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  1. Haatu

    Isqor bilaa liis

    Meehannaw iga dheh!
  2. Haatu

    Of Mice and Men

    Tolow ma lagu soo tarxiilay?
  3. Alla yaa isfaanshay oon Somalilanders ahayn. Okibar! [I didn't originally write 'Somalilanders' but SOL seems to have a mind of its own] In other news, Oodweyne suugaan-dhaadi baan kuu haaystayee, hadmaad u soo fadhiisatay heesahan casriga oo iska maalaayacniga eh?
  4. There are many Somali traditions and customs. As a Muslim people, a lot of them have an Islamic basis, but there are many unique to Somalis. For example, ninka waa in uu talada tolkiis u hogaansamaa, i.e. you must defer to the will of your clan. If you want to do something but your clan tells you not to do it, it is ceeb (shameful) for a grown man to go against the will of his clan. Also, when we eat, the oldest person puts their hand into the food first and then the rest begin. There are many customs that you will notice if you look closely.
  5. The "feudalism" I suggest is the most practical and workable solution we have today. And the formation of S/Land and P/Land was a success story for the Geed system. The problem is that after the initial success, they abandoned it for hazy notions of 'democracy' and party politics which are doomed to fail in the Somali context. We basically have a pseudo-clan system with 4.5 currently. Might as well abolish all pretences and just put everything out in the open. How will it work in practise? The first step is to bring all clan elders together and iron out differences from the civil war. Without doing this, everything else is an exercise in futility. Then we can decide on how we will share the government and under what terms. We need an organic xero-u-dhalad solution to our problems, not faulty imports. PS: the "feudal" system is the most egalitarian of them all from the perspective of the common man. Any man who is unsatisfied with his suldaan/ugaas/wabar/etc can call a shir and ask for the wider tribe to rectify the situation. Clan elders can also be removed should the clan agree to do so. Anyone who knows Somali culture knows these mechanisms well. Think democracy with Somali characteristics (to borrow a leaf from the Chinese communist party).
  6. Haatu

    Random Somali Images Thread

    The new Solar plant in Garissa
  7. Yaa ducaysanoo eraygan ii fasira?
  8. Haatu

    Ethiopia:Sidama To Become Regional State

    Can someone tell me what that undercover Oromo boy Ahmed Shide is doing? i hear he is the real power in the region and Abiy's bootlicker.
  9. Till when will we keep going in circles looking for solutions elsewhere before we realise it was with us all along? The Somalis have an ancient system of governance called Gende which is ruled by the Xeer Eji (or Aji). Contrary to popular belief this xeer wasn't unique to just the Dir but a Somaliweyn thing. This is a system whereby the clan elders rule by consensus amongst themselves and amongst their kinsmen. It was by use of this system and the Xeer Eji that the Somalis were able to conquer Jubbaland and NFD from the Oromo. The creation of Somaliland and Puntland is also reminiscent of this old system whereby the clans come together to solve their differences internally and create their own form of governance. A successful system that fits the Somali psyche. No need for democracy or any other foreign system that is doomed to fail.
  10. Haatu

    It is no joke! Burco has a new fish market.

    Cimrigaaga oo raaga, hal dhalina wuu ku tusaa
  11. Then who do you have a beef with? It's this kind of mentality that results in our perennial weakness.
  12. This says everything about where you stand in the debate. The Kenyans will go and the natives of the land will remain, kuwii Dhadhaab ku maqnaana way soo noqonayaan and you will have to live with the facts on the ground.
  13. The fatal flaw in your reasoning Mr Oodka, is that you believe that the D-block is an entity that exists. When the reality is, D-block is merely a name that lacks substance that some pay lip-service to when it is convenient (whilst at the same time extraditing war hero fellow D-blockers to Ethiopia branding them traitors, or rounding up innocent D-blockers fleeing persecution and handing them back to their torturers); just as some pay lip-service to Soomaalinimo and dawladnimo and wave the blue flag whilst being the very obstacles to Soomaalinimo and dawladnimo. So D-block is merely a name and nothing more. Then again, when you are more than 10 million any notion of unity is bound to be farcical, something some in some quarters would not understand.
  14. Tolow yaabayee, Reer Waamaha ma tashan karaan miyaa? Why is it the only people masiirka Waamo ka talin karaan ay yihiin galti Afdheer ka imaaday oo aan la galti bixinin iyo mid Galgaduud barideed ka soo jeeda. Waryaada gobolkaayna faraha kala baxa. Reer Waamo way isgaranayaan, cidda leh iyo cidda martida eh way cad yihiin. As for Dalmar, taariikhda gobolka soo baro before you comment on yaa leh iyo yaa lahayn.
  15. Haatu

    Somaliland Presidential Elections 2017

    Oodweyne, hadal ninna si u yiri, ninna si u qaatay bay Soomaali ku maahmaahdaa. Hadalkayga inaysan qabyaalad iga keenin adiguba waad ogtahay ee waxba ha i haaraamin, andacana ha la soo shirtegin. Bal ku noqo hadalka saan u dhigay. Waxaan ku iri "waxaan maqlay..." taasoo aan ula jeedo hadal aan ka maqlay nin reer Awdal ah oo isla sifooyinkaas aad qoonsatay Muuse Biixi ku tilmaamay.