats what you get! You shouldve been listening!!
  11. How sweet was that dawaco ...and Og_moti , who knew you had it in you! To have these heartfelt messages sent to you on this special day, truly does show how SPECIAL you are...Happy B-lated Birthday!!!!
  12. I just read that article too! Isnt that weird? Throughout the campaign, everyone but the republicans were making fun of Bush and his C- grade average ( and that infamous quote " You too can have a C average and become president!!")....little did we know Kerry was right there with him! :rolleyes:
  13. On a side note, the Married Club is growing by the season . We'r doin big LOL....not to mention the parenting club! Congratulations Khayr
  14. I hope all of you pass your exams, and get the grades your hoping for. However, not to sound like your parents.....but next time, try to remember that hard work pays off in the end. So throughout your semesters, work/study hard like there's no tomorrow! Then you wouldnt have to worry so much when finals come around.
  15. Originally posted by checkmate: Ilaahey ha caafiyo ayeeyo walaalkiis iyo muslimiinta dhiban oo dhan. asxantu AMIIN
  16. Regarding the poll, I recall you telling us ur age a couple of years ago. Kaleido needn't have gone to all this trouble, when she could have just done a post search on you. Then again with 1536 posts....maybe not. Hehehe...I was wondering when some one would finally figure that out!
  17. so lets be Citizens of the world since we can’t be citizens of Somalia.. Good point
  18. Originally posted by CHECKMATE: ^^Aaaaamiin Aaaaamiin Aaaaamin yaa rab. Its was truly an overwhelming experience being there and seeing Isra appear for the first time into this world. Thank you all. Isra's Dad How precious! From a true daddy's girl .......Congratulations Brother.....
  19. Doesn't Good-credit seem like the more adolescent version of Ngonge??....hmm, maybe its just me. p.s. Welcome Newbies!! :cool:
  20. ^^LOL^^^^ Are you sure that isnt a scene from a film you saw??
  21. Tip One-- Well as Moth pointed out, dry split ends is a problem faced by many girls. And we all know trimming the ends can only do so much! (Well for some of us at least!) But my tip is a bit differrent, and maybe a few of you have heard of this....Mayonaisse!! Now they actually sell hair products in the form of mayonnaisse in just about every beauty supply / drug store, but plain ol'store bought Mayonnaise can work just the same. Lather your hair with Mayonnaise ( eggs are optional!) and massage it in for a few minutes. Place a shower cap over it and keep it on for about 30-45 minutes. when washing it off, be careful to use shampoo with conditioner!! The oils from this product are guranteed to leave your hair looking more lustrous and restored. Product -- Well im all about N-A-T-U-R-A-L products...or at least however close you can get to it So this shouldnt cost much, and you might even have it stored somewhere in your kitchen, but Olive Oil has worked wonders for me. Dab a bit on your face ( preferably at night, or before you head to bed), and make sure to concentrate the oil into your most needed areas. You'll wake up in the morning with such a glow, you're sure to start your day on the right foot **Extra Tip** Though vaseline may be good for make-up, you might not be going for that glossy look. Here is a product you should definitely invest in : baby wipes. Put too much foundation on that cheek? Messed up the lining around your eye? This will work for the Eye-Liner/Lip Gloss only gals, or the Mimi Bobek types :eek: ( from the Drew Carey Show). And if your still skeptical, test it out! If you can get your hands on a sheet of baby wipes, draw your lip/eye liner on ( it might even help if you "mess it up"), and rub it off with the baby wipes... Viola You're ready to start over!!
  22. Originally posted by Qac Qaac: yeah we might have niggez... You couldnt have come up with any other description? :rolleyes:
  23. So you’re saying that a non-practising muslim woman ( try not to come back at me personally with another deplorable all time low response assuming things about me, this is your term, not mine) has no right to discuss issues relating to the Islamic women? But an alcoholic murderer can give Islamic advice? :confused: Your hypocricy has amazed me as well? :eek: Using some of your own words UD... Regardless of the source...does the message these "non-practicing muslim women" send when discussing matters relating to Feminism and Islamic Women have any less of a significance??? **a bit annoyed with someone's obvious detestation against so many of our Somali Women**
  24. Those pictures were outstanding! And those homes :eek: :eek: