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  1. Qorraxdii halkanay ku dhashay ,,,,, everything is literary melting here Subax wanaagsan Juxa ..
  2. Just spot the oldest one in the group ... and then of course that is Him ..
  3. Juxa;956310 wrote: I still dont get what took JB's mad interest in SOL! xaalku dhagdhag maaha walee Sow ma aragtid horta ,,, Aniga laftaydaa yaabban ... Cid gartaa qaadda ha la raadiyo
  4. Waraa i soo gaaray, wejigaa ma fiicnee, yaa hoosta kaa waalay ... Saaka heestaasaa igu socotee bal iska warrrama ??
  5. Galab wanaagsan yaa ahlal dunyaa wal aakhira ,,,,
  6. loooooooooooooooooooool ,, :D Well, it happened to me once (one of the so many times) and played it along ... until we set a time and place to meet immediately as it was around 10pm when she called. I sent my brother to the scene and I went to my bedroom to get some sleep. I don't know what happened after ....
  7. looooooooooooooooool@raula ..... mar baan fuuli gaadhayba
  8. As long as we differentiate between Politics and the general population ..... Siyaasaddaanu is haynaa ,, Dadka isma hayno.
  9. Yes, still moving forward with this ... From a small region of Somalia and now dealing with the big powers in the form of bilateral negotiations ... It is quite achievement. No, we don't want to be like N Korea, Eritrea & Cuba ..... at least not now.
  10. What a looser ,,,, Isn't that what we have been telling him for the past 22 years ?? ...... Ohh ,, there is always a dumb student in the class. The only reason he was against Somaliland was because President Cigaal did not employ him when he came to Hargeisa in 1993/94 ... and now he was not hired by President Hassan, he wants to come back ?? ..... Don't tell me he will join ONLF if he looses both sides
  11. N.O.R.F;953850 wrote: The facebook jail let you go miya? SOL needs to create an app to compete with the facebook dee
  12. Subax wanaagsan dadkiinan indhaha buurbuuran ee dhakada dheerow ....
  13. SomaliPhilosopher;953611 wrote: Anyone going to answer my horse inquiry? It is the natural color for sure ...
  14. Well, this white French girl thought the camel liver was Yukkk ,, until one day I asked to taste. Now she wants it for breakfast every freaking morning ....... Ibti forgot to distribute cakes as she was eating everything from the oven till she can't move anymore ,,,
  15. Afternoon trolls ......... It is always good to have Camel's Liver after a long meeting. It is so refreshing
  16. I've finally discovered that that one was not real ,,, I"m now the real Libaax-sanka-taabte in da house
  17. Linkedin is nuts ,,,, I had strangers approached me ,,, but in the other hand, I'm now working on project where they followed me from Linkedin
  18. I was standing next to that lion ,,,,,, It is from the little zoo in Hargeisa where they keep some lions as well