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  1. Special Arrangement .... Kinda like that for now
  2. That is what is up .......... :mad: Al Shabaab’s leader Ahmed Godane under the command of the tribal enclave a.k.a. Somaliland and Al-Qaeda, who also has the blessing of the president of the Somali Federal Government Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has shown his brutality and ugly face again by carrying his latest terrorist attack on innocent victims at a mall in Nairobi Kenya
  3. Unfortunate minor clash ,,, But all is well as planned. Good job Somaliland Gov for outsourcing the false Somali old notes.
  4. Ethiopian Airlines and the Ethiopian Government never talked about it ,, officially. The rest are speculations .... and I enjoy reading them anyway
  5. Markay ahayd "Villa Waar-Ba'aa" maxaad uga hadli wayday ? .
  6. The semiautonomous Somali state of Jubaland agreed Wednesday to ally itself with the national government, in a deal welcomed by Somalia’s internationally backed authorities, who have struggled to extend their reach far beyond the capital, Mogadishu, and are also fighting the Shabab militia. Jubaland, in southern Somalia and bordering Kenya, was one of several breakaway regions of the fractured nation. The agreement was signed after a week of negotiations in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, between Somalia’s state minister, Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, and the self-appointed leader of Jubaland, Ahmed Madobe. Mr. Madobe will remain in charge of Jubaland for a two-year transitional period, but he did agree to hand over control of the port and airport in the coastal city of Kismayo. New York Times
  7. I have been around ,, in other blocks .... but it is good to be back How have u been Juxa ?
  8. HIBF were looking for some missing books this morning ... one of the security cameras caught a not-so-clear image of someone stealing some books but it is hard to identify if it is Alpha or someone else. I looked at the photos and i recognized his height & hair but to further clear about it we asked some experts to install new computer program that can clarify the photos. At least 2 people said they lost their receipts after they purchased so many books. One of them said the receipt was stolen while trying to have coffee in front of the book-hall ... Someone said he saw a person (a male) putting some books on the ground and taking pictures but was not sure where he headed after that. Police, CID and Intelligence were all informed ............ Alpha, you better run .... it is a friendly advise
  9. Classified;974377 wrote: No Kacaan-era official, regardless of his/her clan background will ever be charged with war crimes because they simply have not done any crimes. When a rebel movement, funded by foreign enemy attacks the military barracks and cities of your country, the government of that country has the duty and right to defend itself and civilians against ANY rebels at all costs. The same reason that the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons against the civilians ... eh ?? SMH
  10. I am opening a center where i can keep the "good for nothing" people so that they don't infect others ....... HIBF proved to be one of the success stories in the world ......... at least for now
  11. Asalaamu Calaykum dhamaantiin ,,,,,, Yall been missed Malika, Habari? ... sasa ?
  12. Jacaylbaro


    Mudaan doon doonayee mirqaan goormaan noqdaa Markee lay odhanayaa markii aan dirir dhabiyo jigjiga iyo herer maree dhulkii madhabku u badnaa maqaam awliyo degee mugii baabuur cunaa mirqaan lay odhanayaa hadana maahaan is idhi wixii marba aan helee masruufkii ku qayilee murmee asaartamee garaabada aan mishee mar hore gabadh aan iqiiin Mudona mudona aanaan is arag maankaygu xasuusto'ee meel aan ku ogaa qabtee mutuhiyee raadiyee mishiinada guuxayiyo madaarka dameerihiyo codkeedii moodo'ee mirqaan lay odhanyaa .......................................... by Ismaaciil
  13. Hadda ma karaysaa laakiin ??
  14. A federal magistrate in Columbus has recommended that a former Somali colonel pay a human-rights activist he tortured in Somalia $15 million in damages. Human-rights supporters are hailing the judgment as historic. “It shows the United States will not be a safe haven for those who commit human-rights abuses,” Christina G. Hioureas, an attorney for Abukar Hassan Ahmed, said today. “It sends a message that those who commit these abuses will be held accountable.” U.S. District Judge George C. Smith found last year that Abdi Aden Magan, then a Columbus resident, had severely tortured Ahmed in the late 1980s. Magan was the National Security Service investigations chief under the military dictatorship of Mohamed Siad Barre at the time. Magistrate Mark R. Abel released his decision on damages today. Hioureas said it was unclear whether Magan would pay the judgment. In his 2010 civil lawsuit, Ahmed said Magan arrested him in 1988 in Somalia and held him handcuffed in a tiny cell for three months. Ahmed said he slept on the floor, urinated in a milk can and was fed two pieces of bread a day. Magan threatened to kill him and ordered officers to beat him, contort his body with cords, squeeze his genitals and pour a mixture of water, sand and stones into his mouth, according to testimony during an evidentiary hearing in May. “Magan said he was above the law, that he was the law,” Nushin Sarkarati, one of Ahmed’s attorneys, said at the hearing. She said the Magan case is the first court judgment holding a Somali National Security Service official liable for human-rights violations. Sarkarati said Ahmed, who now lives in England, was left with permanent physical injuries that made him unable to father children and with mental injuries that interrupt his sleep and generate flashbacks of his torture. She had asked Abel to order a substantial penalty as punishment and to deter others. “If you are black, you need justice,” Ahmed told the court during the May hearing. “If you are white, you need justice. If you are yellow, you need justice. So everybody needs justice. It is universal. “I don’t seek only my justice, but I seek justice for other people also, because I call them the silent victims of torture – in Somalia or in other countries.” Magan has moved to Kenya and has not participated in the lawsuit for more than a year. He could not be reached for comment. Ahmed is a legal adviser to the president of Somalia. Sarkarati is an attorney with the Center for Justice and Accountability, a San Francisco-based human-rights organization. The center, as well as Hioureas of Chadbourne & Parke in New York City and Kenneth R. Cookson of Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter in Columbus, represented Ahmed.
  15. Hargeysa ayuu joogaa ,,,, attending the Book Fair
  16. I am perfectly save on SOL ..... smple coz I am me
  17. Scattered on the shoulders of the mountain of Laas Geel: boulders of a broken god, on her journey to the plains. Crevices of stone decant their poetry… hollowed by the elements, denuded by her foes, in hues of cows and kudu, she is painted by her sons, with hadhuubs of peace she is watered by her daughters till, from the grave of dead gods, great folk emerge By Chuma Nwokolo