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  1. Even if Cirro wins (very unlikely as he will be cheated as usual) the troops in the area will remain intact as they are defense forces for the locals. With SSB and Khaatumo both armed we need to be 10x more armed. Simple as.
  2. Just self administration of their areas (which is already in effect).Then wait out the evitable collapse of remaining Somaliland after that decide which new mamuuls to join.
  3. They are putting their interest first. 90% of their lands is out of Somaliland control now, if you walk between Dararweyne and Bohol you won't see Somaliland, so self administration of local areas is the way to go.
  4. This is unrelated to elections. Only Reer Hargeisa and reer Burco believe in elections and that nonsense.
  5. I agree that is the western part of the community (led by the likes of Cirro & Faysal) as they believe in Somaliland and Duyaradism. What you see you in the video though is local troops of the Dararweyne district, a month ago the Khaatumo flag was even raised there. So they don't believe in Somaliland, no cash can buy them.
  6. The Bohol & Dararweyne community have created their own paramilitary to combat and deter secessionist backed SSB militia. Rest of G36 should follow suit to protect their interests.
  7. Cidaanka Sacad Yoonis.mp4
  8. Somaliland has no democracy (that has been proven by multiple failed delayed elections, unlawful arrests of civilians and journalists). Since 2017 Somalia and Puntland state had held two presidential election/selections, while Somaliland is still stuck in 2017. The only thing Somaliland had it going for was the "democracy" thing and even if that disappeared.
  9. Well that is thanks to Khaatumo's defeat of Somaliland forces in Las Anod. It is a old map.
  10. With 40% of its original landmass missing (controlled by Khaatumo and Puntland), delayed elections, mass arrests & executions of civilians, committing genocide in Las Anod.In the remaining Somaliland on the western front (Awdal) there is tensions that could lead to another Las Anod like revolution. In the central part they are waiting for elections and if that doesn't happen it will likely lead to civil war.
  11. Well it was Hassan Sheikh and Osmar Omar Guelleh that cozied up to Muse Bihi but it seems he betrayed them.
  12. There is no choice but to remove him forcibly now. I agree he should have been taken out at his weakest after 25 August.
  13. According to bloomberg sea access was exchanged for a mere shares in Ethiopian airlines (most likely Muse Bihi himself or his relatves). There is no recognition deal.Now with that in mind what do residents of the coastal areas of Berbera and Djibouti benefit from this deal? all it will do is take away money from Berbera and Djibouti ports will become unviable as 120million Ethiopians will no longer be forced to use it as they have a free port.
  14. Ha Geele kama qasna but I wonder if he will give Somaliland more weapons considering they lost a lot of Arsenal. Or he is scared UN embargo watch catching him.
  15. Haada siidi hore maha no one wants that smoke in their areas and their civilians fleeing which is why CM of Sheekh avoided getting involved in Gacanlibaax affairs. They are wiser from 1992 Sheikh and Berbera clashes where they lost hundreds of people and Berbera itself. Hadaba Gacanlibaax forces operate in Cadadley, Godaweyn, Oodweyne, Xaaji Saalax etc cidna uguma tagdo dhulkooda they can declare a mamuul tommorow if they want.