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  1. Lahjadaha waa lagu kala duwan yahay wax cusubna ma aha. Koonfur intaas oo lahjadood baa lagu hadlaa. Somali speaking people is nonsense waana wax cusub oo xagjirka SNM laga keenay. Danta laga leeyahayna way iska caddahay.
  2. Habartan iyo xagjirka SNM nacaybkooda waxaad ka dhadhansan kartaa hadalkooda. Wey necebyihiin in ay dhahaan "dadka Soomaaliyeed". Instead waxay dhahaan "inta af Soomaaliga ku hadasha". I wonder why. Maybe they are scared that if they utter those words, the vision of the world they have created in their minds will shatter because ummad qura ayay rabaan in ay kala gooyaan. A clear example of cognitive dissonance.
  3. Suldaanka and his propaganda. Post one negative post about kids in Xamar, and just for good measure post one positive post about kids in Hargeysa
  4. This should be banned. But also ask yourself, what's the difference between this and kids that play graphic online shooting games in the West? Your kids are being mentally prepared.
  5. I would advise all to start attending the lessons on fiqh in their local mosques and forego their fadhikudirir session once a week. You will be wiser for it. It's as they say, the more you learn, the more you realise just how ignorant you truly are.
  6. You people do realise that astronomical accuracy is not the condition for Eid right? Which is why the Prophet SCW said "if it is overcast, complete the month as 30" even though the moon might literally be there above the clouds! And mind you these astronomical calculations were available at the time of the Prophet so if that was the criterion he would have advised his followers with it. But he didn't, he made it easy for both the learned and the illiterate when he said fast if you see it and break your fast if you see it, ans if it is overcast complete 30 days. That is the Sunnah and the point of emphasis, not astronomical accuracy. So if we have reliable witnesses saying we saw it, then it becomes a religious obligation to follow their testimony based upon the command of the prophet. If they lied, the sin is on them. If they were simply mistaken then Allah is Ghafuurul Rahiim and we will still be rewarded for following the Sunnah. That is why the Ulama made the decision they did. It was not arrogance nor ignorance, but simply following the sunnah. The arrogant and ignorant ones are us who are clueless about the rulings of the very religion we claim to follow yet have the audacity to claim the scholars are wrong/ignorant without even the slightest clue. Wallahu aclam.
  7. Waa xuuxda caruurta Hargeysa lagu seexiyo. Soomaaliya iyadaaba istaagi la' ee yay cadaw ku tahay? Soddon sano ayaad ismaamulayseen, dhib iyo dheef waxa idin soo gaara idinkaa ka masuul ah. Nimankan siyaasiyiinta ah ee fashilmay ee bakhti-afuufka ah yaysan ummadda luggoynin. Soomaaliya waa cadaw maanta reer Hargeysa laguma beerlaxawsani karo. It's 1441H, if you fail in your mandate, you have no one to blame but yourself Mr Biixi.
  8. It's more than possible and I've seen it done. But the problem is lack of adequate access to markets and the fact that most of the produce is harvested at the same time so wholesale prices plummet. And not to mention the sabotaging by the UN in the form of "food aid". All aid agencies should be banned during years of good rain. If that were to be done we would quickly see the country become self sufficient.
  9. They've simply been left out to dry. They were forcefully removed from their state (I'm been kind here, lots of chameleons amongst the inhabitants of this region), promised the world and more, and now when reality hit, meel cidlaa looga dhaqaaqay. Ilaahay ha u gargaaro, kolley dawlad waxbo uma soo wadee.
  10. Abtigiis is a stooge. We all seem to be forgetting that he was handpicked by Abiy. I don't know why people expect him to act any differently.
  11. Get out of here with your cheap clan hate. Halganka halyeeyada maxaa ka taqaantaa? Qabiil nacayb uun baa kaa hadalsiinayaa duq yahow waalan. Dad haddaad terrorist u yeeri, adeerradaa iyo ina adeerradaa ka bilow.
  12. I was making a side point. No country can stop this. It will eventually infect everyone one and those that survive will survive. Governments should just be honest like Germany.
  13. I cannot overstate the importance of this hospital. More important than physical infrastructure in healthcare is the quality and training of medical professionals. I'm sure we all have experiences of our relatives back home or even ourselves receiving sub-optimal care because the doctors simply lacked training. This hospital here is training hundreds of Somali doctors every year under expert consultants. This isn't the kind of training you can get from a seminar. It requires years of working under specialists as their apprentice basically learning the skill slowly from them. In the UK it takes young surgeons 10 years of training under experts to become consultant surgeons. And at at this hospital we have some Somali doctors being trained in every speciality, even minute and rare ones. And the best thing is that it acts as a catalyst. Once you train one specialist, he/she can train hundreds of other specialists over their career. I can envisage the number of expert Somali specialists multiplying over the next few years. And we know how business minded Somalis are. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing urology clinics or even dermatology clinics sprouting up in every major town headed by a specialist (all we currently have are general doctors opening poor quality clinics or quacks at the worst). All that is required is to hold regular annual conferences locally or attend international ones abroad to keep their skills up to date. We might even end up with an even more educated workforce than some African countries.
  14. Oodweyne, Xabashi, The problem with you two is that qumanahiinaa qoorta idiin suran as they say. So despite all the evidence I present you will not change your beliefs despite what the research may say. It's probably because you are both from the same generation that failed Africans throughout the continent. So let's just agree to disagree and move on, illaa qalbidhagax lalama dooddi karee.
  15. You seem to misunderstand. Under this plan, all investment will be by local Somali companies. Also their is no international law banner the use of IDP labour (as long as they're paid free workers). If anything, it will be viewed as job creation for vulnerable people. In short, re-read the whole proposal and take off the FDI/aid dependence syndrome most Africans seem to suffer from. This is something radically different.