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  1. ... and I was going through my stationery stuff to see which one is blue ... well, the pen turned out to be one
  2. 600 ,, in the face of what dee ?? ,, 27,000 SL troops ?? ... Now do the math sxb
  3. "Few geel jirayaal" .. is that how you have been seeing them before ?? ...
  4. :D .... Very desperate attempt ... and where in the world do you stamp the letter in the middle ??
  5. He missed the 1982 - 1991 wars .... he probably wants his turn in 2013
  6. Lack of Professional Photographers is killing the whole thing ......
  7. Fiid Wanaagsan ... bal maxaan meesha ka qabanayaa xilligan Weekend ,,, not for me though ... Have other deadlines to finish before sunrise ,,, meaning ,,, that i won't bee sleeping tonite unless I'm paid 1 Million Dollars cash ..
  8. looooooooooool@raula ..... Let's talk about Nyama Choma in this case
  9. Stoic, Niyow you have to be available to be invited horta ... I had great hospitality from A&T, nuune and other SOLers in Nairobi. I even wanted to organize a big gathering for all the SOLers there but the time was just short and A&T was not feeling well. I even remember we trying to locate you, MMA and others ..... you guys were not even there ,,, naga daaya bahasha dee ..
  10. وقلبناه وقلبناه بعدما شربناه
  11. loooooool@Juxa ... South-bashing ka siyaasadda waanu isku leenahay dee .... not the people-bashing though .... Xamar way shidnayd to be honest
  12. Norf, breakfast waaban iloobay saaka ,,,,, Alpha lama arko
  13. Aniga iyo Jinkii Naasa-habloodba waanu idin salaanay ...
  14. Someone is pissed off because 26 June & 1st July is two days for Somaliland & Somalia .... if you know what i mean
  15. Waa haday i gartaanba oo ay i soo helaanba