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  1. Indeed. Riyadi way so dhamatay.
  2. Golaha Guurtidda Somaliland oo Si Adag uga Hadlay Wasiiro Iska Dhiibay Soomaaliya
  3. Saalax

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    She should focus on getting US investments for Somalia. Arabs are 1000x wealthier and more in population than Somalis. They don't need us to fight their corners when we have many problems backhome.
  5. The Borama Suldaan warns Muuse Bixi to release the jailed youth
  6. Saalax

    Cagjar aka Abtigiis visits Harta Sheekh

    What era were they here? early 2000s, 90s?
  7. That is too late for that. Now majority of reer Mogadishu believe reer Somaliland region hate them due to decades of hate slurs. Marka "Ya irir Samaale" ma shaqaynayso mar dambe. Cardkas wu gubtay.
  8. It is more than group thinking a lot of Somaliland region kids as young as 5 are raised to hate what they call "Wanlaweyn" so when you are raised with hate for a particular group at such a young age despite the facts that is all you will know unfortunately it is called brainwashing aka the ictiraafdoon brigade.
  9. Maye it is a genuine question. I believe the obsession with reer Mogadishu or what they term "Wanlaweyn" is unwarranted. Few months ago while in Mogadishu I was talking to this chick who asked me why do northerners hate us. Waxan ku jawaabo baan garan wayay aan ahayn daadka qarkood ba iska maskax liita oo brainwashing lagu sameeyay (Jeegaanta) .
  10. Many delusional secessionists are fed that reer Mogadishu are their "enemy" from birth all the time and celebrate every time a bomb goes off in Mogadishu in the hope of gaining the never coming "ictiraaf" on the blood of reer Mogadishu on what they call "Wanlaweyn" ayado la ogyahay ragii xasuuqay inay ahayeen General Morgan, Colonel Tuke, Salebaan Dafle, Gaani to name a few . Ahmed Mohamed Hassan is a honorable man.
  11. Funny thing is the opposition is the likes of Abdishakur who tried to sell the South Jubbaland sea to Kenya. The former government was much worse than this one.
  12. Many areas are missing in the data though such as Somaliland region and south Jubbaland. Expect many people to move to Puntland and Galmudug now and buy plots of lands in the coastal areas.
  13. Apparently Puntland federal state has the most offshore oil in Somalia while Galmudug & Hiirshabeele have the most Gas. Those are the findings presented so far.