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  1. Waslad hilib ah is always the cure sxb .... Once you have it is the last time you worry about anything in life
  2. Inside the Villa is the most risky place sxb .... It is not risky to live with the people.
  3. Magaaladu hoostay ka shidan tahay
  4. Waa dabin ka bood ,,, Xanuunkuba show marmar buu blessing yahay ......
  5. I salute reer Muqdisho wallee ,,, working and living here is such bravery I'm telling you. Abtigiis waa nin nasiib badan wallee .... He would have been in that place by then.
  6. total signatures .. 17 ...... Must be cowke, mooge, cowke, mooge, cowke, mooge, ,, and many of their other names
  7. But none of the SOLers are here ,,, except maybe that chief of staff one .... show been bay inagu akhriyayeen markay lahaayeen waanu joognaa
  8. Waar I was very close to the place and happened in front of my eyes as I was heading that way ..... the place is unpredictable wallee
  9. Well, you know more about the inside orders sxb ..... So I'm clueless about it
  10. Even Duke came into the discussion in that sense .... Hambalyada ma u qaddimaa tolow ??
  11. ... Welcome back Motti .......... was good to see you in Nairobi after all those years
  12. Isn't it silly when you compare Hargeisa to Ethiopia ?? ,,,
  13. Uma baahni inaan is ilaaliyo dee ,, the whole town baa i ilaalinaysa
  14. Just to say Hi for now ....... and let you know I'm here I have been appointed as the Somaliland's Ambassador to Somalia and I will be handing my papers to the President in the coming few days. Don't miss the big day ....
  15. It was good to meet a lot of SOLers ..... and thanks to Abtigiis for the VIP reception although he was not feeling well. Nuune, Abtigiis, Sophist, Moti and others have been good hosts.
  16. “Somaliland has remained an island of relative peace and stability in an insecure region and we believe that there are lessons that can be learned here about stabilizing the whole region. We are therefore here to learn and to support initiatives that will lead to sustainable peace, stability and prosperity in Somalia and beyond.” Abdinur Intaasuu ka xanaaqay miyaa ?? ,,, So the whole mission of this Khaatumo group is to tell the International Community that Somaliland is not stable ?? ,,,, Wuu is qarxiyay kani
  17. Wyre wax laga hadlayaba wuu fahmi waayay ,,, carab fooqal carab dheh ,,
  18. MoonLight1;960308 wrote: JB, Hareri says three cents not thirty, so if its three cents then its 32 nights. :D ... 1 Dollar = 6500 Shillings ......... If it is One Thousand ,, then it is 6 nights .. if it is 2000 then it is 3 nights
  19. Waan soo ducaynayaa ,, Insha Allah Khayr
  20. Reminds me of when Xaabsade handed over the Ministry of Information to Boobe ....
  21. Dear LADIES, If u Happen to have slept with over 5guys, Then you have absolutely no right to call your reproductive organ "A PRIVATE PART". It now belongs to the GOVERNMENT under the Ministry of Tourism Department of Explicit Entertainment and Pleasure....... And if it happens to be more than 10 guys, It now belongs to the UNITED NATIONS Humanitarian Council, under Donor Aid. But if its more than 15guys then it will be classified a UNIVERSAL CHARGER Dear MEN, NEVER REJOICE BECAUSE YOUR OWN VERSION IS ON THE WAY.......