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  1. It is too late one of the guys from UK who went to Burco was denying he has the virus in facebook for days. During that time he was staying with his relatives in east Burco.
  2. It will come handy in times like this. They are used to safe measures against Covid-19 .
  3. Mosques in Abaarso might need CCTV from now on like in the west.
  4. The hotel owner was right he doesn't want coronavirus in his south Hargeisa neighborhood. Musa Bixi can take those people to his neighborhood (west Hargeisa).
  5. wa xaqiiqda meesha xoolo urursii ba lo jooga. The entire Somaliland project is a xoolo urursi project so the politicians can steal the average citizen while screaming "ictiraaf is coming" .
  6. wa laga yaaba. I did heard the area use to be a melting pot in the past as well.
  7. the mag hasn't been exchanged yet the ceasefire was agreed back in September but it is still being collected.