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  1. So how would you want the states deal with the federal government if questioning its actions would be seen belligerence on the part of the states? And could you deliberate how PL's actions could plunge the country back into civil war? The idea to let the federal government manage everything willy-nilly is not only dangerous, but it's also against the Federal constitution. It's the duty of PL and all of the other federal states to question the federal government if they feel wronged, and PL is just doing that.
  2. MO, Mamad,Muxumud,Max'ed, Mehmet,and many others are all shorted form for Maxammed/Muhammed/Mohamed (or however one may pronounce it) and there is nothing wrong with all of them. Leave the brother alone, little minded people. Congrats to the brother. Well done Mo.
  3. I thought CiidanSultan kid had issues with certain clans only, yarka soo isagan duriyaddii sidii basasha u kala dhig dhigay.
  4. Dhagaxtuur, when you are a politician your offspring are part of the game. And it will be a fair for others,your political opponents to use your weaknesses as a tool to attack you specially if your talking points don't reflect you/your family. Now how could Faisal accuse his opponents for being weak on fighting terrorism, Al-shabab as blood thirsty lost souls, or the Koonfur as a terror den, whilst knowing one of his own contradicts him. Unless he distances himself, publicly that is, from his son, then it's a fair in isaga iyo wiilkisa meelkasta la isku xidho. It has been a habit for Northern politicians to throw terror card around and accuse the Koonfurians on terrorism, but the reality is that today, Northerners make a big junk of the Al-shabaab cells, both at the leadership level as well as the lower level foot soldiers. So it feels bad when the shyt hits home!
  5. How much would it cost them to transport the cars to and from London? And can't they not just rent luxury cars in London?
  6. From convention center in the past year to college auditorium, the hope and admiration people had for this president is fading away. We'll see how things will turn out.
  7. Qadiyaddii gooni isku taaga haddii uu ka gadi waayay wiilkiisa, xaaladdu ma fiicna!
  8. I heard you hooked up with JB and Nuune to import the banned green stuff, how's the business doing?! lol Welcome back old man..
  9. Can this guys put his points across without resorting to vulgar lingo. He sounds very clannish, incoherent, and childish.
  10. Inna Lillaahi wa innaa Ilayhi raajicuun. She was a patriot and a brave woman. May she rest in peace. Aamiin
  11. NY, why can't you just offer a condolence and leave it there, rather speculating something that's not relevant for us to know. And why do you look it at a negative angle (with that pedophile comparison)? Those 18 yr-old kids could be his relatives,mentees,neighbor's kids, but that's besides the point. He was a good man who got killed. Alla ha unaxariisto.
  12. His security apparatus has been infiltrated, his residence attacked, scores of people left dead, and he's worried about his image? What difference would it make whether he run out or not? If you want to say something at least offer a condolence to the family of the dead. Waaba iska qoslaayaaba...Bad PR.
  13. They played as amateurish as it gets. They were unorganized and run like headless chickens.
  14. ^Two year ban on all international games is coming to his way..
  15. Yusuf Camba Cambe oo Hotel-kiisii lambar afar ku yaalay dad xoog ku haystay looga saaray, ayaa private ceremony ugu mahad celinaaya Al-Generale Muungaab. I am not sure if that can be translated as "wax qabadka gobalka Banaadir."
  16. Libaax, let's hope at least one African side will move to the knockout round. Nigeria has that chance today. As for France, they are my third choice, Yankgermens(USA), and the Samba boys are my 1st, and 2nd choice.
  17. And the way they gave away the first goal..Darn
  18. Galbeedi, you are right there was no need of looking for second goal as they were already on their way to the next stage. The 3 mins of added time was very reasonable and all they needed was to defend. Also, Yaya Toure is very experience midfielder, cant understand the reason of that last attack with 4 guys trying to break for counter attack. He should have taken the ball to the corner flag and waste time. Fake injury, delay the play by all means, keeper to hold the ball rather throwing it for counter attack. Dont let the ball alive in the field, kick it out so you can have time to regroup and defend. Also, why give the Greek that much space? It was heartbreaking to watch it man.
  19. What a heartbreak that was. Damn it! To loose a game is one thing, but to loose it in last few minutes of regulation? Ghana,Algeria, and now Ivory Coast.
  20. Galbeedi, this is a private airline owned by Creek-Canadian businessmen. Maxaase Somalida ku xiray in Turkish kaliya meel ugu xirnaadaan?
  21. Four African teams could still go to the knockout stage. Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Algeria will most likely advance to the second round. Ghana with a win (at least 2 clean goals) and help from Germany, could still come out from that group. Only three out of the 13 Europeans can sleep tonight, and non of the South American power houses (Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay) have shown any meaningful games so far, so why blame African teams. In fact, apart from the disastrous Cameroonian giants, rest of African teams had good games(even the games they lost).
  22. That's synthetic grass, just like the one they have in Stadium Konis.