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  1. Samatar Bacaacle ...... He must be feeling the heat and see some opportunity in Somaliland
  2. They will all come for a holiday in Somaliland .............. I mean, Very soon Yeah, imaginary states indeed D:
  3. xiinfaniin;947475 wrote: Call the city , Saalax, and then report back here Kii xiin beryahan indha Adayg buu la soo baxay ,,,, berigii hore wuu yara asturi jiraye show Cawkuhuba isaguu ahaa ,,,, Sowtan kuwii joogay sheegeen niyow ... http://horseedmedia.net/2013/05/08/ciidamo-mushahar-laaan-ka-gadooday-oo-bosaso-gudaha-usoo-galay/
  4. Xiin, He even made Oodweyne happy niyow ,,,,, Maalindhow baad adiguna u sacabba tumi doontaa
  5. A very good Communique ..... Looks like Siilaanyo knew the outcome (or maybe he drafted it)
  6. Hamish Wilson: Presentation about Borama conference in 1993 and rebirth of the Republic of Somaliland at the African Research Institute in London " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  7. Someone was dreaming of red lips dee ,, iska daaya miskiinka waa diif ku raage
  8. Someone tell him that He is also under Saudi/Afghan/Iraqi occupation .......
  9. So Galaydh's motion disappeared eh ?? ,,,, and the President did not even bother to talk about it
  10. Don't forget South Sudan was recognized without having any of these sxb ... It is politics
  11. The killer of Annelina is in jail sxb ...... he is one of the terrorists committed the other killings. The only pressure put on the government was that of the local Civil Society & Human rights groups not to execute them.
  12. When you have the capacity to keep them in jail for life, you don't have to kill them immediately. Even the US do not kill the leaders of Al-Qaedah when they fall in their hands, they just put them in jail for life. It is all about the capacity to keep them in jail ..............
  13. Don't worry ,, you will say exactly the same thing about the current one when his time is up ............
  14. That is what I'm talking about
  15. Iska wada warrama ........... sow lama wada noola ??
  16. Allah ha u naxariisto inta dhimatay
  17. "After Borama: Consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland' focus on the way in which political stability has been maintained since the landmark Borama conference in 1993 – and on approaches that need to be adapted in the future. Collectively, they are a timely assessment of democratic politics, the role of institutions and national development priorities in Somaliland" READ FULL REPORT HERE
  18. HARGEISA, Somaliland - The world’s most famous prehistoric art is in caverns in Europe, but the most recently discovered ancient cave paintings are in a country no other nation recognizes in a region of Africa associated mostly with terrorism, pirates and famine. The Laas Geel cave paintings in Somaliland in the Horn of Africa are not as old or famous as the art in France’s Lascaux or Spain’s Altamira caves, but the quality is just as good, archaeologists say. Unlike the European caves, however, Laas Geel has no chance of international protection as a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of the region’s complicated diplomatic situation. Somaliland declared its independence more than 20 years ago and has been building a democracy ever since. But the world still recognizes the region as part of Somalia, which has spent the past two decades in chaos without a functioning government. Somalia, which restored a government just last year, has not signed the UNESCO World Heritage treaty, so the caves in Somaliland cannot receive U.N. protection. “We definitely need a heritage protection support,” said Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed A. Omar. “These are a very old and historically and scientifically very important asset which has a global significance. Any help in protecting this is much appreciated by the Somaliland government.” A French archaeological team discovered the isolated Laas Geel caves in 2002. Guided by villagers whose ancestors had known about the caverns for generations, they found the vibrant paintings in pristine condition. The dry climate has helped preserve the ancient rock art, depicting nomadic life more than 5,000 years ago. The Laas Geel caves are in 10 areas of a large granitic outcrop about 37 miles north of Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, and can reached by the road to the port city of Berbera. The caves sit near a dry riverbed 3 miles off the main road. Traversing the unmarked rutty trail requires a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The outcrops appear ordinary until a close examination of the shallow enclosed areas near the upper reaches. French archaeologists say the Laas Geel cave paintings are at least 5,000 years old and possibly twice that age. Some of the paintings show the indigenous nomadic people worshipping cows. Other scenes show giraffes, dogs, antelopes, camels and other animals. In the Somali language, Laas Geel means “where the camels once watered.” The cave art is reportedly among the oldest found in Africa. Many visitors say this incredible archaeological find deserves to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, despite the diplomatic problems. With good highway signs, better vehicular access and an improved visitor center, this precious repository of ancient rock art could become a major tourist attraction and economic boost to Somaliland. READ MORE