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  1. Eid Mubarak Solers. Have a happy & blessed Eid.
  2. Kulu sana wa anti bikhyr Val. Ramadan Kareem, wishing you all a blessed one. Cafis iyo musamax insha'Allah
  3. uchi;966815 wrote: Thank god it's winter in our neck of the woods this year. Ramadan Kareem/Mubarak to all. really? winter in july? Ramadan mubarak reer Sol. Ilaahay danbi dhaaf ha inooga dhigo. Tan teedana ha nugu simo. Qof ramadan Ilaahay ku simay nasib badanaa.
  4. Jubbaland and Khaatumo should stand by each other. Well done.
  5. Abbas I am not sure if you posted the somali independence day event in Columbus, Ohio. But, if you didnt here it is.
  6. Juxa;966386 wrote: i smell business, KHAT HOLIDAYS, i will arrange tours in khat farms Juxa hun instead open rehabilitation centres.
  7. Good news. Now Somalia should follow suit and ban Khat as well.
  8. Che -Guevara;966204 wrote: Secessionists need SOL Q@ldan version so they have could have venting/therapy session there. Aaliyah, you are too polite. Lander calls Khaatumo Kastuumo, I suggest Sodomland for his tribal enclave but I would understand your hesitation, you have class. Indeed.
  9. GAROODI;966203 wrote: We all have to suffer for our sins eventually. I didn't tell your people to follow a dictator to their own end. Common sense would have said to them don't attack your neighbour because even after the dictator you will be neighbours. Little thought. The hate on your news outlets is a drop on comparison to mine. No one put a gun to your head and said pull the trigger you did it all by yourself and still hide behind Somalinimo and somaliweyn ban Rabna. If it was genuine what happened wouldn't have happened The Somaliland newsoutlets are no different than other outlets. As for siyad barre all your current and former leaders were part of Siyad barre administration (Egal, Riyale, Silanyo etc). You can't pick and choose who to blame.
  10. Garoodi, you are full of hate & cuqdad. How then do you expect Khaatumo to be part of your tribal state.
  11. LANDER;965948 wrote: Kastumo state baryahan waxba kama maqal ee bal iga waran. Aflagaado iyo nacayb meel dheer luguma tago. No wonder people of Khaatumo don't want to be part of Somaliland.
  12. Good luck reer Puntland. Ilaahay maamulkiina ha idinka yeelo kii idin anfaca.
  13. Abbaas;965868 wrote: Aad baan u jeclahay heestaas Guul baan u rajayn Khaatumo. Waad mahadsantahay walaal. Guul iyo midnimo.
  14. Abbaas;965861 wrote: Haybad waxaad ku leedahay dhulkaaga hooyo. Waana lama huraanE hagar li'i wax ugu qabo. Hantiyeey macaan waa midaan hoy laga odhaneen helayoo... Soomaali waa mid, waa ul iyo mayrax, mataano weeye meel bey ka wada timid. Hanfi iyo kuleyl ma leh dhulkeene, anagaa halaynee.. Somaliyeey hoy hoodaale weeye dagaankisa hodanka lo wada hamuuma. GUUL KHAATUMO IYO SOMALIA !