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  1. We have Somaliland and we still want ministerial positions in Mogadishu ,,,, hehehehe ,, Waar way duushay
  2. Somaliland was a protectorate not a colony ,,, you must be mixing it with Somalia sxb.
  3. This is how we welcome them and take them from the Airport to the Presidential Palace ....
  4. I am celebrating the fact that you are celebrating for nothing "basically" .... But if everything starts with a small thing ... Then you should realize the second reason why I am celebrating ... Watch this and let me know if you want to celebrate with me now: Waan Aqoonsanay Somaliland
  5. So MPs are breaking ranks ,, reality is hitting on SL ,,, MPs no long believe in SL ,,,, and you are still angry ?? Thought you will be celebrating and coming up with welcoming posts .... Something fishy niyow ,,
  6. Thanks sxb ... Haa long time waan is yara buullaynayay niyow
  7. You got that wrong .... Actually the Shia is getting a momentum and the way it looks they will be the dominant in the Arab region. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and recently Yemen are all under the Shia now and they are even expanding to more countries. I guess Wahabism is in trouble and Saudi Arabia is really worried.
  8. The Funniest Message I have seen .... The person was probably high on Khat, Weed, Crack, Cocaine and Vimto all mixed together ,,,
  9. Beenta .... How about this from the same group ??
  10. Adiguba caqlaad leedahee carar maxaa dhaama ,, lool
  11. Xaglatoosiye is there to accompany Cali Khaliif to Hargeysa ,,,,
  12. Let's see who wins the most .....
  13. President Siilaanyo's objectives: 1- Create peace and stability in Somalia 2- Guarantee recognition for Somaliland
  14. See the link below: Garaad Jaamac Coming Back Home ?
  15. Didn't I tell you all those bac bac and bug bug was not more than an application letter ?? ,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Iu-L38XU-U
  16. <cite> @SomaliaRising said:</cite> CiilSNM after hearing this news <cite> @Dr_Osman said:</cite> Puntland can easily squash somaliland my friend, a jilib would be sufficient but there seems to be other plans at work here. loooooooooool ,, you actually reminded me of the Reer Xamar guy who said "Haddis kastuumada taaban lahaay, beerkaa kala bixi laha nooh" ,,, lool