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  1. It is actually about Bosaso. Deni was selected for Puntland federal state not mainstream Somalia politics.
  2. Saalax

    The seasonal imprisonment and torture of journalists in Waqooyiga

    He was at home. According to sources two close friends of his snitched on him (from the Jeegaan community) on his car location. He also ventured out of his neighborhood.
  3. It is not fake news. Even a lot of Somaliland region journalists are reporting it. Deni already met with high officials of DP World, is that something to brag about.
  4. He is also going there for health check up. Writen by Qaran News | 9:42 am 18th Apr, 2019 Muuse Biixi oo hawlo caafimaad ugu baxay Imaaraadka Iyo dalkaasi oo wada hadashiinaaya Puntland Iyo Somaliland Muuse Biixi ayaa saaka si dhuumasho ah uga dhoofay magaalada Hargeysa isaga oo u kicitimay dalka Imaaraadka oo aan la sii shaacin. Wararka laga helaayo Imaaraadka ayaa sheegaaya in madaxweyne Biixi uu martiqaad dedeg ah ka helay dawlada Imaaraadka kaasi oo dalka ku haya wada hadashiinta Iyo dhex dhexaadinta maamulka Puntland Iyo xukumadda Muuse Biixi oo labadooduba ay la ganacsadaan dalkaasi. Madaxweynaha Puntland ayaa todobaadkani a ku sugnaa dalkaasi. Ma jirto wax faah faahin ah oo ay madaxtooyadu ka bixisay socdaalka Mr Biixi, waxana Jira warar kale oo sheegaaya in madaxweynahu uu xagaasi si Deg Deg ah ugu dhoofay hawlo caafimaad
  5. Saalax

    DP world created lot of jobs at Berbera port

    Ictiraafkii ba yimada xiligas marka la gaadho.
  6. The secessionists can't help themselves. In every topic they try to get personal after losing arguments.
  7. Saalax

    DP world created lot of jobs at Berbera port

    Waxa kaga daraan waxay laso taganyihin "DP World created jobs for us" yes... for Indians.
  8. Saalax

    DP world created lot of jobs at Berbera port

    I was about to post it. Instead of creating jobs for Somaliland region residents it actually resulted in many of them losing jobs in Berbera.
  9. Did you take part of the annual grave digging in West Hargeisa/Gabiley for ictiraaf raadis?
  10. The secessionists are becoming less emotional. Back in the days they would cry if another northerner had different opinion than them. It is in part due to realizing no one is buying what they are selling anymore after 28 years.
  11. Yes it is closed since you have been taught that not all your ills are due to Siad Bare government .
  12. Glad to see I made you go off topic when you were busted for trying to blame the former government for all your ills like all secessionists. My job here is done. Next time you will think twice before making another ictiraaf sympathy seeking thread based on falsehoods like "28 years, on Somaliland still demining Siyad barres merciless mining of population centres" forgetting a large part of the mines in urban centers like Burco for example is due to clan clashes. You might fool the southerners here but not me, a man who knows Somaliland region from inside out.
  13. Next time Suldaanka wants to discuss origin of minefields in Somaliland region. He needs to be honest about all their origins and not only the Siad Bare government part. Meesha caruur ma joogto, taariikhda wa la haya. Dishonesty for aqoonsii agenda won't be tolerated in SOL. "Landmines were used extensively in this civil war. While the two sides have now reconciled, the landmines they planted during this period are making life very difficult in Burao and the surrounding region"
  14. Another fact a large part of the Somaliland region mine victims are from Burco (where clan clashes resulted in the city being heavily mined) but but it was "defensive" according to the secessionists.
  15. You are the one with comprehension issues. I said border areas. Since when did the likes of Agabar became border areas? brush up on your geography kid