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  1. On 16 June Somaliland Police aka errand boys of Muse Bihi tried to come to Cirro(opposition leader) house and got shot at by his private security army. “Ciidan hubaysan ayaa yimid guriga murashax cirro, waxaana halkaasi ka dhacay is rasaasayn dhexmartay ciidanka ilaalada murashaxa iyo ciidanka”. Xogahaye Galaal
  2. wa qar ka miid ah cidaanka jooga guriga Cirro. 50+ armed men. Police can't be trusted no longer specially in Hargeisa as they became errand boys of Muse Bihi.Obviously opposition senior figures will have a enlarged private army as a result. As for revolts did you forget Caare? only this time it will be in middle of Hargeisa and that will severely damage reputation of Somaliland.
  3. Private security armies start to form in Hargeisa due to deteriorating security situation.
  4. He has stopped travelling by road for a good reason specially anything east of Berbera. Nowadays he only feels safe in his neighbourhoods of West Hargeisa and Gabiley.
  5. Mudaharaadkii ay xisbiyada mucaaradka ah ee Somaliland ay ku baaqayeen oo saaka magaallada Hargeysa ka bilaabmay.
  6. Thanks sxb. Maye ariinta way ka weyntahay tas apparently Muse Bihi is trying to become another Ismail Omar Guelleh tasna macquul maha.