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  1. Tolow, how much of this will the Northerners understand
  2. ...dheefna ka soo waayay. Iyo ku kale oo Baraasiil sahan ku tagay oo halahii Donald Trump oo dhukaan ah ku soo arkay
  3. This is why people dislike landers. Cuqdad, xasad, iyo gaalo-jacayl baa ka buuxa.
  4. This post reeks of dependency. Why should Somalis be reliant on the largess of others? Are they not capable of supporting themselves? Despite what many people, poor countries can easily escape the poverty trap as long as they pursue the right economic policies. But good luck finding those policies, the IMF, World Bank, WTO, developed countries on general and others are hell-bent on keeping poor countries poor. Ha-Joon Chang, a Cambridge economics professor calls them Bad Samaritans and Friedrich List, the father of developmental economics, describes their actions as 'kicking away the ladder' after they've climbed the tree. And aid is a scam. It's a roundabout way for countries to subsidise their economies without breaking WTO rules. What is wrong with you people? Qabkii iyo hankii sare aaway? For educated bright people, fikraddiina aad bay u hoosaysaa. Never let your poor sitaution to lead you to beg/be dependent on others. There is always a way out if you are mentally self-sufficient. Laakiin hadduu nin kale maskaxda kaa haasta, you will forever be dependent.
  5. He looks like the kind of guy who can be bought out with 'nic qaad ah' let alone a whole marduuf.
  6. Despite what my display pic shows, I actually don't believe in federalism, nor have I ever done. I prefer something akin to the preferectural system of Japan. Nor do I particularly like the leadership of N&N. Nor do I hate Axmed Madoobe. In fact, he's the best thing to have happened to Jubbaland since the civil war began. That said though, I believe NN is the last hope in establishing a strong, united Somali state. If NN fails, then I believe the country will disintegrate in the years that follow. So, I am willing to put my political preferences to the side for the last time and entertain another man's clannish desires for my land for the greater good. I hope Farmaajo and Khayre are successful in subjugating the country. I don't even care if they become dictators as long as they re-establish the state. However, if NN fails and is booted out of Villa Somalia, then enough is enough. I then will support and campaign for the balkanization of Somalia. Let each man go his way, for good or worse.
  7. Dulli dulli dhalay. Ummad dhan maxaa afkaada huurada leh ugu soo taagi? Aadan Barre hadduu daacdaacsaday, ma annakay na qusaysaa? Haddaadan iska dhicin karin oo siyaasi u jawaabo aadan haasanin, annaka ha nagu soo jeesan.
  8. Just because the plane is registered in Kenya doesn't mean the Jubbaland government doesn't have a stake. You're forgetting Ahmed Madoobe's biggest powerbase is in Kenya. Most Somalis think that means Kikuyus but it is actually Somali Kenyans that used the Kenyan government machinery to achieve their aims and Jubbaland is the result. Ahmed Madobe didn't magically conquer Jubbaland single-handedly, he had powerful backers. In this case, they most probably have a Somali from Kenya as a proxy.
  9. The advent of China and most of human history has shown us that Western democracy is not the only way to succeed (whether they are even succeeding is doubtful), nor are so-called Western "values" universal. If we even were to accept that such a notion exists, it would be idiosyncratic at best. We would do well to learn from the histories of nations and our own for that matter. Dow ma aha in nidaam laguu yeeriyo. Waa in aad leedahay karti aad ku hindisi kartid nidaam adi kuu qalmo oo waayahaaga iyo xaaladaada ka turjumi kara. We need a new system. If, despite all these years of futile attempts in overcoming our failed nation status, it is evident that there are some who are willing to try a new system and there are some who rigidly cling onto the colonial system that went by the name of the Somali Republic, I see it fit that the two sides go there separate ways and we see which side succeeds. I have no doubts that the colonial project will fail and continue to fail.
  10. No.1 seems the most likely and what most people yearn for, whether they admit it out loud or not. The reason for that might be it is a system that resembles the indigenous system that existed before colonialism if not the exact thing. In short, it is as close to an indigenous system as possible under the circumstances today but not ideal in my opinion.
  11. Secession is not the panacea some think it to be. Somaliland is a case in point. They simply replicated the same failed system of the Somali Republic with the same results which we are seeing today. Xalku waa nidaam cusub oo xera-u-dhalad ah. Not more of the same which is what both you and the secessionists are suggesting.
  12. For how much longer will we continue to beat a dead horse? Is it time we look for newer solutions instead of rehashing the same old failed strategies? At independence we inherited from the colonialists a system which they enforced and had built from the top down to meet their needs. The system was continued due to the Somaliweyn fervour at the time and the desire to liberate the occupied lands. However, before long with the whip of the colonialist gone cracks started to appear in the edifice and gradually became bigger and bigger. The military regime came in 1969 promising to re-plaster and to strengthen the foundation of the edifice. However, that too failed and the building finally crumbled in 1990. Since then, we have devoted all our efforts and attention to rebuilding that system in one manner or another (centralist or federalist), but fundamentally a system based on the colonial one; which if you recall was a foreign system to begin with which was enforced by the barrel of the gun. In short, nidaam xera-u-dhalad ma aha. So I repeat, after 30 years of failure and 30 years of abject failure, is it now time to abandon that colonial system and replace it with an indigenous one? Miyaynu awoodnaa inaynu tuurno nidaamkaas gumaystuhu uu nooga tagay oo aynu ku baddalnaa mid xera-u-dhalad ah oo ka turjumi karo xaaladdeena iyo dhaqankeenaa, kaas oo ku salaysan taariikhdeena? Mise wareerkan ayaynu weligeen ku jirnaa?
  13. Nothing like good old Diisow on these kind of occasions
  14. Jubbaland isn't going anywhere. That's just propaganda. And if it ever came to that, J/land would have a better claim for independence compared to the secessionists, as it was an actual state before colonialism. But that's fantasy. Jubbaland is a part and parcel of Somalia. Let's hope the rest of Reer Koonfur get their act together. Otherwise Somalia might die on the coma machine.
  15. Yes, bahasha waa in aad iska wareejisiin. Waa ku raagteen. But nimankaas walaaleheen eh way dhib badan yihiinee, annaka Reer Joorre maad nagu tijaabisiina