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  1. It is possible a dark horse wins instead of either of those 2.
  2. Politics in Ethiopia are now more interesting than Somali politics.
  3. Saalax

    Yaab badana

    Dawlad cusub la sugayna sii khatkeena lo ogoolado
  4. Maybe it was tougher to cheat in Mogadishu compared to the other regions.
  5. Yep. It is interesting though the youth of Borama know the old Somalia national anthem very well rather than the Somaliland one.
  6. You know Somalia is on the move when it starts sentencing people for corruption . Somalia jails 4 health officials over corruption WWW.HORNDIPLOMAT.COM A regional court in Somalia capital Mogadishu on Monday sentenced four senior Health Ministry officials for up to 18 years...
  7. Being a minority is a state of mind. The Somali Bantu are 1 million if not more so they are not a actual minority, what makes them appear minority though is they are less armed than other communities.