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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;988441 wrote: Ma xuma laakin yaa ino af garan. lol MMA can be your translator. I heard this reer waqooyi old guy who took a bus destined to Waqooyi passing through Bakool and Ethiopia, he fall sleep when the bus departed from Xamar and woke up when it arrived in xudur to refuel and have break, some street market girls jumped on the bus selling cigs and sweets shouting "sigaar fadaase, luubaan fadaase, ariiroow fadaase" the old man opened his eyes dazed and confused and said "Waryee, war goormeynu Tanzania so gallay".
  2. Kaluun;988250 wrote: I respect Fowzia because she is my own blood, cousin.... Aljunuun funuun.
  3. Is this another cash machine for Hassan sheekh and crew, or will he be as tough nut as Yusur.
  4. Bashiir Ciise oo horay u ahaa Gudoomiyihii Bankiga Dhexe ee Soomaaliya ayaa mar kale dib xilkaas loogu magacaabay, kadib markii ay is casishay Haweeneydii u horeysay ee xil ka qabata Bankiga Dhexe ee Soomaaliya Marwo Yusuf Abraar oo muddo 7-isbuuc kaliya xilkaas heysay. Magacaabistan ayaa warar kala duwan ay ka soo baxayeen, iyadoo ninkan uu ahaa rug cadaa horay uga soo shaqeeyay nidaamyadii Maaliyada ee dowladii Kacaanka iyo ka hor. Bashiir Ciise ayaa ahaa Gudoomiyaha Bankiga Dhexe xilligii dowladihii KMG ee ay Madaxda ka soo noqdeen Marxuum C/llaahi Yuusuf iyo Sheekh Shariif, inkastoo uu is casilay markii ay is qabteen isaga iyo Shariif Xasan oo Wasiirka Maaliyada ka ahaa Xukuumadii Cumar C/rashiid. Waxyaabaha ay isku qabteen ayaa waxaa ka mid ahaa lacagihii Shiling Soomaaliga ee lagu soo daabacayay dalka Sudan, isagoo ku taliyay in aanay habooneyn in lacag la soo daabaco, isla markaana dowladda aysan heysan awood ay ku socodsiiso, ayna keeni karto sicir barar ka dhasha. Warar soo baxaya ayaa sheegaya inuu jiro qorshe la doonayo in kulanka Golaha Wasiirada lagu ansixiyo, inkastoo uu jiro khilaaf u dhaxeeya Madaxweynaha iyo Ra'iisul Wasaaraha, maadaama Madaxtooyada ay magacawday. Wasiirka Maaliyada Soomaaliya Maxamuud Xasan Suleymaan oo ka warbixinayay kulan dhex maray Madaxweynaha iyo Deeq bixiyeyaasha ayaa sheegay in waxyaabaha laga wada hadlay ay ka mid aheyd arrinta Bankiga Dhexe iyo in Gudoomiye KMG ah loo magacaabo. Bashiir Ciise ayaa ka soo jeeda deegaanada Puntland, waxaana uu xilkan Gudoomiyaha Bankiga Dhexe u sii heynaya si KMG ah, kadib markii muddo bil ah aysan Bankigu laheyn wax Gudoomiye ah.
  5. Classified;987514 wrote: 50,000? Are you sure mate? Also, who's responsible for your claims? A regime (consisting of all Somalis) or a single tribe/tribes? When you say "no nation in history...", do you mean nation as in the civilians (all Somali tribes) committing the act together or do you mean by a particular government/regime at the time? Classified sxb hala yaabin ciyaalkan kusoo koray nacaybka reer hebel baa idin dilay. 50,000 is their favourit number. 50.000 !saaq ayaa ku dhintay 1st and 2nd WW 50.000 buu Siyaad Barre inaga dilay. its a good number to remember. and ironically the mijin jaad in SL costs around 50.000 Shilings. anyway goodnight guys, its late here and enjoy this lovely Mr fifty thousands video.
  6. burahadeer;987504 wrote: No nation & I repeat no nation in the history of the Somali race killed more than 50,000 somalis,bombed towns from the air & ground and sent millions into refuge camps as happened the then north. Yes the Brits killed more Somalis, I repeat, just go and read one battle, the battle of Jidbaale where 3000 men perished under the newly developed British machine gun, the first african nation to be bombed by the Brits, hundreds of thousands khatumite and maakhir communities fleeing to Yemen, even some sub clans almost got almost wiped out and are in small numbers today because so many of heir sons were massacred by the Brits, but hey I can understand your twisted logic since you don't consider these people Landers.
  7. burahadeer;987483 wrote: If you look back, no one else but somalis hurt landers more or readyed thm for extermination, Not Ethiopians,British etc. Otha thing why ONLF(OG) took that name based on their clan when there r otha Somalis who share their fate. Why should a lander support thm when he knows he's excluded. you are really a short sighted, hate filled individual. to say that no Ethio nor British hurt Landers is really crazy, but this clearly shows you don't consider other clans like the Khaatumites who suffered under the British colonial rule "Landers", I wonder how the brave Landers who perished in 1964 and 1977 wars would react if they read your post. Yes, the old Somali regime did hurt landers alot, but what has that got to do with Pan-Somalism, Hitler did hijack the noble ideology of Pan-Europianism when he tried to unite Europe by force under his fascist vision, but that did not make the ideology itself bad and after the WW2 with the cost of 60 million deaths Europe came together and formed a civilized Pan-Europe with a single currency and foreign policy, if Siyad Barre messed up Somaliweyn ideology, why you condemn the ideology itself. regional demographic and economics common sense tells us to come together for the sake of our common historic and strategic interest, otherwise me and you will just be an irrelevant Ethiopian junk backyard like tiny Djibouti.
  8. burahadeer;987464 wrote: Ethiopia is one & rest of Somali Galbeed happy with that. shame.. arguing for the unity of your historic enemy while always arguing for the disunity of your people. the psyche of our northern brothers always baffles me. here is a powerful 90 million monster wanting to swallow a weak 9 million neighbor and here comes emotion wrecks like Burahadeer ignoring this fact, come on guys, I am not saying we have to love each other, but common strategic security & interest have to overpower this blind hate.
  9. Spot the difference, if any. Jigjig's statue Muqdisho's statue. they could've come up with some creative efforts rather than copy and paste and old version.
  10. Blackflash;987307 wrote: Why do countries like Norway, with no colonial history outside Europe, allow people to seek refuge from across the world? It will only lead to further friction within their country. and why did the Canadians with no colonial history allowed you to seek refuge in their country?? hypocrisy!!!
  12. ............... Plots to mar the existing relationship between the TFG, Puntland, Somaliland and Ethiopia have to be employed Penetration into the armed forces of Puntland and Somaliland has to be made and clan used as an instrument to unfasten the cohesion The heavy and the light weapons used by Puntland and Somaliland armed forces have to be purchased with hard currency in secret deals. If that fails, the custodian of the heavy weapons should be approached with an offer. Cooperation has to be made with criminals and hard currency provided as motivations to assassinate the officials of the administrations (TFG, Somaliland & Puntland) A traditional leader has to be crowned for each and every Sub-clan and the required financial support extended. Religious lectures indirectly influencing the public should be put in full gear Friction with these administrations should be avoided and instead the taxes paid as required Strong allies should be identified within the cabinet of each of the administrations using clan elders and the traditional leaders as an entry point while flexibility is maintained and support provided. Generous support should be given to the Oromo’s and the ONLF to weaken the capability of Ethiopia which is our primary enemy as well as the administrations they are using to pursue their agendas. The minority clans who are marginalized by those administrations should be welcomed and influenced. The Wagerdha’a sub-clan of the ******* should to be supported and hostilities promoted within other sub-clans of the *******. Fully fledged support should be extended to Gen. Morgan as a tool to destroy and disconnect the clan powerbase of the Key leaders who wield significant power within Somalia. The political animosity with the Religious leaders who are in support of those administrations should be minimized. The representatives in Puntland and Somaliland should furnish ideas on how best to restore the Islamic Courts and implements the enlisted decisions. Care has to be maintained all along to avoid leaking of this information Whosoever leaks this information and is found guilty should be shot. Finally, the representatives are advised to employ diplomacy in the execution of this decision and report on the activities progress including what was possible and the resources required. .......... Full version
  13. if this is true, then this woman will be endangering her self by going back. she knows just too much.
  14. War ay na soo gaarsiiyeen shaqsiyaad diblumaasiyiin ah oo magacooda ka gaabsaday ayaa sheegaya in Yussur Abraar oo dhowaan loo magacaabay Guddoomiyaha bangiga dhexe ee Soomaaliya, iskana casishay xilkaasi markii sida ay sheegtay lagu qasbay in ay saxiixdo dukuminti dowladda Soomaaliya ay ku dalbaneyso in lacagihii bangiyada caalamka u yiilay Soomaaliya lagu soo wareejiyo, iyadoo Yussur ka hortimid dalabkaasi, sheegtayna inay saxiixeyso waraaqahaasi keliya haddii lacagtaasi ay ku soo dhaceyso qasnada bangiga dhexe. War hadda na soo gaaray ayaa sheegaya in Yussur Abraar ay ku sugan tahay Xerada Xalane ee ku dhow Garoonka dayuuradaha, iyada oo ay wehliyaan saraakiil ajnabi ah, waxaana ilaha wararka na soo gaarsiiyeey ay tilmaamayaan in dowlado shisheeye oo aan la carabaabin kuwa ay yihiin in ay la soo xiriireen Madaxweynaha & R/wasaaraha ayna ka dalbadeen n Guddoomiyaha bangiga dhexe loo madax-banneeyo shaqooyinkeeda. Is-casilaada Yussur ayaa dhabar jab weyn ku noqday dowladda Soomaaliya, waxaana iyada oo Dubai-UAE joobta ay sheegtay Yussur in sababaha ay isu-casishay ay ugu weyneyd hanjabaad uga timid xubno qaraaba la ah Madaxweynaha, oo sida ay sheegtay ugu hanjabay in ay dilayaan haddii ay ka dhega-adeegto dalabkooda. Shabakadda Dayniile oo dedaal dheer u gashay si ay u ogaato xogta rasmiga ah ee ku saabsan dib ugu soo laabashada Muqdisho ee Yussur waxey akhristayaasheeda u balanqaadeysaa in ay u soo gudbiso macluumaadka sax ah.