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  1. LONDON - The British government is proposing to set aside around 4.8 million pounds ($7.7 million) to enhance counterterrorism capabilities in Pakistan and northern Somalia. Foreign Secretary William Hague detailed the plans to donate equipment and fund training and mentoring programs in written statements to lawmakers on Tuesday. He said the government wants to give 3.5 million pounds to support Pakistan's police and military to counter the threat of improvised explosive devices. Separate assistance to the semiautonomous Somali region of Somaliland would amount to around 1.3 million pounds and go toward helping aviation and border authorities counter terrorist threats and toward building police capabilities. The assistance will be approved as long as no lawmakers object before Dec. 5. SOURCE
  2. Who is the police in Somalia horta ?? ,,, AMISOM ?? ,,,
  3. Kan Classified la leeyaha shukaansi xumaa horta ,,,,, Congratulations Somaliland Police Force ... May you continue beating the enemy for the rest of our lives
  4. Jacaylbaro


    The current dream is working just perfectly .....
  5. Jacaylbaro


    The madness of Somaliweyn dream ......
  6. The midwife when i was born died recently in Hargeisa ,, still working in the same maternity ward ... Allah Yarxamah Cadar Kuluco
  7. Tried a catapult on the enemy yet? = Colka wadhaf ma lagu deyay?!
  8. Their main Headquarters is in Yagoori, Sool region of Somaliland .... They are mostly found in the Somaliland's eastern regions starting from Burco .... they spread all the way to Nugaal, Bari and Mudug regions of Somalia as well .... The founder of the group Sheekh Maxamed Rabiic died few years ago in Yagoori and his sons are resuming his position but they are not as active as before .. iyaga dhexdoodaa is khilaafay and had problems within ....
  9. I am going to make love = Jacayl baan samaynayaa.
  10. Come here, shame = Ceebey tacaal
  11. Nahdii iyo nukhdiiba way ka dhamaatay ,,,, I guess people are old enough to ignore this section now Where is my BARO family ??
  12. Disillusion an ant - Qudhaanjoy ku quuso
  13. He works in badness - Xumaan buu ka shaqeeyaa.
  14. You girl jumping in the farm one day i will get you in the desert = Bustaanka dhexdiisa boodbooddooy maruun baan banaanka kaa heli
  15. This is Hargeisa talking to you on the short waves so good night = Tani waa hargeysoo, hirarka gaaban idinkala hadlaysee habeen wanaagsan
  16. Children of the market = Ciyaala suuq
  17. May milk be held on your mouth = Afkaaga caano lagu qabay Evil Blocked and Evil Wears Hijab = Shar gudban shaydaan xijaaban
  18. You are talking about 50 years ago sxb .. the same calan Hargeysa la sudhay in 1960 has not been there for the last 22 years ..... wake up About the NGOs ,,, Iyagaa wax ku cuna oo biilkooda ku bixiya what i get is my rightful share and without even any flag aan ku heli lahaa ... Caadi iska dhig duqa
  19. I hope Faroole will not faint as well ............. Ku dayo ku dayo