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  1. That was the launching event sxb ,,, setting the example for the masses
  2. I hope Islam and Somalism don't go back with Somaliland ,,
  3. What the vaccination teams do is they knock on the doors and provide the vaccination at home ,,, exactly the same thing the President is doing right now
  4. I welcome anything that draws the line between Somaliland and Somalia ...... This is one of them Have special events/occasions for the damn flag that is far from Somaliland ... This is a good news and progress for Somaliland.
  5. xiinfaniin;981637 wrote: From xiinfaniin, a keyboard waranle turned into online xerow Marka horeba Xerow baad ku fiicnayd ...
  6. looooooooooooooooooool ,, Gabdhuhu inaan oday gaboobay ahay may garanayn ,, mid kasta markaan sawirka u diro uun bay carartaa niyow ,,, ana dee isma yarayn karo oo afkuun inay igaga hadhay ma oga ,,,, Hadda iyagoo islaamo ah baanu "Salaamu Calaykum" meelahaa iska nidhaahnaa ,, Soo dhowow sxb .... hawlahaagii uun dib ha u bilaabin ,, hahahahaha
  7. Inaan weli ku jecelahay ,, Waydii dadkaba qaar Inaan weli idin jecelahay ,,, ma cid bay ka qarsoon tahay ... Salaamz all ... lazy sunday i see
  8. You have not seen this .... As those guys were killing people, the KDF were doing a normal shopping for their families. The latest from the Westgate Saga: " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  9. You better say the " Tolka Fadhikudirir" .....
  10. Alle u baahne is Alive ?? ,,, looooooooooooool ,,, Soo dhowow sxb ,, been long time
  11. malistar2012;979437 wrote: Faarole is a Governor just like Tarzan ..... Let the Governors compete kkkkk ;););)
  12. In signing with PG, the Somali government briefly locks step with breakaway Somaliland, which signed a $22,500/month lobbying contract with Glover Park Group (GPG) toward its independence cause in March 2013. Interestingly, GPG’s offices are located only one block away from Podesto Group. FULL STORY
  13. Naxar Nugaaleed;979408 wrote: looool @ JB, war odayga ma sas uu nacebteheen Waar the Datoore will come and say he was the primary target of the Westgate attack ....
  14. Now they will say "Galaydh" was the target ............
  15. Worst are those trying defend this ............ Isma dhaanto iyo dhasheed
  16. I'm not a big fan of the guy but I'm glad he finally sees the light ... It took him 22 years to realize what we have been saying to him was right